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223381223381B002QGK2V8A313FLSJETEYRVFrank Glaush "Frank G"7711256860800Skunk Coffee !Ok I read the other reviews and said "How bad can it be?" Let me tell you it smells like a wet dog that got sprayed by a skunk when it is brewing. As you drink it every once and a while you get that odor. It doesn't taste half bad (no Kahlua flavor though more Hazelnutty).

I can't make this at home the house stinks for hours and my dog won't go in the kitchen after I brew it. I took it to work and put it on the table in the kitchen area where free stuff disappears fast. I can't give this coffee away.

It's a shame I had high hopes for this flavor. Believe the other reviews, this coffee smells bad!
223382223382B002QGK2V8ABAHKMFEHT8K1Gerald Balmes "Jerry B"91051270771200Puzzled by the negative reviewsThough this is my first K-Cup review, Let me establish my position and reasons I came to this conclusion. First, I am coffee wimp. I drink coffee only with half & half (fat free) and imitation sugar. Second, my B40 has not yet arrived so I used my Krups model 871 Espresso machine to brew my K-cup which, is not all that different than the brewing process of the Keurig machines. Third, I gave up drinking all drinks made up or including alcohol in 1988 due to health reasons but prior to that time I had drank White Russians and was very fond of them I just can't remember exactly what Kahlua tasted like except it was sweet and I enjoyed them. Forth, Wither one likes or dislikes one K-cup over another is purely subjective and I'm not criticizing those who wrote negative review. With that established, lets move on.

When I opened the Kahlua K-cup I noticed a distinct sweet aroma and also a dark roasted bean odor like one might experienced from a Starbucks coffee; so being from Seattle Washington I'm use to that.

I pealed off the lid of the K-cup and emptied it into the Krups filter basket. Tampered it down sightly like one would do for an espresso grind, measured about 8 ounces of water and poured that into the machine and then turned it on.

When the coffee started to drip into the carafe and some steam arose I wasn't sure wither to hold my breath or hold my nose. Much to my surprise I did notice an odor like from a dark roasted bean or from my espresso's I use to make, but nothing offensive. I was a bit perplexed; again I thought of the reviewers who had complained of an offensive odor emitting from their machines during the brewing process.

Upon completion of the brewing cycle, I poured the coffee in my large mug added the Half & Half until it reached a blond- Carmel like color (but not enough to over power the coffee) and the sweetener and took my first sip, with great anticipation. Not bad was my first impression. I actually enjoyed it. It had a sweet but not to sweet flavor and to my mind, a Carmel like flavor with a medium-dark roasted base of a regular coffee. No offensive taste or aroma others had written about and a pleasant after taste that lingered for some time after wards, not to strong nor acidic quite pleasant actually.

My conclusion? Perhaps the other reviewers had a bad batch or this particular flavor needs to be consumed with some cream or cream like dairy product and or a sweetener. Either way, I plan to continue on drinking this K-cup flavor for some time and can't wait till tomorrow to have my next cup.

When my B40 arrives and I have a different result with that machine I will add an update.
223383223383B002QGK2V8AXR1AWX2TZITVB. Fischer91011257206400HORRIBLE coffee....This coffee tastes and smells repulsive. I like the flavor of Kahlua and I love coffe. I love the international creamers Kahlua creamer. I thought this would be an obvious win. I brewed a cup and the smell was HORRENDOUS! I drank a couple of sips and almost threw up! It doesn't taste like Kahlua or coffee! DO NOT BUY THIS! YOU ARE WARNED! IT IS BAD!!!!
223384223384B002QGK2V8AUYT2H281GPNJRockster6651257897600Kahlua Flavored K-Cup CoffeeI am having a lot of fun with my Keurig coffee brewer. There are som many flavors of K-cups out there that it is fun trying samples of all the flavors. This is a new flavor that I wanted to try. I have found a lot of the flavored coffees do not taste all that good and only a few brands have decent flavored coffee. What I like about this Kahlua flavor from Timothy's is that the flavoring is not overpowering and lets the taste of the coffee come through. It is very pleasant to me and the wife and a good change of pace from what we normally have in the pantry. This is one flavor I will try to keep in stock.
223385223385B002QGK2V8A2SMJ0SLV91O3SBarcap "BW"4451263254400Excellent choice for meI was hesitant to choose this particular K-Cup since some of the reviews were less than appealing. However, I am glad that I did. Like many who gave it 5 stars, it has quickly become one of my favorites. Give it a try and make your own decision because I can see why some people love it.
223386223386B002QGK2V8A26BIXUCX8KCZ8Kevin & Chris3311266883200THE HORROR!!!I bought a single one of these locally to try out and thank GOD I only bought one!
After I hit the brew button I walked over to the fridge to get the creme and as soon as I opened the door the stench hit me. I swear I thought something was rotting in my fridge but it was actually this swill brewing on the counter. I was horrified. Some people described it as a burnt smell and it certainly has that going for it but there's so much more. It's unbelievable. The taste isn't as bad as the smell but it's so overwhelming that you just can't get past it.

Clearly a LOT of people like this coffee and I would suggest trying one before you buy the case. You will be very angry to find out you're one of those people that thinks this smells worse than a spent diaper.
223387223387B002QGK2V8A3MOHKAZ6IDZMKPaul J. Petrulis3311256515200Kahlua K-CupThe Kahlua K-Cup smells excellent freshly made out of the Keurig. The taste is a different is really a lousy tasting coffee. It is drinkable, but that is about it. I would not recommend it, or ever purchase it again. In fact, I would never drink it if it was given to me for free. It received one star from me because I could drink it if I had to. I would advise that you taste a single K-Cup if you can, before you waste your money on a box of it. By the way...I love real Kahula in coffee. Good luck.
223388223388B002QGK2V8A3IISL1F56A3L1Jake K2211328227200Like melting a scented candle & drinking itWe use a Keurig machine at my office and someone drinks this crap so they keep ordering it. But it's awful, so it's the only one left eventually. My review isn't so much for this product, as it is for the people that force me to drink it by using up all of the good K-Cups first. I've tried but just can't do it. Too sweet & caramely & *WRETCH*. Find those holiday-scented hand soaps, heat them to boiling, and drink them instead.
223389223389B002QGK2V8A2OJ4J3686O8PSE. Pugh2211311465600K-Cups all brokenWe have been using K=Cups for our Keurig for years now. This is the first time we have gotten a box where all the k-cups are defective. The tops apparently aren't on right because every cup gets coffee grounds in it.

223390223390B002QGK2V8A3QRNNQ12B1NVFsmart "smarter"2251272499200Kahlua CoffeeMy husband and I both enjoy this Kahlua flavored coffee. It's not harsh or overbearing. Just right. Oh and by the way my husband was not a coffee drinker prior to trying this.
223391223391B002QGK2V8A20HEG7S0WYJMOMarie Shemanski "Amazon Shopper"2241268092800Kahlua CoffeeWonderful Aroma of Kahlua when brewed. Coffee is too weak. I like Bold Coffees like Sumatra but can't resist the flavour of the Kahlua. I make it on the espresso setting...still too weak for me. Most times I brew a cup of Sumatra and a cup of Kahlua and mix them together to get Bold & Flavourful together. I will continue to buy this product but wish that Timothy's would come out with their flavored coffees in bold in addition to their mild versions for people like me who prefer intense flavors.
223392223392B002QGK2V8A2QI2NTDTMK2FVJerry Palmerino Jr2211263945600Terrible FlavorI was shopping in my local grocery store and passed by an endcap with this coffee. It smelled so good, and was strong in a good way. I could smell it through the box.

So...I ordered it here. Much to my dismay, the coffee I thought was so great tastes terrible. It has a burned flavor. The beans used to make this coffee must have been over-roasted big time! I won't be buying this flavor again.
223393223393B002QGK2V8A337MD4J9ORN2XKrazy4MJJ2221263340800Very disappointedI'm a big fan of Kahlua but this just does not taste like Kahlua. The aroma is not good at all. I thought it would taste horrible but it is drinkable. It just tastes like a really strong cup of coffee. I definitely won't buy these k-cups again.
223394223394B002QGK2V8A3GHRDPW8M5ZB3Daniel F. Dureiko2241262908800Just fineI just received these and have had two cups, we all think it's just fine, I kinda like it. To me it tastes just like Kahlua and coffee. I wonder if a bad batch went out?
223395223395B002QGK2V8A39WLLSBKYAHQZswhite2231262649600Tastes and smells like maple syrupIt's not bad, but it's not Kahlua. My husband and I think it smells and tastes like pancake syrup. If that's somethinig you like, give it a try... But don't hope for Kahlua.
223396223396B002QGK2V8ANO2XTKL9P7ASM. Frisbee2241262563200Call me odd I guessI've been using the Kahlua K-cups for a while now and just received my most recent repeat order of them from Amazon. I have a Keurig brewer at home and in my office so I use it often. I couldn't quite put my finger on the smell, but when the 1-star reviews mentioned "skunk" I initially thought "BINGO!" until others mentioned a caramel and rum scent - it can almost go either way, but to me is a very pleasing smell. Call me odd if you want but the aroma is one of the most enticing things about this K-cup - I just love the way it smells! My wife does not drink coffee - at all, she uses our Keurig maker for tea - but after I let her smell my cup she mentioned that the aroma of this coffee would be something that might actually get her to start. Of all of the flavored K-cups I have to say this is the bst I've tried so far, and as for the smell? No one at work has mentioned anything to me about it other than it smells great. The flavor isn't much like actual Kahlua in coffee, but I haven't tasted any of the flavored cups which taste like real liquor in coffee so I didn't expect that anyway.
223397223397B002QGK2V8A3A6EVS5DLDXU7B. J. Morgia "Shadow realm"2231256601600Not Bad, But Not GreatIn regards to the reviews stating that it creates a horrendous smell, I find that not to be accurate in my case. I brewed a cup and though there is a strong aroma, it is not consistent with "absolutely horrible smelling" like others have said. I honestly find the Timothy's Irish cream to be horrendous smelling. Anyways when the coffee is done there is a very good hint of kahlua that hits your nose. Unfortunately upon taking a sip it did not impact my taste buds the same way. It is not a bad tasting coffee, but it isn't the same as taking some real kahlua and putting some in your coffee. In closing if you want kahlua flavor just get yourself some real kahlua. Fortunately I have some to add to the actual coffee so I can get through the boxes I bought. If you really love kahlua this is not going to satisfy you. I would not buy it again.
223398223398B002QGK2V8AR0GKW620IUTALarry H1111330992000Quite possibly the grossest marketed drink I've ever had a sip ofI love Kahlua. I love Coffee. Kahlua Coffee K-Cup? I'm in! Has to be a winner, right? Dead wrong. I can't even think of anything that remotely resembles the odor of this brew. It's like a cup of coffee that's sat outside for 2 weeks to go rancid, then reheated. The flavor isn't any better: I thought maybe I was going crazy and had my girlfriend take a sip. Her response? "Oh no way... that is bad! Really bad! Throw it out - I don't want you to get sick!" Seriously, I have no idea how this can remain on the market. It's like a company marketing used bath water as drinking water.

Listen, I'm sure if I put a half cup of half-and-half and a quarter cup of sugar in the cup, this might be palatable (as is what seems to be the case with the positive reviews). That said, you can essentially make any concoction somewhat palatable with that blend. Heck, wanna improve your cup of Kahlua brew with half-and-half and sugar? Remove the Kahlua from the equation and drink yourself a cup of half-and-half with sugar.

You've been warned: This stuff is foul.
223399223399B002QGK2V8A2M6U51OO8YJ5IDaniel D. Russell "Dan Russell"1141325894400Check prices before orderingTimothy's KAHLUA is OUTSTANDING!! (If you like a smooth rich flavored coffee, that is.) However, shop around for prices. Amazon price for a Box of 24 is $32.98. I just purchased a box of 18 from "another store" and paid $11.99 + $0.93 tax. Amazon's per-serving cost is $1.37. My per-serving cost was $0.59!! So, shop around! You may save some money.
223400223400B002QGK2V8A3MD0GKDPT5OO8Xevin1151319932800Single best Keurig coffee flavor so far!So this is my first review, but I was compelled to write this. I've tried a lot of the Keurig coffee flavors so far. Maybe about 40 or so. My previous favorites were Timothy's Hazelnut and Coffee People Donut Shop, but this one blows those out of the water!

The flavor and smell can only be described as the smell you get at a Gloria Jean's coffee shop. Apparently some people don't like that smell, but I LOVE IT! I never heard about Kahlua coffee liqueur before today, but I'm a HUGE fan now. I wish I knew about this coffee sooner...
223401223401B002QGK2V8A1BDYHF59EQWP3Notlem1111316304000Tried it,... 17 K-Cups left,.... I'll pay you to take 'emOh if I had only read the reviews before I bought an 18 count box.

Having tried and enjoyed many of the K-Cup varieties, I was excited to try something a little different. I like the flavor of Kahlua and looked forward to my first cup during ride to work as I set my travel mug in the brewer. I returned to the room a few minutes later to be assailed by a horrendous stench. I was certain our aging dog had befouled the house somewhere in hiding. Honestly, I made no connection between this horror an the scent of actual coffee. My wife came in and immediatley accused the poor dog of the same offense. Looking back, I know I'm a bit cheap, because I forced myself to muscle down a half cup of that steaming foulness before I gave up and poured it in the bushes in front of work. When I returned to my truck at lunchtime, an overwelming odor, akin to a soiled diaper, rolled out, simply from the empty mug left baking in the cab in the heat of the day. Just great, had I left the used K-Cup in the machine at home; I was sure I'd have to burn the drapes and rip out the carpet to get that godawful reek out of the house.

I cannot fathom how there are good reviews on this stuff. The only thing I can think of is that they managed to make a decent batch at some point. Anyway, I just found the 17 remaining K-Cups in the back of the cupboard, where they've sat for months. I hope when I chuck the box in the trash they don't get broken open and exposed to moisture. I'd hate to have to call the city for a new dumpster and explain that no, I was not actually raising goats in the city.

I've given it one star, because it did brew brown and it was hot. Two characteristics shared by real coffee.
223402223402B002QGK2V8A2MXQ53D2AODSXRosy Girl1121313971200Coffee Tops BlewWehave ordered Timothy's Kahlua Coffee many times. However, this time, we were unhappy with the product. Over 12 K-cups have blown their lids, which makes the
grounds go in the coffee and in the insert. Makes for a "gritty" cup of coffee.
Apparently, the lids aren't sealed properly. Not good to drink coffee with grounds floating to top and covering the bottom. May have to rethink ordering this coffee again.
223403223403B002QGK2V8A37QU23QG5SC48P. C. Jackson "Abba's Girl"1151289088000Disregard The Negative ReviewsI don't understand all the negative reviews...this coffee is great! I had purchased a box of it and hadn't tried it yet; however, after reading the reviews here, I was ready to take it back to the store and exchange it for another flavor. But I thought I should at least give it a try...I'm glad I did! It is a milder coffee but it has a wonderful aroma and flavor! I was pleasantly surprised as I was expecting something disgusting (as per some of the reviews here). I certainly didn't smell SKUNK! It smelled very good as it was brewing...a little carmel-like. I added a little carmel whipped topping and it tastes scrumptious.

I hope you will give it a fair trial and don't be biased by the negative reviews. People have different tastes; coffee is such an individual preference. That's why there are ten zillion variety of coffees. But I hope you'll give this one a chance...I bet you'll be glad you did! ;-)
223404223404B002QGK2V8A1V6B9ED7ZK5USDebi Crane "Debi Crane an amish dreamer"1111288051200Don't serve to a friend.I did not like the Kahlua coffee at all it smelled bad and had a taste that did not appeal to me at all..unfortunatly it was a waste of my money I have a full box and 3/4 left of the other one. I would like to say I like Timothy coffees this one is the only so far I didn't like.
223405223405B002QGK2V8A27CTZPCVWXPBAJennLovesCoffee1151287878400DeliciousI am an avid coffee drinker & this is hands down the most delicious coffee I've come across. It is always delivered with very speedy service as well. I've ordered several other brands/flavors of the k-cups but this is by far the best. The aroma alone is wonderful.
223406223406B002QGK2V8A2Q3CWEPHGZ45ICarolyn Lidge1151285977600Finally, Something Truly Wonderful!Did I say truly wonderful? Without a doubt, they gave a new meaning to enjoying coffee! I rest my case!
223407223407B002QGK2V8A11NJXLI01SLLADan1121285545600No consistencyThese KAHLUA K Cups were different from all the flavors we've had. It seems that the product was not properly "assembled". Of all our K cups, these were the only ones that spoil a cup of coffee by leaving various quantities of coffee grounds in the brew - sometimes so much that the coffee had to be poured down the sink and the cup rinsed out....disappointing
223408223408B002QGK2V8A1TZW7DX6YDQI6ChrisAmm1121284854400Poorly constructed batchFrequently breaks up and makes a mess. Will back up into the machine. Flavor is too strong for a black cup, feels artificial. Hope it's just a bad batch.
223409223409B002QGK2V8A2O7GDWNVZIZNPKaren1151284768000The problem is,,,The problem is that I drink too much coffee when I have the Kahlua coffee in the house. Instead of 1-2 cups a day, I drink 5.
223410223410B002QGK2V8AGACSAKWFK0K1Larry (Allen) Brooks II1151284508800AllenThis is great, we have always injoyed Kahlua in our coffee and this is perfect

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