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222991222991B000UUWECCA2A4VN4VTPS73WK. Pope0051244073600Pleasantly surprised!I had tried a different company selling coco water so wasn't sure how O.N.E. coco would be, but turned out great! I don't like flavored waters, so didn't want a flavored coconut water and was pleasantly surprised by the taste of this one without any 'twang' left by the other one i had tried. I had read other reviews and most everyone prefers the flavored coconut waters, but if you don't want an added flavor, O.N.E. is the best plain coconut water available.
222992222992B000UUWECCA342HMZ0FIB8JCbunty0041240963200Pure coconut water.I gave 4 star as this one tastes less sweeter than the vita coco brand.
222994222994B000UUWECCA3AQ3F2YF2UB0SBill Russell0051216857600O.N.E is the number one!O.N.E. Coconut water, us holistically complete, biologically pure, natural isotonic beverage, is the ultimate hydrator. I mean, what other nature-made unprocessed substance can be used as an alternative IV to human blood plasma!? What other unprocessed fluid is, good-to-go, the next best thing to breast milk when you've just plum run out?

O.N.E Coconut water has been named Best Beverage for 2008 by Health Magazine in their June 2008 issue. The magazine reads: "Best Beverage: O.N.E. Coconut Water. This slightly coconut flavored drink only has 60 calories per 11 ounces and replenishes electrolytes without artificial sweeteners. Great during a long bike ride."

222995222995B000UUWECCA261P36T13YP98Victor Blake0031216857600Cocount WaterAs good as fresh, you do not have to keep it refrigerated until you are ready to use it. It should be chilled before drinking.
222996222996B000UUWECCA3MPV6UPZ3LLAMK. N. Nelson0031216857600TastyA refreshing, tasty beverage that can be used not only for smoothies, but for cooking as well. Especially in a polynesian stir fry or curry dish. I appreciate that it is organic and a wonderful alternative to the toxic soft drinks on the market. I found it very enjoyable!
222997222997B000UUWECCA3BSTFFIKK5YTWBOATS99 "BOATS99"0031215993600NOT BAD IF SUPER COLD !This coconut water is not too bad if you get it really cold makes a huge difference. I prefer the Zico and Vita coco water brands over this one.
222998222998B000UUWECCAKCZIJ6ZHE41DJarucia Jaycox Nirula "~A Pink American"0041214352000From the Inside Out, Coconut Cools the Soul, um, the BodyO.N.E.'s Coconut Water is about straightforward as it gets: 100% coconut water.

My first encounter with the green globe and the coconut water inside came after a climb of 1500 steps (and back down again) in ninety-plus degree heat on a dry, dusty winter day in Palitana India. While I fell far short of the 3500 needed to reach the plateau of temples, I also barely managed to return to the base.

Blame it on my Anglo-European genes, sheesh.

Back at our vehicle, a vendor hacked off the top of the green globe before offering it too me. Though the water within was warm, it was more refreshing and cooling than anything else I could have imagined at that moment.

The inherent cooling properties of coconut water make it an ideal way to stave off the heat from both the inside out.

O.N.E.'s coconut water, though not as 'mentally' satisfying to drink (everyone loves the green globe) certainly is as tasty and refreshing.
222999222999B000UUWECCA3QIEISBZP4QTVMark E. Baxter "Inquirer"0041213920000Allll-natural, pleasant tasteAn all-natural, pleasant tasting straight coconut product. Convenient packaging. From the ingredient list, this would be a good product for an active lifestyle. 4 stars
223000223000B000UUWECCA3NM0RAYSL6PA8Maine Writer "David"0041213833600Low calorie, natural tasting.My first encounter with coconut water occurred when a good friend had a stomach bug and need effective hydration. I went to the local coffee shop and it was among the few drinks they had on hand, and the label stated that it was excellent as a sports drink alternative and for rehydration generally. We tried it, and it not only worked, but it tasted great. Since then, I've tried the major brands, and O.N.E. is the best tasting of the lot. One caveat: If you drink too much coconut water, you may experience the opposite effect ... ridiculous diarrhea. It takes a lot, but I like the taste and, well, overdid it (about 1/2 gallon in a day). Watch out!
223001223001B000UUWECCA32GK89C999834Elisa "HipMom"0041213660800One of the best-tasting coconut water drinks on the marketI buy coconut water quite often, particularly in summer. It's a great isotonic drink for hot days, hiking trips and while doing cardio. I have probably every brand available on the market, icnluding several ones only sold in Europe, and I can honestly say that I think O.N.E. is the one that tastes the best among the brands sold in the US. It doesn't contain additives, sugar or anything else, just coconut water. Now, if you want something that tastes a bit fruitier there are other brands that add fruit juice to theirs and it does make it taste better but also adds carbs, which means the drink doesn't work as well to use during cardio, particularly if you are trying to lose weight.

I also appreciate that they chose to sell their product in cartons instead of cans, especially in light of the new research about metals leaching in our food and drink.
223002223002B000UUWECCAYB8XLKTYMTTXBeldini0041212019200Delicious -- but definitely unexpected!If you're expecting something sweet, and almost syrupy like a slightly watered down version of coconut milk -- you're in for a shock. This has a much lighter taste, just a hint of coconut rather than an overwhelming flavor, but I really enjoyed it. It's satisfying but not really all that sweet. It's especially good when it's icy, icy cold -- a real unexpected taste on a summer day.
223003223003B000UUWECCA3DOPYDOS49I3TConfucious0041211932800Refreshing coconut waterThis coconut drink is not bad compared to other drinks. This drink tastes best when really cold. No straw. It is not like juice boxes where you puncture the straw through the foil. Although I would have preferred that it came that way. It would prevent spills for the kids. But then again this is not marketed for kids. It is really easy to open. Pull a foil and you are ready to sip. The mouth is not that big nor to small. I would recommend this to someone who enjoys coconuts.
223004223004B000UUWECCAVXGN90BU95P8D. Buxman "A Seeker of Truth"0041211673600A Little Expensive, But a Good Alternative to SodaThis is a good tasting, relatively low calorie alternative to soda that is good for you. It's not overly sweet. The flavor is a light coconut. At 60 calories for an 11 ounce serving, it seems like a good way to hydrate and get a little energy as well. My only complaint is that $2 per serving seems a little high.
223005223005B000UUWECCA2V4P6IRCK1P70Morgaine Swann, H.Ps. "Morgan"0041211414400A convenient source of PotassiumI'd recommend this product for someone who needs potassium but can't or won't eat bananas. Potassium is important for your heart and if you are nauseous. It would be very effective for athletes or people in danger of dehydration. It's a natural, raw food containing 5 electrolyes, which are important for your heart to function properly. Your electrolyte balance can be upset by dehydration, over-exertion or illness, and any athlete can tell you that that's dangerous. This would be a great drink to have on hand if you could only have fluids or couldn't keep solid food down. I think of it more as a supplement than a beverage because there isn't much taste to it, but it would be handy to keep in your locker at the gym or in your bag. It's much healthier than a sport drink containing artificial colors and flavors.

You'd expect it to taste like coconuts, but it really doesn't. There might be a faint suggestion of coconut flavor, but I'm not sure you'd notice it if you didn't know what you were drinking. Otherwise, it's like drinking water. Not bad, not really good, just there. I can see myself picking up one of these to eat with a meal just for the potassium boost, but I wouldn't go out of my way for it unless I had the flu, was playing sports, working out or was working hard - like mowing lawns, gardening, doing construction - in hot weather . Then I'd want to have these in the fridge (they taste best ice cold,) because they would definitely be better than just drinking water. I'd use it as a sort of adult Pedialyte or a natural Gatorade. I'll probably keep some around this summer for that very reason.
223006223006B000UUWECCA4JP4T1F95D0ARG690041211328000AlmostHaving drank from a coconut just off a tree, I can tell you that this product is pretty close. Lightly sweet with the taste of coconut, this is a refreshing drink. This is a good substitute for any of the sports aid. Having electrolytes and tons of potassium, it is the perfect natural way for a nice boost. The manufacturer also does a good job by not adding any preservatives or artificial flavoring. Coconut water is terrific all by itself, it doesn't need any help. Great product.
223007223007B000UUWECCA1QKN4OI23ATGLJ. Robb0051202601600O.N.E. is the ONEA friend of mine recently turned me onto O.N.E. Coconut Water as a refreshing post-exercise drink. The taste is sweet but subtle, but what really wowed me was reading the ingredient label. Coconut water naturally has 650 mg of potassium (15x more than a banana), 25mg of magnesium, and 35 mg of sodium! All of this in a 10 oz, 60 calorie package. It's like nature's gatorade!

223008223008B000UUWECCA1OKU8S4M0VI9Nlifelearner0041200009600YUM!was the first packaged coconut water i tried. very crisp and refreshing. waiting for amazon to apply the "subscribe & save" deal to this one, although zico gets the job done just fine.
223009223009B000UUWECCA1NG6EWTEJ9SC1Geoffrey C. Morgan1211322784000Acquired taste?I'm sorry but my wife and I found this product to be completely unpalatable. I have tasted fresh coconut meat and canned coconut milk, but this is something totally different. I suspect that it is an acquired taste. Before you buy a large quantity, be sure and know what it tastes like.
223010223010B000UUWECCAPGQCBO10LZTHLZ1251320883200Tastes greatI really enjoy this coconut water. Tastes fresh and has good nutrition with no added ingredients. I usually put it in our morning smoothies along with some strawberries, bananas and flaxmeal.
223011223011B000UUWECCA1HB0MS5ZFM9RCdudetv1211300579200***Warning Mold infection ****I brought this from last month. I got an email from Amazon about possible infection detected inside the package. DO put the drink in glass instead of drinking from package to be sure.
223012223012B000UUWECCADJJYTAI7B577T. Jakubowski1211299369600No one liked it...I really wanted to like this coconut water, but I couldn't take more than 3 sips. It is terrible. The flavor was flat, with an acidic aftertaste (that almost reminded me of tomato juice). I had my spouse and several friends take bottles to try and no one liked it. Maybe I got a bad batch? I don't know, but I won't be buying more to find out.
223013223013B000UUWECCA1AF48ABEIIDOX'Sascha1251267056000COCONUT WATERI love coconut water!!!, It naturally rehydrates the body with electrolytes, is fat free and is an original sports and energy drink.
223014223014B000UUWECCA1A05MEG2MXCIZLove_of_Life1251245888000Excellent coconut waterO.N.E. is the best coconut water I can get, other than getting it straight from a young coconut. For me it is the best thirst quencher there is (probably because of all the potassium in it) and Amazon has made it very easy, and cheaper than a regular store, to order it in large quantities, so I am now happy to report that O.N.E. has almost completely replaced regular drinking water in my life. I have had coconut water straight from the coconut in Costa Rica and I have also tried the two other big brands in the US (Zico, Vita Coco) and O.N.E. tastes best and most "natural" to me.
223015223015B000UUWECCA2QH9QPGY8NVV1Devin Lee1251245542400I LOVE this stuff!Since it was on sale, I decided to try this. And I'm happy to say that I love it! When I first tasted it, it was a lot different from anything I ever tried. It isn't bland in any way, nor is it sweet--it's just different. I only wish it was less expensive.
223016223016B000UUWECCA2J7DPOHXE605USandra O. Sasal1251243296000Refreshing and delicious!I simply love this stuff! It is so refreshing and delicious. I used this to reduce my sugary soda intake. It tastes great and contains only 60 calories per serving. Aside from pure water, this is a great way to stay cool and hyrdrated. I love the fact that it does not contain arfiticial ingredients. Keep it coming, Amazon!
223017223017B000UUWECCAMQPMYYS3IG4GS. Oneil1251243209600As good as you'll get if it's not fresh from the coconutI'm a big fan of coconut water, and typically buy a coconut every week or two as a treat for myself. But it's a bit of a pain in the backside. O.N.E. coconut water tastes almost as good as from a fresh coconut, but without the hassle and is a bit cheaper. I always have one in my fridge to drink after a workout and it is great. Some people have commented that it tastes like stale sugar water, I'm not sure about that. To me it tastes like coconut water, so maybe to them coconut water tastes like stale sugar water.
Anywho if you do like coconut water, I will bet you'll enjoy O.N.E.
223018223018B000UUWECCA3OYO3Z2CHIHFSlaz_254 "laz_254"1251228176000Refreshing / ReplenishingO.N.E. Coconut Water is an excellent post-exercise drink. Immediately after exercise, the body is craving sugars. O.N.E. Coconut Water provides that natural sugar boost as well as five other electrolytes. Coconut water has more potassium than a banana. Again, another great reason to try O.N.E. Coconut Water. It's very low in calories and has a light taste. I like it so much that I am on Amazon's scheduled delivery program for this product. It's so good that sometimes (twice) I have had to move up the delivery date to receive it sooner. It's better than Gatorade (5 electrolytes) and bananas (less calories).
223019223019B000UUWECCA1DUH1JGK6VJO9lolixx "health junkie"1251218067200the BEST coconut water ever!I don't have the luxury of drinking coconut water straight from the nut but this is the next best thing! I use this in my super healthy smoothies. And it's great for a hang over
223020223020B000UUWECCAIHYPNIWUC9ROLuciana1251216944000O.N.E IS FIVE STARS!!!There's nothing in the list of ingredients that you can't figure out: 100% natural coconut water (makes sense it's title translating to "One Natural Experience"). Thing is, it tastes like it. Offering it up to some of the local wahines here -surfer girls who grew up drinking the real thing- they all agreed ("yum!") it tastes just like the fresh juice.

We can thank the great advancements in the production process over the past decade. Previous to that, minimal options included the old Thailand canned version (high-temp pasteurization, lost nutritional qualities, lotsa preservatives and a weird flavor), or even the first versions of cold-processed microfiltration (still not perfected, with added ingredients like sucrose).

Most important thing is that the O.N.E. not only just taste great, but it has the qualities that make coconut water so healthy, hydrating, and beneficial to the body.


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