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223697223697B006BXV130A30ELDPP5TCQ8JBernard Farrell0041332374400Not over-the-top sweet, more fiber than mostThe outer shell is kind of dry and dusty, but it's where they're hiding the fiber so I don't mind that much. The chocolate inside is nice and fudgy. Not overly sweet. My nine-year-old son likes them and eats them dry. I like them more than the usual sweet cereal, but usually go more of a whole-grain type myself.

The chocolate is the best part. It's not just a cereal with a chocolaty flavor. It's a small dose of fudgy chocolate in each piece. Thumbs up for that!
223698223698B006BXV130A3M8R4JD1SIS76'MaryLou Cheatham "The Collard Patch"0031332374400I don't crave Krave.Krave is okay, but not great. I liked it more as a snack than as a cereal. The crunchy whole grain outer covering is an unusual flavor, not like anything else I've ever tasted. Maybe the problem I had with it was that I wanted it to taste like graham crackers. The chocolate inside is okay but not spectacular. What I see is a bold marketing campaign promoting a mediocre food.
223699223699B006BXV130A1X3ESYZ79H59Echaos0031331856000Just okayI prefer eating this cereal dry. It is crunchy and light. I tried it with milk but found that it tends to get gooey if it sits in the milk for more than a couple of minutes. Also, the chocolate flavor is much more subtle than I was expecting. I think I will go back to my muesli.
223700223700B006BXV130A16WPA6JV83YXTSandra Trolinger "trolsgirl"0051331769600My kids and I love this cereal!Years ago I tested this product when it didn't even have a name and we didn't know who the manufacturer was. Recently my son saw the commercials on TV and asked me to buy it. HE BEGGED for it daily asking each time I came home from the store if they had it in stock. It was awesome timing that Amazon had it FIRST before my local stores. When we received the box my son even ate it for dinner as he loves the crunchiness of the cereal but the best part everyone agrees is the chocolate flavor inside! It makes the cereal unique and truly makes you want MORE. We also love the chocolate version of this cereal. I have found it locally and have been buying a box a week and will be watching for sales on Amazon as I love buying in bulk.
223701223701B006BXV130A79RVOOH3DED4jpr0041331769600Different, but kids like it and it grows on youKrave cereal is an interesting concept. Kellogg's seems to be targeting both kids and parents with the promise of whole grains as well as a chocolate center, plus somewhat unique branding for a broader appeal. This is in contrast to Special K Chocolatey Delight which is aimed at grown-ups or Froot Loops which is marketed to kids.

From an appearance and texture standpoint, the cereal consists of little pillow-shaped bites with a small amount of "chocolate spread" inside each one. Without milk, they are fairly crunchy, but after adding milk, the oat content (and lack of a waxy milk-resistant coating) makes it easy for them to start to get soggy in much the same way that Quaker Oat Squares do, with the outside layer becoming soft first. When eating it, the texture is just slightly course, perhaps on purpose to highlight the whole grain content, but not unpleasantly so.

Flavor is rather oat-like with some sweetness and a touch of chocolate flavor. I would describe it as similar to Oat Squares, but smaller and with a little less crunch, plus the added chocolate. It's different, but can kind of grow on you, and kids seem to like it. The box was gone quite quickly.

I like the cereal, but would prefer to see a little bit higher fiber content per serving and perhaps a touch less sugar. 3g fiber is the same as Multi-grain Cheerios, but Oat Squares has 5g per serving. It's actually very close in both fiber and sugar content to Froot Loops, surprisingly.

Overall, I would describe Krave as a cross between Oat Squares and Cap'n Crunch (and somewhere between the two in size), plus a touch of chocolate. If the way that Oat Squares get soggy from the outside in bothers you, you probably wouldn't like Krave, but otherwise I think most people who like oat-based cereals and chocolate would enjoy it. Kids like it too, so it might be a reasonable option if your kids are sick of Chocolate Cheerios or Life Cereal, and with about the same or a little more fiber (though also a little more sugar).
223681223681B006BXV130A93LCEKKTMG7QR.D. Monsoon0031335312000Dissinigrates too fastI have to admit, I was pretty much expecting this to taste like dreck. But I was pleasantly surprised. Krave doesn't taste too sugary. It's basically a chocolate flavored graham cracker. But don't expect a super strong chocolate flavor. Despite the image on the box, if you break open one of the pieces, you'll see that there is almost no chocolate inside.

My gripe against the cereal is that it becomes soggy and disintegrates very quickly when combined with milk. I personally prefer my cereal to be crunchy, which Krave isn't after you add the milk.
223702223702B006BXV130A2V4P6IRCK1P70Morgaine Swann, H.Ps. "Morgan"0021331769600I was shocked at my reactionIt's cereal, right? How bad could it be? Well, in this case, pretty damned bad. I was expecting something like Chex filled with chocolate because that's what they look like, but the whole grain outside tastes terrible. I couldn't finish it. My father liked snacking on them with coffee, so I gave them a two instead of one star.
223682223682B006BXV130APYKJUMZP99ZJjerseygirldownsouth "jerseygirldownsouth"0031334793600Better as a snack than everyday cereal?If you are a chocolate lover and/or like things that are very sweet, then you might rate this a 4 or 5 star product.

It was quite good, with an enjoyable chocolate taste that held up as well as you can expect from a cereal once milk is added to the equation.

But, for me, it is too sweet to entertain as my morning cereal. I used it more as a snack - sometimes with milk, sometimes just a dry handful - and enjoyed it in that regard.

I could see buying this as an occasional treat that has more nutritional value than typical sweets, but I would not have this as a mainstay breakfast option.
223703223703B006BXV130A1H7Y5XKPGT0OSRama Rao "Rama"0041331769600A good choice for breakfastThis is a different sort of cereal in that it has a light and crispy whole wheat shell filled with chocolate. I tried this with milk and no sugar and it tastes great. Compared to Kellogg's Double Chocolate Cereal, I find this less chocolaty but still yummy. Some reviewers have said that this tastes better dry, but I prefer eating with milk and still taste great.

1. Kellogg's Krave Double Chocolate Cereal, 11-Ounce (Pack of 4)
2. Cheerios Chocolate Cereal, 11.25-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 6)
3. Chex Chocolate Cereal, 14.25-Ounce Box (Pack of 6)
223704223704B006BXV130A2ALX5U55NTGTLDanny "Danny Boy"0041331769600Chocolate Explodes in Your MouthThis was better than I thought it was going to be. For some reason, it reminds me of Coco Puffs, but the texture is totally different. When you first put it in your mouth, there's no real flavor, until you bite into it. Then it seems like the chocolate flavor explodes in your mouth.

Now I want to try the other version of Krave, that was has a chocolate chunk on the outside. This would be a good cereal for people who likes chocolate, but don't want it be too intense like Coco Pebbles.
223705223705B006BXV130A30IP5D5DLHRPAKyle Slayzar0051331769600Delightfully Delicious for the Inner-Gamer in YouI'm not exactly your typical cereal connoisseur as I rarely have mine with milk but, rather, I take the nerd/gamer approach of keeping the box nearby and promptly remove necessary amounts from the box with my bare hands when the need arises. Munchy food in other words.

For us gamers, we have battled the problem of easy access munchies by trying various cereals and trail mixes to little to no avail. The problem stems from small sized cereal pieces slipping between the cracks of our fingers, falling on the floor and necessitating the unthinkable; cleaning our living space. Other nibble-sized cereals leave unpleasant residue on our hands such as Cinnamon Toast Crunch. So far, Cookie Crisp and Captain Crunch seems to be the only cereals that fit all our criteria but, munching on those for years at a time while playing the Mass Effect Trilogy, the monotony gets to you and makes you wish for more variety.

After having tried the Krave I gotta say, I think we found our next munchy food. It blends the perfect mixture of soft crunchiness and gooey chocolate insides. It's the perfect nerd blend! Now all Kellogg needs to do is create a Hot Pocket version!

I was honestly expecting Krave to have that processed metallic taste like most other novel cereals that last two months to have, but no, it actually tastes pretty good as my initial box only lasted one night. My little brother, another hard-core gamer (World of Warcraft in particularly... no one's perfect j/k), came over the same night and I instructed him to try it. At first, he was really skeptical about trying anything new but, after some convincing, he gave it a shot and this is his response verbatim.

"Dude... I don't really like hippie cer-... *takes bite*... I could fall in love with this!"

He and I finished the box that very night.

So, the tastefully awesomeness in Krave is undisputed, but what about the nutritional facts?

Truth be told, if I was THAT concerned about my health I wouldn't sit around playing Mass Effect 3 and Skyrim for hours on end... although I play Dance Central a few times a week. ;)

All in all, Krave is more than just a novelty cereal that will fade into memory but a hopeful contender to stick around for years to come.
223706223706B006BXV130A383XURHVF8ON6Mrs. Kilo Delta0041331683200Great as a snack without milkI didn't care for this cereal with milk, it got soggy too quickly and when it's soggy it just isn't good. But grabbing a handful as a snack? It's really good. It's like graham crackers with a chocolate filling. Just enough crisp with a chocolaty center to satisfy a sweet tooth after a meal without having a full dessert.

At this time it's being sold here for 4 boxes for $20.... I saw it in a grocery store for less than $3 a box.
223683223683B006BXV130A2QR043WBXXX6LStephen Cunningham0041334793600It's OK.... Just not "great"This cereal was more like candy, with a slightly odd taste. It did have a unique texture, from the creamy chocolate filling to the crispy cereal outside. I didn't see much value, nutritionally, and it didn't keep me full or satisfied, at least in the amount that was specified for a serving size. I give is 4 stars for snack candy value, butonly about 2 stars as a breakfast food.
223707223707B006BXV130AWE13F1HOCZNTK.Waggner0021331683200No Thanks...I ordered this cereal because my son and I LOVE chocolate but this cereal center did not taste like chocolate. It was more like some odd chemical burnt tasting soft stuff. The outside was flavorless and after milk was added it quickly turned to mush. It was a bit better by itself, without milk but not enough that I would buy it again for a snack. I put the rest of the box outside for the wildlife. Don't waste your money on this one.
223684223684B006BXV130A1INBQLNQNSHTK~Kimber~0051334707200Good stuff!My daughter has been begging me to buy this cereal, so I was excited to get to try a box to review.

Upon pouring my first bowl of cereal, I was a little surprised.. I hadn't paid a lot of attention to the commercials, so I had pictured this more like shredded wheat with chocolate in the middle. It's actually a golden crispy cereal on the outside with a chocolate center.

About the cereal itself, it's quite tasty, the golden crisp nicely offsets the yummy chocolate blast in the middle. It does get a little soggy in milk, but it generally doesn't last long enough to be a real concern. It was a huge hit in my household, I only got one bowl, when I went back for more, it was gone! Since then, by popular demand, I purchased the double chocolate Krave. While the chocolate is too intense for me, my husband and daughter love it. I must now keep a box of Krave on hand at all times or suffer my family's wrath!
223708223708B006BXV130A1BMG34CO5CMZ5Bay Gibbons0031331596800Tastes like Captain Crunch with chocolate insideThe Kellogg's Krave Chocolate cereal is a good cereal as long as it does not sit in the milk too long. For this reason I would prefer to eat it dry instead. To me it tasted a lot like Captain Crunch but with chocolate in the middle; although, the chocolate flavor was very faint. Overall, the cereal was okay but I will probably not be buying it in the future.
223709223709B006BXV130A15OAS39003U5RBradley J. Brisco "Brad Brisco"0051331596800I crave KRAVE!You wouldn't think this cereal would be that delicious just looking at the box. But whenever you taste it, it's like heaven on earth! Crunchy on the outside and delicious, creamy chocolate on the inside. Both flavors taste very similar, the Double Chocolate Krave is more chocolaty than the Krave Chocolate cereal, but I love both the same. I like them both with plain white milk, but if you are a real chocolate fan, try them with chocolate milk - for a chocolate volcano in your mouth! I crave KRAVE! (This review was written by my 11 year old son, you might notice he LOVES this cereal.)
223685223685B006BXV130ALE3ORJUOOAHVNoneofyourbiz "noneofyourbiz"0031334275200Not bad!Does that sound like faint praise? I don't mean it to be. I remember enthusiastically trying the Special K chocolate cereal and being disappointed. So I'm pleasantly surprised to rate this one as "Not bad." It has a nice crunch and the chocolate isn't overwhelming. I don't think I'll have it every morning, but for a nice change of pace from rice crispies or corn flakes -- or to snack from the box when I'm craving chocolate -- I think I'll reach for Krave.
223710223710B006BXV130A188JOXWF4EY1RAnn B. Hibbard "anbee"0041331596800Enjoyed by my FamilyI had no idea what to expect with this cereal, but it was surprisingly enjoyable. Naturally, enjoyment completely depends on one's own personal preferences. So, I'll try to describe it to the best of my ability to help you, the reader, determine whether or not you would like it.

The crispy cereal shell definitely tastes like a multi-grain crunchy cereal. The most predominant flavor seems to be similar to a graham cracker, but it is obvious that there are other flavors there as well. My biggest concern was how well it would hold up in milk - I don't like cereals that turn mushy in milk. We never ate a whole bowl of just this (we mixed it with Cheerios, typically), but for the most part it seemed to stay relatively firm and did not break down in the milk. I wouldn't say it stayed crunchy, but definitely didn't turn to mush. It did, however, flavor the milk.

Then there's the chocolate. There was a nice chunk of firm chocolate in the center of each piece of cereal. It seemed to be decent quality chocolate, too. It was a very pleasant contrast to the crunchy shell.

We enjoyed this cereal both as a snack and as a flavor variation with our Cheerios. The whole family has enjoyed it. I'm not sure it's something we would buy on a regular basis because it's obviously not going to be the most nutritiously balanced cereal. But, with the whole grain - and not sickly sweet - crunchy shell and the real chocolate, I would put it above some other sweet cereals. Calorie-wise, it's not bad, but I'm not sure it would be very filling on its own.
223686223686B006BXV130A2RIAXGSBP65BJAmanda Hamm "writer"0041334275200Pretty much what I expectedThis is a fairly basic cereal with a bit of chocolate in the middle. It's good and chrunchy, but you don't want to leave it in the milk too long. In fact, this might be one of those cereals you want to snack on right out of the box.
223687223687B006BXV130A3H11VW0L01A1TJessica A. Dewaay "J.Kramasz"0051333929600Yum!I enjoyed this cereal.
At first I thought this tasted a bit like Cocoa Puffs, but I quickly decided I like this more. The chocolate filling is delicious, and the outside doesn't get soggy. I was little disappointed the the filling is actually "chocolate flavored filling" since the product description made it seem that it was real chocolate filling. The filling does, however, contain real chocolate and it is tasty.
223688223688B006BXV130A2MA4ATED1B1GBLLM "dagoodnurse"0041333324800Sweet & ChocolateyI liked the taste of this one. On the box they made it look like the biscuts would have chocolate gushing out, but it didn't. However, it was chocolatey and sweet. It also stayed crunchy in milk. Will purchase again.
223689223689B006BXV130A2RX62V4E2BF5ZCeleste "Vodka, Apple Pucker & Sweet 'n' Sour"0041333238400Identity CrisisKrave is a cereal with an identity crisis. It's not nearly a grow-up cereal like Special K, but it's not a kids cereal like Fruit Loops. If you're used to eating "grown-up" cereal, you will think this is too sweet. But if you are trying to wean your kids (or yourself) off of the cereals with a prize in the box, this may be a good transition. It is sweet, but not overpoweringly so. The chocolate doesn't have a super artificial taste to it, and I've enjoyed this cereal by the handful as a snack as well as by the bowlful in milk.
223690223690B006BXV130A1ICB3FLDTUI2WAlison0051333065600Best cereal ever.It tastes nice and sweet and has a nice chocolate center, It isn't too chocolatey or too sugary at all.
And on top of that it's vegetarian (Sorry Vegan's, It contains milk!)
It taste's wonderful.
This is my favorite cereal now & I eat it everyday for breakfast w/ whole milk!
223691223691B006BXV130AL6CEWLV2JB90The Writing Chef "Dan"0031332892800A bit too sweetI enjoy cereal and at first this one was very good. But the sweetness soon gets to you, so I can only give it three stars. However, someone else might like it better.
223692223692B006BXV130A2PW9AF63RZC5IKscarlett0051332720000LOVE <3
223693223693B006BXV130A38UEYF5AFDU4IJason Joyner "On the journey"0021332633600Not Appetizing, Not NutritiousI might have been the wrong person to review this product - I'm in the medical industry, and I see firsthand the problems caused by modern American eating habits.

So putting chocolate in the middle of a breakfast cereal is not the ideal that I usually endorse.

That's okay, because I didn't like the taste anyway. It had a weird aftertaste. It was crunchy, but it was not very appetizing. My boys ages 11 to 7 liked it, but they are not the most discriminating audience.

The label lists vitamins and a token amount of fiber as nutrition. However, this is still a carbohydrate laden food, and it is something that shouldn't be a regular item of people's diet.

To be honest, we do buy a "sugar cereal" for our kids, but they are only allowed to have it once a week. However, I won't be buying Krave for that once a week treat due to the poor taste anyway.
223694223694B006BXV130AGXV8E7XK9J6HBrian Koch "Aspiring Photographer"0041332633600Like a S'more Minus the MarshmellowThese kind of remind me of the flavor and consistency of a s'more, they are surprisingly chocolatey despite the somewhat small about that is in each one and they are not super hard, so it's almost like graham crackers covering them. Me and my wife ended up finishing off the first box in two days an buying 3 more we liked them so much.
223695223695B006BXV130A3AZSRLNFL7O4Warber0051332547200BEST cereal everAfter years of eating cereal, I got bored of the dull flavors and stopped eating cereal. I didn't look foward to eating cereal in the mornings anymore. Then one day I walk by the cereal aisle and I see this and decide to buy it. Best decision ever, the cereal taste good dry and with milk. Trust me on this one and buy it!
223696223696B006BXV130A3A8FMW6BDJ166janjanmom0051332374400Excellent Snack!This cereal is long as you don't pour milk over it. By all means, accompany this snack with a glass of milk; just don't dare turn it into soggy mush by adding the milk to it. My whole family liked this product very much and we all five agree, milk makes it mushy and gross. Without milk though, it is the perfect amount of crunch with just enough chocolate to sooth chocolatey cravings. Low calories and low fat make it a wonderful snack.

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