Amazon Fine Food Reviews

223171223171B001DYQH7CA3K17Y7DK95PDANotACop97Z280051331942400YumHow do you describe 6 pounds of butterfingers? AWESOME. If you don't know what butterfinger tastes like before you buy this then you might want a smaller bag.
223172223172B001DYQH7CA2P1YV1633ZX8Wbeach grandma0051329264000Great buyTHis candy arrived today! It was packaged just perfectly great with the 4 bags inside one larger bag. They were tight in the box with side packing. The three 24 ounce bags are huge and at a great price! I felt all over the bags and no individual butterfinger was broken or melted. I tried one and found it just great...not stale at all. I expected the really small bite size. These are called the fun size and are twice the bite size! Fantastic find!
223173223173B001DYQH7CAJZYCVQVIYTNAWaly "Techie Architect"0051311811200Great Candy, LOUSY priceLove Butterfingers! Wonderful combo of everything that is good. The price at over $42.00 for 4 bags is deplorable. The local grocery stores at bogo sales come out to 3.25 per 24-oz bag. BIG DIFFERENCE. Take care and watch before people overprice and reviews that state good price just don't add up.
223174223174B001DYQH7CA2WS7JU6SM4DAPM. Olson0051294790400YummyOrdered for Halloween at a great price. Love this candy and we finished off a bag before the kids could get to our door. Yum yum
223175223175B001EQ5S4WA30IG3OA8IJA2PNita1151264550400add a few things and it is excellentWe add a little chicken, corn and cheese to the soup and it is delicious. One of our favorites of the packaged soups. The flavor is really good.
223176223176B001EQ5S4WA1KO6FR2F4IPXSam R. Burnes0041269648000The perfect baseJust add the seasoning and extras of your choice and you will have a truly wonderful "cold day in" or "not feeling up to snuff" soup.

We add chicken (either rotisserie or the canned bits) and a can of Rotel. Serve over tortilla strips and it is ever so good. Throw on some cheese as you bowl the soup and what can be better. Even the rising steam makes you feed good.
223177223177B001EQ5S4WA1AT072KTHBAAFChris2511230854400Save your moneyIf you're looking for a good, easy, packaged queso soup, this ISN'T it. It is easy, but that is the only good thing I can say about it.
223178223178B000NQ5H72A33J2VWP9HXDU9J. Lesley "(Judy)"5521297814400My result wasn't very satisfactory.I don't normally use mixes in my bread machine because it is so very easy to start everything from scratch. But I saw this Fleischmann's Sour Dough boxed mix and couldn't resist. While doing my research I did run across several reviews which mentioned "dead" yeast for other mix types. I'm thinking that had to be my problem this morning.

Instead of using yeast from my fresh jar in the refrigerator, I followed the instructions exactly by adding the water, the flour mix, and then the yeast packet included in the box. Three and a half hours later I have a brick of bread. There was practically no rise at all. The bread has a quite interesting sour dough tang and we will certainly eat the bread, but it is definitely not 'gift giving' quality.

When I bake up the remaining packs from this order I will definitely proof the packet of yeast from the box before I trust it in my loaf. Quite an interesting thought process there, I trust the Fleischmann's in my jar but not the Fleischmann's in the mix container. And before you wonder, no, the expiration date on the package had not passed.

My lesson: proof any yeast that is included in a packaged mix!
223179223179B000NQ5H72A2UW6M4S2W8QOCsunny38182221270166400Small size loafPreviously I baked Hodgsons Mill bread and had great results, baked a loaf to the top of the breadmaker pan, the Fleischmann's bread loaf is half the size.
223180223180B000NQ5H72A2ZT9K1PFBZ1L9Gerald W. Goegelein2251267056000good bread mixI found if I followed the directions exactly, this mix produced consistent excellent loaves of bread. I would, and have, purchased more of the same.
223181223181B000NQ5H72A2BKHINIEPJTSFK. Gibson "Avid reader"2351296950400Delicious!The Fleischmann's sour dough bread machine mix worked beautifully in my machine. I did not have to make any adjustments
to the recipe or to my machine settings.

The flavor and texture of the bread were excellent.
223182223182B000NQ5H72A3IOLOWGDBVDW3Gabrielle Collier "perdu non"0041350172800Fleischmann's Sour Dough Bread Machine MixI tried this mix in my bread machine. I have a very good bread machine, but it did not come out well at all. Oh, well, it does say "for easy oven baking or bread machines." I baked the next batch in the oven. It was better.
223183223183B004L112ECA3V5AW39F8WII1Hell Yeah2251296777600Best Stuff on EarthThese are the best chips in the whole world. Frito Lay ROcks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Lays Flamin' Hot Potato Chips, 1.875oz Bags (Pack of 24)
223184223184B004L112ECAXSXVRGJWH5JOProud Nana1151318982400Hot Hot HotThis is my favorite potato chips from Lays. They are no longer available in my home state. I had to visit Lays website to see where they are sold. I was so happy to see the Amazon had them on their website.
223185223185B004L112ECA3GQQDYC30Y37N123everlyn0051350345600This Product was awesome and I miss them in my hometown!!!This Product was awesome and I miss them in my hometown!! The chips were the same as I remembered them, I'm glad I found them again.
223186223186B004L112ECA3FM9QWAH9D55Zmarlee050051332201600Made her smileThis was a gift for a deployed friend who hadn't had them in years since she is also stationed overseas. They brought a smile to her face and she loved them before so she loved them then. I didn't like the way they were packaged to her, they were just in a box, so I feared that they would get crushed in shipment but she said they were fine and that didn't matter. Thanks Amazon!!
223187223187B006BU77F4A214NDTZWHQ19AN. Hines6651332892800Quality For a Great Price!!!Great quality food. I feed it to my 9 month old English Mastiff. This is one of the best dog foods on the market for large breeds. There aren't any nasty fillers in this food. All natural stuff, lots of healthy proteins and probiotics. I was using Nuturo and paying the same price at PetXX, and Nuturo doesn't hold a candle to TOTW. This is a premium dog food for a very reasonable price.
223188223188B006BU77F4ABYPRD1P5GZ4IScottinNazareth3351335744000New Olde English Bulldog puppyWanted a high quality food for our new puppy and this is it. She loves the taste and is growing like a weed. Just 2.5 cups a day (half morning and evening) and she's good to go. Switched to it easily from food breeder provided. Blended 50/50 for 5 days and she had no issues. Stool was a bit loose for a day or so, but it was an easy switch. Liked it so much, we've put or 14 yr old Aussie on their adult food. Will be buying this again.
223189223189B006BU77F4A2E3ZDGXJIDOC3Ross Parmly3351334534400The best we've foundMy wife and I switched our puppy to Taste of the Wild after trying numerous other dog foods. Our puppy had a lot of issues with loose stool and other things early on in his life but Taste of the Wild fixed all of that. Our dog seems less hungry, more healthy, and has consistently firm stool since we made the switched to TOTW. I would highly recommend this brand of food if you want a healthy dog. We haven't been able to find the 30 lb bags of puppy food in the store but Amazon has a great price. We've made the switch to TOTW and won't ever leave. They make high quality food that will leave your dog really happy.
223190223190B006BU77F4A15TCQY2NS6KGXNanknows0051350604800Great Stuff!!I switched my 7 month old pit mix to TOTW beacuase I was not satisfied with IAMS puppy food. Her stool was soft or she had diarrhea alot so I wanted to go with a grain-free, All-Natural, and affordable puppy food. TOTW is all of the above. Her coat is softer and bright and of course just great stool. I would definitely recommend TOTW. Ordering her next 30 lbs. bag right now!
223191223191B006BU77F4A22NU0QZBB0PDKWendy Michelle Kilpatrick "Michelle Kilpatrick"0051349568000Great Food!I have a very active German Sheperd puppy. She has been skinny since we got her until I switched her to Taste of The Wild. She loves both of the flavors of puppy food.
223192223192B006BU77F4AHBXYLIVJU949Ryan J. Elsey0051349222400Happy puppyGibbs, my english springer spaniel loves this food. His coat is much softer then when he was being feed nutro max for puppies. He also has solid stools. I don't care for the fact that this was recalled earlier this year. However, for the price this food is great. Just make sure you keep an eye out for any diamond brand pet food recalls!
223193223193B006BU77F4A3FN0SWU9O84FQTomas Darknite0051349136000awesome puppy foodThis is great puppy food, a little pricey but better than most with similar ingredients. my puppy loves it, it digests well. This food has all the right ingredients recommended by leading vets, no fillers. highly recommend!!!
223194223194B006BU77F4A3TAS1AG6FMBQWJeri Zerr "formerly a Road Rarrior of the Nth...0051348185600TOTW is the best commercial food we've found for German Shepherds. Grain free prevents skin & coat issuesOur German Shepherds are thriving on Taste of the Wild (TOTW). Skin and coat issues are a thing of the past, foul doggy odor is GONE! Their health has improved, no more chewing / cribbing type behaviors and life is more pleasant when landmines are smaller, less frequent and not absolutely foul as nasty as they were when on Purina and Pedigree cereal-based products.

Our dogs dropped weight in the intense summer heat (almost a dozen days were 105+ degrees!) - a bag of TOTW Puppy mixed into their regular TOTW for adults corrected this problem right away.
223195223195B006BU77F4A6QQ01W53LOBWRoger0051345334400Great FoodI bought this food for my two pit bulls. They love it and have been eating it for the past 2 years. They dont get bored of this stuff. Great nutrition for dogs to. Has good oils in the food as well my dogs coats and shiny and beautiful. If you love your dog try it out. Its good stuff.
223196223196B006BU77F4A36AQVP4I4MC5LPC0051335312000Excellent PurchaseAfter many days on the internet and reading reviews, I wanted to get one of the best puppy dog foods available to me. Taste of the Wild was it and purchasing it thru amazon was an excellent choice. A 30LB bag delivered right to my front door!
223197223197B006BU77F4A12RKTME39N9X1Joodee0111348444800should've stuck with royal canin...):this seemed like one of the more higher end dog food since it cost twice as much as the dog food I got the first time I got my shelter dog.. She's a terrier mix (my vet tells me terriers are picky with food? I'm not entirely sure being a first-time dog owner), so I'm trying out different dog food that she'll like.. I saw great rating on this dog food, so I tried giving it a go, but she barely eats any! She'll only eat about a quarter of a cup an entire day, and start eating the grass outside when I take her out... I fed her the indoor mini dog royal canin stuff before, and that one smelled much nicer like a can of tuna (which made her poop smell nicer) and she actually ate her portions when I gave that to her. I was just hoping if I was going to spend that much money on dog food, I might as well find her the best one for her, but this one is a total miss.

I might give another brand besides royal canin a try (since it's so expensive...), but I'm going to stay away from the taste of the wild...
223198223198B006BU77F4A1YKFFAJ74HXOASarah0211348617600I order this and it was recalled for SalmonellaI don't trust this manufacturer anymore. Diamond Pet Food recalled it earlier this year. Our dog wasn't as affected by the contamination as we were, my boyfriend and I wondered why we had been so sick lately. Don't be fooled into thinking this is the high-quality stuff like Spot's Stew or Instinct or Natural Balance. Mishandling of food can make you AND your pet fatally ill.
223199223199B001F09OUQA292KGPQ8AM898toxpro620051322524800OMG...FAAAAST!I can't believe how fast this product came. I swear I ordered it one day and it was here the next! AWESOME! I WILL buy from you again!
223200223200B003NR2SAMA2BHQ6PZTBZFLSMonica Stefanescu0051345248000Very tastyVery flavorful and gives amazing taste to salads and food in general. Just a pinch make a huge difference in the way your food tastes like. This is the only type of salt I am using since I discovered it. I put it on meat, fish, veggies, salads, soups,etc. Everything tastes better with this salt. I wish they would offer it in bigger sizes. I usually order 4 at a time so they last for a while since the size is small. You will not be sorry for ordering this salt.

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