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222961222961B000UUWECCA1CX65GH9J60PHJoy Tell0051278460800HydrationO.N.E. Coconut Water provides adequate hydration especially for active people. I always have a this wonderful and delicious health drink before I exercise. It provides the electrolytes, potassium and magnesium that our bodies need to stay hydrated and energetic during a workout or anytime during the day. I love it and have it auto shipped every month. I highly recommend it to everyone.
222962222962B000UUWECCA8IVF6LTA7WYFCelia N.0051277769600Refreshing, a bit pricey for how much we go throughAt first the taste surprised me, but comparing it with the Vita coconut water, there was no comparison. That looked clearer, and has no immediate taste, but the aftertaste turned me way off. The O.N.E. coconut water is a little cloudy, and has a taste right up front, but it's consistent and after just a few glasses I came to love it. Now I totally crave this stuff and feel really refreshed after drinking it. Our 14-month-old loves it too, straight up in a sippy cup.
222963222963B000UUWECCA13M12H6ZIGFZLBrenda Porte0041277251200nice drinkIt does bring up fond memories of my life in the bahamas. Nutritionally speaking, it is high in potassium, so it could be used as a sport drink. Also it only has 60 calories, no fat, and is 11 ounces. This beverage is best enjoyed very cold, or over ice. Yes, it does taste like coconut water. If you like coconut water, you would enjoy it. I like coconut, but not particularly fond of the clear "water". But it does taste quite refreshing on a hot day.
222964222964B000UUWECCA3BMNVZJLOCSEOfairytaleprincess0051276560000Hangover HelperI hate to admit it, but one day I drank too many cocktails. A margarita, followed in quick succession by two cucumber-basil martinis (delicious, by the way) at my fave local Mexican restaurant. It was a celebration, and I was celebrating. I was messed up, and I do not say that lightly. I managed to get home, embarrassed and feeling godawful. I remembered having read somewhere that coconut water is good for a hangover, so I had two O.N.E. coconut waters. Within a couple of hours I felt perfectly fine. I sure hadn't expected that! Next day I felt as though nothing had happened. That's my coconut water "miracle."

You don't have to be drunk for it to make you feel better, though. If you're feeling a little dehydrated, this will help.

I love the taste, too, although it took two or three times of drinking it before I could say that. The first couple of bottles, I didn't care much for it. Not that I actively disliked it; it just wasn't anything like what I would have expected, having only ever had sweetened coconut products previously. And I liked how drinking it made me feel so... healthy. Now I can't stand the thought of not having it around. Once you start drinking it and liking it, sometimes you just feel like your body NEEDS it.

Be sure to chill it before consuming.
222965222965B000UUWECCA2ZI9EWWZTNUA2jalcruces0051276387200Not bad and very very good for youThe first brand of coconut water that I tried was Vitacoco. You can see my review on that page, as the Vitacoco tasted like toilet water. This brand O.N.E. is much much better. Like the difference between night and day. O.N.E. is a little more expensive than the other brand noted here, but it is worth it if you plan on drinking straight from the container. The taste is a little bit bitter, after all, it is the juice from an unripe coconut. But it is tolerable, tho it may take many awhile to get accustomed to. When I bought the Vitacoco brand, I learned to mix it with Gatorade to make it tolerable. If you are new to this product, you may want to do the same with O.N.E. at first, until you acquire a taste for it.

I, in fact, changed my review from four stars to five stars, as I have tried a few other brands, and this one is still the best. I have gotten more acquired to the taste and drink it straight half of the time.
222966222966B000UUWECCA1KBKRPI70RX0XR. Sergent "impulse shopper"0041275609600We like itIt took a while to get used to, but we like them and drink them often.
222967222967B000UUWECCASAOKINJWVPXYMichael J. Price0051272931200Great Product for Sensitive Stomachs of the ElderlyI became interested in a soothing drink for my elderly mother, who has a sensitive stomach with recurring nausea. Many times she's unable to drink anything other than a weak tea or water. The coconut water has made it possibly for her to keep things down and relieve the nauseous feeling. I now make sure that she has coconut water available to her any day of the week or month. This is certainly a drink that restores her energy when she has experienced a few days of not wanting to eat. I highly recommend this product if you, friends, or family experience symptoms as my Mother does.
222968222968B000UUWECCA3HLKRWP458AGLAnita Macias "grami"0051272672000love the coconut waterthis is both great tasting, refreshing and hydrates me and is easier to tolerate than just plain it and have started a once a month shipping.
222969222969B000UUWECCA2GNHUQBT056IQJ. Bowen-migliore0051264291200A refreshing drinkVery simple and delicious light taste of coconut. When you don't want plain water, this is really a treat. Best when cold.
222970222970B000UUWECCAZRJH4JFB59VCLynwood E. Hines0041261440000Bizarre product that tastes surprisingly goodI was pretty dubious about this product when I ordered a sample of it through the Vine program but I figured I had nothing to lose. It is actually pretty refreshing with a hint of coconut flavor. I don't think I would buy this often, but every now and then I think it would be good as something different with a hint of tropical/island flavor.
222971222971B000UUWECCA1PVHHO66MGB12Ross Nordeen0031258675200For fanboys onlyIf you don't already like coconut water, this won't change your mind about it as it is more of an acquired taste for most but it is as good as any I have tried.
222972222972B000UUWECCA1W3BCH9BL61V8Alicyn0051256688000I use it as a sports drinkI love this stuff and drink some every morning with some aloe vera when taking my supplements.
I am also using it as a sports drink when I run. It has more potassium then other commercial drinks, it's a tad low on sodium but I just take a supplemental electrolyte capsule when doing longer runs. It keeps my energy levels up and I love the taste.
222973222973B000UUWECCA1GSAJ5Z0D5O68Vijay Unniparambath0051252800000Don't look anywhere elseWas trying different cococunt water products for last few years. At last I found it. Really refreshing and tasty.
222974222974B000UUWECCA8X2GGOK4B4EQ21st Century Consumer0051252713600Refreshing and flavorfulA good drink to have at the end of a work day or at any other time. Tasty and refreshing.
222975222975B000UUWECCAU6F79SL0LY5GT. Etuk "Tuk"0051248134400Don't pass on thisPerfect in every way, much better than that bland Zico water. O.N.E provides a stronger coconut flavor and is highly refreshing. It makes me feel happy every time I down a carton after a workout.
222976222976B000UUWECCA2SO9HTR9BQ1NBJ. Tigue0041248134400Delicious in fruit smoothiesI didn't like the taste of the coconut water by itself. I found it to have an odd smell and a skim milk-like aftertaste, which I didnt find refreshing.

However, I made some fruit smoothies using frozen fruit and the coconut water and found they made delicious and refreshing smoothies. Highly recommended for smoothie lovers as an alternative to sweet juices. I can't wait to make another one.
222977222977B000UUWECCA3QM8X842B7J7SBig C0051247875200A Healthy Alternative To Sports DrinksI tried this on the recommendation of a friend and it tastes great! I drink one after every workout. Coconut milk is a natural sports drink that has potasium, calcium, magnesium, energy compounds, and it has the same electrolyte balance as blood. A lot better than all those dyes and refined sugars in many of those sports drinks. Neatly packaged, too.
222978222978B000UUWECCA3F6QP1SE8K344Win P0051247875200Refreshingly goodGrew up in the tropics so I know the real thing. Very light flavor, almost water -- just like the real thing. I prefer this over Vita Coco. I think its because it came from "young" coconut (according to label) while Vita Coco only states that it came from coconut hence the difference in taste.
222979222979B000UUWECCA18LBGL7L9FEZVLarry0051247184000Coconut WaterI have tasted coconut water and this is coconut water in a drink box. It needs to be served cold.

It is a mostly clear, tinged white drink. 100% coconut water from the fruit. The aseptic pack is convenient and gives no off taste.
I like the health benefits that the water brings.

Price is right here, as they cost about $2 each in the local market.
222980222980B000UUWECCA3JGEUSQA13UP3V. Alter0041246752000Refreshing!This coconut water is very refreshing on a hot day. It's not very sweet, so if that's what you want, this isn't for you. This tastes more like the actual water you get out of a young coconut. I only wish they made a version with coconut pulp in it. I like that these come in a juice-box container. The coconut waters you can get in cans often have an odd metallic taste to them.
222981222981B000UUWECCA22Z9R91N8L7IQT. Coleman "Rio Grande Tom"0031246665600I'll Be Generous Because It's Just Not As Good As AnotherA bit sweet, light and lacking flavor, I'd say. However, that's in comparison to the substantially less expensive Roland brand, which just plain tastes better and has those neat bits of coconut floating in it.

I guess it depends on whether packaging makes a difference to you. This O.N.E. comes in a smaller cardboard-plastic container than the full-sized old metal cans Roland uses.

222982222982B000UUWECCA1W4CPPLG42RY0Chaeron9810041246579200Good drinkJust what I expected. A good alternative to water. Its not coconut milk, so don't expect a dessert drink or anything like that. Think drinking straight fro the coconut itself. I prefer it cold.
222983222983B000UUWECCA1ZVJDW84LYM5KN. Hill0051246320000awesome dealO.N.E. Coconut Water, 11.2-Ounce Aseptic Containers (Pack of 12)

Tastes very close to fresh coconut ... great price and can't beat the free supersaver shipping.
222984222984B000UUWECCA1JL3ORMUR8792Kerry Patton "meret29431"0051245974400O.N.E. Coconut Water, 11.2-Ounce Aseptic Containers (Pack of 12)This beverage was surprising to me. I never thought of coconut water as being anything but a tasty treat that I had on vacation. If you look at the nutrition information on the box you will be amazed that not only i it good but it is good for you. I have found it to be a good replacement for sports drinks when I go to the gym.
222985222985B000UUWECCA2BSN9G5NYHRDPMandy "Gr.ksa."0051245456000FantasticThis is the only drink that has effectively replaced the urge to drink diet soda for me.Low in calories and super refreshing at lunch.Its like I am on a tropical beach looking at the ocean (at work).Now that's nice.
222986222986B000UUWECCAYCP4IT72BZIHClint Radenbaugh0031244764800Tastes healthy and refreshing ... I hope it actually is.Goes well when you mix it with certain 'beverages.'

I paid 75 cents each ... may or may not be worth that to me but I think I will buy them again at that price.
222987222987B000UUWECCAFQ58D6TRFI3XEddie0051244764800YummyI love the whole craze around coconut water, and this product is delicious. Drink cold!
222988222988B000UUWECCA3VIJKYI9D7J2YOrlando mom0041244678400Delicious & refreshingLove the product. It is very refreshing in the hot summer. I would purchase this product again. But one thing that is missing from the package are the straws from every bottle.
222989222989B000UUWECCA2FBZDL66P6U1KM. Simonton0041244419200Yum, coconut waterI was looking for a nice tasting coconut water, not too high in calories, but with that yummy coconut-water taste. Additionally, it could not have any preservatives as I am highly allergic to preservatives. I ordered this product hoping for the best. Sure enough, no problems with preservatives. I rated it a 4, instead of a 5, because it is a little weak on the coconut taste. On the other hand, I can drink it without adding a lot of calories and its natural taste makes it ideal for me. It definitely reminds me of the islands.
222990222990B000UUWECCA1MQEROQ4LJ6GVsavi6 "suncoupons"0041244332800Not as good as fresh coconut water but is still very refreshingThis product is delicious...however I was expecting that FRESH coconut water taste. It actually tastes a little bit on the sour side. But it is still a very tasty product...with no added sugars or other preservatives. The coconut flavor is indeed very mild and would be a good base to use in other drinks. It is definitely good for health and I would definitely repurchase. Works wonders for dehydration!

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