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222931222931B000UUWECCA3KY28C2UJKBDBVincent Caminita0051306454400Refreshing & Great TastingI tried other coconut water's & by far this is the best, it quenches your thirst has a lot of potassium, fat free
& a great taste, i highly recommend O.N.E.,Coconut Water.
222932222932B000UUWECCA3EIOMC103PG7WHonestly0011305504000soap waterhave been buying this product for three years.

the 1 liter product by same brand tastes awesome (5 stars), but this smaller size product is terrible. surely, there's something wrong/amiss with this manufacturer - how can the same two products taste so different?

sadly, the big size is out of stock and not to be found anywhere (tried amazon and all whole foods, etc.) - whole foods says the product is not avail for last 3 months.

am writing this negative review hoping the company reads it and kindly brings back the big size product with the same original taste - will change the review if they do that.
222933222933B000UUWECCA6A6DTUKW762RMolly "Simplepages"0021303171200YuckI used to buy this product from a health food store and it was good. The store is a long drive away so I ordered it from amazon. The first package was good and once I finished it I ordered another. The second batch was awful. Tasted very off and I couldn't drink more than a few sips. I sent a complaint and they sent me another package free of charge. However, this package was just as bad and I had to dispose of it too. What a waste of money! I know it was before the expiration date so I'm not sure why the taste was so off. I'll make the long drive to the health food store from now on.
222934222934B000UUWECCA1QFGPNAF9M9CZjahken0041302048000A Yard mon should knowThe ONE coconut water is the best coconut water I have tried to date. The taste is what I remember from my days drinking water coconut back in Jamaica. I would refrigerate the product upon purchase. Buy this product with as far an expiration date as possible. This is what I use to hydrate myself at the gym, instead of water or gatorade. Overall, I mon rate it. Yard mon out.
222935222935B000UUWECCA3PS6GE3UK8F6RMicho "micho48"0041301443200My favorite coconut waterDefinitely my favorite coconut water. It is the closest to the real thing. Both warm and cold, it tastes really good. I drink at least three a day and really like it. Of course I prefer the real thing but this O.N.E. is very good.
222936222936B000UUWECCAWIF8AR75LL9LColorgirl "Spreading color around my world"13814951211414400The Closest Thing to Fresh Young Coconut Juice But In A Box!My family has been adopting a raw foods diet for the last year, and one of the things we have been able to enjoy is eating young green coconuts.

A young green coconut looks like a woody white cylinder with a point on the top of it. In order to open it, you take a heavy cleaver type knife and you strike it in four sides around the point of the coconut.

You then take off the top and inside you get anywhere from 1/4 to a full cup of coconut water- a clear sweet nectar with subtle coconut flavor.

Drinking this type of juice is a delightful experience, however, it does take some work to get at and is not always convenient- until now.

When I first saw the 11 oz aseptic container of O.N.E coconut water, I was not sure what to expect. I know that I expected it to be flat tasting and probably nothing like I was used to from having fresh green coconut water.

I was wrong.

This coconut water might not be fresh and raw, but it is the closest thing to it that I have come across so far.

The foil wrapped box has about a 5/8" opening (slanted square) that is covered with foil. You peel that off and it forms a slight spout for easy pouring.

It is best served cold, so I kept in the refrigerator.

The water/juice inside is a slightly cloudy clear liquid which has the delightful taste of young green coconuts. There is a refreshing coconut flavor that is not at all overwhelming, but just right.

It has no added flavors or sugars to it, which is delightful. It has only 60 calories which is also a nice feature.

I have compared it to fresh coconut water, and although I do prefer raw fresh water, I am very happy with this as a substitute.

I can say this, my family all fought to taste this stuff- so it made a big hit here.

If you are into raw foods and need to have a beverage which is close to what you are used to and is not cooked to death and sweetened in a package to take on a picnic, trip, or even to work, this is definitely a great item to have handy.

You might like it even if you are not into raw foods, but like the fragile coconut flavor in coconut water- you should give this a try.

I do want to mention that this is NOT the kind of water that comes out of very dark brown dried coconuts- that tastes very different than young green coconuts.
222937222937B000UUWECCA382E0TCKN5TKJWeimarner697551211846400The best coconut package out thereI have tried just about every coconut water company out there (Zico, Harvest Bay, Vita Coco, etc.) and this by far is the best and the closest to the coconut water out of fresh young coconut. Nothing will be beat drinking it right out of fresh coconut but O.N.E comes the closes.

The coconut water is supposed to taste like fresh refreshing, slight sweet water with just a hint of coconut flavor. If you taste strong flavor of coconut, it is probably over ripe or aged. This container also doesn't have any package smell as some of the other coconut water packages have.

Just remember to buy them fresh and chill them before you drink. The flavor is much better when chilled. Highly recommend buying this over the other brands.
222938222938B000UUWECCAU3GYRAKBUAEUJon Norris49156931212278400not bad stuff, but I have serious questionsCoconut water is the liquid inside an unopened coconut. It is not "coconut milk," although there is often confusion about that. Coconut milk is made from the meat of the coconut after it is opened and the water poured out. Inside the coconut, the water is sterile and very benign to the human body - it has been safely used in emergencies as IV fluid! (Straight out of the coconut, that is, NOT from a Tetrapak.)

Coconuts in general are very healthy items. In the South Pacific the coconut palm is called "the tree of Life," because it provides so many things for a healthy life: food, water, shelter, medicine, etc. Coconut oil is one of the healthiest oils on the planet, but has been the victim of intense propaganda campaigns by corporate vegetable oil cartels and other evil critters.

Coconut water tastes (to me) a bit like very watery, unsweetened tapioca, with just a hint of sourness. It is quite bland by itself, but mixes easily with fruit juices, etc. It has great health properties and is rapidly becoming popular with athletes as a superb isotonic drink, because it has great electrolyte and mineral properties, and is a natural food with no harmful side effects or hideous chemical garbage masquerading as food.

Good organic coconut water is very hard to find, but there are many brands of non-organic like this one on the market. I checked out the package info and vendor's web site, but could find only general information on coconut water and its benefits, nothing specific about this exact product - where and how it is grown and harvested, the quality of the land and processing, etc. That is not a good sign.

For an item that is very health oriented, the only reasons I can see for hiding that information are pure marketing ignorance, or knowing that the truth would not paint a good picture. Rain forests are reportedly being cut down for coconut palm plantations, especially those dedicated to unhealthy corporate factory farming practices. It would be vital for a company to distance themselves from that kind of activity by using only properly grown plants on healthy, environmentally sound plantations, and making that a very prominent part of their marketing.

It would also be vital to play up everything possible that points to a healthy product by specifically mentioning those things about this specific product, not just general properties. This company doesn't do any of that, so I can only assume that this product is not produced in a way they want me to know about. That is the kiss of death for a product in my eyes. Granted, I am fussier than most in this regard.

Don't be misled by the "100% Natural" marketing hype. That means virtually nothing. It is not a strict, legally defined standard, as is "USDA Organic," for example. Virtually anything found in "nature," i.e. toxic heavy metals, MSG (yes, it occurs in nature), animal manure, etc., can be considered "natural" and can legally be included in a product labeled "100% Natural." Granted, USDA organic standards are very weak as organic standards go (compared to say, Oregon Tilth), but they are still better than nothing.

While I love coconut and want to give this product 4 or 5 stars, the complete lack of honest information about its origins and processing make me VERY, VERY suspicious. Without more information about how safe/healthy the product actually is, I can only give it 3 stars and a serious "caveat emptor." It is probably much better than any ordinary "sports drinks," but there are too many unanswered questions to be sure. One's health is not something to be treated lightly.

UPDATE July 2009:

After continued searching, I still have not been able to locate a consistent source of organic or Fair Trade coconut water. While the manufacturer of this coconut water still does not give out any real information about the growing, harvesting, or other relevant details of production, neither do any of their competitors.

So far, this is still the best coconut water I have been able to find, and I continue to drink it, even with the questions I have.
222939222939B000UUWECCA1S97PGDNHHL38MedIT343641255219200O.N.E vs. Vita vs. Zico coconut waterEach of these three products has a number of reviews. I don't have much to add to any of the individual reviews. Coconut water is great, if you are in the market for a case of it you already know this. But which of these three is the best?

I went around town and found 5 boxes of each of the three brands (15 total) each, with no two boxes of a the same brand coming from the same supplier. The goal was to get a wide range of product batches. This I am happy to report was pointless. All three brands produce an internally consistent product.

I then ordered a 12 pack of all three brands from Amazon. The only significant difference in packaging is that O.N.E. glues a little telescoping straw to each individual box, the other two brands do not. If you are a straw person this is a feature if not this is just more trash, you decide. The amount per container varies slightly by brand but given the price fluctuation on Amazon I don't consider the 0.1 Oz differences an important factor.

All three are made in Brazil, O.N.E. mentions that it is pasteurized the other two do not (nevertheless, I suspect all three are).

On pure taste, at refrigerator temperature, I found Zico to be the best (say 5/5), but only nominally better than O.N.E. (4.5/5), Vita was a distant third (3/5). Both Zico and O.N.E. taste almost exactly like drinking right from a fresh green coconut. Vita, on the other hand, has a grape aftertaste which I did not like. At room temperature the order remained the same; however, the differences in taste became more obvious: Zico (5/5), O.N.E. (4/5), Vita (2/5). Obviously all of this is subjective.

I observed the price of three on Amazon over the course of a month. Zico (~$24) was consistently more expensive than the other two (~$18-21) which traded places as the least expensive.

Considering the price and quality, O.N.E. is my choice and the brand to which I now subscribe. I consider Zico an excellent, but over priced, product and Vita an inferior product. If, however, I preferred my coconut water at room temperature I would give strong consideration to paying the extra money for Zico. If I used my coconut water as a mixer I would buy which ever one is cheapest at the time.

All three products are better than nothing (the previous option) and I am happy to see them on the market.
222940222940B000UUWECCAOARQPBMOWA72Brian Ma171851234569600Best out of 4 Coconut waters I've triedMy mom recommended to me ONE coconut water, and it's great. Great tasting, full of electrolytes, and relatively healthy.

When my Whole Foods ran out of stock, I thought I'd try the alternatives, including Zico and Vita something. Surprisingly, both weren't that great although I think in one case it may have to do with them trying to mix other juices in (i.e. not pure coconut water). Another brand I tried was worse. That's pretty sad because other than good OJ or apple juice, nothing beats coconut water and more people ought to know about it. No matter what brand you try, I wouldn't recommend non-pure coconut water like mango or other juices mixed in because it takes away from it.

I've had coconut water straight from coconuts, and this is as good as I've had. So it was a pleasant surprise when years back they started selling this stuff. In many cultures, Coconuts are a daily staple and the source of a wide range of critical nutrients. It's something people can eat and drink literally every day.

The drink is good like Gatorade after a long excercize. I hate Vitamin water and all the other sports drinks, and somewhat tolerate Gatorade. I'm surprised they don't just imitate coconut water.

Anyways, highly recommended.
222941222941B000UUWECCAER1W0TS3SSSKM. Lauriano151651232409600The real stuff.Like a few of the people who wrote a review I was born and raised on a carribbean island... Barbabdos to be exact. When I came here I tried to find coconut water that actually,.. was coconut water and guess what , One coconut water is exactly that.
It taste like the young fresh coconut water that it clams to be from ... loook at the ingrediants no additives just coconut water. There is a difference between young coconuts and more aged coconuts. The older ones are much sweeter :) but the young ones are more refreshing and much healthier.
So if you dont know what you talking about..its not right to leave a negative review, because to really know the difference between coconuts you actually would have to taste the orginal product cut fresh and drink it out the nut.
One... Thanks.. I always crave coconut water during pregancy because there is nothing better than young cocnut water to keep a mother and her baby healthy and you have given me something wonderfull.
222942222942B000UUWECCA2QG0TDZT0PUWXTerry Miller101011323561600Coconut Water from Brazil is Great but from the Phillipines HorribleLet me say I have been drinking ONE coconut water since it first came to market and I loved it. I noticed my last shipment had a funny taste. I checked the shipping carton and found that ONE has started getting its coconut water from the Phillipines. Big mistake. It's awful. The only way you'd know this is if you buy it by the case. ONE doesn't identify the source country on individual Tetra Paks. Anyone who started with ONE in the beginning knows they used only Brazilian coconuts as their source. The original stuff was crisp, clean and totally refreshing. This new source is murky and not satisfying at all. Time to look into other brands. I'm so disappointed.
222943222943B000UUWECCA3DAXB3YN77GBTChristy Daly "CDP"9921274140800Beware of Rancid boxes; Foul, Sour Taste- Smells like vomit sometimes, tastes funkyI did love the ONE coconut water but my last two shipments (case each)had numerous ones that smelled funky and were very foul tasting. As soon as you tear off the tab, you can smell it has gone rancid. Not sure if it is how long Amazon holds it in their stockhouse, if they even do that, or if it spoiled due to extreme temperatures but I have had to throw out an average of 3 containers from each case. Not sure the word Aseptic is factual when it is so rancid at times. But when they are fresh, it is good with a light taste. Not overpowering.
222944222944B000UUWECCA2VPQJEPBD5KZ6H. Ziesing182111318377600O.N.E.LOAD OF CAINE SUGAR!!!! O.N.E is not telling the TRUTH ! ! !O.N.E is not telling the TRUTH ! ! ! The box tells the LEGAL TRUTH OF WHAT IS IN THIS PRODUCT [ CANE SUGAR ] If you are a diabetic this is not good for you - AMAZON TOLD ME TO POST THE LABEL ON THE SHIPPING BOX - see above - ALSO IF YOU READ THE PRODUCT DESCRIPTION YOU WILL FIND THIS: "no added sugars, " THIS IS A FLAT OUT LIE!!!! READ THE LABEL POSTED FROM THE SHIPPING BOX ABOVE
222945222945B000UUWECCAGPWRMC3HFHXMScott E. Bailey "DC_VulcanRaven"101111285027200Normally Great Awful this time
222946222946B000UUWECCA2GR4K320YSPLZMe0051300579200Delicious and Refreshing. Product was recalled for mold, but my 12pack was great.great product, kind of expensive, especially when not on sale for 10$ or under for a twelvepack, which it does drop to on amazon quite often with Subscribe and Save. I read lots of reviews of O.N.E. and VitaCoco, the two major brands I focused on because they seemed to have the most sales/least negative reviews out of the three best selling brands. Frankly, Vita and ONE are really fairly close in taste, with O.N.E. tasting more natural, less of an aftertaste, and I think that's probably because Vita jams 240% of Vitamin C into each tetrapack. That does alter the taste, making it slightly more acidic and to my tongue at least, not as fresh/tasty as O.N.E. I haven't tried Zico yet, and based on some all over the place reviews, I'm probably not going to. VitaCoco seems to have the same comments here and at a lot of other websites too, as in same wording, so I sort of doubt the veracity of half of Vita's reviews tbh, but regardless it's a great product too and I'd have no problem buying it again for the right price if this wasn't available or was at full price. This was the first time I'd tried coconut water, and I was really surprised to find I liked it. I was half expecting it to taste coconut-like, which it does not, which is good for me. Closest thing I could think of to describe it would be if you can imagine drinking flavorless Gatorade, that's close. Very refreshing/revitalizing, some slight natural sugar in it of course (none added), and really kinda tasteless. The metallic taste people talk of I wonder if that might be because its just got so many electrolytes in it it sorta gives that tingle, not sure. I did sorta notice it too, but it's hardly noticeable and not offensive.

There was a product recall on this. Amazon sent me an email saying it may have been mold contaminated and had been recalled. I'd already guzzled the 12 pack a month before, and had drank down a case of Vita Coco too, so wasn't much for me to do. I did find the box and checked UPC/exp date and it was not in fact affected by the recall, so in my single recall experience, Amazon erred on the side of caution, sending notices to people who weren't affected, as well as those who were, presumably. That's good. That's pretty encouraging. If you check the recall notice it says that it was several reports of moldy product/damaged packaging that occurred in one region of the US and that a report of the factory found nothing, so probably occurred in shipping/distribution, not when packaged, but whatever.

Amazon, drop this crap down to $8.97 a twelve pack or slt so I can stock up. I am glad for the free shipping. Without that, buying online for this wouldn't be practical.
222947222947B000UUWECCA23S7RI0VC1XROJanice0051297900800You tried the rest now try the best, you will feel you are on a IslandIt was the best, they name thier product right when they called it one, I have tried at least 4 other brands none can compete.
222948222948B000UUWECCA3L9HD5YRRF5RWN. Trates "NAte"0051297382400Great stuff!When you get a fresh batch this stuff is amazing! So fresh just like right out of a coconut!
I have gotten a few containers that were not as great tasting and a little sour. But being a natural
product this is expected sometimes.

The best coconut water I have found. The closest to straight out of the coconut!
222949222949B000UUWECCA2G5QIX8FV6NC0Steven ET0051297296000O.N.E. Coconut Water 11.2 oz 100% coconut water.The product was packed well by, and I received it fast. My order of this product arrived in excellent condition - no issues.

I tried this product - O.N.E. Coconut Water 11.2 oz - before, and never had a problem with it. The first time buying this was at a store called, "Always 99." At the "Always 99," I purchased 198 of the 11.2 oz containers of this product at a price of 3 for 99 cents. What a deal!!! Worth trying out at that price. Before that time, I never tried coconut water before because too expensive for me. Although the products I purchased at "Always 99" were 6 months past expired, the taste was always very good with no variation in taste.

The O.N.E. 100% Coconut Water I purchased through was just as good - very pleasing. Of course no one anywhere on the internet sells this product at 3 for 99 cents - even at past expiration dates. And the "Always 99" store received thousands of containers of this product as a one time thing; so, I will likely never see that super deal again.

I guess each of us has to decide for ourselves whether this, or any, coconut water is worth buying at present prices. But O.N.E 100% Coconut Water 11.2 oz is a reliable high quality product in my experienced opinion. I mean, if this product is still just as good even 6 months after expiration date, then it has to be good bought before expiration.

I add a sprinkle of Stevia Extract to each cup of coconut water for sweetness.
222950222950B000UUWECCA3EJ4JWYCQIO5YKate E. Johnson "Eiland Paradise"0031296432000Bad taste - great benefitsCoconut water is very good for you and ONE coconut water has great nutritional benefits. It tastes like dirty feet though. I have definitely had better tasting brands. But the price is good.
222951222951B000UUWECCA1XS2N1MDQT18Sshailendra parikh0051290211200Like real green coconut waterWe have found one of the best coconut water/ It is so good that it is just like fresh green coconut water.
222952222952B000UUWECCA1EEP9K1D52R30Hermione Granger0051286668800Better than ZICO!ZICO Coconut water tastes better when it comes in a bottle that you have to refrigerate. I've drank the 12-pack O.N.E. and the 12-pack ZICO, and O.N.E. definitely tastes better when it comes to the aseptic packaging. Not sure why the packaging makes a noticeable difference.
222953222953B000UUWECCA28KW1F2QN6ALVGg0051282089600Really Hydrating and Good!I've tried all the major coconut waters out there, and this one has become my favorite. I did like Zico best until they were bought out and changed their formula, now, this one is my go-to. I'm a soda person and I really dislike water, so finding something that not only can quench my thirst in a healthy, natural way has been a real plus for me. I have also been able to use it to stave off those mid-morning hunger pangs instead of turning to chips or other less-than-healthy alternatives. It did take me a few containers to get used to the taste since it was so different than what I was used to, and ice-cold makes it taste much better, but I now find myself craving it when I'm thirsty. Low calorie, hydrating, loads of potassium--it's a winner all the way around for me!
222954222954B000UUWECCAMB18W8Q8C4ODJan Pfeifer0041281484800Almost as good as the real thingI love coconut water, specially directly from the coconut. But this is the first packaged coconut water that passed my "quality control", I really enjoy it. Needless to say, coconut water is a pretty healthy drink.
222955222955B000UUWECCA33JN26OCXG959mountainaria0051281139200better than any of the others I've tried by far!I have tried multiple types of coconut water and this one comes out on top by far. The kind that comes in a plastic bottle tastes just like what it comes in, plastic. I love the flavor of O.N.E. coconut water and will continue to purchase it as long as my wallet allows me to!
222956222956B000UUWECCA2X79DLUG5BAUFG. Miller "Shopgirl"0041281052800O.N.E coconut waterI have been drinking coconut water from fresh coconuts since I was little (lived in Malaysia) really like the taste of this over vita coco. It doesn't have the sour after taste like it's been sitting around too long. Overall excellent if you live in a place with no convinient access to fresh coconut water.
222957222957B000UUWECCA1W1PEOH8XLGLQR. Wiggins0051280275200Great Coconut WaterI purchase coconut water from Amazon for several reasons. I really like this brand and it is not available in the small town I live. And the price is much better than Whole Foods. Love this product and would recommend it to anyone. And the great thing about Amazon is you can purchase two cases and get free shipping. It tastes even better than from a fresh coconut.
222958222958B000UUWECCA1KJDOL79GJ3JIColene M. White0051280188800This one is my favorite!I've really enjoyed the taste of this Coconut Water and have it on my Subscribe and Save items. It is a reasonable value, considering the price of various coconut waters, and it tastes really good. Great potassium and magnesium source which is wonderful for leg cramps. No fat and no cholesterol. Love it!
222959222959B000UUWECCA2ZF3IW7QRAWE7Janet L. Stagg0051279584000Great source of potassiumGot my hubby started drinking ONE as an alternate to Gatorade since he has to watch salt intake. He loves the coconut water and swears it keeps him feeling more alert, especially in our 114 degree heat. Got my 89 yr old Mom to try it for her nightly leg cramps - after drinking one a night for three nights her cramps have stopped and her constipation eased up. Great product for the elderly who don't drink enough water. Thanks to Amazon's subscription plan - don't even have to go to the store and it's cheaper. Tried several brands and ONE is the best!
222960222960B000UUWECCA16OVBC7VIQ5V2krysha "book hound"0051279584000great pick me up.I use this product after a work-out at the gym. It cools me down and I feel better and more refreshed.

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