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223651223651B006BXV130A1S27P7KJO9I96Eric A. Hofstetter1311331510400Yuck.Initial taste was less than satisfactory. Then the after taste kicks in before taking a second bite. Nothing at all appetizing about this product. Kellogg's, please go back to the drawing board on this one. Better yet. Scrap the idea all together.
223652223652B006BXV130AQIBFWWA8UWKFDavid's wife "Book aholic"1311331164800I tried, I really didI really tried to like this cereal. I had tried the chocolate, chocolate flavor and didn't like it so I was hoping that I would like this one better but I didn't. The cereal turned to mush just after a few minutes in the milk and it tasted like burned brownies. The picture on the box is very misleading as the cereal itself is not nearly as big. Definetly does not live up to it's name.
223653223653B006BXV130A234X1MVIMPMMCA. Rolle "Book Junkie"1311330819200I'll pass!I love anything chocolate,and almost every cereal from Kelloggs but Kellogg's new cereal Krave is not appetizing at all. The outer part of the cereal has a taste like a not so sweet teddy graham cracker with an inferior tasting liquid like chocolate inside. The cereal didn't get soggy fast so it did provide you with a crunch, but even that didn't help the taste. Krave is a cereal that actually tastes better right out of the box without the milk.

I think that this cereal would have been better with a more textured coat and more firmer chocolate on the inside. I just didn't care for this cereal because it tasted almost like a generic brand.
223654223654B006BXV130A69GBB918D2PPIsadore Ann1311330300800Skip itWow, this cereal was so awful. The chocolate tastes very artificial and the outer coating immediately dissolves when in milk. The overall effect is like eating a mushy bowl of chocolate. It's not even good for an occasional treat, let alone a daily breakfast.
223655223655B006BXV130A2T5GYM40RP6VOEric1411331596800This stuff is awfulI really like cereal and eat a lot of it. The sweet cereals are a treat I give myself from time to time.

Saw Krave and it sounded interesting, had a coupon and it was on sale so decided to take a chance. Tried the chocolate flavor (instead of double chocolate) first as it sounded like it was going to be very sweet. Not even close. The texture is overall soft, like it's barely staying together. The center is gooey. The taste is an odd one (the words "chocolate" and "sweet" don't come to mind) and there is a strong chemical aftertaste, so much so that I found myself reading the ingredients list to try and understand why.

Had another coupon and it was still on sale, decided to try the double chocolate to see if maybe that's better. Same overall results. Both flavors of this cereal are just plain nasty. How can you possibly ruin a chocolate flavored cereal??? I'm amazed it made it though the taste tests at Kellogg's to be released to the public.
223656223656B006BXV130A2GQ4LBUYKU7JHCorvus Corax "CC Crow"41111326067200Krap, No Krave!There are no words sufficient to describe how horrible these taste, but I will try. There is NO chocolate taste, but rather, a burnt chemical-flavored filling that bears no resemblance to ANY chocolate I've ever eaten, and I've eaten a lot of chocolate. The shell is flavorless, with a slightly crispy but quickly evaporating dust-like consistency. That it also looks like cheap dog food only makes it worse. How Kellogg's could get this one past their tasting panels is beyond me, but if it's chocolate you're looking for, buy something else. If it's dust you want, look under your bed and save some money. If it's dog food you're after, consider your dog's happiness and buy dog food. And the one thing you will NOT be doing after you taste these God-awful little morsels is craving them.
223657223657B006BXV130A3JV6I7O8DOIT6Steve1811326585600Terrible CerealThis is one of the worst tasting cereals I've ever had in my life. After eating this cereal I went online to see what other people thought. I found people on Youtube reviewing this cereal and loving it. They must be paid actors as part of a viral video scheme because this cereal was terrible. There was hardly any chocolate inside these things unlike the pictures on the box and the texture of the cereal is not good at all.
223658223658B006BXV130A44OY8EFDM4IPTiffany A. Harkleroad "Tiffanys Bookshelf"3341329955200I quite enjoyed itI am not someone who likes most "breakfast" foods, like eggs, bacon, sausage, etc. So cereals, hot or cold, make up a lot of my breakfast choices. I am always looking for something new, so I was super excited to try Kellogg's Krave.

The first thing I noticed was the nutritional information. A 3/4 cup serving is only 120 calories, 3.5 grams of fat, 3 grams of fiber, and 2 grams protein. Not awful nutritionally, certainly better than a lot of cereals out there.

When I opened the box, it was initially just to look at the cereal, but Hubby and I tried a piece dry. It has a nice crunch, and tasty flavor. It was not overly chocolatey, just a mere hint of chocolate in the middle, which I actually really liked. I tried some with soy milk as a late night snack. With my milk, it was only 155 calories. And I enjoyed every single one. It stayed crunchy in the milk, and it had a nice flavor. I especially liked that the cereal was not overly sweet, just sweet enough with a hint of chocolate.

I really liked the cereal, and it is a nice way to break of the routine of oatmeal and traditional healthy cereals. In terms of where it falls on the health-taste balance, Krave falls somewhere between Kashi and Cocopuffs. I would, and in fact already have, recommend this to someone looking for a good cereal to break up the breakfast routine.
223659223659B006BXV130A240JPZ4EINMDJDiana A. Reeves "westhamfan"5611347580800BLECH!Kellogg's Krave cereal tastes like chemicals to me. It contains ingredients which are patented by chemical companies that genetically engineered them in a lab by inserting foreign genes into their DNA and made them resistant to massive amounts of RoundUp. The sugar in Krave comes from GMO sugar beet, and the soy is GMO soy. I called Kellogg about a month ago to ask if they are using genetically engineered ingredients and they said they do use them because the FDA says they are safe and Kellogg's complies with the FDA regulations. I called Kellogg's again yesterday (twice) and this time they told me that they don't know if their products contain GMOs because they don't test for them. Kellogg has pumped $632,500 into the propaganda campaign in California that is fighting to trick people not to vote for Prop. 37, for the labeling of genetically engineered foods. Kellogg's doesn't want you to know that Krave contains GMOs. My family thinks they taste disgusting anyway. Poured the box down the toilet. We won't be eating Krave again. Blech!
223660223660B006BXV130A3GQSZ2RVVXDCZJon Kreisler2231329955200Krave Cereal For Chocolate CraversKrave is an interesting cereal, providing some grain goodness along with a chocolate center. The center is a chocolate filling, made with cocoa and chocolate, with a consistency somewhere between syrup and mousse. It is a bit on the sweet side, so children will definitely like it and adults shouldn't be put off by it. The shell is a crunchy, grainy texture. When served with milk, the shell softens and becomes somewhat slimy, which is a rather odd feeling in the mouth, but not really unacceptable.
Krave is a bit on the expensive side, but considering the price of most popular breakfast cereals today, it is not out of line. However, I wonder if it was really necessary to use embossing on the box? Doesn't that add to the cost, unnecessarily?
223661223661B006BXV130AEZ8N55RHCRR6boro1111334793600Where is my chocolate?Barely any chocolate inside - not at all what the picture on the box shows. I had fond memories of a cereal like this (might have been a different brand, but it was just like the stuff on the box) and decided to try this one - a huge disappointment! There is almost nothing inside - half empty shells with barely a smudge of chocolate. I'm 27 but this is a let down for kids of all ages!
223662223662B006BXV130A27KNXAROMSJ7AKelly L. Norman "li'l rock & roller"1151331769600Warning: Highly Addictive!Crispy, stands up well to milk. The corn nuggets are similar to Cap'n Crunch, but not as sweet. The chocolate inside isn't as much as the carton indicates (as usual with groceries!), but I think if there were more it would overwhelm the rest of it. Good, good stuff. I guess if I had kids I would buy this for them as a *treat*, not an actual nutritious breakfast. It probably has good vitamins and minerals, but I personally can't eat one serving by itself; so I would imagine your average munchkin would have the same difficulty.
223663223663B006BXV130A26KHZE0HTS057Burgmicester3441331510400decent taste with a kick of chocolate in the centerThis is a good addition to my evening snacking cereals. I'm a sugar and chocolate lover; definitely not a fan of things that are good for you. So when I had a chance to pick up another new cereal food group - combo chocolate and sugar, who could pass it up. To top it off, the nuggets stay crispy enough (not like Capt'n Crunch, but as good as Frosted Flakes) through the entire bowl. The nugget piece is not cardboard tasting like other cereals (the round circles that have gone all anti-cholesterol on me) and the chocolate center is a terrific late taste bud pleaser. So I'm rating it a very good addition to the cabinet stock.
223664223664B006BXV130A3S15YGZ6W6EV2K. Varraso3431330646400Could be better.I expected this cereal to be sickeningly sweet, and for the middle to be rather gooey and overpowering. Fortunately, the cereal is none of those things, thank goodness.

But it's not Nutella or Ghiradelli in cereal form, either. At best, it's average, and I doubt that I'll buy another box.

Why? Mostly due to the "crunchy coating." It's hard to describe the texture of these little floury pillows. They are a little bit like the texture (but not the taste) of Captain Crunch, in that they dissolve almost instantly when you bite it. But the moistened coating sticks tenaciously to your teeth after you eat the cereal, which turned out to be the thing that turned me off the most. It's one thing to rinse your mouth after eating, it's another to scrub your teeth as if you had been chewing taffy.

The chocolate in my box of cereal was almost skimpy. It was solid and not terrible chocolate, much to my surprise. Frankly the chocolate, although average, was the best part of cereal. It was the bizarre crunchy layer that had the main taste/texture/aftertaste problem that made the cereal a no go in my house.
223665223665B006BXV130A3EZHMGGWY74HYMommaMia2321331683200Mushy MessUnless you like your cereal mushy in 10 seconds or less, don't bother with this one. My kids all hated it. I think the cereal shell was the problem. It seemed to leave a taste in your mouth. Truthfully, I've tried to think of a cereal it reminds me of, but so far, I can't think of one.

I had high hopes for this cereal, as I love chocolate and am always looking for a way to sneak chocolate into my breakfast, but I think I would have been better off just eating a Hershey bar.

This cereal was a sad, mushy mess.
223666223666B006BXV130A18QYW376136IEsar2351326585600Great cereal!I first had this cereal when I was living in Florence, Italy. So I was super pumped when I saw it in stores here.
The cereal tastes like real chocolate and I like to let mine sit in the milk just a little before I eat it. It is like
having a chocolate chip cookie so I don't usually eat it for breakfast. Great for a snack!
223667223667B006BXV130AZ10IGX6XOL6XFuller Review0051349049600Kelloggs Cereal - KraveKelloggs Cereal - Krave

When I first got Krave I didn't even get any , because my Brother and his friends ate it all before I could have a taste. When I ate the cereal I fell in love. My Brother and I eat Krave all the time. We have to get 2 boxes of Krave, one for him and one for me, because we eat it so much. Krave is made with whole grains , has 11 vitamins and minerals , and is a good source of fiber.

Krave is like heaven in a box! It has a crunchy shell and a smooth chocolate center.I feel it is a great way to start the day, by eating a bowl of Krave in the morning.Everyone who eats Krave will fall in love, thats what happened to my Brother and I. This is a perfect cereal for kids, I believe that every kid will love it.

I have never found a cereal I like to eat for breakfast, until I found Krave. Krave is the most delightful cereal in the world. I recommend everyone to try it. I love Krave and I love that it is available at any store so you can get it anywhere. I especially like how Krave will keep you full until around lunch time. Other cereals I have eaten leave me hungry 30 minutes after I am done eating them. But the grams and fiber in Krave help me stay full longer. The great taste makes it a favorite for everyone, and the ingredients make it great!
223668223668B006BXV130A3IK0WT6TQTELJCisco0051348185600My favorite cereal!The outside is crunchy the inside is chocolate smooth and its pretty addicting. I'll eat a couple of bowl fulls every sitting. The 15oz box lasts less than a week. It's my all time favorite cereal. That being said, it's much cheaper to buy at Walmart and even at Publix(which I avoid because its expensive) than Amazon. Currently Walmart has the cereal for about 27cents/oz and Publix has it for 35cents/oz.
In the past I would find a cereal, eat it so much I'd get tired of it and then move on, this one is so good I can't move on from it.
223669223669B006BXV130AGBRTPPIJT6UKSuper Trader0041348099200Great breakfast cereal, hard to believe it's healthyKrave is a great cereal, crispy texture on the outside, smooth chocolate center. It has just the right amount of sweetness without being overbearing. While it runs a far distance to Reese's puffs, they hold their own for the chocolate lover in all of us. The primary drawback is that it doesn't hold up to milk well. If you are looking for that chocolate bleed into the milk, it comes at a price, soft outside texture, to the point of mushy. If you eat quickly, it won't bother you.
223670223670B006BXV130A34DQDD97QFQH2Christine E. Waters0011348012800toxic cerealwould probably taste better if it was natures food. I can't enjoy this product knowing it is filled with GMOs and is slowly poisoning me. I will stick to organic food. Keep the chemicals
223671223671B006BXV130A1WBIUQTR14CTGD. Smolarek0031345075200DeliciousI was hesitant testing this product as I did not want to be giving my kids chocolate for breakfast. After tasting it though I have to admit it tasted pretty good. My kids loved it and at least they are eating something before heading out the door.
223672223672B006BXV130AUSS1VFTR0PHBAlexander Williams0031344816000It doesn't matter how much they advertise,It's still just too damn boring of a flavor. Pump up the chocolate Kellogg's! Cocoa Pebbles is a much superior chocolate cereal.
223673223673B006BXV130A21OI2DE6JJOQ0cutie 1230011344038400my reviewThis cereal is awful after i eat one bowle then i feel like throwing it up, it is discusting and i would never buy it again it tastes good but the feelings after eating it is gross it feels like you ate 20 hamburgers I like the taste but after the after taste is gross.
223674223674B006BXV130A1EVV74UQYVKRYK. Groh0041343347200Tastes Pretty Good, Kids Love it, Moderate Nutritional ContentWe bought this on a whim. My daughter wanted to try it out and was pulled in by the chocolate centers. It went quickly and we bought it again.

I like it but I wouldn't consider it to be an every morning bowl of cereal. I much prefer a more hearty cereal with a little more substance.

Krave makes for a fun snack and can take away that chocolatey craving. It's pretty dry and the chocolate inside is really some kind of a paste.

I'd rate it moderate for nutritional content, pretty good for flavor. Not the best cereal by any means.
223675223675B006BXV130A3J356L2ADK05Zcrown of indica "buckethead noir"0031339286400Okay For "Health" CerealI got this on a whim to see if it was a gross health product or not.

Had a bowl and it was pretty good at first. The little chocolate-filled biscuits are crispy and the filling is soft... doesn't really have the texture represented on the box cover (softer than it really is?), but it's okay.

It's just that the chocolate taste is a bit chalky/fakey, and has a slightly weird aftertaste. Kind of a boring taste too, to be honest.
223676223676B006BXV130A2MNB77YGJ3CN0L. Mountford0041338940800Works much better dry as a snackOK, I'm an unrepentant chocoholic. I admit it. So I jumped at the opportunity to try a new chocolate cereal.

I tried this both with and without milk. With milk, it was just OK: not great, disintegrates rapidly, chocolate taste is good, but overall nothing that special.

Without milk, however, it was really nice: crispy/crunchy, great chocolate flavor. Very reminiscent of chocolate-coated graham crackers, but in miniature bite-sized form, and with the chocolate on the inside. Definitely a chocolate winner in my book.
223677223677B006BXV130A3BYB6HTJP46NDDigi0051335830400Love Krave as a snackI was intrgued with the punch line "Satisfy your inner chocovore", hence picked up a box of Krave this weekend. I am not a fan of sweetned cereal, most of them are too sweet for my pallate. However, Krave is chocolate and whole grain on the outside with just a mild sweet. I prefer using it as a snack between meals. Good snack for kids on the go too. Our family loves it.
223678223678B006BXV130A4GB8I8ACS4PMKevin Pepper "JedeyeNite"0031335398400I didn't Crave the KraveOk, first of all, I'm a chocaholic, so the thought of mixing cereal and chocolate seems delicious. After receiving this in the mail, I tried a bowl of it the very next morning. As I took my first bite, the chocolatey taste filled my mouth, and at first I was in heaven. The one thing that I did NOT like about this cereal was the actual cereal surrounding the chocolate. I was hoping for something with a little more crunch to it, like Cap'n Crunch. What I got was a very soft coating that had very little, if any, crunch to it. Because it was such a soft cereal coating, it got soggy very quickly. If Kellogg's could make the outer portion crunchier, then I would gladly buy this cereal. As it is, I will leave it on the shelf.
223679223679B006BXV130A2OJCTT5WLB2HRD. Hardaway "dhardawa"0051335398400Not as good as the chocolate/chocolate variety, but still goodI have tried this version of Krave cereal as well as the chocolate/chocolate one. The chocolate/chocolate one is to die for. This one, is okay. The outside of this version really has no flavor. The chocolate inside is wonderful. Personally, I think they are much better as a snack without milk. When added to milk, the chocolate stays put very well. I expected it to seep out of the cereal and into the milk, but that wasn't the case at al. Both my kids loved them (and ate almost the whole box in about a day).
223680223680B006BXV130A2013JDMPUV6D9Scott Pointon "Former Marine, Librarian, Wood...0051335398400Delicious!!!This cereal is deliciously addictive. When the box arrived I tried a handful dry just to see how i liked it and I could seriously just eat this stuff as a dry snack - its that good. In a bowl with milk, it is even better. My whole family loves it! We have gone through 3 boxes in the last month!

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