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223561223561B00113FULOA2GLD72HQYHG0PToni "Toni"2251244332800If you love tea and love chocolate, this is for youThis is an unusual tasting tea. The combination of cocoa, black tea and other spices took some getting use to for me, but it was an immediate hit with my husband. Definitely not for everyone, but great if you love exploring different taste combinations.
223562223562B00113FULOA2GV31QN8QF66Fmg "mg"3421287360000Not my cup of teaI'm a big fan of chai tea, but I didn't like this particular combination at all. I didn't find it "full bodied" as the other reviewers suggested (when I think full bodied, I think PG tips, strong/robust/smooth)
This seems almost musky like, and a bit harsh (no, I didn't burn my tea)
223563223563B00113FULOA18WKADVOE3BJIA. Crowder0031317859200Strong flavorThis has a VERY strong flavor. If you like weak tea, this is not for you! It is not really too chocolatey, but there are hints of cocoa in there. Definitely spicy, though!
223564223564B00113FULOA22GXW114N9VLEChas Rosenberg0041313971200Going StrongI thought I was getting an array of diff teas. Black, Chai, Cocoa, etc. was the description. So I thought the box held all. Wrong. Eacg bag us a combo of all these diff types. Tasty though. And very strong and flavorful if you let it steep for a few minutes. Enjoy, Chas
223565223565B00113FULOA2UPA2EF42QLN4TuManyKidz0021305331200mehI wasn't expecting it to be chocolate syrup, but was not prepared for the flavor to be so weak. Maybe if it had come from a different maker, one who hadn't wowed me with Sweet & Spicy, the bar would have been set lower, but I don't think so. It's not a bad taste, just incredibly weak.
223566223566B00113FULOA13D4QDN7HDJK6sanoke0051298764800Spicy and Chocolatey!My favorite tea was Celestial Seasonings' Chocolate Enchantment [..], which has been discontinued.

I did a lot of searches and came across this product. The tea tastes great, just enough spice and chocolate. Tastes much better with some creamer, in my opinion. The product itself is 6 boxes of 18 *wrapped* teabags...I like that they're wrapped b/c I can take some to work with me.
223567223567B00113FULOA39L7EDBRFDT0GConstance J. Zulaica0051297555200TEAAwesome tea if you want something different and like a mild cocoa taste. It is not to be missed. Try it you will like it for sure.
223568223568B00113FULOA1XWRYASP1AANYbenjamin0051289520000Good Earth Cocoa Chai = tastyExcellent and really fantastic addition to Good Earth's lineup. The cocoa-taste is noticeable but not overpowering and as some have noted, it is a great tea to help curb a sweet tooth. Why though does the only case-price available here ($35) work out to be $5.83 a box when you can buy this for $4/box in most stores, and all the other Good Earth lineup via Amazon are approx $18-$20 case? Weird.

(*Edit* - Nov 20 2010) = Looks like the $35 price has been corrected and this is now inline with the other Good Earth on the site at around $19 - good stuff.
223569223569B00113FULOA2UQXV7XI7SG3HNancy0051281312000Good Earth Cocoa ChaiI could not find this product in my local grocery stores so I ordered it online. I drink the tea every morning with milk rather than water. Love, love, love it.
223570223570B003OU04KEA3PUJHAZ61SJ0D. Gleave191951302220800GREAT COFFEE BUT!!!!!!!This coffee is great but the sellers price is outrageous, I can get this coffee at costco a 3lb. can for 10.99, don't buy here......unless thier selling 3/for that price..............
223571223571B003OU04KEAAZV2VEM3RJGMWesley May101041306454400ValueI have bought this coffee for years & it is excellent coffee. However, surely Amazon has made a mistake on the price. I agree with the other reviewer, this coffee can be purchased at Costco for 75% less.
223572223572B003OU04KEA2FG1TZEFPEF6QPeter Yang "007peter"4451335484800Strong Taste! Amazing Value - I highly recommended.What a surprising "STRONG" coffee coming from Costco's Store Brand and at an amazing value. The taste is STRONG, DARK, and very Pungent. While this coffee isn't a French Roast, it clearly taste stronger than my FOLGERS FRENCH ROAST. Highly recommend for anyone who prefer a "darker" stronger taste with extra kick. My coffee tasting history:

1. 5 Stars [Kirkland 48oz Supremo Bean Dark Roast] taste darker than even my Folgers French Roast, extra kick
2. 4 STARS [Folgers French Roast] great taste,the standard of all Dark Medium Roast
3. 3 STARS [Folgers Classic Medium Roast] good coffee, good balance & taste that grow on you. Great if you like "medium" taste
4. 1.5 STARS [Yuban 44oz (costco) ] very disappointed, so light as if its a bad decaf coffee
223573223573B003OU04KEA2UJGR6IOIUOJAAnotherWindowsBlog2241336953600Awesome coffee for the price...Like many others have said, if you have a local Kirkland, it's probably best to get this coffee locally and save yourself $10-$15. I got this for about $13 and it's worth every single penny. I have a real love for Colombian coffee and prior to this, I was drinking Yuban. Well, Yuban was very good when I first tried it. I'm not sure what happened but now their coffee just has a different taste and not for the best I might add.

When I learned that Costco has their own branding of coffee, I just knew it would be both cheap and big in quantity as well. But would the quality hold up? Well, being how I enjoyed many other Kirkland products, I can safely say that this Colombian coffee is a worthy addition to that list. Being how it's virtually impossible for someone to describe just how a coffee tastes, you'll just have to try a sample for yourself and see if its to your liking. Personally, I still think Yuban is the best when I have first began drinking it a couple of years ago but Kirkland's Colombian coffee definitely is very good as well. It's really hard to beat the price and quantity. This can is huge! Being how its grounded very finely, it should make for good espresso shots. I brew this using a Melitta filter and the coffee comes out just as delicious.
223574223574B003OU04KEA9J5SLYXUCWO1Gwendolyn Norcross "gardenia"2251331856000Best Colombian Coffee Ever - $13 locallyMy friend bought me three three-pound cans at Costco today for about $13 a can. I paid him $40 for all. Because it is a finer grind, less is needed for brewing. Opening and using one can at a time I have packed coffee in four quart-size freezer bags to put in freezer and use one bag at a time, keeping enough out to last a couple of weeks. Absolutely delicious coffee!

Update 9-12-12: I think coffee prices have fallen at Costco because a couple of weeks ago I bought an additional five three-pound cans for $60, they are down to $12 a can. I probably have enough coffee to last two years. Maybe I am turning into one of those Preppers who prepare for the apocalypse with stores of food.
223575223575B003OU04KEA1N3OHK9HOPNZAMary2251330128000Delicious!!!The coffee is delicious!!! This is an excellent value. The can has both an airtight seal and a plastic lid.
223576223576B003OU04KEA3P4K0HYV7EAVDnPOINT0051350172800BEST COFFEE EVER.I have always been a coffee lover but this is the best. Very full bodied wonderful aroma. Would really like some choices in level of grind to make it more coffee maker friendly. Found this coffee on Amazon It is not available in any of my local grocery stores.
223577223577B003OU04KEA3TU2TYGCDEJUGB. Rogers0051345248000Wonderful!I used to be a big espresso drinker, but frankly it started to really give my stomach lots of problems.
Then, I asked the people at Starbucks what coffee they serve as their drip. They told me it was some medium roast.

I went to Costco and purchased this Colombian roast and really have enjoyed it. It is very smooth where the espresso
coffee was too acidic for me. I find the value to be fantastic. It sure beats a lot of the prices that I have found in town. I would recommend purchasing it directly from Costco, though.
223578223578B003OU04KEA1X0F1ILG69QDXPeg1251318550400Good CoffeeLost my supplier for Kirkland Coffee and thought it would be the end of starting my day with a great cup of coffee. Thanks to Amazon I found my coffee again.
223579223579B002GWH6CKA3GB3AUKSXJ3SDSudev Mukherjee "sm"3351307059200Real Darjeeling tea, finally !Ever since Lipton Green Label stopped selling Darjeeling tea in USA, its been a constant fight to get good Darjeeling tea. I have grown up in East India, where we used to get Darjeeling tea directly from the garden. The whole leaf full flavor, which after about 3 to 5 minutes of brewing makes a golden brew, which resembles the color of early evening sky, right after the sunset while its gentle aroma slowly fills the room, it makes a great start of the day.

Ever since coming to US I used to bring a huge packet of tea from India, or compromised with Lipton. After Lipton stopped selling I tried Twinings, but its not full leaf tea, its a cut and the flavor rather light.

I discovered the Coffee Bean direct last month, just took a chance, and oh boy, this is exactly what I always wanted. The best of the Darjeeling is right here. The price is very very reasonable compared to quality of the pack I got. Now, one thing to remember, no matter which tea you buy, it varies from pack to pack, but most of the time they get their tea's from same garden and taste similar. I don't really know it will be same for the next pack, but for now this is definitely the most authentic Darjeeling tea I have ever tested around this side of the earth.
223580223580B002GWH6CKA1NZ1P9HNIAYTKC. Stahl "Free Indeed (John 8:36)"3351301875200Great Every-Day DarjeelingI grew up drinking Darjeeling tea for breakfast, but it was hard to continue the tradition, since it was hard to find a reasonably priced loose leaf Darjeeling tea where we live. For a long time we bought the Twinnings loose leaf tin in the supermarket until they stopped carrying it.

We found a couple of suppliers on the web and used them, until we finally found Coffeebean Direct and have been ordering exclusively from them since 2005!

This Darjeeling is our favorite every-day tea and I drink at least a pot every day! What a blessing to be able to get it from Amazon for a lot lower shipping charges (thanks to Prime) and as a subscription!

223581223581B002GWH6CKA221FFBRLFV2KVJ. Murphy1141313539200Very good everyday teaDarjeeling is my variety of choice, and I've tried many. This Darjeeling is a good generic example of a Darjeeling tea. It has no outstanding flavor notes, but has a distinctly Darjeeling character. Medium fermented (not as green as some Darjeelings) with a modest amount of bitterness and tannin (I like that.) Very little dust or fines. Medium-high caffeine content. An excellent value.
223582223582B002GWH6CKA34KWQS2L2LVB8K. Lahti "musician"1141296691200Nice Darjeeling teaThis is a nice typical Darjeeling tea. It brews up a nice gold, red, brown. Like any Darjeeling it can get bitter if over-steeped. I steep it for about a minute. It is a medium tea in terms of flavor intensity and caffeine content. I really like it with a pinch of the Coffee Bean Direct Jasmine added about 20 seconds before pouring & straining.
As with all the Coffee Bean Direct bulk loose teas, it is a great tea for the price. I hope Amazon keeps carrying this line!
223583223583B002GWH6CKA2A4CN2R5PONVBruce Caldwell1151296086400Very good DarjeelingI am in the same boat as the previous reviewer Ms. Walker, I am trying to find an nice darjeeling to replace Lipton green label. Turns out that Green label is back, now named, "Lipton Darjeeling Pure Long Leaf Black tea". It is available in some Indian groceries but the price has doubled. I've done a few side-by-side tastings and find them very similar with a preference to this tea.
223584223584B002GWH6CKA249PLDBX49O86scarecrow "scarecrow"2311310083200Darjeeling teaIt has become increasingly difficult to get good Darjeeling tea. I tried this one because it had some good reviews, however, it doesn't look, smell or taste like genuine Darjeeling tea. The taste of Darjeeling differs by when it is picked and most tea companies sell a combination of 1st and 2nd flush. This company does not specify but it didn't taste anything like Darjeeling and I have tried first, second and autumn flush as well as monsoon. It was very bitter and astringent, it didn't look good when I opened it so I only used 1/2 teaspoon of tea. However, the brew was dark and bitter with a nasty aftertaste,really undrinkable.
223585223585B002GWH6CKA2MJ0HMA20K2D3Lester Hark0051345248000very good Darjeelingi also have struggled to find a good Darjeeling that i like that comes at a good price and in loose bulk, after reading other reviews i decided to take a chance and i am very satisfied.
i drink tea every day all day i am a tea junkie and this is very drinkable, it compares to some of the high quality Darjeeling estate teas at a much lower price

thanks amazon and coffee bean direct for this great offer
223586223586B002GWH6CKA1PXSFHWAWJWSBGary Sanchez0051341619200Excellent dealThis tea is just as good as good as Darjeeling Choice from a major tea and coffee chain that costs very nearly 5 times as much.
223587223587B002GWH6CKA2S83VLUV5PJJOdoxtorray0051339632000Delightful DarjeelingThis is my favorite tea, and if you look around at my other reviews, you can see I drink a lot of tea. I average two gallons a day (some green, some decaf, some oolong, lots of black and this delightful Darjeeling). That doesn't mean that I know what I am talking about. It does mean that this tea has lots of competition.
I don't hesitate to call it my personal favorite (but I will still drink the others as long as God gives me breath and hot water).
This tea is delicate and yet refreshing. It holds up pretty well even if over-steeped.
I think if you like Darjeeling, you will be surprised at how good this is for the price. If you are not sure (or have not had Darjeeling before) it is technically not quite a black tea and not quite a green tea. It is similar to oolong in strength, because of how it is processed. It is more like black Indian tea in character because of where and how it is grown.
This is certainly one of the lowest-priced ways of trying it if you are not sure.
223588223588B002GWH6CKA3FHBY290ZW0V1Atomicale0041330214400Avg Quality, Good PriceI used to get Margaret's Hope 2nd Flush Darj loose leaf the last several years until Amazon stopped offering it. This is my first purchase of Coffee Bean Darj. The $$/lbs is excellent however the quality is noticeably inferior to M Hope. I gave it 4 stars because it is quite drinkable for an everyday tea IF you prepare it correctly. I don't like bitterness. But, I do like rich complex flavors. To achieve this I use 25-30% more leaf and reduce steep time by 30 seconds. This method produces a good (not great) flavor without the harsh bitterness. It is a good bargain even when I add more leaf to the brew. Yes, I would buy it again....provided M Hope is still not available.
223589223589B002GWH6CKA35BKVT7YU2HLBIrina Kasatkina0051327104000Great everyday darjeelingExcellent value and good quality. This is a great option for my everyday morning tea. Don't take me wrong: there are darjeeling teas that are notably better, but not anywhere near this price range. I am certainly glad I bought this tea.
223590223590B002GWH6CKA16LHTTIP14059Julie Garman0051319328000On time as promised and very tastyFor the second time, I have ordered this 2lb bag of Darjeeling loose tea from Coffee Bean Direct. Both times it came quickly and was good and fresh as promised. This bag usually lasts me a year, drinking one cup each morning. It's great for teaballs or hot tea makers (like the one Sunbeam has). I will continue to order my bag yearly from Coffee Bean Direct and will definitely recommend them to others for all kinds of tea and coffee products.

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