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223201223201B002O19I3SA2CXPULSSEHRGLDebs "stargazer7"0051340582400Good quality cornI bought a can of this baby corn from Whole Foods last week to try it out before committing to 6 cans.
The color, texture and taste of the corn was good, so I am back at Amazon to buy the 6 pack.
223202223202B0001W7M26A3REWPAM2GXWOLRahul Agrawal "rahulagrawal"1151197763200too expensiveAll Loacker products are excellent but this is too expensive. I got the same bag for $5 from a deli at the corner of 51st and 3rd Ave in Manhattan. I believe Amazon should use them. $32 plus $12 shipping is a rip off.
223203223203B006CBSELIAF1NQ188YO7A7Tom0031348790400OK, but nothing to write home aboutI really wanted to like this coffee but just could not get there. I am a coffee snob so I have very good equipment and even so, I could not find that perfect grind & quantity mix for a good, robust, & yet not intrusive cup of coffee.

If you're an "average" coffee drinker, you'll probably like this coffee. I just could not give it a great review as it never met my standards of what a great brew should be.
223204223204B002BCFI70A3P3U42S4A2YHQC.E.101051228867200AMAZING!This stuff is transcendence in a can! I swear its that good. The vanilla flavor is perfect, not too sweet to be artifical, and not too malted to taste funky.
Its velvety smooth and absolutely perfect around the holidays. (although we drink it year 'round.) Like other fans, I order it by the case for myself and my family at home, I take a can or two to work, and usually giving more away as parts of gift baskets and things like that. Its perfect paired with fresh baked cookies or alone with a good book when you want to snuggle up and feel relaxed.
I dont drink coffee, so Im a connesiur of cocoa-type drinks...this stuff is amazing! Get some and you will see exactly what I mean.
223205223205B002BCFI70A2A03I7HIJV44mudclam101151214265600Heaven in a cup!!!At my house, we call it Hot Vanilla. This is the BEST hot chocolate-type drink I've ever tasted. I am a lifelong chocoholic, but now I order Stephen's French Vanilla by the case because all the others pale in comparison, and I just don't want them anymore. You won't regret springing for a case of it. Makes a terrific gift too. Mmmmmmm......
223206223206B002BCFI70A2OOQ59V7YWYL1Gloria M.4411322870400DisappointedI read all the positive reviews and thought I'd give it try. First of all it tasted stale. Secondly I had to use 5 spoonfuls just to get any taste and then it didn't taste like the chocolate. It tasted more like Olvatine. For the young people out there, Ovaltine was drink in the 50's, Which I didn't like any better. We all have different tastes. For my part I won't be ordering this again. UPDATE: I bought the Milk chocolate at the same time and decided to try that. It was delicious. I can't explain the difference but I'd recommend the Milk Chocolate just stay away from the one with the marshmallows.
223207223207B002BCFI70A2O0KS3OGQMIHND. McCormick "joy2ooo"4451188172800The best hot chocolate in the worldStephen's Hot Chocolate is the best hot chocolate in the world I won't drink any other hot chocolate. The French Vanilla Is my personal favorite.
223208223208B002BCFI70A3KYQ0IPCCQPEVA. Wirtz5651286064000Best chocolate drink everThis has a very dark chocolate flavor that mixes quickly and smoothly in hot water. No chucks like most of the other brands. Milk chocolate is fine for those who enjoy that but for real chocolate lovers that enjoy the true flavor of dark chocolate, don't miss this.
223209223209B002BCFI70A10THUY91ILU8IHouse Connoisseur5621196467200Not if you've had the regular version, otherwise okayI'm a huge Stephen's fan but I'd only ever had the regular Milk Choc hot cocoa. Deciding to be a little more health conscious I thought I'd try the fat-free variety. DON'T! :) Okay, if you aren't expecting it to be like the regular version then go for it. It's much better than other fat-free hot cocoa varieties but doesn't do justice to regular Stephen's Hot Cocoa. I'm going back to the good stuff.
223210223210B002BCFI70A1E47XKSFNBCJ0Pat Louise Gary2251296950400FantabulousThis product is out of this world - if you like chocolate and you like peppermint - you will fall in love with this. I had it years ago and never could find it again until this past Christmas time at Costco as a seasonal item. So when I found this I stocked up.
I love it..........
223211223211B002BCFI70A2BIJMB2BITQUMJames Ridgway2241290470400Very good hot CocoaI ordered this as the price was certainly right (6 1lb cans for less than $30) and the reviews were good.

This is certainly a step up in the hot cocoa market. Better than just about anything you can find in the supermarket. I certainly prefer hot chocolate - but it can be time-consuming to make and it's tough to heat milk and melt chocolate at work or in class.

This is the perfect compromise for when you want that chocolate drink and aren't in a position to 'do it right'.

Very good taste and dissolves well. I always use a little more than it says on the can - with some cocoa that means it won't all dissolve - this is not a problem here.

Certainly recommended.
223212223212B002BCFI70A1LQQIADJGWIH3Janet L. Cooper "CatsJammies"2251274918400Yummy!I purchased this product as a gift for my mom who simply loves this cocoa. When the local supermarket where she purchased the cocoa stopped stocking it she figured that was the end of it. Ha! Little did she know that I would find a way to track it down on line. And on Amazon! She was surprised and pleased. The price is good, as is the cocoa. I would only be more happy if I could get an assortment.
223213223213B002BCFI70A2VP85SINWDMRFNihonkabu "Bibliophile"2251235174400The best hot chocolateThis is my family's favorite hot cocoa brand. The kids favorite flavor if mint chocolate.
223214223214B002BCFI70A3OFGBLYKZOEVFPamela1151345507200Incredible Hot Chocolate with RaspberryI ran into this product at a bed and breakfast. Unlike most hot chocolate mixes with another flavor component, the raspberry flavor in this is an equal partner with the chocolate. You don't get just a hint of it that soon gets lost. You taste the raspberry with the first sip and the last sip....very very enjoyable. Highly recommend.
223215223215B002BCFI70A1SIXOS1U9WEJ3Elie Murphy1151335830400Stephen's Gourmet Hot Cocoa, Cherry Chocolate, 16-Ounce Cans (Pack of 6)This is absolutely delicious. Because it is in powder form, you can make it as strong or weak as your taste buds allow. I add instant Folger's to mine, making it into a mocha. That also cuts the sweetness. It really DOES taste like chocolate covered cherries -- a treat I have loved since childhood!

I get mine through the "subscription program" along with several other flavors from Stephen's. The subscription program works well for me since I travel. You can change the frequency AND the address to which it is to be sent as needed.
223216223216B002BCFI70AA1JL2IMV66JVbonnie dean1131332374400good not greatI was a little dissapointed. It tastes good. It is just a little watery tasting. Land of the lakes is better. But they dont have sugar free. So for sugar free I can give a heads up on this product.
223217223217B002BCFI70A37HQ91XODAEPTJGood1151322611200amazing!i found the packets at walmart for 57 cents i believe, but when i went back a week later they didn't have anymore! i also checked cvs and walgreens and they didn't have it either. i was so happy i found it on amazon and in cans which i think is a better deal than packets because you get more product. this is definately the best hot chocolate i've ever had. the peppermint isn't over powering like most peppermint hot chocolates i've had. i'll definately be buying more when i run out!
223218223218B002BCFI70A31J8ZDVX0BKYPAnon A. Mouse1151320969600The best!I absolutely love this stuff! My Dad used to give us each a can (or two) for Christmas every year, and it was always a favorite. I've never been able to find it where I live now, I should of known to check Amazon! By the way, I've never tasted a variety I didn't like, but I've never tried the reduced fat kind, either. I also like to make it with coffee instead of water when I need a little boost, it almost makes coffee taste good (sorry, but there's nothing out there that can do that).
223219223219B002BCFI70A2L3A4NG6X7XYDTerry L. Merrill "kitchen master"1151305072000It has a far eastern tasteI like Stephen`s Gourmet Hot Cocoa , White Chocolate Mix ,because to me it taste like Arabian White Chocolate ,the taste is almost identical ,if it had a little Arabian vanilla it would be a copy cat. This cocoa to me has alot of class ,unlike the others this Stephens white chocolate mix has alot of class .I just have to say Thankyou Stephen ,I really enjoy sipping white hot cocoa again. A friend told me how delicious this cocoa was ,I never imagined how delicious . I am so glad I purchased it, THANKYOU STEPHEN , A customer for life ! Terry Merrill
223220223220B002BCFI70A33XL3E3XH2VW4Carl Wainwright "carl wainwright"1151298764800Best Hot Chocolate everI purchased this for my girlfriend who loved this stuff over the Xmas period. Now she has a supply which should last several months.
223221223221B002BCFI70A27NTHPTRXB766Sandra L. Thornton "typingterror"1151297987200Best I ever tastedWithout a doubt this cannot be surpassed. I am always so conscientious about calorie count until I took a sip of this. I will just ration it for special moments. Even the cat's nose was twitching from the delightful scent. It is hard to believe that it was made in USA. If my daughter is lucky I might send her some at Christmas. It is a good thing I live alone or else I would have to hide it.
223222223222B002BCFI70A3TLSKZPPH6OV1Matthew Brillhart1131297123200Pretty goodSo I am a huge Chocolate Peanut Butter freak, and have been looking for a peanut butter cup cocoa for a while. I finally broke down and ordered this after a few months hemming and hawwing about it. Now I aadmit to not reading the directions the first cup and at first was like wow slightly chocolate water and added a few more spoonfuls of the mix to my cup and it improved but was not quite what i expected and this was made with water(I was at work and had little choice) The next day I deceided to try it again at home in my hot cocoa machine with milk and there was a GREAT improvement!! So as a result I'm going to try an experiment tonight and make a shake in the blender with the mix!!! I said im a peanut butter cup freak!!!
223223223223B002BCFI70AQY8Q7E8WZQ01Neva K Walsh1151293667200Stepens Candycane CocoaIf you haven't tried the Stephens Candycane cocoa you need to try it but only if you like chocolate and mint flavors. It's great tasting. The only problem is that I want it year around and it is only available in stores at Christmas.
223224223224B002BCFI70A1AHYP6EQXXSLNJanet A. Starnes1151292371200Great Hot Chocolate!I tried Stephen's Chocolate Mint truffle hot chocolate mix at a Church function and it was wonderful, I had to get some.
223225223225B002BCFI70AO8H4TVN5RZMUmspriss6781151278460800Love it! Hard to find this at the grocery storeI've tried them all and keep coming back to the Belgian chocolate. A chocoholic's dream. I drink this every morning and this seem's to be the most economical way to buy it, 6 cans at a time.
223226223226B002BCFI70A6MF72NZTR023Jamie R. Samson1151266278400Stephen's Hot Candycane Cocoa is the best!We have been drinking Stephen's Candycane Cocoa for several years. Our Walmart carries it at Christmas time, but they run out fast. It's the candycane pieces in the cocoa that make it soo good! You can make it as strong or weak as you like it, by adding more cocoa or more water than the directions say. I like it a little stronger - it gives it a bold chocolate taste with a strong candycane kick! I don't know what else to tell you except it is absolutely out of this world! All you need is a cup, a spoon, hot water, and Stephen's Candycane Cocoa. You're set, drink up! Just remember not to use it all up in one setting!

Honestly, the only thing I would change about this product is the number of cups of cocoa per can. It calls for 3 1/2 rounded tablespoons of cocoa mix per 6 ounces of hot water. When Sara and I make a 12 oz cup each and each have a refill, we can almost kill off one can in a sitting. (Yes, it IS that good!) I wish Stephen's could concentrate this or put it up in larger cans.

I hope I have helped in your purchasing decision.
223227223227B002BCFI70ATY6Q1Q1C1M6NMarcy "Marcy K"1151264982400Stephen's Gourmet Candycane CocoaWell, I love hot cocoa but this is truly different. It literally has bits of candy cane mixed into the cocoa mix and it is a refreshing "warm you from the inside out" hot cocoa drink. If you are someone that isn't sold on peppermint in your hot cocoa you just have to try it. The peppermint is very subtle but very pleasing to the palate. Truly different from any hot cocoa that I have ever enjoyed.
223228223228B002BCFI70A17IIS0PQXP257Texas Gurl "TexasGurl"1151264896000Deserves more than a 5-star reviewMy husband is a huge fan of hot cocoa. I surprised him with a 6-pack of Stephen's Peanut Butter Cup Hot Cocoa. It actually has little peanut butter cups in it. They quickly melt into this delicious treat. We highly recommend this product and will buy it again.
223229223229B002BCFI70A3KSL5YJR7VUW4Meghan1151263686400Great even when made with waterI originally received this Mint Truffle hot chocolate as a gift, and was a little bit dismayed that the instructions say to mix it with water, because in the past that always results in a weak flavor. Amazingly, that is not the case with this mix, even with no milk added this has a great rich, chocolate-mint taste.

Because it doesn't require milk, I can keep it at work for a warm-up drink on cold office days. I usually put 4 teaspoons of mix in my Aladdin 16-Ounce Recycled and Recyclable Tumbler, Lily then add hot water from the dispenser at work for a perfect mug of hot chocolate.
223230223230B002BCFI70A3QSMHKO2E940XBetti W. Skrederstu "bettihomemaker"1151261612800Absolutely the BEST!!!I bought this hot chocolate at a grocery store because it looked interesting. We like to drive around our neighborhood and look at the Christmas lights. I always like to drink hot chocolate while enjoying this outing. Oh My Gosh! This hot chocolate was incredible. When I opened the can to make it, I saw pieces of Candycane candy in the chocolate powder. I made it the way that they suggested, with hot water, not milk. It was so creamy with just the right amount of peppermint flavor. There were no lumps and it was excellent to the last drop. I am thrilled to see that they carry this on Amazon because I know that the grocery store only carried it for the holidays and the price on Amazon is much less than I paid.

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