Amazon Fine Food Reviews

223559223559B00113FULOA1YCQHS3N8E8UELatte7751203984000Full bodied taste, perfect spicesI've been waiting for this variety to come to Amazon, since purchasing a box locally (and paying a pretty penny...$4 a box!) and really enjoying it.

Don't let the "cocoa" in the description mislead you...this doesn't taste like hot chocolate. The cocoa flavor is really subtle, and it gives this tea a really full, rich taste. I am usually a coffee drinker, but I think I could switch for this tea. I take it with some milk and sugar. Highly recommended.
223560223560B00113FULOAWBP5LV4A4XFSChristine Carr Hill "Sugar free queen"3351247097600Very tasty teaI am a tea freak and like to have lots of variety. I have been tried all types of chia and when I found this cocoa chia I was so pleased as it is such a unique taste. Kind of a merge of hot chocolate and tea. I add a little flavored coffee creamer (usually fat free caramel) and I feel like I'm drinking a cappuccino.
223531223531B003CFV3MOA2962SUPTU1US6linda in texas0021349222400sprout organic puddingi purchased this for my grandbaby and it was very tart, she didn't like it at all. she would only eat it when i added some extra rice cereal to it, that seemed to make it less tart.
223532223532B003CFV3MOADIQ7X8ASMVDRMommy2008TX0031325203200Very yummy but high in sugarThis product gets 5 stars for taste and 1 star for the high sugar content. My son absolutely loves this product, and it smells delicious. I prefer healthier options for my kids. When I purchased it, I was hoping it was rice with a little peach flavor, but it's juice, sugar, and a little rice for texture. I appreciate that it's organic, and I will continue to give it to my son. It won't be a staple in his diet, only a treat.
223533223533B003CFV3MOAFKHC4W98E9HITheAmazingLeper "TheAmazingLeper"0041315785600Cobbler-esqueThis tastes so much like peach cobbler it got me and my husband craving some. Our baby only liked it heated up, but she's not fond of sweeter foods. I'm a fan of this brand because they combine foods I don't see anywhere else. I disagree about the texture being strange. It's the same as any other blended baby food. The packaging is my only complaint.
223534223534B003CFV3MOA1Z1R63ENLD129Amanda B0051284940800I want to eat itThe look and texture of this one are not the best... it almost resembles liquid caramel. BUT, it tastes great! My baby loved it and I took a taste and thought it was really great too. But the price here is too high. Look elsewhere to buy.
223535223535B003CFV3MOA2LRJ9UXLLR01Lhummel0011283299200Texture is the worst!I tried this baby food several times, even though it it recommended 7 months & older, my 10 month old baby is not able to handle this food.
She's able to "chew" other, more textured baby food, but this just makes her throw up (literally...unfortunately)!
It has a very weird texture/consistency, that I've never seen before in any baby food (organic or not)!
Even warming it up or mixing it with fruit only food did not help, it looks like it is not "moist" enough.
I can't recommend to buy this food, we didn't have the problem with organic baby food of other brands
223536223536B003CFV3MOA1SUWFB1Y2JZ1VSiva0051279324800WE LOVE SPROUT!All the sprout foods are awesome but this one is my sons fav. Just put the pouch in some hot water for a few minutes then stir it up. Delicious creamy peachy-ness! And since peaches and rice are both foods with higher pesticide levels it's great to find this kind of dish in organic :)
223537223537B003CFV3MOA3Q98D08D900UQMonte "L. G."0051271203200amazing stuff!excellent quality, good consistency, the bowl is always finished at feeding time. You can't buy a better baby food, you can't even make it yourself any better tasting than this brand! I urge you to try it.
223538223538B0006MQ63MA2BFUUBJF7927WDollyC0051282089600MAGIC BRONCHIAL TEAAbsolutely believe in this tea!!! At the first sign of cold or flu symptoms, I take three cups a day. The next day I am as good as new. I take one cup a day now for maintenance. So glad my German friend introduced me to it!!!
223539223539B00432KELGAILSNL7NVCXWnutritiongal0051328227200Dark Chocolate Dulce de Leche (16 oz) igourmet.comThis product was absolutely delicious, we prefer the dark chocolate and the quality was excellent, the delivery was quick and packaged really well. I would highly recommend ordering this item and anything else from
223540223540B000MHHE0KAE00UQRFY8HVRCallow0031347667200Not quite the flavor I was expecting...I've had lime and chili flavored things before and loved their flavor and I LOVE almonds, and all the bold flavors I've tried from Blue Diamond, save for this flavor... Something about it just tasted off. Really limey, not notably spicy. Didn't really suit my tastes. I like the convenience of the packaging but I'll probably only eat this when I run out of other snacks... Won't buy this again.
223541223541B00073J0EWA2FXJFWJBYPNG9Nia Nightengale1151319673600Delicious pepermint taste.I love this tea. Not only is it organic, but I love my hot drinks at winter, and this tea is so good on its own I do not have to add any sweeter, bonus for me because I try to stay away from sugar.
223542223542B003GB61SAA119DZC9OOXNHSRetiredEducator0031338336000The crisps are just crumbs!Good flavor, but I expected "wafers" that I could serve to my dieting friends at a reception. These boxes were "crumbles." Perhaps I can use them as croutons in salads. I will not order again.
223543223543B000OLCKCQA4YD99TH0UAY2Crika1151278720000Cheris Fantastic JelliesCheri's Desert Havest jellies are just fantastic I ate all of my Red Chile Pepper Jelly and my Cactus Marmalde over the course of a week with hot biscutts. I may have gained some weight but it was worth it. If you want a natural delicious jelly this is it. Remember you will pay for quality and this is quality.
223544223544B001IZD8MSA19MMYMZO363KMLincoln County MT "Focused on pinecones"6651256515200Love These Morsels.Great source of Potassium too. No kidding a candy bar that is good for you.
It's the nuts and raisens of course.

Anyway thumbs up this is clearly a two pack set or two packs of 24 bars for total of 48.
But beware of the 5 ounce sized add for larger sized bars. It states two also on the picture
but doesn't send 48 only the pack of 24. They need to correct this error in adverstisement
ASAP. Not clear if Candy comes from same vendor or not. Amazon needs to review this problem.

Candy for some reason is difficult to find in stores these days. Actually for the past 15 years no
kidding. The fact it's still available at all must have to do with it's basic fans. I loved the
small bite size ones you could get in the bags at Halloween once upon a time too...way back in 93-94
era. Bring it on back....

For those who may remember back in the 60-70's when these first came out there were two flavor mixes. That would be neat....if Nestles is listening.....develop a new campaign about the healthy benefits of
these bars and just maybe they would catch on again.
223545223545B001IZD8MSANQT62LQHB4SHDonna4451288224000Hard to find and fabulous!Chunky is non existent in my area after all these years for some reason. I got the 2 cases and a friend took one after reliving her childhood eating chunky's LOL A wonderful old fashioned rich candy!
223546223546B001IZD8MSAS3IVY8YB03VESherman W. Taylor2251293494400Simply AwesomeI got two boxes of Chunky's because I had been craving them for months and unable to find them. I found them on this site made the purchase and got the product in a very timely manner. My family and a friend who had been ragging on me about wanting a chunky got to taste them. They liked them so much that 48 Chunky's disappeared in 5 days among 4 people. So good. Simply awesome. As Arnold say's, "I'll be back!".
223547223547B001IZD8MSAGY71L40L6T22D. Ann Crim0051326412800ChunkyOnly the best chocolate on the face of the Earth. I have enjoyed this little gem since I was a kid growing
up in New York. Now living in Louisiana I had a hard time finding them. Thank fully I found them on Amazon, I Love Chunky.
223548223548B001IZD8MSA1RRHET1QIP1YKDaniel Hill3551244160000Chunky candyIt is nestle chocolate, it arrived in excellent condition and fresh, It was a good value and it there is plenty to go around! Yeah!
223549223549B001IZD8MSAJB5P7GVR0MT8Harry the Horse0231302652800"Raisins?", you say?I was surprised too, especially 'cause I only realized after I had a Chunky bar (square, really) in my possession. Really not a bad candy or taste, and you don't see people eating it often, but there must be a cult following since it's still ubiquitous on shelves if you're looking for it...

Not sure why, but when you first bust open the package, it smells faintly of butterscotch, then of bad chocolate. It's pretty hideous and I recommend you read the nutrition facts per serving size before consuming (Crack it off in quarters inside the package and then open).
223550223550B001V6NKK4AQQLWCMRNDFGISteven A. Peterson1241324857600Heat--but not suicidal?I enjoy puchasing Anchor Bar wing sauce. In case the reader does not know it, the Anchor Bar in Buffalo is the home of the Buffalo chicken wing. It was invented on the fly way back when. And Buffalo wings continue to be popular in Buffalo and elsewhere.

The Anchor Bar still serves wings, although I haven't been there in many years (they used to have live jazz a couple nights each week, adding to the ambience). My experience includes a helping of "hot" wings before seeing a hockey match featuring the Buffalo Sabres with some friends. And, yikes! It burned, brought a huge amount of heat. The bottled "hotter" sauce that I had previously tried turns out to be more like a mild to medium batch of sauce. So I ordered the "suicidal" to see if it matched the actual hot sauce at the Bar. My son and I wimped out though, and mixed some hotter sauce with the suicidal. The end product did have some heat--but nothing like actual hot sauce served at the Anchor Bar itself. Next time, my son and I will try chicken wings with ONLY the suicidal sauce and give it a fair test as to how close it comes the real hot sauce from the Bar.

Anyhow, we enjoyed our chicken wings a lot with half hotter sauce and half suicidal. But the true test is yet to come!
223551223551B0036Z5650A356N6SJQKWVKQJason0011347580800Sesame Bread SticksI ordered this bag of Bread Sticks to check it out. Unfortunately the taste was not great and it was so stale and doent even compare to othe brand names
223552223552B00117O2E6A3FFN5BMXAQK2FTruth Seeker151551238544000The "Chronic" of Green TeasI recently took up drinking tea, green and white to be exact. As a newbie I started off with the commercial stuff like Lipton and Celestial Seasonings with pure tea bags. The taste was ok but In all honestly it didn't do anything for me. I began doing a bit of research and found that loose leaf tea was more potent and flavorful due to the fact that they use whole leaves rather than the "dust" leftover they use in tea bags. A bit more research brought me to Japanese green tea which recognized as the best of green teas in the world. I started off drinking Traditional Medicinals Japanese Bancha, then I started drinking their roasted Hojicha. While a bit better than your average Lipton Tea, I knew tea could be better. I started using loose leaf Sencha which was great and before long I came upon drinking Matcha. Matcha is great but it is frothy and mainly comes in powdered form for shakes, desserts or ice cream.
Gyokuro on the other hand is the REAL DEAL. This stuff is truly what a green tea is all about. Very dark greenish bluish color with a strong pleasant aroma. The taste is pure and fresh and simply tastes like "green tea" and not grass. It only takes about 90 seconds steeping time and the brewing temperature just under boiling point. The color of the tea is a very bright clean looking green which tastes as good as it looks. I dare you to open a tea bag of Lipton, Traditional Medicinals or even loose leaf Sencha and compare alongside Gyokuro. You will laugh as the others look like trash compared to Gyokuro, I kid you not. I suggest any real green tea aficionado give it a shot; you wont be disappointed and I can assure you you will never go back to drinking anything less. It is expensive but so well worth it. Serendipitea is a great brand, Hoshino is the place for the best Gyokuro in Japan.
223553223553B00117O2E6A24M2OPJGWHLMCMatthew A. Soldo4451277251200Amazing GyokuroIf you like Gyokuro tea then this is the real deal. It has the delicious 5th flavor that I look for in Gyokuros. I brew it at 140 degrees with filtered tap water (heated by a Zujirushi water kettle), and it is delicious. It will also make delicious iced tea if you brew it with room temperature water and then ice it down.

Other reviews talk about the cheap packaging and they are definitely correct. The plastic bag is extremely flimsy and will tear. I transfer mine to a tea tin or glass container. However I did not notice any plastic flavor imparted to the tea.
223554223554B00117O2E6A1L2A9UDJQPCXKJohn Joganic6711293580800Poor quality Gyokuro. Possibly not even Gyokuro.It smelled right. It looked right. It tasted awful. I brewed a batch side-by-side with an Adagio Gyokuro, and there was no comparison. The SerendipiTea product was missing all the complex flavors and had a bitter taste. There was nothing smooth or relaxing about it.

For what it's worth, the brittle cellophane packaging was torn, and there was loose tea everywhere in both the tea box as well as the shipping box. By comparison, the Adagio Gyokuro packaging is a heavy sealed plastic bag with an internal zip lock.

If this was ever a Gyokuro, it died somewhere in transit.
223555223555B00117O2E6AM1XRK0IRNA2Isonoran_rain "Joaquin"7911270166400Huge Disappointment!!!Having explored the world of Japanese tea for several years, I'm always keen to find new companies and explore their tea and teaware. Serendipitea was not a good choice sadly,(especially given the fact that they (Amazon) do not accept any returns. Tea arrived in a VERY cheap cellophane package that had been loosely sealed with a heat press to melt the plastic and a plastic sticker folded over the top which did little to keep the tea from spilling out. Accordingly, the tea had a STRONG plastic odor and had lost any semblance of its essential tea oils. To be fair, this was likely a high quality Gyokuro in another life(a yame perhaps?) Unfortunatley, I'll never know as the pathetic packaging ruined its flavor. I've tossed it in the dust bin and relegated it to experience. (I wouldn't even give these pathetic "sweepings" to an indigent, much less good company) Stay far away from their teas (their kukicha is packaged poorly as well and has little flavor) Consider Charaku and Rishi as they are excellent sources of quality gyokuro and sencha teas. They use a high quality foil lined resealable pouch that does not impart any plastic odor or cause the tea to lose essential oils.
223556223556B00117O2E6A1R8I0W8HDJO23N. Sud1151274054400ExcellentI highly recommend this tea. Tastes great, no matter how long you steep it. I have had no problems with the packaging, so I'm guessing that other user may have just had bad luck that time.
223557223557B00117O2E6AE1WHNM30UOYR. Reese2341264550400REAL green teaThe Good:

The difference between gyokuro and your average supermarket green tea (or even other premium green teas) is immense, but odds are you already know this if you're looking to order gyokuro, but for those unfamiliar I will elaborate. You can smell it before you even open the package (even more so in my case, see The Bad) and the aroma is VERY fresh. The aroma and flavor may not be appreciated by all because it is more potent than most green tea, with a grassy/seaweed hint/smell. The tea leaf itself is pretty dark green with a bit of glossiness to it. The cups of tea you get from the leaves however is a bright very green color, not the dark brownish green result you get with most generic, steamed green teas.

I've always drank my regular green tea sweetened with a bit of honey. However, I find myself able to enjoy the unsweetened flavor of this tea. In fact, adding even a little bit of honey ruins the unique flavor IMO. You can easily and enjoyably use the tea leaves more than once. The first infusion is powerful and delicious, the second and third are very similar. I personally found the 4th to be notably weaker, but still enjoyable. Being able to infuse this many times without sacrificing much by way of flavor pretty much compensates for the fact that you must use more tea per cup than most teas (1 gram per 1 fl oz or so).

The Bad:

The sealed bag inside of the box had a 1-2 inch tear in it and tea leaves were floating around both inside the serendipitea box and the bigger box amazon shipped it in. Clearly more care needs to be put in the packaging and keeping it air-tight so that it can be delivered as fresh as possible. I may try a different brand for my next order because of this. Also, make sure you don't follow the directions on the sticker on the box, as they are just generic team brewing instructions, not specific to this unique type.

Final Word:

A great tea for people who enjoy the flavor of the green tea itself. If you're like some people that I've shared this with (the ones who only like a hint of tea flavoring in their enormous mugs of sugar water), it's probably not for you. The taste can be unpleasantly bitter to some, especially if prepared with too hot of water or if steeped for more than 2 mins) and some people are put off just by the aroma alone.

If you're not sure how to prepare this tea properly, google it. I highly recommend getting a big infuser/filter so that the tea leaves have room to expand fully. I used my Swiss Gold TF-300 and was surprised at how much volume the leaves took up once they got wet, it pretty much doubled, and since you have to use more tea leaves per cup of this kind of tea already, you'll want to make sure you have enough room or make smaller cups than normal. Also, the T-Fal electric tea kettle has a adjustable temperature dial, and the low setting works great for making this (you only want about 140 degrees F).

Overall I enjoy this tea, but due to it being harder to make than, say, regular sencha, and the fact that it is prepared in smaller amounts (and at lower temps, so it gets cold fast), this isn't my every day tea. Coincidentally, this tea is typically served for guests and on special occasions in Japanese culture and not usually an every-day tea there either.
223558223558B002ONOE6CA1KLPLWPWY0E0WStar0051291766400Love it, using it often for my Hot tea!I'm falling love with this Honey sticks, using it often every times for my hot teas. It's sweet it nicely simple and flavor too. Look forward order other type flavors since, one I using this now is almost gone! \O/

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