Amazon Fine Food Reviews

223466223466B004PK8Q02ARS5JD81J543JWilliam Saroyan "atray"1351347753600Good cocoa, poor vendorThis item came from a 2nd or 3rd vendor. The box and tins inside the box were dented and there was cocoa powder on the outsides of the tins. I had to pay for shipping the box back to the vendor. I haven't heard anything about having my money and shipping costs reimbursed. Very shoddy handling on the part of the vendor. At this point I don't know if anyone should order this item.
223467223467B004PK8Q02A2L5UNYTMUSGITpain doc1351314835200love this stuffnice smoky taste, i use it in my mochas every morning (along with my lavazza coffee in my bialetti stove top expresso maker)
223468223468B000YDV4D0A1J1SXU8V0T9RBSS in Georgia1151322352000Great for a working Woman !I love these soups, they are easy, delicious and fast....On a cold fall or winter night, after I come home from work, I always have time to whip up a hot pot of delicious soup for my Hubby !! Not too many things I can have around to cook at the spur of the moment........
223469223469B00176G7LWA39GO0LI1ETK6BJoni "Joni"0051348617600Great productMy grandpuppies live the variety of natural rawhide, keeps the chewing needs imore nteresting. They last a lot longer than the little sticks or knotted bones.
223470223470B00176G7LWA3TXVHA326FU5Bsfmog0011346803200Failure after changesWould love to give zero! My dog loved this rawhide but during 2012 everything changes. Ring is now half the size and it looks very cheap. What a disappointment from one of dogs favorites that I bought all the time to a cheap replacement that I will never buy again. Not sure I would even trust this brand ever again.
223441223441B002QGK2V8AQNTOC3IIBV0CE. Tom Owens "wizard"0021329091200Kahlua coffeeeI love the Kahlua coffee and decided to order a two boxes (24 count each) the coffee is great but I received only 17 cups in one of the boxes which should haves had 24. This amazes me since the boxes are sealed. It is not easy to send a note asking to correct the problem so I resort to feedback. To bad. Amazon is almost always great.
223442223442B002QGK2V8A3LOEIMOK7INJRsddchatt0051327881600Excellent and smoothAfter tasting many Kcups I have found my favorite. I love the aroma and the taste. I'm not looking for an authentic Kahlua taste, so I wasn't disappointed.
223443223443B002QGK2V8A357BQRSVZ7SZToni D. Miller0051327190400We love this coffeeThis is our favorite coffee, we use it every day. It is very rich tasting and smooth. It does not have an artificial taste at all. Try some.
223444223444B002QGK2V8A3O73HF5IPYI24DMSTL0011327190400DEFECTIVE SEALS - DO NOT BUYDO NOT ORDER. I recently received this order and the K-Cups have a defective seal that blows liquid out of the side all over my counter. I do not have this issue with more expensive store bought K-Cups, so Amazon has obviously changed to a cheaper manufacturer to make it's prices. Buyer be ware!
223445223445B002QGK2V8AH0L78CVYEEG1Jlavoie0031324857600I expected moreI love Kahlua and thought this coffee would be awesome. It isn't terrible, but it doesn't have the taste I expected. I thought it would have a sweeter taste, it tastes more like a flat french vanilla flavor. I'm not too impressed with it.
223446223446B002QGK2V8ABSYIF0ONC2AFLee0021324339200Normal Coffee with a Kahlua StickerThe only thing this coffee has related to Kahlua is the logo. I didn't expect alcohol, but I did expect some cream and sweetness included at the very least with anything branded Kahlua or Bailey's. It smells great but tastes horrible. All you really get from the Kahlua branding is a price markup with none of the qualities of Kahlua.
223447223447B002QGK2V8A12OLQM2IFKCC8Laurie0021323734400Defective cupsLike the flavor, but at least a third of the cups have come unsealed during brewing, spewing coffee all over my counter and leaving an undrinkable ground filled mess in my coffee cup.
223448223448B002QGK2V8A1OMHPGZ4QE0HWW. Thompson0021323561600Must have been a manufacturing problemI bought the smaller box at the store and loved the flavor, so I bought the double 24 pack of 48. More than half of the cups caused a big mess with liquid splashing all over the counter and grinds in my cup. With a little investigation I discovered that the top of the cups were sagging, not tightly stretched. This allowed the maker to pierce the top, but left space and conditions for leakage at the top. No other cup has ever caused this problem with my machine including my initial purchase of this product. Yes,I cleaned and inspected the machine. The problem was with both of the 24 count boxes. It is a crap shoot having used nearly 3/4 of the purchase, some are OK, most will create a big mess on my counter and insert grinds into my cup. I am not happy with this purchase.
223449223449B002QGK2V8A8KDCJ5IYGMPHbeejay0051323216000yum!just the right amonut of boldness, no need to add flavor, but if you do it enhances the coffe just right!
223450223450B002QGK2V8A19H6VPVCZ3WE9Matt A. "Matt A."0051322697600Favorite CoffeeThis is my favorite coffee for my Keurig followed up by Timothy's World Coffee Winter Carnival K-Cups For Keurig Brewers (Pack of 50). I really like the rich flavor of the Kahlua blend. I can drink this in the morning or afternoon and it suites either occasion. Great flavor, rich taste.
223451223451B002QGK2V8AILSKLHY5JJWPCornCrazy0031321574400Great Taste...Horrible Packaging!I have purchased this coffee multiple times because I REALLY love the flavor. I am almost to the point of not buying it again, however, because I keep having trouble with the seals on top of the k-cups coming open during brewing. This wastes a lot of coffee because grounds get all in the cup I am brewing. Not mo mention, coffee goes EVERYWHERE! The water goes out the top of the k-cup and shoots out every which way! It's VERY frustrating!
223452223452B002QGK2V8A1AWYTVEEB5GRURevbilly0031321142400DefectiveThe coffee is delicious, but the K-Cups come unsealed while brewing and you end up with a mess and your cup of coffee is full of grounds! I have never had this problem with the same brand from the store.
223453223453B002QGK2V8A29HDK3XFJJ14WCarlo E Aguilar0051320537600Got what I orderedThe product I ordered arrived on time without defects. I am very pleased with the smoothness of the transaction and will definitely continue to do business.
223454223454B002QGK2V8A2BQJBDRL94PY1Amanda "~Manda~"0021320192000Does Not Taste Like KahluaThe coffee is extremely strong which was one of the first problems for me. The biggest problem/disappointment was that it did not give me any Kahlua flavor at all. I never once got anything that tasted like Kahlua. After I added actually Kalhua was when I tasted it but that does not work well for the morning before heading to work.
223455223455B002QGK2V8A1MJU00IIW2T9Rlaurence0051318032000great tastewhat would I do without amazon?? this is the only place where I can find all the keurig existing aND the price is great.
the coffee tastes good, does not taste like alcohol (!!) just coffee like.
good buy
223456223456B002QGK2V8A23K7P4L5HK0T0Holly0041317513600Kahlua Keurig coffeeThis coffee taste's great. It took a while to arrive, but it was worth the wait. The price is a little high, but we can't buy it locally, so far Amazon has the best price.
223457223457B002QGK2V8A1KBQT6NL07TXJge23530051317081600the smell is worth itThe taste is not overpowering so almost everyone at the office likes it, but the smell that fills the office makes everyone ask what it is. Some say it smells like maple syrup. This coffee really smells better than it tastes. I can't keep enough in stock.
223458223458B002QGK2V8A10AP6DFWJACYBgbmartin0051316736000Great CoffeeThis is one of my favorite K-cup coffees. Love the flavor. Would recommend this coffee to everyone who likes flavored coffees.
223459223459B002QGK2V8A6YF7YY2CQANJno0051315699200Kahlua K-cupsThis is great stuff. And so easy to order on line. Got it quick too. Very pleased. Will order again.
223460223460B002QGK2V8A3QV9E01JP5BV2jane cate0051315612800YUM!!Kahlua coffee my most favorite. My first cup needs to be industrial strength and intravenously, but Kahlua is not brashly strong. It is mellow, delicious and the aroma is fantastic. In a word, YUM!
223461223461B002QGK2V8A31IY85M8FBBXWgracegirl0051315526400Timothy's Kahlua coffee k-cupsKahlua is my absolute favorite of all the coffee's I have tried so far. My brother Dana bought me a Keurig coffee maker as a surprise Christmas gift. I love it. Kahlua is so smooth and flavorful! I have been trying different coffee's since December 2011.
I am hooked on this one.Timothy's World Coffee, Kahlua Original, 24-Count K-Cups for Keurig Brewers (Pack of 2) Sit back, sip & enjoy!
223462223462B002QGK2V8A1MJIZEX0WVLMEOphellia Thyng "Food Lover"0051314835200Coffee PurchaseFabulous. fabulous, fabulous. This coffee can't be beat. Fast service, excellent purchase. Will use this seller definitely again. Thank you.
223463223463B002QGK2V8AIXYBLC2GMPANSteel reader0051312761600Great tasteIf you like Kahlua this is a great coffee. The aroma is wonderful as it brews and the flavor is mild - not overpowering.
223464223464B002QGK2V8A37FFN17VG7R0ALisa B. "lisabee001"0011312588800Skunk-fest!!I ordered this for my mom because she has always loved a little Kahlua in her coffee and I thought this would make her very happy. I couldn't believe the stink!! I went outside with a pot and and a spoon clanking all around the house trying to drive off the skunk that was on a spray-fest - the odor was that strong and awful. It burned our eyes and noses, and we ended up opening the windows and leaving the house for several hours until we thought it was safe to come home. I now have a box of 23 Kahlua k-cups that will never get used and a bunch of money that would have been better spent if it were flushed down the toilet. Heck, this coffee smells like it came from the sewer, anyway. I went through a half can of Febreeze trying to bind up the acrid stench of this stinking coffee in my house. Remember when you were a kid and you'd drive by a farm and everyone would rush to roll up their windows because the cow manure stunk SO BAD? Well, this is worse! DO NOT GET THIS coffee!! Blech. :p~
223465223465B002QGK2V8A2QHTIGDE8Y4Q3Geoffrey Gagnon0031309910400good coffee bad packagingI am a fan of Timothy's coffee. The Kahlua tastes fine. I have marked it down because of my horrible luck with this coffee. Half (1/2) of the cups split open while brewing creating a mess. I don't so much care about the grains in the cup as I do having to roll the dice on whether or not I will have to clean the counter and floor before drinking. It's only the kahlua we have this problem with.

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