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222871222871B000UUWECCA2J0TE2FK8WUHFStephen Exon5711311897600BleckThis juice is supposed to come from young, green coconuts. What I received tasted like it came from old, white hobobutts.

222872222872B000UUWECCA3ML5ZA4T62OE0S. Lee2311325635200Why does O.N.E. have more sugar than Naked brand?I bought some Naked coconut water from Whole Foods, loved it, and looked to Amazon to buy more. I read the reviews on O.N.E. and ordered a case. First off, I received a case that suspiciously did not have a USDA organic symbol that somehow is on the product image on amazon. Secondly, the product was way sweeter than Naked, which leads me to believe that they somehow add sugar to the product, because there can't be such a variation from one coconut water to another, if both claim to be all natural, blah, blah, blah. To be specific, O.N.E. has 3 more grams of sugar than Naked per 11.2 ounce serving. Because of the sugary taste, it makes the water less crisp and refreshing (and healthy) than Naked. Overall, feeling disenchanted and bamboozled by this purchase.
222873222873B000UUWECCA2C80G2LD84L50SheSkull2331310428800Added sugar???I have been getting ONE coconut water via subscribe and save for several months now. I loved this product until I got my most recent batch. There is now a sticker on the box over the old ingredients lable readind "Ingredients: Organic Coconut Water, Organic Cane Sugar" When I drank one I could taste the cane sugar in it.

Since when did they start adding sugar to this and why does it still say pure coconut water on the inside packages and on the product page?

Switching to one that doesn't add extra stuff to my coconut water.
222874222874B000UUWECCA3D7B4I7A50MV1noise2331300406400I drink it room temperature.I ordered a case each of Vita Coco, Zico, Naked, and ONE. I like my coconut water room temperature, which none of the manufacturers suggest as the optimal way to enjoy their products. Maybe this review will be useful to others that drink thinks at room temperature. I am comparing each of the four against actual fresh coconut water extracted out of a fresh young coconut, which I've been drinking for years.

Here are my rankings:

1. Vita Coco has the most natural flavor, with no off tastes, and a slightly sweet, nutty flavor.
2 (tie). Zico tastes slightly citrusuy and slighty "green" (like a green banana).
2 (tie). ONE ends on a slightly bitter note.
4. Naked has an off taste that I do not care for at all.

I threw out all of the "Naked" boxes after my taste test. Zico and ONE are drinkable, but both have flavors beyond the pure clean coconutty taste of Vita Coco. I won't through the Zico or ONE out, but I'll drink all the Vita Coco first.
222875222875B000UUWECCA1W9KQRCZ9ORHBStuart Gardner ""2351217635200Just like drinking from the coconut - without using the machetteeFresh coconut water / milk from a street vendor lopping the top off with a razor sharp knife takes me back to a happy holiday memory (smashing a wood coconut with a claw hammer and catching some of the spill off is the best I have done at home.

This product tastes just like fresh without the hard work. Not over sweet or artificial in any way.

Refreshing drink and good cooking substitute for thai recipes etc.

Like it a lot.
222876222876B000UUWECCA3H2OKY6AHES8WMarina Moraes2351216857600Absolutely the Best!!!The water of tender coconut, technically the liquid endosperm, is the most nutritious wholesome beverage that the nature has provided for the people of the tropics to fight the sultry weather. It has a calorific value of 17.4 per 100 gm. the major constituents of coconut water are sugar and minerals along with some fat and nitrogenous substance. According to ayurveda-it is unctuous, sweet, promotes digestion and clears the urinary path.

Coconut water is very effective in treating intestinal disturbances in infants. It kills intestinal worms.

Coconut water acts as an oral rehydration medium in case of dehydration.

External application of coconut prevents prickly heat and summer boils in body. It is also helpful in subsiding the rashes caused by small pox, chicken pox and measles etc. it helps in keeping the body cool.

Coconut helps in keeping check over urinary infections. It is very effective in treating kidney and urethral stones. Coconut water is a significant urinary antiseptic that helps in eliminating the poison in case of mineral poisoning.

Coconut water aids in absorption of drugs taken by you, making their peak concentration in the blood by their electrolytic effect.

Presence of saline and albumen in coconut water makes it perfect drink for people suffering from cholera cases.

Coconut water forms an excellent tonic for old and sick people who find it hard to digest solid and even semi-liquid foodstuff. Coconut water provides them various minerals and vitamins which they otherwise could not get. Coconut also helps in curing malnourished people by providing them the required doses of vitamins and minerals.

Remember coconut water is a natural isotonic beverage with the same level of electrolytic balance as we have in our blood. It's a fluid of life.

And as a brazilian I may say that only O.N.E.'s coconut water tastes like the real stuff!!!

Thank's O.N.E.!!!! You're the best!!!
222877222877B000UUWECCA190EAFTGCQNEDPatricia Jeffries "Trish"2341213660800Light and FlavorfulI used this product to make noodles - I used it instead of water to boil the noodles. It gave a very nice, delicate taste to the noodles.
222878222878B000UUWECCA3J6V6FWETLBDUaliled "aliled"2331213574400It is not for me . . .It doesn't have much flavor, just a hint of coconut. It has a vaguely gelatinous "mouth-feel" to it. I can't say it's any worse than fresh coconut water; I've never had that. But it tastes fresh and was mildly enjoyable when poured over ice. It's just not my thing at all, and as it's a wee bit expensive, it's unlikely I'll try it again. But to its credit, I've got more coconut water-enthusiastic friends who swear by this and maintain it tastes just like its real, on-the-beach equivalent. And it's loaded with potassium goodness. I cannot fault any aspect of this product - it's just not my thing.
222879222879B000UUWECCA2MO8QZTNYYB98Sheri Fogarty2351211328000A Tropical DelightWhen I was younger I spent a few months traveling in India. It was before monsoon season and the weather was really hot and exhausting to us.

A friend introduced me to coconut water. For maybe 20 cents you'd get a green coconut with the top lopped off and a straw placed in the center so you could drink the delicious and refreshing coconut water.

The people at O.N.E. Have put that same drink in an 11 oz. aseptic drink box. It amazed me how it tastes just the same!

It's delicious, fat free and a natural source of electrolytes. Yum!
222880222880B000UUWECCA4L6A4TKX8MDMivango0051350777600Good product!!!!!!!I have been drinking this coconut water since 2 years and so far, I do not have any claim. I hope always getting the same quality, because when you say a product is good suddenly change to a low quality. I don't know why this happen. Anyway , I like it the flavor and natural features of this coco water .
222881222881B000UUWECCA3E6YO2D3SEE3VCrittyCent0051349395200Love O.N.E!My favorite coconut water hands down. Tastes great and super hydrating as well as quenches thirst, much better tasting and healthier than Gatorade.
222882222882B000UUWECCA1560PCWACJQA3Dana J. Parker0051349222400For cancer patientI purchased this for a friend who is dying of cancer and desperately needs healthy electrolytes. He can't keep food down. Most other electrolyte drinks are full of sugar and artificial ingredients. [sugar fuels cancer] This drink was absolutely perfect for him because it is an organic electrolyte and is one of the few things he can stomach.

My sister is a nurse and has been recommending this drink to her patients who start low carb diets. When they start the diet, they initially lose the excess water, which can affect potassium levels for the first week. This drink has loads of potassium and eliminates the problem for them. This is some good stuff!!
222883222883B000UUWECCAZ8KNXMJ99G66Diana0041349136000Refreshing drinkI received the item well packaged and in good condition, marked to expire in 4 1/2 months. I have already had two packages to drink and I find it tasty and refreshing. I recycle the carton packages so I can confirm there was no mold. The item is marked as "gently pasteurized." I think it's also somewhat sweeter than VitaCoco which I've used in the past. Even so, the two are easily comparable. I happen to prefer the smaller packages because that's the amount I drink daily and I hate to keep the pacakge open since the water often goes bad.
222884222884B000UUWECCAUT567RRS8IITJosh0051348012800My Favorite Coconut WaterI've tried the Big Three (ONE, Vita Coco and Zico) and I've found ONE to have the best flavor... Zico is from concentrate and has "natural flavors", and Vita Coco adds Vitamin C... I just want straight un-altered/enhanced coconut water, and ONE is it!
222885222885B000UUWECCAZWJ47UV246FSB. Wright "AstroFan"0051347580800Best Tasting Coconut WaterI have tasted several coconut waters and like O.N.E. best because it does not taste like plastic or very salty like the others. It's the closest in taste to a fresh young coconut just opened which I have had many times. I drink it every day. Nothing quenches my thirst as well during and after a workout!
222886222886B000UUWECCA1WY0OXO2Y3K4CSushiLover0051347235200Love the taste and convinenceI love coconut water and grew up drinking the 'real deal' straight from the coconut. I really like the taste (its close to the real taste) and I love that that I can carry the little containers wherever I am going.
222887222887B000UUWECCA2Y7GA8HH2F626Hemalatha Suresh0051346976000Very pleasing taste!I have been buying ONE coconut water far more than a year. I like the packaging .
The coconut water itself does not have a tinny taste and is very refreshing when it is
served cold.
222888222888B000UUWECCA2QM7Z9DCERN3Vproachie m0041346889600yummyGreat tasting! So much yummier than the Zico, which seems like they come from the most tasteless coconuts ever! Sorry Zico!
222889222889B000UUWECCAZX9TDSFFLGEZAmber0011346716800I'll PassI love coconut water. Hands down my favorite drink. I thought this would be a great idea because it's less expensive and more convenient than buying a young coconut and draining the water out. It is both of these, but it does not have the same flavor as fresh coconut water. I guess that's a no brainer. I can't even bring myself to finish the drink. It's gross.
222890222890B000UUWECCA1F1K1X6V90X86RussellS0051344816000Refreshing and Good for YouOne Coconut Water is excellent in every way. Lightly pasteurized, not from concentrate, refreshing, low in calories and high in electrolytes.And as a bonus it is less expensive delivered from Amazon than it is at the grocery store.
222891222891B000UUWECCA1HIP7TW82K24LMarie0041343606400Needs to improvise on tasteO.N.E coconut water is good but Vita coco tastes so much better.

Personally, I'd prefer vita coco, zico and then one. That's just my preference though.
222892222892B000UUWECCADZVN0NUGWRWKX0051342828800Closest tasting to fresh coconut waterTraveled extensively throughout south east asia and south america and had coconut water all the time. Back in the states, I used to buy coconuts from asian food stores and hack them open, but ONE is the closest I've found to the natural fresh coconut water taste (I've tried over 10 other brands) w/out the inconvenience of breaking out the cleaver. It is absolutely refreshing without the excessive sweetness of some brands like Amy and Brian or Taste Nirvana. There's also no sour aftertaste like w/ vitacoco (which adds ascorbic acid as a preservative). It's a bit odd that A&B and TN source their coconuts from Thailand and ONE from Brazil. ONE tastes much closer to the fresh stuff that I had in SE asia than any other brand I've tried. Superb overall.
222893222893B000UUWECCA1UP1MVUMAA0CJMahe K0021341964800Decent, but not as good as the liter container.So we purchased this because when we buy liters of coconut water in local grocery stores, O.N.E. has always had the best, most refreshing taste to us.
We figured we'd be getting the same product, just in a smaller quantity. Not the case. These smaller sized containers really just do not taste as good. We drank them, but didn't enjoy them. We will not buy this product again in this serving size. The liter size just tastes way fresher and sweeter. These, not so much.
222894222894B000UUWECCA2HN8MZJU7QE58Ray LeCara Jr.0011341360000Absolutely disgusting!I had coconut water (at least that's what I thought it was) some years back while in the Bahamas. I don't recall it tasting like this. This was so bad I couldn't even swallow down one pack. I will try to add some pineapple juice to one of the eleven containers remaining to see if it makes a difference. Wow.
222895222895B000UUWECCA7JGS3H2OC3KQjcrz0011338768000dissapointedI've bought this before and been pleased, this case is undrinkable. I thought the bad reviews were unreasonable because I liked the product, but now I see. I recommend you get yours from the healthfood store so you can return it easily if its from a bad batch.
222896222896B000UUWECCA2FXNC4XE58OE5R. Hunt "james"0051338768000Tastes great!This coconut water takes great! I've tried many other brands, and this is one of my favorites. And, I'm not sure why everyone is so worried about the expiration dates. I just ordered two boxes from Amazon, and the expiration date is Dec 7, 2012 (so 6 months from now).
222897222897B000UUWECCA2VO8WD91S0Y3GTarget is the new nordstrom "PG"0011337472000TERRIBLE TASTE, DO NOT BUY THE 12 PackI agree with another reviewer. I have been drinking ONE coconut water for years and the individual big tetrapaks that I buy from the super market taste great. This was coconut water gone bad. The large carton of a pack of 12 tasted so awful.Like stale , musty taste.

I even had a really bad stomach reaction by drinking these and I couldn't even figure out what happened. This item is non returnable.... Big waste of my 20 dollars. Amazon please get your stuff together..... this is really bad.
222898222898B000UUWECCA23P13RIOIGGYOF. R. Padilla "frp"0031335571200COCONUT WATER!Delicious. Nice packaging, all very portable. Not sure if I'd subscribe again -- don't need this much coconut water!!! It is very delicious, and an excellent substitution for soda!
222899222899B000UUWECCA87357RNJEL80Simha "The Lawrd"0041335052800Tastes freshI've tried a couple of brands of coconut water. This comes closer to drinking from a fresh tender coconut than the others.
222900222900B000UUWECCA6D7B4DIZICZMJunesie0051335052800O.N.E. Coconut Water: The most natural, best tasting coconut waterO.N.E. is the best tasting, most natural coconut water product on the market, period. I have tried all the competitors and they simply do not stack up.

Zico, while the most price efficient, is garbage as they sacrifice quality of their formula by mass producing it from concentrate in an attempt to cut costs.

Vita Coco, while better than Zico, seems to focus more on mass marketing and endorsing their product than on producing the most natural and delicious formula. Vita Coco is much like the Patron of coconut water. Similar to Patron, Vita Coco is a solid product marketed and endorsed heavily to the masses, but true connoisseurs of the drink know that it is not the best.

O.N.E. coconut water is the best. The company's focus is on their product, improving their product, and making sure that their drink is the most natural, most organic product on the market; not on cost efficiency or creating a false image through mass marketing.

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