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222811222811B005MHRGH6A36EG2D4LRBWKHCarisa Stairs0111329868800Way too Sour!I normally love Plum products, and when I ordered Pumpkin and Banana, I thought it would be a perfect mix for my 18 month old. He took one bite, and spit it out. Confused, I tasted it, and was shocked by how sour it was! After reading the ingredients, I saw they put lemon juice in the mix. I now have bags of food my children refuse to eat. Very disappointed!!
222812222812B0025UBY7QA31N6KB160O508Fran W.1151286841600Best ketchup aroundLike the ketchup and the handy to use bottles. What more can I say, except it a great convenience and has a wonderful flavor.
222813222813B002CXYTQOA6QB917QTTHXXPamela Lane "LadyMo"1151321142400Awesome cheese spread . . .One of the BEST I've ever tasted! I use it for my cheese ball recipe, in chowder soups, on crackers . . . you name it!
222814222814B005HGAV88A36CA1CTK7M59DDebbie8921323388800Would have preferred more varietyI purchased this as a gift and expected a nice variety of decaf teas. More than half of the package was English Breakfast and Earl Grey, neither of which the gift recipient likes. Since she doesn't like them and I don't have a Keurig, they will be going to waste. The rest of the pack was mostly mint, with a couple of chamomile, green tea, and rooibos. If you are looking for good variety, I'd recommend looking elsewhere. If you don't mind your variety pack leaning heavily one way or another, this pack might be good for you.
222815222815B005HGAV88A29GPVQK6J2Z5PLucy E4441322611200Nice selection of Decaf TeaAs far as I could tell, it looked like all decaf tea. There are a few different flavors of mint tea and since I love mint...I'm very happy with that...there is also English Breakfast and Earl Grey (both decaf) and a few others. I've ordered a carousel, so not too big a deal for me not to have it packaged nicely. Might be a problem if getting for a gift...though the whole box could be wrapped.
222816222816B005HGAV88A3N96RXP135O20y81011322352000not packaged teaall loose tea. some decafe. some not. i was gonna give as a gift- but it all loose in amazon box. no returns too!
222817222817B005HGAV88A1MIF84YZKY5NKW. R. Goldsborough1141336867200Nice varietyLooking for a pleasing variety of bedtime teas? This fits the bill....soothing and tasty. My friends really appreciate having a choice of caffine free teas in the evening. I am reordering today.
222818222818B005HGAV88A3VEOUKUAMFHPMHeather E Slemmer1131334016000Holy Mint!I really hope that these companies start producing more decaf products of different flavors! There is so much Mint and Chamomile tea in this package, I don't want to see anymore for a long time. My husband got this for me as a gift and the package was shorted by 2 K-cups. Please give us decaf drinkers more variety!!!!!!!!!!!
222819222819B005HGAV88AYQTUAG8UR1PHSherri M Risher4611324080000DO NOT BUYI bought these for my daughter who drinks decaf due to her heart condition. 14 of the 35 were not even decaf. Very disapointed with the product. 35 k cup loose in a box. Can't even return them! I usually read reviews but for some reason I didn't think you should have a problem with buying tea. I was wrong!! VERY WRONG!!
222820222820B005HGAV88A1BF7QNIBCH9H1LaJoy Y. Mosby2331325721600Herbal Tea K-cupsWhile I received the box in a timely fashion I didn't get all the k cups that were represented in the photo which was somewhat disappointing. I might purchase from this vendor again but I went to the Keruig website and purchased additional k cups there.
222821222821B005HGAV88A3C7MBLYH5VGP7Gerryk0041346889600Tea K-Cup Sampler ReviewI purchased the 35 pack tea sampler k-cups. I found all the teas delicious except for the African red root tea. Had a very strange taste. I wish you would substitute another flavored tea (possibly raspberry or black cherry) for this item. I threw out all the other red root teas in this package.
222822222822B005HGAV88A25IN8E5N6HJ16Charles G. Read0051340064000It's in the AssortmentThe combination of teas included in this product is exceptional. Not being an avid tea drinker (14 cups of coffee daily) I wanted to 'try' tea. Almost every variety in this package would be a good choice and lead to purchasing more of the same. Priced right. Well worth experimenting to make an informed decision. Good product.
222823222823B005HGAV88AUUUWS9MPKVM5Rebecca L. Walker0041339891200Mom and her various clubs love theseGot these for my mom who has book and card clubs galore. When it is her turn to host she and the other ladies enjoy the variety in this sampler pack.

They tell me they are all yummy.
222824222824B005HGAV88A3V0S9PZV78EEKHolly Rooks0041334016000Read the fine print!Be careful when ordering this item, I expected for every type of tea pictured to come in the pack, however what comes is based on availability and there were two kinds replaced with more of others. I still received the correct number of teas, I just should have read the description more carefully.
222825222825B005HGAV88AX9RUEC9DELXquiltz "quilty"0131328227200nice varietyvery nice variety, however there was no packing and some of the k-cups were damaged.
Also there were 3 that were not de-caf.
222826222826B0042RM6Q8A3GHANRF4H0X9IE. Kunhardt0051329868800Nice!This mustard is a must. I enjoy it on sandwiches. I purchased this along with truffled honey. I serve both with cheeses and meats. I highly recommend this product. Also, try truffle salt which is so nice as a finishing salt.
222827222827B0042RM6Q8A1PZPGYRPKVBT9SunshyneSag0041307232000FUNGUS AMONGUSYummy if you like truffle and mustard. You MUST like the smell and taste of truffle which we do. 4 star b/c it is quite expensive for 2 small jars but real truffles are unbelievably expensive
222828222828B0007OVXQEA1ANYW4GEWCG2EGlodean1131319414400Cinnamon DiscsI received my order very quick, I love hot candy but this is not hot (the candy is good). I would not purchase again.
222829222829B004EPS96YA3MLEYRK08VXSSC. Brown0051304726400Superb dip for artichokes!This lovely green tarragon mustard mixed with some mayonnaise
will really impress your guests with a new taste that gives
artichokes a deliciously different twist.
222830222830B0052T6MWOA3LK1J9HHYD1CXVera I. Zwick0051346457600GOODMy husband likes Corned Beef Hash Very much. He rates it as very GOOD. He eats it two or three times a week.
222831222831B00473BQOKA3FVCC12I8FVYNErica1151330992000Our favourite REAL peanut butterI have tried a number of peanut butters - I LOVE peanut butter. I search the grocery store for peanut butter that is both affordable AND has one or (if I'm desperate) two ingredients: peanuts and if I must, salt.

Krema peanut butter is our family's favourite. It is a great peanut-ty taste. Until we made the switch to natural, unadulterated peanut butter, I never thought that it tasted much like peanut butter. I liked it, but it wasn't really peanut-ty. Once you know what real peanut butter tastes like (and perhaps get used to the lack of sugar) the common stuff like Jif just tastes like nothing.

Anyway, what I like most about the Krema peanut butter (we get smooth) is that we can stir it, refrigerate it and it still stays spreadable. Most of the other peanut butters I tried required refrigeration but then would end up being hard and impossible to spread. We make a lot of bread in our house so attempting to spread a cold solid on fresh bread is rather frustrating!

I came here on Amazon to check prices, but it turns out that my local supermarket actually has a cheaper price for once! Guess I'll keep shopping local.
222832222832B00473BQOKA10AOZHFOK0A9Rmalonzo0041344384000Quite good, and recommendedI've gone through several jars of this. First, it contains nothing but peanuts, but a "unique process" makes it semi-fluid. Yes, it has to be stirred. If you don't stir it, you'll have to drink the top half and chew the bottom. I keep mine in the fridge, and it's still not thick. That's okay with me. Next, the taste. Since this is a natural peanut butter with no added sugars, oils, salt, or other garbage, it doesn't taste like common Jif or Skippy, and that's for the good. But it's not the best tasting natural peanut butter I've ever had. Maybe it's just a matter of the variety of peanut they use. The price is good (though I've found it at a better price somewhere else). For the $, it's hard to beat. I'll probably buy more.
222833222833B00473BQOKA3V0SMCPZK0PVM5s0051339632000Best natural PBThis is the best tasting peanut butter around. I prefer it even to the peanut butters where sugar is added. Hard to believe the only ingredient is peanuts. I have noticed that other brands use oven roasted peanuts which results in an inferior flavor in my opinion.
222834222834B00473BQOKA3U3OPFXKE9G4Zyukon sunrise0041323302400Good StuffWe like it! Tastes good and it's just peanuts. Sometimes it seems a bit runny but not as runny as some others that we have tried. Glad we can get it here at a decent price.
222835222835B00473BQOKA1843T66FAWML2Elizabeth A. Bolt "Lizzard Breath"0051296432000Best Tasting Peanut Butter in the market!!!My kids, husband and I absolutely loved this peanut butter especially because refrigeration is optional, so we don't have to be scraping on hard peanut butter from the fridge! Recommend it to everybody!
222836222836B000UUWECCA1LA4K5JF78BERMiyomoto Masaki "MM"1151248566400I Love This Stuff! Great on a Hot Day! Much Better Than Gatorade!I work out in the hot sun and during the summer months I drink lots of water and in the past sports drinks. I try to watch what I eat and drink and have found sports drinks to loose their appeal after awhile. I think they have too much sugar in them and often leave me with heartburn. These coconut waters are much better that any sports drink! They have minerals and electrolytes that your body needs with natural sugars. When I drink a chilled coconut water I feel much better and more energized. I can keep working hard after feeling refreshed. They give me more energy than any sports drink ever could and they do not give me heartburn. They are a little pricey but with the subscribe and save program they are 15% off. Your health is your greatest reward! I Highly recommend these to anyone looking for a healthier and natural alternative for good hydration.

I have tried the Zico brand as well which is a little more expensive and has a little different flavor and find they are both good. The Zico has a little more of a coconut taste while the O.N.E. has more of a younger coconut taste. They are very close however and I am now just buying the O.N.E. brand because it is a little less expensive. I find the taste delicious when your are thirsty!
222837222837B000UUWECCA5OVFDW3RDILBAusNYC1141245283200O.N.E to stick withBeen drinking Zico for some time now, and after having tried O.N.E, I must say that I prefer this brand. For me, Zico has an aftertaste which O.N.E doesn't... and while neither taste like the original out of a coconut, this is O.N.E that I will stick with.
222838222838B000UUWECCA1B1QMGK8VYG80Dan Seidman1151244764800Goodbye Gatorade!Here is a spectacular replacement for those sugar drinks athletes (and unfortunately, kids) are drinking.

Natural, pure, HEALTHY.

Did you know that a kid drinking 20 oz. of Gatorade a day gains 13 pounds from it in one year?

Be smart, be healthy. Try, then switch to coconut water.
222839222839B000UUWECCAW7L1DERRSPFJP. Adduri1151243814400Really close to the originalTastes very close to drinking from an original coconut and great price from Amazon too at 50% off. Would definitely recommend!
222840222840B000UUWECCA2PSHDU1SJKM6NAvva1151243814400Very Natural n Affordable when on deal!I though this will be sweeter like other drinks that you get in asian markets but to my surprize, this is very nice. No Sugar added and taste close to coconut water.

Not as close to the fresh coconut water that you can get from whole young coconuts. Recommend this for those who like coconut water.

If you have not had coconut water before don't try wasting time and money buying this. Better try real yound coconut first!

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