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223081223081B000UUWECCA3DWGIDZUA8PE7Laura Louise Harden "Taterbug"3351241654400Very good coconut water at a nice priceThis coconut water tasted very fresh and very slightly sweet. The way it is supposed to taste. I have tried many brands, I think this will be my new favorite.
One reason that I drink coconut water, is the potassium content is really unbeatable. The large amount of sugar one would have to consume by eating bananas or potatoes to get the same amount of potassium, well I just can't do it.
This drink also reminds me of Hawaii. This is a very popular drink in the Islands and I guess the reason is self-explanatory.
223082223082B000UUWECCA147JRG3Q264Q4suzeya "suzeya"3351241481600like nectar from the godsCoconut water is one of the healthiest things you can drink. It's chock full of electrolytes, vitamins, minerals, potassium, etc. After sweating buckets in a bikram yoga class or under the sun, nothing tastes as good as cold fresh coconut water. Now, I've done the whole whacking a young coconut bit, but it is tedious, messy, and takes up a lot of space in the fridge. Now I can have coconut water any time and carry it around the city with me. Much better than lugging around a meat cleaver and a huge white coconut.

I've tried this brand and another brand and I prefer O.N.E.
223105223105B000UUWECCA1B05INWIDZ74OM. A. Ramos4551211241600All Natural Coconut WaterI love coconut water and have had to take a machete to lop off the top to get to it. This is great! It is almost as good as out of a coconut, but what makes it nice is you do not have to get the coconut or open it. Just pull the top and drink it. It has a very natural taste as if it has never been in a container. Read the product features above and you can see not only is this product all natural, but good for you. It will quench your thirst, hydrate you and help promote smoother, more hydrated skin. Definitely worth drinking!
223083223083B000UUWECCA2XNK8EX1K02ZWSusan M. Di Giulio "Susana Baiana"3351239148800As close to drinking it fresh on the beach as you can get!!!!The O.N.E. folks have really done an excellent job in capturing the flavor of fresh coconut water and transporting it up north without using any preservatives: just a sterile container.
Coconut water has lots of healthful properties. It has a particular place in my heart because when I had a horrible tropical flu in Brazil, and couldn't even keep H2O in my tummy, I could still drink coconut water (from the coconut vendor at the corner, that time). It kept me going for 3 days. So if your kids have the tummy bug, (or if you had one too many the night before)this can help.
FYI, forget the lime part from the song. Bad idea.
223106223106B000UUWECCA1XDMYX8QOW07NGeoffrey Kleinman81131212969600Nice Compact Post Sports DrinkCoconut Water is a fantastic way to replenish your electrolytes and get hydrated. When I toured Thailand and Cambodia I got the water direct from large coconuts sold by the roadside. This is a lot easier to tote around. Coconut water is slightly sweet and lightly astringent, an acquired taste for some. I prefer the Amy and Brian cans better than the water in the O.N.E. (I also like getting little bits of coconut with my coconut water), but O.N.E. compares nicely to Zico or Harvest Bay.

Amy and Brian sources their coconut water from Thai coconuts while O.N.E., Zico and Harvest Bay get theirs from South America. There is a real taste difference as the Thai coconuts are sweeter and less astringent.

If you're looking for something to throw in you gym bag or backpack when working out this is a nice choice, if you're looking for all around refreshing drink I'd recommend seeking out Amy and Brain brand.
223084223084B000UUWECCA113H4UYJIPL15Anna Jacobs3351236643200Delicious and NutritiousIf you're a fan of coconut flavor - like coconut sorbet, you'll love this stuff. It must be served cold - stick it in the fridge. Also shake it before drinking. But it is the most refreshing, delicious drink I have ever tasted. It's sweet and crisp. I drink it during workouts because it boosts electrolytes. It's only 60 calories per 11oz container and even has one gram of protein. And best of all it's a natural product - no added sugar or any of that. I'm a fan but you may want to try one before you buy a whole case to make sure you like it as much as I do.
223107223107B000UUWECCA3VERO2GSGYAMLKahoku142011219449600Hate ItThis product taste nothing like fresh coconut juice. It has a funny taste. Being from Hawaii you really know how the real stuff taste like which maybe is why I am not a fan of this drink.
223085223085B000UUWECCA1ZFA2K0XXPJY1ZQ3351231286400Tastes almost like a just opened coconutBetter tasting than Vita Coco and Zico. Vita Coco is the yuckiest. Zico is bland but passible. I will be re-ordering this until I find something better.
223108223108B000UUWECCA30PGASIA5AKKBChristianAndCool "Christian"1111349568000Not Brazilian coconut water anymore- now is low qual stuff!The ONE coconut water was awesome at first. It was made with fresh Brazilian coconuts, which gave it an amazing taste. Now, the stuff is made with coconuts from Indonesia or the Philippines, which tastes horrible, not to mention that safety and sanitation issues in Indonesia and Philippines leave a lot to be desired! :( Yuck.

If you want coconut water that tasted like ONE USED TO taste like, then try the Amy & Bryan coconut water (cans). It is flash pasteurized too, so it is much better for you, safety wise.

ONE is now a huge disappointment. I am surprised and shocked to see how they still claim "Born in Brazil" in their box when this is not made from inferior coconut water from Indonesia and/or Philippines, YUCK!
223086223086B000UUWECCA3DD1JX90GMGXFL. Rosario "the girl next door"3351229212800Freshest drink everI am woman born in a Caribbean island who grew up drinking natural coconut water right out of the coconuts. Since moving north I have not been able to find a coconut water that has come close to tasting like the real thing, since now that is.... This is the next best thing... nothing artificial about it... when chilled is a most satisfying refreshing drink ever....
223087223087B000UUWECCA6RKWN4XOQ72VD. Fernandes3351223510400Tastes like right out of a coconutThis product is great! It tastes like you just cut open a young coconut and put in a straw. My husband is Brazilian and grew up on coconut water and is very happy with this product. Best of all it's all natural!
223109223109B000UUWECCA99Q6TEF5F6RRR. Katz "The Grooviest"1121349481600NOT HAPPY, PRODUCT SPOILED~~~~~~~~I really like coconut water & was happy find this product. Unfortunately, several of the little cartons were spoiled with a horrid odor and a dreadful taste, not useable. Would like a refund.....Amazon.....please?
223088223088B000UUWECCA14OQ67LM79KW3Candace Mike N Elmo "candacemikenelmo"3331211932800Excellent nutrition, not my flavourThis is a very good product and if one likes the flavour. it would do what the sports drinks cLAIM to do!!
It would also be excellent for anyone who is ill and needs electrolytes etc.
Since the flavour or lack of is my reason for not personally caring for this, I would suggest TRY it to see if it's your 'cup of tea'. IF so, it is a decent healthy drink.
223110223110B000UUWECCA2KU3WLASNA7KVTinster1121335657600Expires in two months and no straw!!I've purchased this from amazon before and in the past it had an expiry of approx 6-9 months after it arrived. However this time it expire in two months and also no straws for all of them. I'm baffled , are these counterfeited or a total lack of quality control?

Coconut water itself is a great thirst quencher and helps get rid of sodium or MSG aftertaste...
223089223089B000UUWECCA16N7YJ8OKKZ8CBart Pola5641225497600A great alternative for the calorie conscious!I have always been calorie-conscious and drank diet soda on a regular basis. After a study in Purdue noted that rats gained more weight with artificial sweeteners than natural sugar (article cited below) I began to rethink the diet soda plan. Coconut water is a great alternative to regular soda and juice... O.N.E. has only 60 calories compared to at least twice that with soda/juice -- plus, no artificial sweeteners. It's definitely not as sweet but you get used to it... now, regular soda tastes too sweet to me.

I have had numerous canned coconut water beverages purchased in Asian food stores. They were all processed with added sweeteners and preservatives with a very obvious unnatural taste. O.N.E., however tastes great! Very close to the coconuts that I've had in India and the Caribbean islands. I do like Coco Vita better (also available here on Amazon) as it has less of an aftertaste. I've found both taste best when they are cool but not cold... I let them sit outside the refrigerator for about 15 minutes before I start drinking.

"A Role for Sweet Taste: Calorie Predictive Relations in Energy Regulation by Rats," Susan E. Swithers, PhD and Terry L. Davidson, PhD, Purdue University; Behavioral Neuroscience, Vol. 122, No. 1.
223090223090B000UUWECCASBO3WVCCD95HT. GILL "Cluster"5611244678400Tastes like lightly flavored waterIt tasted like slightly flavored watered down coconut water. I've had coconut water before and it tasted much better. I did not like it.
223091223091B000UUWECCAWLK6NSSV0YNAMidwest Mommy5651243900800Includes Handy Straws! Great for Kids!If I could give this product more than 5 stars, I would! Our family has tried VitaCoco and Zico Coconut Water (both were good) but O.N.E. Coconut water is our favorite because it includes little extendable straws that can be used like a juice box. The handy straw allows you to neatly poke a hole through the foil seal for a no-spill drink...perfect for car rides or letting kids carry their drink around the house. We also drink coconut water when we are ill, instead of Pedialyte or Gatorade (much more healthy). The straw is a great way to get fussy toddlers to drink the fluids they need when they're sick.

I highly recommend coconut water. The consistency can take some getting used to because it's thicker than water or juice, but the nutritional value can't be beat. It is the perfect drink for kids and athletes: an all natural, whole food....slightly sweet with fewer natural sugars than most fruit juices, no artificial colors or flavors, won't stain, packed with potassium and electrolytes, and it actually contains calcium and a little protein! Packaged in small, recyclable Tetra Pak containers (eco-friendly) that contain no PBA like some plastics. You can easily take this coconut water with you anywhere- I always keep a couple in the car and often stick one in my purse (although coconut water tastes best cold). If you have any reservations about trying this product, just go for it! If you really don't like it, you can always sell the rest on craigslist :)
223092223092B000UUWECCA1DM9NRKDAXTD2Rob2221328659200Read the Expiration Dates.....I just bought 24 packs of ONE Coconut water (11.2 oz)because of a great buy @ $1.10/ea. However, I must say they ALL had a sour after taste. I was really surprised. I've tasted most, if not all, of the major brands and this was the worst. They were probably sitting in a hot sweaty warehouse and management needed to move the product, thus the great sale price!

I'm giving it 2 stars for the great buy and the fact I didn't get sick. After reading the freshness dates of the 2 cases, I noticed it was set to expire in 2 months from the day I recieved it. I'm gonna chaulk this up as an old batch. I will taste this brand again with at least 6 months left on the expire date and see if it makes a difference. I will update my review then.
223093223093B000UUWECCA2R5CYKANJ81C7Guillermo Arreola "Will"2241324512000Good Product.. But Price not so attractiveThe product is great but FYI it contains "Cane Sugar", if anyone has diabetes be warn this is not 100% coconut juice.
223094223094B000UUWECCA3DNVDSLESKN3DDARRELL BARRETT2211324080000Beware!So looking forward to drinking 100% coconut water, but instead I got coconut water with sugar, which I cannot have w/SIBO condition. What's up with the description of 100%?? Buyer beware!
223095223095B000UUWECCA2TK5ILA8PPIEHPeter Strimenos2241312070400Coconut WaterI used to climb coconut trees, and I cut coconuts for tourist on the waterfront in St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands. I am now 60 years old and I have coconut trees in Vero Beach, Florida so I still drink coconut water! It's great for your liver and kidneys too! Now I buy it packaged and it's almost as good as from a fresh coconut! I take them into the movie theater so that I don't have to drink their cokes!
223096223096B000UUWECCA1O3WCZ35TGTOMBrian K. Stiles "waiting4truth"2251223078400one coconut waterI'am a mother of 5 children and I have been buying ONE coconut water for 4 months it is very easy to drink and very refreshing and keeps me alive with energy when I work 12 hour shifts. Highly reccommend it!
223097223097B000UUWECCAPK5FEKOV9ZE4Lisa2251216944000SURE O.N.E IS THE BEST!!!O.N.E. is all natural coconut water that offers the same electrolytes and potassium as conventional sports drinks, with fewer calories and none of the artificial additives

O.N.E. Coconut Water Benefits
· Delicious, refreshing alternative to the neon-colored sports drinks.

· No artificial colors or preservatives (such as cancer-linked benzene).

· Sustainable packaging. If you can't get it in the actual "nut," opt for Tetra Paks - 2 semi trucks can carry 1 million recyclable Tetra Paks compared to 52 semis for 1 million metal or glass containers.

· Fewer calories. 8 oz of Gatorade has 63 calories; the same serving of coconut water has just 46.

223098223098B000UUWECCA2N2TZECMUJKBKWilM. "'music video fan'"2251215648000Tastes like the real thingBeing originally from a latin-american country, coconut water is one of those essential summer week-end drinks that we not only enjoyed as refreshments, but loved for all the no nonsense nutritional information our parents would throw at us about it.

And though it's been a while since I've had a real hard shelled coconut spliced open to insert a straw and enjoy, this little pack did its job of refreshing me with that wonderful taste, and make me feel proud of the nutrition I was getting out of it.

Packaged in a handy little container, it keeps the product fresh and with all its flavorful attributes. Delicious, refreshing, nutritious. It's definitely worth a try, and you long for the real thing but are far from a tropical beach, this might be your best substitute.
223099223099B000UUWECCA27R1FLUS2KTIXJonathan K. Perkins2241213315200Refreshing!Not being a medical or nutritional expert, I can't comment on the health benefits of coconut water. The product's claimed benefits seem reasonable and commendable.

It seems that there's a real craze these days for juice-type beverages, and although the benefits of increased intake of fruits and vegetables are well-known, the price for these "high-end" beverages is typically $3.50 to $5.00 for a single serving, and often contains 300 calories or more. Comparatively speaking, O.N.E. Coconut Water is a low-calorie bargain.

I've never had coconut water before, so I didn't know exactly what to expect. To my suprise, O.N.E. Coconut Water is quite clear, almost like water. An 11-oz serving contains only 60 calories, so as expected there is just a hint of sweetness. The coconut taste is also very light. There is no bitterness, no strange aftertaste. It's a truly refreshing beverage, and a pleasant surprise!
223100223100B000UUWECCA2K6T1WNMU63Y4TRI NYC2251212105600Best Tasting Coconut Wateri am an athlete and my coach told me that i needed to work on my timing in hot weather. he suggested i start training with Coconut Water. I went to my local market and bought Vita Coco. After tasting it I had to check to see if it had expired. It had a weird aftertaste i could not get used to. Recently, I found O.N.E. It tastes awesome and fresh! Now i am an addict and my timing is improving. I highly recommend.
223101223101B000UUWECCA15NS9ERV7LT7AJoel L. Gandelman2251211500800The Glories Of Delicious Pristine Coconut WaterI love coconut water because it brings back memories of when I was a little kid and my grandmother in Miami would cut a coconut in half and let me sip the amazing water, which is often slightly surgary/salty. The problem: most canned coconut waters are nothing like it. Now there IS a coconut water. O.N.E.'s 11 ounce coconut waters is NUMBER ONE. It's not just refreshing, but it's exactly like the original coconut water I remembered with the wonderful taste, smoothness and ability to quench your thirst. Also, it's totally natural, with five electrolytes and more potassium than a banana!
223102223102B000UUWECCARJ6S4NC2USL8Epochx4541261872000Closest thing to Fresh Coconut Water!!!We come from a tropical country where coconuts are in abundance. We have grown up drinking fresh coconut water knowing fully well its health benefits over all those carbonated, artificially flavored drinks that contain a lot of bad than good.

In the US, there is no way you are going to get fresh coconut water that is as tasty. So we shopped around quite a bit and tried out several different brands (from oriental stores, local farmer's market and Whole Foods) before settling down on O.N.E. Most brands (esp. those from the oriental stores) tasted down right awful and there were nothing like the natural coconut water. To make matters worse these had weird preservatives added in (which is a big NO NO). A handful few came close (that were found in Whole Foods), but taste wise O.N.E was definitely the best one. more thing..always drink this chilled (tastes a lot better).

Here are the reasons to like it...
- It's very close to the FRESH coconut water
- The tetra pack they use is BPA free and the packaging says its lightly pasteurized and there are no added chemicals

Why its not rated 5 stars (YET)...
- We hope they will step up and make everything organic (to completely eliminate unwanted pesticides and fertilizers).
- Not much is known about how the coconuts are grown, where they are grown, how they are harvested etc.
- Its not certified "Fair Trade", so we do not know how the farmers are being paid. O.N.E says that their coconuts are from Brazil (so we hope the coconut farmers are paid their equal share).
- We hope they will make the product labeling a lot more clearer and provide more details on their pasteurizing process.
223103223103B000UUWECCA51IA31P5C9CCcalartgrl "calartgrl"4551220313600Best of the Coconut WatersFirst we tried all the coconut waters out there from Vita Coco to Zico to brands Amazon does not sell from our local health market....ONE is clearly the best....The other brands had an array of bad aftertastes, and some were not palatable, and a few we threw out after trying (I won't specifically attack a brand, let's just say I am not reviewing the other brands sold by Amazon...) Originally, I read the reviews of the other products so we bought them all as we wanted to add this beverage into our diets, so we compared them all to figure out which brand we would buy regularly and we were extremely objective and based on Amazon reviews did not expect results we had...ONE had no aftertaste, easy to drink like water but with a good, but not overbearing, coconut taste that made the drink refreshing...our fridge has two liters of ONE on the shelf now...if you want to get the benefits of coconut water and have a high quality great tasting product, don't bother with the rest..ONE is clearly the best coconut water product on the market.
223104223104B000UUWECCA1BCW0ZC4W972ACharles4551216944000ONE is the best tasting coconut water on Amazon!!!Coconut Water Breaks up Kidney Stones!!!

People who have kidney problems and are plagued by kidney stones should drink this great product in addition to taking their medication. Drinking coconut water regularly helps to break up kidney stones making them easier to push out.

ONE is the best tasting coconut water on Amazon

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