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222841222841B000UUWECCA2PO0O3POA3VBASushma Natarajan1151243728000Very good coconut waterI have had fresh coconut water in the past - even though this product is not as good as the fresh ones, it is comparable to it.
I recommend this product to anyone who doesnt have access to fresh coconut water
222842222842B000UUWECCA16QZBG2UN6Z3XToology "Toology"1151242691200ExcellentI tried vitacoco in the past and was a bit turned off by the taste in a packaged product, but this came on sale so I gave it a go, boy was I surprised, just like the real thing! I drink one a day now, no sugary aftertaste like gatorate or vitamin water which I used to drink, just clean and refreshing.
222843222843B000UUWECCA3R2N0EW9WSBB5Solray1151241308800Best electrolytes alternative to sport drinks.I find this product taste great, and I feel this product is a great alternative to sport drinks. I like the fact that this product is low in calories, then sport drinks, and that the taste is light enough to drink during my workouts. I would recommend this product to anyone that wish to replace high calorie drinks, and to add another tool to help themselves hydrate, and provide what the body needs to replace some of the electrolytes. The tastes for some I have know to try this product is a love and hate kind of thing, but I wish to mention, for those that do not like the taste, I feel the benefits out way the way, how this product may taste. I feel that this product has many healthily benefits, and I would recommend this product.
222844222844B000UUWECCAYPE0ABYH7LNAB. Healthy1151240444800Wonderful Mild Coconut FlavorI really enjoy this product. A natural, healthy "sports" drink with a wonderful mild flavor.
222845222845B000UUWECCAYBCI7OGGIFYVbeaglemaster1151236816000O.N.E. Coconut WaterI was looking for something with less sugar than Gatorade and easy on my stomach when I rediscovered coconut water. When I was little we lived in Brownsville, TX and had access to fresh coconuts. I had almost forgotten the taste of coconut water and was very pleased to find it in such convenient packaging. Plus, free shipping makes it a bargain.
222846222846B000UUWECCA2Y8IDC1FKGNJCL. A.1141232150400ONE coconut waterI had my doubts after reading all of the reviews. I had never tasted this brand coconut water before, only Vita Coco brand. There is a difference. I prefer Vita Coco over One brand by far. In general, coconut water is very light, crispy, and refreshing. It has a very mild taste that is good alone or could easily be mixed into a smoothie or with alcohol (rum, vodka, etc). It hydrates the body better than water or sports drinks. I used it when I was sick. It helped me feel better a lot faster. The buy one case, get one case of cashew juice deal free is a great bargain. The cashew juice was so good, I bought another case of One brand coconut water just for that reason. Pretty good for the lower price.
222847222847B000UUWECCA3JBJJR9UTYWXTT. Parker1141231632000ONE Coconut waterI love this product. It is fantastic at keeping you hydrated, it's natural and tastes good too.
222848222848B000UUWECCA1AGBPGGR6UDUReinaldo Normand "Mr. RON"1151227312000Amazing!Delicious, healthy and cheaper than Gatorade and other artificial beverages. America should embrace the taste of the tropics.
222849222849B000UUWECCA2L3GJWPHIJANGDeanne Sullivan "health addict"1151225238400Best TastingO.N.E. Coconut water is by far the best tasting coconut water I've had (and I've had just about every brand out there). The great taste lets me hydrate my body better than regular water, 'cause if O.N.E. wasn't available, I would not be able to palate drinking coconut water.
222850222850B000UUWECCA98MMZ3ZQOBPBMichael Cousin1141224201600SlurpThe drink tastes good... I have shared it with a friend and he used to mix non-alcho drinks.
222851222851B000UUWECCA2TQAN5BPTFF4HLuci1151223856000Good tasteO.N.E. has a good taste for packed coconut water. If you are used to drink coconut water it is important to know that it will never taste like a fresh green coconut. I also make ice cubes with coconut water to use in cocktails and whisky. It tastes great!
222852222852B000UUWECCAAE368ZFVRB4XTammi Kraushaar1151223251200Coconut water as a sports drinkI like the taste of this product as well as the benefit of getting much needed potassium that I don't get from my diet. Best of both worlds!
222853222853B000UUWECCAO68660UP6NJICameron1141219104000Very GoodVery good product! Not quite as good as fresh from the coconut (I suspect some of the coconuts may be too young when the juice is extracted) but the best I've had so far in the US!
222854222854B000UUWECCA36YLJK1I86CIHMelanie1151217289600A close as it gets to the real thingAnd that's all that really needs to be said! (except that by real I mean straight from a fresh coconut!)
222855222855B000UUWECCATNZ6ZION5HI1.1151214956800Saves me so much time and effort/i've spent a lot of time getting water from baby coconuts. Its definitely worth the price to just open a packahge an drink a bigger portion than any single coconut has ever supplied me.
222856222856B000UUWECCA73C7IJSOSRVLWayne S.1131213833600It's okayNothing beats the actual coconut but this comes a close second! Make sure you chill this to the max, it tastes better that way.

It's not an item I would buy--maybe every once in a while.

Give it a try--at least once.
222857222857B000UUWECCA1FPVKQVRRF2ZAAmy Senk "Read it, Loved it"1141213142400Coconut Water: Refreshing Choice for Hot Summer DaysLIght, refreshing delicious, a perfect description for a cold coconut water. We found it to be a perfect replacement for juices or soda on those afternoons when you are thirsty but want a touch of flavor rather than plain water. To us, this coconut water delivered the same impact as a tropical juice without the heaviness and cloying sweetness. We plan on trying it next mixed with a shot or two of rum.
222858222858B000UUWECCA9GIGJUB98JNRChen Sun ""1151212796800Excellent quality and tasteI love this. Not too sugary like so many soft drinks and even fruit juices. Looks superbly nutritious too. Note to manufacturer--didn't understand the labeling "Drink After Opening." The aroma of this is great, but at $2 average a drink, is there some way of reducing the cost and still preserving the flavor--e.g. smaller containers? I don't think 11oz is needed to enjoy this.
222859222859B000UUWECCAI2356QT6UV93D. Means1151212105600Healthy and DeliciousI just finished my first glass of O.N.E.

I thought it was delicious and plan to get more. The fact that it is a drink that is quite good for you is just icing on the cake (so to speak). I'd choose this over 95% of the unhealthy drinks out there based purely on taste.

Also, regarding the texture: even though it is 100% coconut water, it has a bit of a milky appearance, and seems to have a small bit of fiber. That really doesn't bother me though; I like it!
222860222860B000UUWECCA1QEP46TK3TL4DTony Rush1151211932800Exactly what I expected!My favorite part of buying a coconut is driving a nail in the top and draining all the liquid into a glass before breaking open the shell. Those few swallows of "coconut water" are so great...but it never occurred to me to wonder if you could buy it commercially.

I just tried O.N.E. Coconut Water for the first time and -- in a nutshell -- it's exactly what I wanted. It's the very same lightly sweet liquid you get out of a coconut! (Without all the debris and dust that usually winds up in the glass)

Love it! Will buy it by the 12-pack from now on!
222861222861B000UUWECCAF51KJB3W1YI6Ellay "light"1151211500800Very refreshing ...I tried this coconut water at the peak time ... during mid-afternoon on a steamy hot Florida day. This chilled drink is exactly as advertised. It has a very light and pleasant taste. And it is a good thirst quencher. Very refreshing!
222862222862B000UUWECCAPKVG66TWSGP9Jennifer Terry1131211414400Refreshing, light flavor. Expensive!This "water" has a very, very light coconut flavor with a hint of sweetness. It is refreshing and doesn't leave an aftertaste like drinks with sugar. I like the fact that it has electrolytes, but they are really unnecessary for most people, in light of the fact that it takes a huge amount of exercise (like running a marathon) before one needs anything other than water to rehydrate. What I don't like is the number of calories, admittedly fewer than, say, an equal amount of soda or juice, but still more than I care to consume in a drink - and the price. I just can't see myself paying two bucks for a 12 oz. container when a glass of water from the tap (or just about any other drink I could choose) is much less. Or free!
222863222863B000UUWECCA13K3ZLWAWN1EIyogagirl "grrrl"1151211241600Coconut waterCoconut water is often used as a replacement for a sports drink. The biggest benefit of drinking coconut water over regular water is that is has a generous amount of potassium. I have tried canned coconut water from the store and at best, found it to taste like...socks.

However, after a 4 mile walk the other day, my thirst got to me and I grabbed this. No sock taste. It tastes like real coconut water, no weird after taste. Its very light, but I did feel replenished after drinking it. I would take along one or two if I was going to be biking all day.
222864222864B000UUWECCA30NLW10BZXE66Tracy Givens "jobgem"1151201737600The best so far....I have had coconut water many times. I prefer it straight from the coconut. The taste of this is the closest in tate. It is VERY fresh and clean tasting. Very natural. There is not "container" taste like some of the others. If you are looking to try coconut water and want something that is truly natural and clean in taste. This is it!
222865222865B000UUWECCA3H7EU8VX5TGJSParront3421226016000no flavorHardly any coconut taste. It's more like sweet water. Would not purchase again. Vita Coco and Zico much better. Two stars because it still has the benefits of coconut water.
222866222866B000UUWECCA3DHZIX219YRCVLucas Dos Reis3451216771200The only O.N.E.!!!As a brazilian I may say, this is the real thing, this is exactly how coconut water tastes directly from the tree.
Also, coconut water is low in fat and calories, has no cholesterol, and has a natural balance of sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium- making it a healthy electrolyte drink.
Furthermore, coconut water is a healthy natural drink for summers. It keeps your body cool and maintains it proper and normal temperature. It is considered to be natural isotonic beverage and re-hydrates your body orally. It is also one of the best health drinks as after vigorous exercise it replenishes your body fluids.
It may also rejuvenates body cells by carrying oxygen and various essential nutrients, what can be beneficial in enhancing your body metabolism.
Coconut water improves your immune system and it is also helpful in controlling and reducing excess weight gain. Hence effective in weight loss.
It may efficiently cleanses your digestive tract and act as an effective natural detoxifying and anti-viral drink.
Besides rejuvenating your body it also maintains and balances your body pH and it is observed that it also enhances proper blood circulation.

All of this in just one tetra pak, and thanks to O.N.E., it tastes like the real coconut water!
It is O.N.E. of a kind!!!
222867222867B000UUWECCA3TRI11L31KY7K. Zhang3421323043200Did not like the tasteI can't tell if it's how this thing supposed to taste or there's something wrong with the pack I got. This thing tastes a bit sour (a hint of it). Maybe it's spoiled. Wouldn't order again.
222868222868B000UUWECCA2ONYP5T36ML0TBobbi Key3411320883200Sour/SpoiledThe entire case was spoiled/soured. Perhaps I just got a bad batch, but I'm not taking any chances and canceled my subscription for this item. Luckily Amazon refunded payment.
222869222869B000UUWECCA2TQKZN5VJC79ASinthia6673411320710400gross, gross, GROSS!I love coconut water and having been trying any and every brand i can get my hands on. I had high hopes for this O.N.E. based on the positive reviews on here, but my case is absolutely gross! It has a very "off" taste.. not metallic - but, not pleasant.
Other people have mentioned that sometimes you can get a "good" case and sometimes you get a "bad" case - but, if that's the case, i think they should do a little quality control before the product is sent out! I'm definetely going back to the Taste Nirvana brand - it is sweet tasting and is the best BY FAR!
222870222870B000UUWECCA2XXTGHE0YVZSZNiya3421211414400A little disappointing to meAccording to the package, this is 100% natural coconut water. It doesn't taste bad at all, but nor does it taste sensational or amazingly fresh. Maybe it simply loses something when it's not drunk directly and immediately from the coconut shell? I probably would not try it again.

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