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223831223831B001D0KG3WAKH07GCMP07O3Christopher Walker4451231113600Just Try it and you will agree it is one of the better KcupsI have tried at least 20 different Kcups. This is definitely one of the better ones. Very nice medium bold taste not bitter and very consistent. Give it a try and see for yourself.
223832223832B001D0KG3WA1BWODGHK1PU1Gjz3351235347200Nice aroma and good flavor!The Italian Blend has a nice aroma and good flavor. I brew it on the 10oz. size and it still has a nice little kick to it for a medium roast. I would say that it's comparable to the Timothy's Kona Blend, although it's a bit bolder and not as flavorful as the Kona. Still, a very nice cup of coffee.

At this point, I think I've tried about 10 different types of K-Cups, and I think I'm liking Timothy's Kona and the Mocha Java the best. However, the Italian Blend is a nice cup of coffee.
223833223833B001D0KG3WA1LUPK5X2MLA01Bruce E. Grasing2251235952000coffee drinkerAfter drinking Dunkin Donuts coffee for years I was given the keurig coffee machine as a gift. I started drinking this coffee and i will not drink any other coffee anymore. Nothing compares. I have tried several other types of K-cups however the Italian blend is awesome.
223834223834B001D0KG3WA192KNDX8GMZO8J. Roperti "Lead Negotiator"2251227657600Simply the bestAs I have said before, this company gets it right. This blend is "simply the best." It is smooth and enjoyable right down to the last sip. Only bad part is you will want to drink more.
223835223835B001D0KG3WA1UH0Z2NHKRS34Robert J. Patterson6831269907200OK, but there are better choicesI have been exploring the range of k-cups looking for my favorites. While the Timothy's Italian Roast isn't bad, there are better options.

I like my coffee starbucks style: bold, strong, with lots of character. As a point of reference, my current faves are Coffee People Black Tiger, Tullys French Roast and Italian Roast, Emeril's French Roast, and Coffee People Sumatra and Dark Magic. I tried the Timothy's version of the Italian roast expecting a similar flavor to others I have tried in the bold varieties, and I found it to be on the weak side. It does have some of the nice smokey elements that you expect from an Italian roast... but Tullys does it better if you are looking for full flavor.

If you prefer a medium bodied roast with some punch you will be happy with this, but it wasn't for me.
223836223836B001D0KG3WA3AV512WASE1KDAdam P.1131256342400Good, but not greatI guess I'm used to an Italian coffee being a bit bolder. I was definitely expecting a darker roast. My favorite Italian roast is still Tully's Coffee Italian, K-cups for Keurig Brewers, 24-count, Boxes (Pack of 2), although this cup is a good every morning or anytime coffee with that crisp Italian finish.

I would definitely recommend this , just not if you're looking for something incredibly bold.
223837223837B001D0KG3WA24KDI6PFUPA78R. Darling1151233964800Stop HereIf you are still trying to find a K-Cup that is not too strong but not too weak, you have just found it. Look no further and and order this Italian Blend.

If there is a better K-Cup than this out, I haven't found it.

223838223838B001D0KG3WAM630BSJ4D6E2Jeopardy1151232928000Perfect coffee flavor for a variety of tastesMy husband generally prefers Sumatra and I prefer Colombian. We decided to give this coffee a try and to our amazement we both truly enjoyed it. It seems to be the perfect blend for the both of us.

There is no bitter aftertaste at all, it has a depth of flavor and is smooth and delicious. Tastes great black and stands up perfectly to flavored creamers without being overwhelmed by them.

Italian Blend will now be the regular coffee in our home. I completely recommend it.
223839223839B001D0KG3WA35SQYW3P2US53J. Knight0051317427200Love this stuff!Timothy's Italian blend is the only coffee I can drink black. It has perfect balance and is full bodied without being overpowering.
223840223840B001D0KG3WA16ML5M5UJN3QRmsyvrud0051317081600Timothy's CoffeeTimothy's World Coffee Italian Blend is a smooth, meduim coffee. I have tried other brands and they seem bitter compared to this. Other people who have tried this coffe at my home have also commented on how good it was. Love it.
223841223841B001D0KG3WA3DB4LTYHIWG4WLinda L. Wyman "Why man"0051316822400the best keurig coffee!I was so disappointed to find out i could no longer buy this coffee at my local store, but so glad I can sit at home, and with the click of a button, order it on amazon!
223842223842B001D0KG3WACLPEQ88FQ9VRJames B. Fidanza "Jimbo"0041315180800Italian Blend-AhhhhhGreat medium tasting coffee, smooth no harsh taste drink it black so you do not miss the flavor. I have been buying this on auto subscribe since we bought our Keurig brewer. You won't be dis-appointed!
223843223843B001D0KG3WA3I1L26DQVNHCAKatie Gorman0051313798400Italian Blend K-cupsI have enjoyed the Timothy's Italian blend K-cups. They are rich without any bitterness. I tend to like a strong brew and this is what I would consider med. to strong. A very good choice for that first cup in the morning!
223844223844B001D0KG3WA2UTU1T0P7YTSGAmazon Addict0021310342400Watered Down & Way Too LightThis is hardly an Italian brew. I was just drinking a cup and notice it tasted light, watery, and tasteless. I will not purchase again. I have tried plenty of k-cups (see my reviews) and this is not a good one, unless you like really light coffee.
223845223845B001D0KG3WA3K0OWGS5G12L4Cecil B. Lee "mtmynd"0051307404800Good stuff!Always a wee bit reluctant to invest in new tastes, I went ahead and too the leap. I'm glad I did! This is a very fine coffee and one that enjoy every morning.
223846223846B001D0KG3WA25ZE3FPYX75XFSylvia L Harmon0021306800000Not the depth of flavor I was expecting!I had hoped this would be a stronger more full bodied coffee. Tastes very weak even on the smallest cup setting. I expect an Italian blend to be very hearty. This was disappointing.
223847223847B001D0KG3WA398J6PC45OVU2C. DeLuzio0051303257600Timothy's World Coffee Italian Blend - K CupsThis is awesome coffee. I am very picky with coffee. My husband can drink any, I will threw it down the sink if I don't like it. I can drink this every morning.
223848223848B001D0KG3WA2ZW6T2NLYTDM9hgravley0031303171200Not quite what we expected.I am not a huge coffee drinker but my husband is and he likes a strong, bold cup of coffee. Normally an Italian blend is pretty bold but my husband was not impressed. I thought it tasted fine but then again I used a good bit of creamer anyway.
223849223849B001D0KG3WALU5DBU1VK8BTMARGOT F WHITSON0051302134400Great coffee..I drink a lot of coffee and this is by far one of the best K-cup coffees around.
Strong, smooth w/o any bitterness. Highly recommend.
223850223850B001D0KG3WA27Y858NZJES0UD. Englade0051300579200Italian blend coffeeGreat coffee - much better price when you order on a regular basis thru Amazon than you can get in grocery stores or other websites.
223851223851B001D0KG3WAOA1AJJZSDS01C. Wagner "just one more gadget"0051300233600IdealThis is my favorite coffee. All of the flavor, none of the bitterness of dark roast. A smooth, delicious coffee.
223852223852B001D0KG3WAK4IHMOTDJEM7Annalisa M Fellman0051300233600Great cup of coffeeIf you like a no frills plain cup of coffee.... This is it! Nice smooth full flavor, not bitter! My favorite!
223853223853B001D0KG3WA3V2EGD1YNEOJTE.P. phone home0021299456000From Flavorful Favorite to Weak DisappointmentI would have given this a 5-star review in the past but my last shipment (October 2010) was extremely weak and didn't taste anything like it used to. The k-cups didn't seem to have very much coffee in them. They seemed very light when shaken as compared with the past. I would also like to note that I have noticed this same problem on quite a few of the k-cups. Also, they all taste very similar and not a good taste. I had read that Green Mountain may have taken over some of the k-cup business for Timothy's, Caribou, etc. and maybe they have changed something. For now, I will buy from BBB when they have a coupon and I can check the freshness code on the package.

But, really I have gone back to using a french press which really doesn't take that long to make and has superior flavor.
223854223854B001D0KG3WA1W2MRKJ2K51SNJoe Scalia0051299196800Excellent flavorWhen I bought this coffee I was skeptical that it would live up to it's Amazon rating. After I tried it, it exceeded my expectations. This coffee is excellent. Not bitter at all. I drink my coffee black which usually allows me to taste the coffee fully without diluting it with cream or sweetening it with sugar. This coffee was not too weak and not too strong to the point it was bitter. It will definitely remind you of an Italian cafe.
223855223855B001D0KG3WA2MLVRK0WCRA9WD. Lacey0051296086400Awesome coffee, perhaps my favorite.Timothy's World Coffee, Italian Blend for Keurig is likely my favorite all-around coffee blend. Somewhere between a medium and mild blend, this aromatic coffee is sure to please the most discriminating of family and friends.
223856223856B001D0KG3WANF8HWKO5W6IOacoffeedrinker0031295222400Not so hotIt was OK as a coffee, but not what I was expecting for an Italian Blend (darker, richer, full bodied)
223857223857B001D0KG3WAOLALJNIP3754Mbduv0051294963200K-cups auto deliveryAwesome idea! Coffee is great and don't have to worry about comparing prices at the local stores...Amazon is always the cheapest and I don't even have to go pick it up!
223858223858B001D0KG3WA3DXX91OGQB3T0Patti Dee0051294790400Pleasantly smooth coffee....When I purchased my Keurig coffeemaker I had no idea what coffee to buy. Especially since there is such a huge selection of coffees to choose from. The saleslady suggested the Timothy's Italian Blend based on what kind and what flavor that I told her I liked. Plus, she really liked it, too. I'm from Louisiana and was a little hesitant to buy it. Italian coffee.........for a southerner?? Well, I'm so glad I did! This is the smoothest, best tasting coffee I've ever had! No bitterness, just a great cup of coffee!! I even converted my husband over to it. He drank only one brand, one kind of coffee for a number of years. Now, he loves it and won't drink anything else!! I keep it on hand at all times. Try it, you won't be disappointed.
223859223859B001D0KG3WA1G6Q2NQMJ2C3XARealAVFan0031293408000What's with Amazon's prices?I last bought this in May 2011, for around $26. I used to get it for around $17 on Subscribe and Save, before Amazon ended that option. I had to stop buying all my k-cups from amazon, because the big warehouse club has an 80-pack of Donut House and Caribou blend varieties for $33. I first thought it was just the coffee product that amazon was having pricing issues with, but their prices seem to be inflating across the board, while their competitors are not reflecting the same sort of steep increases. I've found myself going to v*t*c* for many of the repetitive grocery items that I used to order through amazon. The main difference I can see is that amazon's competitors don't have to worry about pleasing Wall Street, so their prices are kept more honest.

Italian Blend coffee is a decent mild coffee, my wife's favorite. We'll keep ordering it, but it won't be from amazon.
223860223860B001D0KG3WA241869ZQFB1FXK. C. Moog "KC Moog"0051293235200the best so farI have had a Keurig for over a year and have tried many of the different k cups. So far, this has been the best k-cup. It isn't too strong and isn't too weak. It holds its own against the half-n-half that I use with it and makes a consistently good cup of coffee.

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