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223471223471B004DE9WQ2A1DUWRMZVLRKAJmaskedgamer2211348099200What happened to these things?Maybe they were better 3-4 years ago but today in 2012 they have gone down hill. Cracker Jacks have always been my favorite and as far as I know I'm the only person I've met that eats them. I went to try the 7Oz bag because I'm used to the little boxes and never had a big bag. Well let me tell you if you see a big bag just skip it alright. In this giant bag there were on 3! YES! I counted them! 3 Peanuts in the entire bag! "Carmel coated popcorn & 3 Peanuts!" is what the bag should say. One, Two, THREE! that is all I got! and you know what I noticed that over the years there has always been less and less and less peanuts in the box. I don't know what fritolay is trying to do. Is it so bad to put what peanuts in the cracker jacks? They're supposed to be in there. All you get in todays bags are mostly caramel covered popcorn. I've been eating Poppycock instead because they have more nuts in them (yeah go head an laugh at that sentence I don't care). I just hate it when companies mess with my favorites just to save a few dollars. I was okay with them putting in those crummy cheap stickers and calling it a TOY. but taking away the peanuts! COMMON MAN!
223472223472B004DE9WQ2A3DK69G7EFA4LEDavid J. Meyering "Dave Meyering"1251334102400Great flavorIt's got the same great molasses flavor I remember from the old days, other Carmel corns don't taste that way. It would be better yet if it had more peanuts, but I just add some of my own. Also the expiration date seems to be a very short time before it's expired. It never is stale even two months beyond the date. Beware, it's hard to stop eating Cracker Jack.
223474223474B004DE9WQ2A2VTAN8UVMC002Ed "Ed"1411326326400BEWARE THIS COMPANY!!!!!!!!Cracker Jacks Original Flavor, 7-Ounce (Pack of 9)I purchased two cases because it is my favorite snack. I expected them to be ok for at least one year. They arrived with a 90 day EXPIRATION DATE!
223475223475B000SMN0DOA33161WK7QDHB7Dori Aker "Milo"121251260144000Just like Postum!I don't write many reviews, but for those of us who miss Postum, this is important enough to warrant a review. After tasting Dandy Blend, I knew with the first sip, I felt like I'd found an old friend. It really reminds me of Postum, I think I could have been fooled into thinking it was Postum. Hopefully, you will love it too. By the way, I bought a case of Pero, based on good reviews, had to throw it away, I didn't like it at all.
223476223476B000SMN0DOA2HRX1E3L9PUUPAndrew K111151217721600I love this stuff.I tried Dandy Blend after regular coffee started to hurt my stomach. I loved it right away. Besides great coffee my wife and I use it with vanilla ice cream to make our own coffee ice cream, it is so good. Also we make iced coffee now, we never did before and it's great.
223477223477B000SMN0DOA1N54P5RC1381Psincalljc9951232323200Great taste, Great ValueI was looking for a replacement to my favorite drink Postum, that was recently taken out of production, when I found Dandy Blend.
I found Dandy Blend by searching This is not only a tasty alternative to coffee but a healthy alternative! There are several sizes available but the 2 pound bag is the most economical.
It has now become a favorite in our household.
223478223478B000SMN0DOA3W3NFNAL93IIVJ. Bellissimo7751299542400Awesome, but not coffeeI'm a pretty avid coffee drinker, often of mid to high end coffee. At a local restaurant, I asked for decaf coffee, and they offered Dandy Blend as alternative. I tried it, and it was awesome, but not at all like coffee.

However, it is delicious, and I've served it to really fussy people who have loved it. If I had to describe it, I'd say it's more of a flavor halfway between coffee and hot chocolate, but it really does have its own unique taste.

Best way to serve it: 12 ounces hot vanilla almond milk (sweetened or unsweetened with a little Splenda), a heaping tablespoon of Dandy Blend, and... drink. It's been my evening snack the past few weeks and what I look forward to eating the most in my day.
223479223479B000SMN0DOA2HCKBBEXELJ3RPampeliska5551341792000Another "thumbs up" review plus some storage tips includedMuch has been written about how great this product is and of all kinds of benefits it has, so there is no need to elaborate on that, other than add my vote to it.
The purpose of this review is sharing some practical usage and storage tips with the "newbies" so you don't accidentally waste and have to throw away your supply.

There are smaller packages of Dandy blend available even here on Amazon, however economically this size makes best practical sense, as it's the least expensive (price per oz) option, provided you will store it right.
The instruction on the label say that Dandelion is sensitive to moisture and the bag needs to be resealed completely after each use. However I found out that itself is not enough (I live in area with high humidity).

From my experience, the best thing to do if you buy this size is to either share it with a friend and/or do the following: I put mine in a small size glass mason jar with a lid and store it in the fridge (or even freezer, either way).
What is left, stays in the original bag, gets sealed, put in additional Ziploc bag and stored in the freezer. There it will last quite a long time.
What happens if you leave it at room temperature is, it absorbs moisture and hardens into a block pretty quickly, and you have to literally chisel it to break a piece off, plus it dissolves lot harder and loses some original flavor, so it pretty much gets ruined. I found out the hard way and had to throw away quite a sizable amount the first time I bought it.

Cold temperature will keep it nice, powdery and fresh for a long time.
You can play with the concentration (some people like less, I prefer mine stronger), drink it 'just like that' or put all kinds of enhancements in:
sweeteners (I don't use white sugar, prefer stevia, xylitol or coconut sugar),
"whiteners" (half and half, rice milk, almond milk etc.),
cacao powder,
natural flavoring like almond or vanilla, whatever your imagination comes up with), just as you would with coffee.

Definitely recommended and worth giving a try!!!
223480223480B000SMN0DOA1NDURKM56WDJUSarah Lamothe4451284076800great for breast feeding moms!!!!Chicory and barley are both galactogogues, so this product is great for breast feeding moms who want coffee flavor, but do not want the caffeine to pass on to their little ones. I have been using it throughout my whole pregnancy and the 8 weeks since delivery. Love it!
223481223481B000SMN0DOA2RHVGXPLHL1N7J. Gilrain3351329177600Dandy Blend 2lb. BagGood stuff... Currently mixing it with my coffee in a french press and will gradually change the proportion to more and more Dandy Blend. Until then, it gives the coffee a much richer texture and flavor.
223482223482B000SMN0DOAQL27VXH6LW03Ladawn Anderson "Photo Nut"3351296086400I LOVE DANDY BLENDI have been using Dandy Blend for about four years now as an alternative to coffee. I drink it first because it is a great alternative but also because of taste. I had tried so many dandilion teas that I lost count. Most were just plain nasty. I also have stomach problems and just have to avoid coffee. I recommend this to everyone as a wonderful tasting alternative....they make great lattes too!
223483223483B000SMN0DOA3T166VJBPSBWRJames A. Arnold3351278633600Great caffeine-free coffee alternative!I like chicory coffee, tried this and am very pleased. Nutty flavor - definitely not a coffee flavor. I suggest finding a friend who has some and trying it or buying it with a few others who want to try it to reduce cost. I also like it at twice the recommended strength so I get about 225 cups of beverage at about $.20 a cup. Try it at high strength with almond milk. Yummmm.
223484223484B000SMN0DOAYB19AVGQ3LESbarb3351278288000best coffee substitute aroundI am addicted to this great morning beverage. I am sure it is making me healthier as well as being delicious. I drink mine with raw milk, yum!
223485223485B000SMN0DOA1Y0VJP3T75D4IDarlene Akers "Dragonfly"3351271376000DandyBlend is my new friend!I needed to stop drinking coffee, it was creating issues within my body, my adrenals were hurting and the Pitta in me was on more Fire than should be. DandyBlend has helped me stop drinking coffee and I actually like it better than coffee and knowing that I am helping my body heal at the same time is a blessing.
223486223486B000SMN0DOA1TKHW9NI3TQ32Whitney Hackett "ixchelakbal"3351254700800Amazing! I highly reccomend itCoffee has the ability to make me sometimes irritable and on edge.
Dandy blend is so pure. The flavor is completely satisfying to a coffee lover and gives you a healthy energy boost!
The grounds stir right into hot water for an instant cup and never leave anything behind at the bottom.
I look forward to drinking dandy blend every morning!
223487223487B000SMN0DOANO7K77FF9AKTlattebreak3341251676800Pretty good, for a coffee substitute.I am a picky coffee-drinker. I LOVE my Starbucks lattes. I have been trying to cut back my 3-cup-per-day consumption, however, which led me to Dandy Blend. I didn't expect it to taste like my Starbucks, I was just trying to appreciate it for its unique flavor. I have to say it's a lot better than I expected. I still prefer good coffee, but if I had to choose between Dandy Blend and cheap coffee, I would choose Dandy Blend. It tastes a lot more like coffee than I thought it would. My kids love it (they are 4 and 8). I warm up some milk for them and mix it in and they have "lattes" with Mommy. This way I don't have to worry about giving them too much sugar and Dandy Blend is good for the liver, among other things. It's also a good substitute for hot chocolate for them, which I don't give them often because of the sugar. But you have to drink something warm and creamy when you come in from playing in the snow. It's definitely worth a try, and it's a pretty good value considering how many cups you can get out of a 2# bag.
223488223488B000SMN0DOA1HUFXLOSVD46RC. MITCHELL "Music Man"3351207612800Dandy Blend...Dandy DrinkIf you can't drink coffee, or even if you can, the Dandy Blend drink is a healthy substitute. And if you drink a lot, the 2 pound bag is a great value.
223489223489B000SMN0DOA32ZE625A5YM8OProfound Joy2251337472000Cheers!A friend told me about Dandy Blend so I tried mixing it with my "beloved" morning coffee. Before I knew it I was totally off coffee and enjoying a healthier morning beverage. It tastes GREAT!!! My daughter and I went away and drank coffee on our trip. We both commented on how dehydrated we felt back on the coffee. I now have travel packs of Dandy Blend so we don't have to go through that again. To your HEALTH!!!!!
223490223490B000SMN0DOA30VKNVZXTFX02Mary Kate Jespersen "lives to stitch"2251329177600If you can't drink coffee, tea or soy products this is your answerFor health reasons I must avoid many foods, anything with soy, and caffeine is far from a good friend to my body. I love the taste of coffee and Postum is no longer. Dandy Blend has become a favorite, it is not bitter, and when mixed with a bit of hot chocolate powder becomes an extremely delicious and wonderful treat for the mouth and for the soul.
223491223491B000SMN0DOA1Y79NKYPNDJ7NBarbara2251327795200Yum!This stuff is delicious! I do not add anything to it and really look forward to my "cuppa" in the morning.
223492223492B000SMN0DOA1VG3NH42LG3JEM. Converse2251326499200Delish and yes, according to manufacturer, gluten free!I am, in general, not a fan of substitutes. It is just not how I am wired. That being said, however, I do understand the value of the concept. So even though I don't drink something to replace something else.... I can, absolutely report, that Dandy Blend is delish!!!!!! As a result of Acupuncture, I stopped drinking coffee. An awesome side effect of treatment. My body kept saying.... "uh, no, coffee makes you feel like crap". But I have been drinking a lot of strong black tea ( awesome Yorkshire Red). While it does not make me wired like coffee and completely trash my adrenals, I recognize the need to eliminate caffeine from my daily routine. I recently tried dandy blend (a cute sample package from the Community Acupuncture office here)

I really like it. The flavor is rich and deep. I have tried it w/ cream and coconut milk. It holds its own with either mixer, as well as alone.

And for anyone concerned w/ gluten? According to the manufacturer, it is FREE of gluten.

From their own website [...]

How Can There Be No Gluten if there is Barley and Rye?
This is the most frequently asked of all questions about Dandy Blend.

Dandy Blend is made of the water-soluble extracts of five ingredients--three roots and two grains. The ingredients are roasted separately and them combined in prescribed proportions, placed into a vat, covered with hot water, and allowed to steep for a prescribed period of time. The water, with the soluble portions of all the components, is separated from the grounds and spray dried. The remaining fine brown powder left after the water is driven off is what becomes Dandy Blend. All the gluten and other water-insoluble substances are left behind in the grounds to be composted.

Hence, there is no gluten in Dandy Blend. Goosefoot Acres periodically submits samples of Dandy Blend to Elisa Technologies Laboratory in Florida, one of the most respected gluten testing labs in the United States for analysis, and so far, every test has come back gluten-free. Click to see test results letter.

Therefore, from the standpoint of containing gluten, Dandy Blend is safe for celiac sufferers and other gluten -intolerant individuals.
223493223493B000SMN0DOA3ST5QHCQJP8MSGregory Sheppard "Greg"2251321056000Another BagI bought this before on Amazon and liked it so much that I bought a bigger bag when I finished the first bag. Bag has the zip lock seal which I like to keep it fresh.
223494223494B000SMN0DOABT8UTS3UU3GXN. Heffernan "silver-coin-of-the-month . com"2241315180800Good Solid Replacement for CoffeeI first tasted this at my sister's house and she made me taste it without knowing what it was - it tastes a bit like freeze-dried coffee, so it is a good replacement if you need to cut out coffee. Problem is, I bought a huge bag of this and I got tired of the taste rather quickly. I don't really care for the taste now I'm giving it away to friends or keep it in the cupboard as a decaf replacement.
223495223495B000SMN0DOA2Q3W4MPSU1SFVTimothy S. Smothers "shiznatic"2251311465600Too good to be true!I am a huge fan of iced lattes which consists of two shots of espresso on ice topped off with milk and little to no sweetener, It may just be my favorite beverage, the only problem is the caffeine sometimes makes me feel uncomfortable. Some people say that Dandi Blend doesn't taste like coffee but I honestly can't tell the difference, I have "tricked" many of my friends and family and they just couldn't believe they weren't drinking an excellent Iced coffee. My girlfriend enjoys it hot with soy milk and a little Stevia. Honestly I am hooked and really happy I found this product! Throw in all the health benefits and you got a drink that belongs in every household!
223496223496B000SMN0DOA2IF5J75C7N3W1orbital chaos2251311292800what is not to like?Caffeine free, gluten free and tastes better than coffee for people who don't like harsh coffee taste or the noxious smell of the real thing. Actually what I bought this for was the chicory to re-make a tea/spice blend of a tea that has been discontinued by Celestial; I was able to make the spice blend but chicory was missing and I intended to add Dandy Blend to to my spice mix -- BUT, I find myself drinking the DB with soy milk and enjoying it this way before bed without unnecessary caffeine. Pretty good when you convert a non-coffee drinker. And not everything mixes well with soy milk, which is a pain for the dairy- impaired -- but this product mixes very well. Very pleasant outcome for me. No coffee breath! Very smooth and soothing.
223497223497B000SMN0DOA4GLBQ4XZLYSUP. Cummings2251309132800Coffee substituteThis is a tasty substitute for coffee. It contains barley, rye, chicory root, dandelion root and beetroot but is surprisingly like coffee to the taste. It has NO CAFEINE and NO GLUTEN! It is in powder form (like instant coffee) and can be served with milk or cream. Delicious!
223498223498B000SMN0DOA1T6ZYGG4EYJXHStella George "bluecat"2251287532800AmandaI use this product because I cannot drink coffee. Nothing else has worked until Dandy Blend. I have been drinking it as a coffee substitute now for more than two years, and I will continue to do so.
223499223499B000SMN0DOAI1ON2059Z0MCJ. Lingle2251286928000Fantastic tasting and healthy coffee substituteMy wife and I have been drinking Dandy Blend for years. So long in fact that we used to have to order it directly from Dandy Blend and pay $10 for standard UPS Ground shipping, because you couldn't find it anywhere else! It's so nice to be able to buy it on Amazon, and with Prime shipping!

We still drink Starbucks coffee in the morning, using the french press that I bought at one of their stores, but we just can't handle the caffeine or acidity of coffee after dinner, so we use Dandy Blend in the evenings and for making iced coffee and desserts.

Dandy Blend:

Tastes like coffee but has no caffeine
Has no acidity or bitterness
Is naturally sweetened with its own built-In fructose (no sugar or fructose added)
Contains all the goodness of dandelions
Is delicious iced
Dissolves instantly in hot or cold water
Can be used in any recipe which calls for instant coffee

It has a slight taste of chicory that coffee does not have, but when mixed with half and half, flavored creamers, or Baileys ;-) you cannot tell that it is not coffee. And from the health perspective, Dandy Blend is made from just 5 ingredients: the totally water-soluble extracts of roasted dandelion, chicory and sugar beet roots, and two roasted grains - barley and rye.

Using 2 tablespoons of Dandy Blend per cup, this 2 pound back lasts us about a year, and we can feel good about giving our kids a cup when they get jealous over seeing us drinking coffee.
223500223500B000SMN0DOA1CD4CICQAC6IOCurtis Flory2251285459200Dandy Blend, 2# Bulk Foil BagI really enjoy Dandy Blend. Since I am unable to drink caffine, I find Dandy Blend to be an alternative that is delightfully tasty and yet not overpowering. Since Kraft no longer makes Postum, which was my non-caffinated drink of choise, this turned out to be my favorite substitute. I highly recommend this for anyone who is intollerant of caffine. This was recommended to me by a friend who can drink coffee and yet still enjoys this as a caffine substitute that can be consumed throughout the day without having to worry about getting a caffine-high during the middle of the day. This is a wonderful alternative to coffee for those who are unable to drink caffinated drinks, is reasonably priced if you buy in bulk quantities (2# bag highly recommended). Goosefoot Acres shipped it right out and I was back in simulated coffee heaven in short order!

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