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223711223711B006BXV130A2QIL6MHF0S9S5Alien Lurker0031331510400Better As A Snack Than BreakfastI tried a bowl of Kellogg's Krave cereal for breakfast and hated them. The outer cereal lost its crunch and its flavor very quickly when I poured milk over it. I was left with a mouthful mush. Also

But the next day I ate the cereal dry as a snack at work. It wasn't too bad. I think it'd be good in a homemade trail mix with nuts and dried fruit. But I will never again ingest the bland mush that results from pouring milk over a bowl of Krave.
223723223723B006BXV130A2H2I5FY1PUHP1Boilermate0041330905600Sweet and CrunchyOpen box and you get a fairly strong chocolate odor. The pieces inside are "pillows" approximately 1 in. long X 1/2 in. wide.

Bite off the end of a piece and you see a hollow multi-grain pillow with a very thin (approx. 1/8 in. wide) ribbon of chocolate inside. While nothing like the half-filled cavity shown on the box, still enough to give it a nice chocolate flavor.

They are very munchable dry, with a chocolately "Golden Grahams" sort to flavor. The hold up fairly well in milk, too.

Once you get past the fact the first ingredient is "chocolate flavored filling," followed by sugar, the remaining ingredients aren't too bad. While it's not health food, there is whole grain flour and no hfcs. You could do a lot worse.

Mrs. Boilermate liked them as well, but just not for breakfast. "I don't understand the need for chocolate for breakfast." This just means more for me.
223712223712B006BXV130A1RFZGWX46N8H7FlamingoNut "Tracey"0031331510400Meh, not the best, not the worstThis cereal reminds me of a cross between Captain Crunch and Count Chocula. The texture of the chocolate inner part wasn't appealing to me, too soft and sort of liquidy, and was kind of a turn off. After a few chews, it reminded me of Count Chocula, which I happen to love, but I prefer a solid/crunchy chocolate. 11yo dd loves it.
223724223724B006BXV130A267FU71Z01CIHKipp Poe Speicher "Kipp Poe Speicher"0051330819200Great for breakfast, nice snack you will KRAVE itNamed correctly KRAVE is one of the best cereals i've tasted in a long time. I first tried it as a dry snack and found it very satisfying then tried it with a bowl of milk and found it extremely tasty. It had a nice time span in milk before the soggys set in. I noticed my daughter really likes the cereal she had a box from the store she was enjoying when I was taste testing my box to write the review.

Would write more but on my way out the door to the store to get more :)
223713223713B006BXV130A2XA8CW5DF4MNZIron Man "JON"0041331424000The nutrients of multi-grain, the sweetness of chocolate!The Kellogg's Krave Chocolate Cereal is a great day starter for those of you who are regulars when it comes to cereal. It tastes great and my kids and niece liked it very much. It is packed with different vitamins and minerals and only packs a 120 cals per serving. Although nutritious it may seem, this would not be a regular cereal choice for me because of the dizzying sugar content. It may not matter to the kids but I have to start them off early eating the right kinds of food and acquiring the proper types of nutrition. They are however very fun to eat and the kid's reaction could attest to that fact. But I would strongly suggest to make this an "occasional" cereal treat, never make it a regular. This should have been better if the sugar contents were less of what it should have but let's be clear about one thing....chocolate and any kind for that matter wouldn't be chocolate if it did not have sugar, and lots of it. 4 stars is the best I can give.
223725223725B006BXV130A2AYYKD4OODSLYApril E. "A homeschool Mom"0051330560000So yummy we hid it from the little kids!Yes, we really did hide it. My two teenage daughters and I hid it away, on a high shelf, where only we could find it. And we ate the whole box ourselves. I know some of the reviews have been really negative, but all three of us enjoyed this cereal. To be honest, I hardly got any of it myself, because my daughters gobbled it up. We enjoyed it dry, without milk, but we also enjoyed it in the traditional way, with milk. Some of the reviewers said it turned to mush in milk ... but we didn't have that experience. Maybe they started with too large a bowl, or ate too slowly, but it did not turn to mush for us. It did soften a bit, but my daughter decided she actually liked it better that way. We'll be watching for coupons so we can buy more Krave ... to hide from the younger children again.
223714223714B006BXV130AOAOARIH72UWIjt0031331424000Cereal or Chocolate Treat?When this arrived in the mail I opened it up and let my kids have some for a snack and it was ridiculous. They went crazy when they tasted the chocolate and I had to confiscate the stuff before they ate the entire box. When I asked if they wanted milk in their bowls of cereal they scoffed at the idea of diluting the chocolaty goodness. They pretty much consider this stuff a treat like getting a cookie or piece of candy. This is somewhat appropriate since a serving (3/4 cup which is a lot less than what my 3 year old can eat) contains 24g carbs of which 11g are from sugar. Looking in my pantry I found an 8oz bag of Chips Ahoy Mini Chocolate Chip cookies that contains 21g carbs with 9g of sugar. To be fair, the Krave nutrition label is in line with many of the cereals marketed to young kids these days. Similar to Cocoa Puffs, Capt. Crunch, etc. However, in looking at Kellogs' marketing of this stuff I don't think they are going after young children. I believe they are targeting tweens, teens, and young adults. I'm not sure that makes anything better or worse. Just an observation... Anyway, the cereal does taste sweet and chocolaty and crunchy like they advertise. Far too sweet for me to imagine sitting down and eating in a bowl with milk. I admit I have reached in and taken a small handful to munch on when craving something sweet. However, I would not be a buyer of Krave cereal for my young kids as I think that similar to most of the cereals marketed to kids they are just too high in sugars and empty calories. The vitamin fortification all the companies do is really just a way of distracting consumers and really offer little in terms of healthy nutrition. I will step off of the Michael Pollan soap box and say that the stuff does taste good as advertised and if you get it, eat it as sort of a treat and not a main course. Remember, back fat is never coming in to style...
223726223726B006BXV130A33Y8C4818EJL0Live, Laugh, Love...0051330560000Its a hit in our home!I generally have picky eaters in this house. They all typically eat the same things daily for breakfast.
I prefer to have a nice variety of healthy choices on hand simply because I tire of the same old bowl of oatmeal every morning.
So you can imagine my surprise when my pre-teens were fighting over this cereal! Rest assured I am quite accustomed to their usual arguing, however I was not prepared to find them arguing over who ate the last of this healthy 'Mom' cereal.
It just came in the mail yesterday afternoon. I opened it upon arrival & tried a handful, commented that it was tasty and I planned to have a bowl for breakfast. This morning before school, my beloved boys finished off this box of cereal.
So, I am off to the grocery store to buy another box....I might have to hide this one!

Good stuff, I can confidently feed this to my growing boys! Kellogg's Krave is a keeper for our family.
223715223715B006BXV130A13KW5I9IHQ039Jessica R. Westberg "A Catholic with a sense ...0031331337600Just eat it dryWhen I first got this cereal, I popped a few in my mouth just to try it out real quick (middle of the afternoon snack, if you will). "Hmm", I thought, "Not bad!" A little crunchy, and a nice little satisfying bite of chocolate. My kids enjoyed them as well. The next morning, I tried it as cereal with milk over it. My impression went downhill from there. It got soggy fairly quickly, and though the chocolate stayed together, the texture and consistency of the coating was unpleasant to say the least. So, 3 stars - in my opinion, it's much better as a snack, but there are better (and cheaper) alternatives for a healthy and chocolatey snack item.
223727223727B006BXV130A91TB0WX94MHPCarina0031330560000Multi-grain cereal outside, smooth chocolate inside.The outsides of Krave cereal, reminds me of the texture of Captain Crunch. The texture is very airy and then you get a touch of chocolate. There isn't very much chocolate in each piece of cereal. It is mostly a hollow inside with a bit of chocolate hanging inside. Not sure if I like or dislike this cereal.

I like to eat cereal, well I like to call it, naked, the cereal not me. I don't usually like to add milk to the cereal so I just eat it by itself, naked. It is a good cereal to just eat by the handfuls because of the size and shape. I am sure it would be good with milk as well, but I haven't tried it that way.

The description the box gives it is: Crispy multi-grain cereal outside, smooth chocolate inside. I guess that is pretty accurate. Serving size is 3/4 cup, and it has about 10 servings. 120 calories, 3.5g total fat, 100mg sodium, 11g sugar.

I think kids would probably enjoy this cereal a bit more than adults, it seems a bit too sweet for me to really eat too much of it in one sitting. I don't really Krave it...
223728223728B006BXV130A2MVPY9XVYST9HD_Strasse "D_Strasse"0031330560000Chocolate filled Captain CrunchThis cereal is very much like what the title describes.

It is comprised of two parts the cereal shell and the chocolate coating. The cereal shell is very much like Captain Crunch cereal but less sweet, less crystaline (Captain crunch can be very hard on your mouth) and with a somewhat bran-like taste (most likely due to the different grains used). This does include oat and wheat grains while the Captain is mostly corn.

Then there is the chocolate filling, which does have a nice chocolate flavor and is little enough that you don't feel like you eating a candy bar for breakfast.

Still, the cereal itself is very sweet. The first two ingredients are chocolate filling followed by sugar and the first ingredient in the chocolate filling is sugar. Back to cereals with sugar and the main ingredient?

Anyway, I found the cereal portion to have a weird flavour that was not entirely masked and didn't work well with the chocolate filling. My wife was more amenable to the taste than I was though.

In summary, I suppose this boils down to whether a "healthier" version of Captian Crunch filled with chocolate sounds like something you'd enjoy. It wasn't for me.
223729223729B006BXV130ADPP0TXH70ON8S. Horwatt0041330560000Pretty good stuffI'll start off by saying this cereal is pretty doggone tasty. It's a crunchy (but fairly absorbent, so it gets soft in milk pretty quickly) shell filled with a soft, very chocolatey goo. And looking at the nutritional information it doesn't look too terribly bad, for breakfast cereal; it's got some fiber and some whole grain in it, at least.

Having said that, it's a bit like eating candy, and a little sweeter than I like to eat for breakfast. To me, it's a better snack type cereal. But it's good, and if your morning tooth is a little sweeter than mine, you should be good to go.
223730223730B006BXV130AKJHHD5VEH7VGDominique W0031330473600Warning:Mushy when wet!The cereal has a graham cracker tasting outside and a creamy chocolate filling on the inside. Like S'mores without the marshmallows. Okay, I hate smores so this cereal was just "okay". I preferred the double chocolate Krave better.

That being said, much like the Double Chocolate, this tastes better dry. Milk ruins the inside and makes the outside so mushy. It's pretty gross. I do like my cereal dry, so, it could work for me.

The cereal is fortified and the vitamins and minerals offset the high sugar content. I would probably not buy this variety of Krave again. Like I said, not a Smores fan and the cereal gets soggy too fast for my kids to eat with milk.
223716223716B006BXV130ASJ0MKRFZC47BMermaid0051331337600Kids Love KraveWhat more do you need to know? In the short time this product has been on the market I must have purchased Chocolate Krave at least 5 times in addition to receiving it on the Vine. My children like to eat it plain (without milk) as a quick snack as well as in a bowl with milk. I've tasted it without milk to give a grownup perspective of the cereal and the outer shell reminds me of Golden Grahams with soft gooey chocolate on the inside. It's actually pretty good. If you buy them from the store, the boxes currently have a $1 off 2 boxes coupon on the back that's good for the next year. That's good considering the cost ranges up to $4.19 at one local grocery store and $3.99 at another, both of which I find to be pretty steep for cereal.
223717223717B006BXV130A1R4VHGGF1H23YJoseph Morse0041331337600Tasty Dessert BowlI love it when people go to Starbucks to order a coffee and walk out with a triple mocha-frappa-hot fat silliness with whipped cream on top. It's not a coffee people, it's a milkshake with a little coffee flavor. The same questionable behavior applies to the "cereal" Krave by Kellogg's. You set out to have a hearty bowl of cereal in the morning and what happens? You end up with creamy, chocolaty, crunchy goodness. It sure is tasty, but to call it cereal is a stretch. Krave is more of a defrosted Hagen Daas flavor than a cereal, but if you don't kid yourself, it's very tasty. Mix it with not-so-sugary cereals for a decent combo or actually put it on ice cream for the real experience. No trans-fats make it somewhat less guilt-ridden.
223718223718B006BXV130A3JUHP1E3WUHEADr. Stuart Gitlow0021331251200Cap'n Crunch, but sweeter - poor consistencyThe exterior of each cereal bit tastes like Cap'n Crunch but doesn't stand up well to milk, giving it the consistency of wet paper. It sticks to teeth and to the roof of your mouth if it starts out moist. The interior chocolate tastes, as others have noted, like chocolate syrup, so you end up with a mass of cereal coated with Bosco. Eaten dry, as a snack rather than as a cereal, it's a little more tolerable but only if mixed with other less sweet cereal. Perhaps as a 1:3 ratio with Corn Chex? Not a great everyday breakfast cereal, unfortunately.
223719223719B006BXV130A3PECZX773ME74E. K. Moseley0041331164800OKKellogg's Krave Chocolate Cereal, 11.4-Ounce

This new cereal from Kellogg was okay in taste; however, I could not in all honesty say that it would be the most nutritious cereal for a meal. I would say that it's more a snack food or a semi-nutritious snack to munch on while watching TV. I would not want to make this my daily choice, as the sugar content was quite high. I would think that most children would make this their priority for breakfast because of the chocolate and the sweetness. This is where a parent or guardian would have to step in and say later or put some type of a boundary on how much they would actually get.

I would recommend it for a snack but not on a daily basis. The taste was not too bad I've had better chocolate flavor but then I am spoiled when it comes to chocolate. I hope this review is helpful; because this really does have some high-quality nutrition with all the chocolate.
223720223720B006BXV130A1Z54EM24Y40LLc20051331078400Not for the "occasional" chocolate fancierYUM! All you ladies out there who are chocolate addicts, thank Kellogg's for coming through for us! Wow, is this stuff awesome! Imagine little puffs full of rich chocolate, oozing out and gushing all over your mouth, while floating in milk. Now you don't have to dunk your cookies to get the same effect! Wow! It is quite rich to eat for breakfast, no doubt there, but if you're used to having chocolate chip pancakes, well, by all means, indulge! This does have some good things in it besides chocolate - whole grains too. You don't get much in this box but hey, that's what coupons are for! Great, great, great stuff, HIGHLY recommend!
223721223721B006BXV130A244CRJ2QSVLZ4J. B. Hoyos0051331078400A Delicious Means of Eating More Fiber and Controlling One's IBS!I'm an incurable chocoholic who craves chocolate on a daily basis. I've also suffered with a highly annoying form of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) since I was a teenager. Powdered laxatives are disgusting and I refuse to take drugs because you can become dependent on them. Therefore, I chose to control my IBS by consuming more fiber.

Dannon Activia Yogurt is great for treating IBS. However, even eating two cups a day, despite all of its delicious flavors, can be monotonous. I also eat a tiny container of chocolate cereal. My favorite varieties were once Cocoa Puffs [Cocoa Puffs, 11.8-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 6)] and Cocoa Krispies [Cocoa Krispies Cereal, 16.5-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 4)]. Now, my new favorites are Kellogg's Krave Chocolate and Krave Double Chocolate [Kellogg's Krave Double Chocolate Cereal, 11-Ounce (Pack of 4)]. Both are delicious, crunchy chocolate cereals that are high in fiber. Each serving has three grams of fiber.

I take both the Krave Chocolate and Krave Double Chocolate to work with me. (See the photographs that I have posted on the Amazon website.) The latter one is more for chocoholics because it has a rich chocolate flavor; the chocolate wheat body has a chocolate pudding-like center. The former one has a plain wheat body with a chocolate pudding-like center.

Sometimes I mix the two Krave cereals together in one bowl. They taste great whether I use skim milk, soy milk or almond milk. Also, I've eaten then dry as a munchy, crunchy snack. One of my coworkers gave me a box of Cheerios Banana Nut Cereal [Cheerios Banana Nut Cereal, 10.9-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 4)] because she didn't like the taste. I mixed them with my Krave Double Chocolate and thought they were excellent together; the combination reminded me of a banana split.

On the supermarket shelves, there are nearly a dozen brands of chocolate cereal. Obviously, America has an insatiable kraving for chocolate. However, I predict that Kellogg's Krave Chocolate and Krave Double Chocolate will rise above the rest. All of America will soon be kraving them!

Joseph B. Hoyos
223722223722B006BXV130A20DDH4NT6Q1E8Koala13560051330905600Great for snacking tooI liked this right out of the box. For breakfast, it's fine with milk, but for me Krave cereal really shines for snacking. It's a light and crispy whole wheat shell, filled with a sweet chocolate flavored paste. Pop one in your mouth and it tastes a bit like a chocolate graham, not too sweet and you get your fiber too. I actually prefer it without milk, right out of the box. It might go good as a crunchy topping for vanilla ice cream too--I will have to try that next! Yum!
223731223731B006BXV130A1ZU55TM45Y2R8J. Haggard0031330473600Not to bad, but not my favoriteI got a box of this to try out and let me first say I eat fruit loops, apple jacks, and other similar cereals. My wife eats count chocula and some other chocolate varieties. Both of us tried this Krave cereal and according to my wife it is one of the worse tasting cereals she has ever eaten. For me it tasted a bit like cookie crisp. It was by no means the best cereal I have ever had but it is not on my list of favorites.

I'll probably go ahead and finish the box off but I highly doubt this will make another appearance in my kitchen in the future after this box is gone.
223732223732B006BXV130A1W415JP5WEAJKRoberta Karchner0051330473600Perfect for trail mixI wish I could tell you how fantastic these are in a bowl with milk put over them. But when they arrived I was in the middle of making trail mix. They are just the perfect size, about 1/2 the size of chex cereal. They taste a bit like cocoa puffs, and have the same amount of fiber as Cheerios, although it isn't soluable fiber.

I make my trail mix with peanuts, craisins, m&ms, and something salty or crunchy. If you would like to use this to make trail mix, you can take out the candy and use these. You can add goldfish crackers for the salty part.

These are tasty and crunchy in this setting.
223733223733B006BXV130A1ZCSSCAGBCD49J. SPIEGEL "Joe"0041330473600Crunchy & gooey all at the same timeKellogg's Krave Chocolate Cereal, 11.4-Ounce (Pack of 4)

I've been eating cereal for breakfast since childhood. I'm 56 now and still do. My earlier sweet tooth yielded to better breakfast grain choices over time. I like Special K, Shredded Wheat, Oatmeal and other more subdued choices. I was never koo koo for Cocoa Puffs nor Count Chocula. Yet trying a box of Krave, sounded like fun. So given the opportunity, I did.

Krave is a cereal that is oat based with a soft creamy chocolate center. Like little crunchy pillows. The outer shell reminds me of Cap'n Crunch, a bit. The inside is like no other cereal. It's almost like a bit of pudding. The combination is definitely unique and tasty. I'm not sure I would make it a normal part of my breakfast routine, 11 sugar grams is a bit high for me. Still if you want to treat yourself, or a little one, it's pretty tasty and chocolaty. I'm also put off a bit by finding palm oil in the ingredient list, twice.

In milk the cereal holds onto its crunch all the way through. It would have to sit awhile too sog out. Overall it's a decent cereal that tastes good and keeps its crunch. It has a couple of points I don't like but not bad Kellogg!
223734223734B006BXV130ASF0R1CMSF26FA. Burke0041330387200Sweet and CrunchyI would definitely classify Krave Chocolate as kids' cereal. It's sweet and crunchy, and I'd be happy just grab a handful and eat them as a dry snack. That being said, the nutritional content is about what you would expect: 120 calories and 3.5g of fat per serving (which is 3/4 of a cup), though it also contains plenty of fiber (3g per serving) and various vitamins too.

As I mentioned, it's a sweet and crunchy, though it gets soggy fairly quickly, and it tastes a lot like a small bit of chocolate filling wrapped in corn flakes. The exterior, however, is multi-grain. Each piece seem to contains only a relatively small bit of the chocolate filling, so the chocolate taste isn't overwhelming, it's more of a chocolate `kick.'

Overall, I like this cereal and would have loved it as a kid. It's not something I would purchase regularly, but it would make a great snack every now and then.
223735223735B006BXV130ABC68JUCPTVOEA. Fabbri "afabbri"0031330387200Decent, sweet, doesn't stay crispy in milk..Being a cereal hound, I was happy to receive a box of this new Krave cereal from Kellogs to review. It is pretty tasty, but not my favorite.

- 120 calories, 3g fiber, good amount of daily vitamins.
- Something new with lots of chocolate flavor.

- Texture. Not bad as a dry snack, if a bit grainy. But when you add milk, the outsides get mushy if you don't eat it quickly.
- Sweeter than I'd like (11g sugar, I do like Pops, which have 10 g, but that seems to be as sweet as I can go).

Overall: Try it for yourself. Personally I find it a bit too sweet and wish it held up better in milk.
223736223736B006BXV130A19JDXB5R33C7RWryGuy20041330387200Cereal with chocolate in it???Cereal with chocolate in it??? This was something the wife and I had to try. "Kellogg's Krave Chocolate Cereal", is a whole grain, fortified cereal with a bit of chocolate on the inside.

While you can get the full nutritional information on the product description, a few things jumped out at me. First, a ¾ cup serving (and who eats only a ¾ cup serving?) contains 3 grams of fiber, or about an eight of your recommended daily intake. I never seem to get enough fiber in my diet. And the ¾ cup serving only totaled 120 calories, which isn't bad for a pre-sweetened cereal.

So, how does it taste? Not bad, it reminded me of Captain Crunch, although bit less crispy, and with a strong hint of chocolate. I was fairly impressed at how well the two flavors worked together, although, overall, the cereal was a little too sweet for my adult taste-buds. I would consider buying it occasionally as a change of pace. My wife, the true chocoholic of the family, said it "wasn't bad", but didn't like it enough for a second helping.

Overall, I like it when companies experiment food products and introduce new varieties. This product is a more of a hit than a miss, and I would consider occasionally buying it for my breakfast cereal or to just munch on.
223737223737B006BXV130A38XTOID4VG01SJames R. Gilligan "Overeducated culture vulture"0031330300800Kids' cereal in disguiseHere's the good news about Kellogg's new "Krave" chocolate cereal: it's fairly low in fat (only about 25% of the calories in one serving), very low in saturated fat, fairly low in carbohydrates, fairly high in fiber (3g per serving), and it contains whole grains. It's also chocolate flavored. Here's the bad news: that chocolate flavor means that sugar is listed twice in the ingredient list--it's the first ingredient listed as a sub-ingredient of the first overall ingredient (chocolate flavored filling) AND it's the second ingredient listed overall. Although the taste is fairly palatable, sometimes there's a hint of that sweetened-cereal-artificiality that plagues a lot of kids' cereals. So Krave is pretty much a kids' cereal that's been "healthed up" for adults. Reserve this for when you want to cheat a little on your wholesome and nutritious morning cereal--but I doubt this will become a favorite.
223738223738B006BXV130A2OCDK0BOW6UCYAntigone Walsh0041330300800Not So Guilty PleasureIf you are craving a taste of chocolate without breaking the calorie bank, this cereal is for your. A bite of chocolate is contained in small cereal envelopoes. Krave has 120 calaories per 3/4 cup serving with 24 grams of carbs, 3 grams of fiber and 3.5 grams of fat (one gram of which is saturated). But the bottom line is whether or not it tastes good. I must say I did enjoy it. I first tried it as a snack. The texture of the cereal envelope is grainy, a bit like the texture of cornmeal, different but not unpleasant. The taste of chocolate added some sweetness and overall was pleasant. Note the choclate is not on par with say, Scharffen-Berger or is more like of the cheap stuff you buy at Halloween on sale in Walmart. It is sweeter, probably more sugar than chocolate but again, tasty enough. I did also try it as a traditional cereal with (soy) milk. It held up well but I preferred it plain.

This cereal is ideal as the occaasional cheat sweet. If children can get past the texture, they would probably enjoy it too.
223739223739B006BXV130A2FR1Z2SRYEXJDAmazonAddict0031330300800ehhhh.... I could take it or leave it.This cereal is just so so for me. To me, it tastes likes chocolate stuffed Captn' Crunch. It tastes OK. But the expectation that this is to help fill a craving is a little high. For the same amount of calories, and similar nutritional value I could get a Skinny cow ice cream, and have a full chocolate taste.
223740223740B006BXV130A2M6B16568F7KHReneeSuz0041330300800a tasty treatKrave Chocolate cereal is very tasty. The cereal holds up well to milk (of course I do tend to eat quickly) and the chocolate filling was just the right amount of sweetness. I can understand maybe not wanting to serve this for breakfast because of the chocolate but it makes a great snack while watching TV in the evening

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