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223340223340B002QGK2V8ACIJL9QOI1ERHCarl A. Trapani "Carl A. Trapani"0021258675200Medium dark, but high in acidI wanted to try a medium roast K-cup and thought I would give Timothy's Kahlua Original a try. I was very disappointed. There were no earth tones, no fruity aroma, just kind of a bland, bitter, acid after-taste that was also hard on my stomach. I normally like Expresso and dark roast coffees, which I love to savor in my mouth before I swallow. This Kahlua had a bitter taste despite being a medium-roast coffee. Rather than looking at the two Kahlua boxes for the next several months - I did what any thoughtful father would do - I gave one of them to my son to try. He said he loved the Kahlua! Different tastes for different 'buds! Now guess what he is getting for Christmas?!
223341223341B002QGK2V8A1BZW13G6TA9QVPatricia A. Wallis0051258156800A great afternoon pick me upI found this to be a great afternoon pick me up... if you are desirous of something sweet and don't want candy...this is great.
223342223342B002QGK2V8A17KR5EL7O4SF8Coffee Lover "Sean"0011258070400Bad after taste. Not good as othersI was disappointed in this one. I've tried many flavors...and this one was the worse I've had. Sadly, they missed the mark with this one...
223343223343B002QGK2V8A1DPCEQWE7USYTS. Beech0051257897600One of my favorite coffee flavors.Excellent choice for anyone that likes kahlua flavors. Add some cream and it's as good as your local coffee shops.
223344223344B002QGK2V8AQ7US3HVC120ESue Hupp "gorgegirl"0051257638400Yum, yum, yummy!This KAHLUA flavored coffee in the K-cups by Timothy's World Coffee tastes just like the real thing! I put a bit of cream in it and it is so yummy! I love it!Timothy's World Coffee KAHLUA Original, K-Cups for Keurig Brewers, 24-Count K-cups (Pack of 2)
223345223345B002QGK2V8A2BU23M9NLLQWPBMD0051257638400My Wife LOVES the Kahlua K-cupsI am surprised at the number of negative reviews, and I have to disagree with them. We have tried many different K-cups, and the Kahlua K-cup has become my wife's favorite. Also, I find the aroma very pleasant, just like the Kahlua liqueur, only milder. If you like a medium-roast coffee with a hint of Kahlua flavor, this K-cup is a fine choice. Don't believe the nay-sayers. I recommend you try it for yourself!
223346223346B002QGK2V8AHQ3ZLZWRB0I6Debra L. Mcauliffe0051257552000As Good As It Gets!This is the most delicious coffee we have ever had! You can drink it hot with just or cold. When you drink it cold with a litle cream - who needs booze?
223347223347B002QGK2V8A7Q605R13MR3CJoe Stutler "golfer"0011257552000"where's the taste?"I bought this new product for my wife. Having recently purchased a new Keurig
brewer, I bought Timothy's Colombian Decaf Coffee from Amazon. What a neat

Well, the Kahlua coffee product was announced, and I bought it in hopes it would be a nice after dinner beverage. NOT SO !!! I don't know what it tastes like,
but it certainly is not Kahlua / coffee. We've tried to add all types of liquids to the coffee ( including real Kahlua ) with no success.

MY recommendation is to pass this product up !!!Timothy's World Coffee KAHLUA Original, K-Cups for Keurig Brewers, 24-Count K-cups (Pack of 2)
223348223348B002QGK2V8A2IAHYZ5RS5YP1Sandy "Online Consumer"0011257465600What a disappointment!I pre-ordered these because I love Kahlua and there were some good (non-Amazon) reviews on the web touting the partnership between Timothy's and Kahlua on this new product offering. These are the worst k-cups I've ever purchased. They have a decidedly burned smell as they are brewing and they taste even worse. A big disappointment to say the least......
223349223349B002QGK2V8AVLF4DX8MEPL8Fran0051257465600Great Flavor, hint of chocolateI have been trying lots of k-cup flavors recently and have to say that this one is very a good way. It's got the bold coffee flavor, but has a hint of chocolate, not too much not too little. When it is brewing, it smells soooooo good. My in-laws came over and my father-in-law tried a cup. He said "can you order me some". They have a Keurig brewer and are always testing out the coffee's I buy. This one is a winner, thanks Amazon!
223350223350B002QGK2V8AJ6IKN18GPK5NMichael J. Gallagher "Mike"0031257379200Not horrible, fairly decent tasteI concur with other reviewers regarding the skunky smell this coffee can have while brewing. It's sort of skunky, but I also described it as burnt chocolate. It's not overwhelming but if your standing over your Keurig while its brewing, the smell can make you take a step back. Once it's done brewing though, the actual coffee smells just fine. You won't walk in to work with your mug and have people think you brought in a pet skunk.

The taste really isn't bad at all to be quite honest. It's not a strong cup of coffee, it even says "Mild" on the box, so don't expect that.

I think when some people say that it doesn't taste like plain coffee with Kahlua in it probably haven't actually put plain Kahlua in coffee. They've probably put one of the flavored Kahlua products in their coffee, like hazelnut or french vanilla (which is very yummy). Plain Kahlua is just a coffee liqueur, that kinda tastes like, well, coffee.

I only gave three stars because of the slight inconvenience of the brewing smell and because it's just too mild for me. My wife seems to like it more than I do, but she's not really a coffee drinker, so the mildness must appeal more to her.
223321223321B002QGK2V8A2ZMX47U90GVT5Jo-ann N. Gullier "jng"0051282435200KahluaThe taste of Kahlua and the rich flavor of coffee are blended in such a way that gives off a fresh aroma and smooth taste.
223322223322B002QGK2V8AFCE64I591YPLKen0051279670400GREAT TASTE!!!What a great thing to wake up to....I feel these k-cups are of medium strength, with just enough of Kahula..
223323223323B002QGK2V8A178YOIHLENHM5V. Davis0051279584000Kahlua - you CAN take it to work!Great flavor, great smell. Love to walk into the kitchen after brewing a cup.
223324223324B002QGK2V8A2LRUSK9NUGZRLJan Lee "jellyjams"0031275004800Timothy's World Coffee, KahluaI would say this is a medium strong coffee. Don't get it twisted, this is NOT the "Kahlua" coffee you would get from a bar or mix at home. There is NO shot of Kahlua! You might get a slight whiff of something right after it is made and still "black" but not much else. If you want the real deal, make a run to the liq cabinet or store and pour your own right after it is brewed. Of course I didn't expect an alcohol content, but I sure wished for the flavor. My wife picked up some non-alcoholic alcohol flavorings from Watkins which I use in my coffees sometimes. I doubt I'll reorder this brand.
223325223325B002QGK2V8A1Q4MNIUESQTBMJohn Schultz0051274227200Makes great ice cubes!We like this a lot. If you like the Kahlua liquor, odds are you will like this too. The aroma is just like kahlua so if you are not familiar with the drink I can see how it's aroma can seem strange.
Coffee and Kahlua is one of the most popular drinks made with Kahlua We like this most as an iced beverage with Kahlua in it.
We have the platinum brewer that has an iced coffee brew size and we brew 2 Kahlua cups on the iced coffee size over an ice packed standard tumbler. Add creamer and 2 shots of Kahlua Liquor and you have a very tasty sweet summertime beverage. It should work with any brewer just use the smallest size your brewer has and add less ice.

We have also made Kahlua ice cubes so the ice doesn't water down the drink as much. Just brew 2 of your largest brewer size and pour into ice cube trays and freeze. Work's great!

As with most flavored coffees, a sweetener needs to be added to bring out the flavor. This Kahlua does not taste very good as a straight up black coffee. I use Green mountain breakfast blend or Caribou Daybreak for Black coffee.
223327223327B002QGK2V8A2X4LR7J5UAGPZSafety James "James"0031264550400Mexican pizzazGood coffee but not what I expected. Lacked the flavor burst that was missing.
223328223328B002QGK2V8AN9X4QZ3HTAUPJane Thrash0051264377600k-cup kahlua coffeeI received the Keurig coffee maker for Christmas, so this was one of three varieties of coffee I purchased for the first time. The Kahlua flavor has become my favorite. Great pricing, service, and coffee.
223329223329B002QGK2V8A1GO3HYUBF4AHDGreg Schmidt0041262822400hate to say this...I hate to say, but I think it's a decent cup of coffee. At first I was like, I just wasted $13 on 24 of these! After finishing the entire cup, it's actually pretty good. I think it's just an aquired taste to some. I'm not a huge fan of flavored coffee, but this one was ok. However, I don't think I would buy another box. I'm just not into flavored coffee that much. I think the smell of the coffee, as it brews, is great... but it doesn't taste like it smells really. Kind of a bitter aftertaste. I'd rather do a shot with Kahlua in it!
223330223330B002QGK2V8A3V2C0P9XGMMAJGerald Schwartz0031261526400Pretty goodI drink my coffee black, no sugar, and I wouldn't recommend it if you like it that way. I think it would be pretty good with cream and sugar. The fragrance does attract my co-workers.
223331223331B002QGK2V8A1GIVB6QPYB8JORf Foley0021261267200BobWe tried this blend and it really tastes like burned coffee. I guess when we thought about it, Kahlua is a coffee flavor, so how can you have a coffee flavored coffee ? Seems like the maker just roasts the living daylights out of these beans. I am not sure who this flavor would appeal to.
223332223332B002QGK2V8A2NZFMEQDO6DJSA. Bones0021260403200Bitter to the EndSilly me, thought with the name it would at least have the aroma of kahlua coffee. Far from that. This coffee is extremely bitter, doesn't taste like kahlua or have the aroma. Somewhat strong. Sroma of arabic beans. Won't buy again.
223333223333B002QGK2V8A14FQZY59EZS9Stephanie Sisson0011260316800Disappointing.... Strong, unpleasant flavorWe were excited to try this new flavor because we enjoy the variety of all the various K cups. But... unfortunately, neither my husband or I like the flavor. I have to agree with another poster that it tastes burnt to me.
223334223334B002QGK2V8AF2OYENVAWL5AKathleen L. Sieland "blueboy"0031260230400goodI like it thou it bites a little wroth a try
223335223335B002QGK2V8APDCP1AGSTA7XCaoilainn's Nanny "Pat"0011259625600KAHLUA CoffeeThis tastes nothing like Kahlua. We actually thought it smelled like maple syrup when it was brewing.
223336223336B002QGK2V8AGG4I3548P7JVSquare To The Power of G0031259280000Mahao KahluaA nice 'specialty' coffee. The aroma is terrific. Was a little bitter for my taste, but that's not a bad thing for all. Works best with a splash of Coconut CoffeMate. =)
223337223337B002QGK2V8A2ZTD15Q634EHBoys' Mom0011259280000Eau de SkunkWhen I first pulled a Kahlua k-cup out of its box, I noticed an odd aroma. I couldn't quite place it, though. Perhaps some type of spice I didn't care for. I wondered if someone had spilled something unpleasant on my box of k-cups, because surely that smell couldn't be coming from my coffee.

I brewed that first Kahlua k-cup, and the smell only got stronger. Uh-oh.

I added sugar and milk and drank the resulting stinkfest. It didn't taste nearly as bad as it smelled. But that's hardly a ringing endorsement of this coffee, is it? I came to Amazon and noticed that Kahlua k-cups happened to be in my Gold Box today. Out of curiosity, I clicked on the link to read other people's reviews, and I could suddenly identify the odd stink from these k-cups: yes, it's skunk, just as other reviewers said! These k-cups, and now my entire house, smell like skunk spray.

I'm off to throw out my remaining Kahlua k-cups, wash my hand (which smells just from handling the k-cup) and clean my Keurig brewer. Maybe some Lysol will let me keep my house, rather than having to move out. ;-)

Needless to say, I don't recommend anyone else purchase this particular variety of k-cup, unless they enjoy skunk-scented coffee. On the other hand, it certainly will wake you up in the morning.
223338223338B002QGK2V8A1GVGSV215HJYDRizah0051258848000Wonderful aroma & flavorI've re-ordered this more than a couple of times. I think it's delicious & was surprized to read some of the negative reviews. I love a good cup of coffee & this hasn't disappointed me even once. It is number one in my book & I'll continue ordering it & try to remember not to run out of it as a daily staple. YUMMY is my say!!
223339223339B002QGK2V8A20LHZ4QR9HPL8Boomer Sooner0011258761600Acrid & Skunky. YUCK!Well, that about says it all, I think. Love my Keurig and many of the coffees I've tried from Timothy's and other companies. However, this "coffee" is disgusting and not worth the cost of heating the water to make it. I made two cups on different days hoping I'd missed something the first time. I did. It was worse than I remembered...

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