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223291223291B0009R0626A2N25BX39BVH5WTan Gent0231185753600So so, tasty but not greatThese are ok, but nothing special. They go well with tea if you want something crunchy, but they lack flavor and aren't very healthy.
223292223292B000I6MCSYA16RVXOBDAMKQ5Woman To Woman1151213401600Excellant Aroma and FlavorI've purchased this twice and haven't been disapointed. I brew it at work and it fills the office with a great aroma. It isn't the least bit bitter and is full bodied.
223293223293B000I6MCSYAO34Q3JGZU0JQD. M. Ockert0051351209600Just My Kind of CoffeeCoffee Masters Hazelnut coffee used to be carried in a local coffee/pastry shop, which is where I fell in love with it. Then they went out of business and I tried for so long to locate it elsewhere, finally finding it at Amazon. It is a mild coffee with a lovely flavor and aroma. I used to mix it half and half with regular coffee, but now drink it 100% by itself 100% of the time. Got on the auto ship plan and couldn't be happier.
223294223294B000YT9LSYA3TXP5S79S2N94Semele Pojo3351290902400Deliciously sweet - great for margaritasWe had Blood Orange Margaritas at Disney's Boardwalk hotel's restaurant Flying Fish. So delicious, we bought the syrup and made them ourselves. A little goes a long way. Restaurant quality syrup. Had a problem with one bottle being improperly sealed, and the customer service to refund a portion of my purchase price was swift and polity. Perfect customer service and safe shipping. Bottles are plastic.
223295223295B000YT9LSYA2SDI3E8FXWAKHBecky0051330128000Blood Orange Martinis - YUMMO!We purchased this product to make Blood Orange Martinis. We served them at our Halloween cocktail party and at our Mardi Gras party and they were a big hit!
223296223296B00317F5LIA37BCF2T3DYR4GP. Name "drone"0031348963200Spicy rather than flavorfulThe noodles come in 2 separate packs for some reason, although the instructions do not seem to acknowledge this and appear to be verbatim instructions similar to all of Tiger Tiger's 19.4 oz, six to a box meals. These were far spicier hot than any Pad Thai I have had in a restaurant but sadly lacking in many of the subtler flavors.
223297223297B00317F5LIAIQDUKFB4X38MVonMalcolm0041318032000Sweet & Sour Pad ThaiVery distinct, intense, sweet & sour flavor: This product is easy to prepare (just nuke it) and comes with a good amount of sauce. I even like how the noodles and sauce slide right out of their packets. One problem is the Best Before date on the outside of the box (March 2012) is two months later than the Best Before date on the packets (January 2012).
223298223298B004BY7HFCA1W12R5OZZ0FC2Jennifer Callaway "Jen"0051349740800Awesome!Kids love them and it's an awesome value!!! These will last a long time. Perfect for a large family always on the go.
223299223299B006B9VUN0A22X8JZSDAX26NR. Ocasio0031347235200Great Flavor but Bottle Top HassleI used it in a Moqueca which is a Brazilian Fish Stew, and it was very delicious. The problem I had was with the bottle top. The recipe called for 1/4 c of the oil. Unfortunately, I was unable to remove the plastic top which does not unscrew. It just has a flip top cap with a single hole in it and ended up just shaking it by drops into the measuring cup which was messy and a hassle.
223300223300B006B9VUN0A2EVQG699ZY7BELynne Pelletier "RED CHEF"0051343260800Just the Right TouchI had never heard of Dende Oil before I read a recipe for Braziliam Fish Stew. I had to make it authentic so ordered it from here!! So glad I did as it made the dish!!! It's really awesome!
223301223301B002QGK2V8A2RI6TLZ3IEOORKDI0021306972800What is that Burning Rubber smell?When brewing these Kahlua K-cups it seriously smells like burning rubber. Once you have your coffee brewed and away from the burning rubber smell it is okay tasting. I won't buy these again because of that smell that comes out when brewing, it is really horrible and messes with your kitchen for a while.
223302223302B002QGK2V8A1RPIGZ42I4MWGJames Parsons0011305417600Timothy's Kahlua K-CupThe coffee is terrible as it has absolutely no flavor that comes close to the intended flavor. After trying two cups to give to make sure the first cup was not a fluke I threw away the remaining K-Cups.
223303223303B002QGK2V8A2B99V1AQALH0IWilliam Caraballo0051304121600Highly Recommened A Must TryEither while conducting business or simply entertaining at my office, a cup of coffee is always extended as token of friendship or goodwill and I have yet to find anyone who does not love the Kahlua K-cup. At first, it could be perceived as politeness on their part; however, guests often follow-up with requests for a second cup at a later time or mention that they have purchased some for themselves.

I strongly recommend giving it a try and if the taste does not suit your palate, offer a cup to your guests and exchange opinions until your supply runs out. In any manner it is put to good use.

Please note: while the product is named "Kahlua Original," it is still coffee and does not possess the same syrupy, chocolaty, sweet taste the liquor has. Nevertheless, we have found it to be a great cup of coffee sweetened or with cream.

223304223304B002QGK2V8A3TD2MPOI7IQ5DScottnDevlinK0041303084800Good, but not amazingI had gotten this coffee out of pure curiosity, and I didnt really look towards the reviews first, but did after I had purchased it.

I first brewed this a couple days after getting it in the mail and put my normal milk and sugar in it to finally try it. The scent was nice but I could already tell that it had a pretty defining caramel punch to it. From the way it smelt that was pretty obvious. Once trying I wasnt too upset by the nice caramel taste it had, but for coffee it wasnt that defining. None the less it was good for what it was. I still dont have anything to compare it to really since i havent drank real kahlua before and I dont really like caramel.

My husband however loved it since he is a big caramel fan. So i had to give it 4 stars.
223305223305B002QGK2V8A3J7Q94UJ4LQKRbigeye "bigeye"0041301443200Nice changeYou get a hint of Kahlua, not a burst of liquor flavor. I prefer it with a little creamer and Agave sweetener. Neither the creamer, nor the Agave, hide the tast of the coffee. It is a nice 'change up' from 'just' coffee.
223306223306B002QGK2V8AE2AJXXOB85B8Firewire0021300320000The taste is ok if you can get past the smell.This coffee is very aromatic. The taste is ok, if you can get past the smell. It took me a couple of cups before I realized the reason I keep getting a nauseous feeling, before i even would drink it. The best way to describe it, I guess would be the aroma is too overpowering.
223307223307B002QGK2V8A3B9FC3TUFMJ0UKhallock0051299801600No milk needed!Super product. Some flavored coffees have an overwhelming taste and this one has a perfect blend..not too strong..not too weak. I recommend this product highly. I have ordered it several times for Amazon who has the best price hands down.
223308223308B002QGK2V8A3PAO6FGR8VSLEAmber0011299110400Yuck...Not My TasteOnly ordered a Sample Pack (5 K-Cups) due to such a wide variety of reviews. Glad I only got 5! Personally not my taste. Has a nice caramel aftertaste...but did not like the coffee itself.
223309223309B002QGK2V8A9BEJN8JIW9O3Gwendolyn D Lamparski0031298764800Good, but rather on the light sideHas a nice taste, but is very light. Not enough coffee or Kahlua taste for me or my husband. And that was just with a six oz. cup.
223310223310B002QGK2V8A10K1TPLQFCPDJJoan0051298073600Kahlua K-cupsLove this flavor but it is consistently out of stock at Keurig. I ordered through Amazon and received the order within a few days. Great service and great coffee.
223311223311B002QGK2V8A389O1JSU4ZM99m julianne albert0051297814400Kahlua coffeeGreat flavor - I often make it my dessert with a dolop of whipped cream. It's a good choice in flavored coffees.
223312223312B002QGK2V8A3COXVSJPX465SWy's Guy0041296604800Almost PerfectVery smooth, very aromatic coffee. It has a good hint of Kahlua but when you add milk it kind of disappears!
223313223313B002QGK2V8A7M95SPSXWUHRL. Olveda0051296432000Awesomely Great!I was never a coffee drinker until I tried The Kahlua Coffee! Once I had my first sip I was hooked!
223314223314B002QGK2V8A1I5WVLT22H6MMMichael J. "SuperTech"0011294963200By far, not your average cup of coffee.I have tried quite a few brands and blends of k-cups. With that said, this is one of my least favorite. Although the description and label boasts the Kahlua flavor, in my opinion, it does not taste anything like Kahlua. The taste is unpleasant, similar to a freshly sweetened cup of day old coffee and leaves a terrible aftertaste that turns the stomach. I recently ran out of k-cups and had to use one of these as a last resort. After several sips, I ended up pouring the rest down the drain. Personally, I'd rather sip the broth of a used ten year old Dr. Scholl's insert than to drink this coffee. How do I rate this item? Two thumbs down. Amazonians beware!
223315223315B002QGK2V8A14ELUT5Q1EFUL. Schulz "SAHMom"0041293580800I don't know what the other reviewers were smelling.....Because this coffee does not smell like "sewage" or "skunk". It DOES not smell bad, nor does it taste bad. Now, this was not to my liking as I prefer a bolder coffee. It is a very mild, smooth, and flavorful coffee. If you prefer a mild coffee, this might be right up your alley. For those that said it doesn't taste like Kahlua, well, nothing but real Kahlua tastes like Kahlua! You don't get that flavor without the alcohol! And these don't have alcohol in them. Give it a's worth it!
223316223316B002QGK2V8A3C34CC2MPKGOBAmazon Prime Prima Donna0031293148800Not strong enough.........I am used to drinking fairly strong coffee... this stuff is somewhat weak. Be prepared to use very little creamer/milk if you order this. Not bad with a shot of Kahlua in it :)
223317223317B002QGK2V8A1B25ELFG98SYIOrchidnut "Orchidnut"0011291248000I was dumb to buy this after reading the bad reviewsMy biggest gripe is... What moron taste tested this and put it on the market? It smells like raw sewage. I tried to sip it to see if It only smelled bad. I could not handle drinking it. Maybe if I had a clothes pin on my nose. Hmmm... I'm trying to think of a friend of mine that doesn't have a very good sense of smell. Maybe they would like it. I had two sips and down the drain it went.
223318223318B002QGK2V8A2JZN2QSIX9G92David P. Sacco0051290988800Great Coffee at a Great Price!I have always been a little skeptical of flavored coffees but this one was delicious. It has a nice medium body and just the right amount of Kahlua flavoring.
223319223319B002QGK2V8A68CL0LVQPKNERICHARD GOLDMAN0011289606400Just not rightThis is perhaps some of the worst coffee I have had from Timothy's. There is literally no taste to it that would closely or remotely resemble Kahlua. It has a bitter taste, is not aromatic at all, and sadly so, does nothing to live up to the great Timothy's reputation.
223320223320B002QGK2V8A31L2Q92YVZ68OKim0051289260800Great Coffee!Great Coffee for the Keurig Coffee makers! Best prices I have been able to find is Amazon!~

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