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223891223891B001D0KG3WA3P2HFWF7D49ZNgolfteam8 "golfteam8"0031260576000Good robust flavor, lots of jitters!I enjoy a rich, robust cup of coffee, this coffee fits the ticket if you like the same. AFter reading the reviews, I decdied to try it. It seemed to be priced well in comparison to other Italian Roasts out there. I will say though that it must be packed full of caffene. I can only drink one cup of this stuff, it gets me pretty wound up.
223892223892B001D0KG3WAF2OYENVAWL5AKathleen L. Sieland "blueboy"0051260230400very very goodxI really love this coffee and i think you will also I will buy it again and again
223893223893B001D0KG3WA2Z2JQ7B8ZJKNFRhiannon0041259366400A very good cup of coffeeI have tried several of the Timothy's coffee's as part of the initial variety pack which came with the Keurig brewer. I tend to use the 10oz brew and add a bit of creamer or flavored creamer to my cup of coffee, but I always try to taste the coffee itself before doctoring it to my taste. This was a very good cup, I prefer a medium to dark coffee, and usually drink a moderately strong french roast at work. This was the best of the non flavored coffees, Timothy's or otherwise which I have tried so far (coffee people french roast is a 3 star, Newman's extra Bold and Timothy's Nicaragua extra bold are both very good but a little strong for my taste) If you like a medium coffee that is smooth and flavors nicely with a creamer give this one a try.
223894223894B001D0KG3WA1UHBLMNDNE2M4Courtney Webb0051258329600Italian HeavenI tried several coffees before settling on this smooth blend. It has a robust flavor and smells wonderful. If your looking for a smooth coffee with a little kick,this is the one!
223895223895B001D0KG3WA2PX15E25DY2YKDiane Hendee "Brierden Terriers"0051256083200Delicious cup of coffee.Timothy's Italian Blend is a great cup of coffee for those that do not want that bold and robust taste. Mild flavor and no aftertaste.
223896223896B001D0KG3WAHOO19483Q9TOLolly Jean "lollyjean"0051255478400Dependably delicious!We have this delivered monthly from Amazon on the Subscribe and Save program; it's my husband's coffee of choice. Always fresh, always consistent, it's a favorite in our home. If you like a little extra kick from your coffee, this roast is a nice, milder espresso blend--not too dark and heavy. Great coffee.
223897223897B001D0KG3WA2BR863RPN4PFKKelly A. Osborn0051239235200Awesome Coffee!We love this brand of Timothy's K-Cups. After only drinking the Green Mountain variety for a long time, I decided to give Timothy's a try. The Italian Blend is a favorite in our house. It tastes great!
223898223898B001D0KG3WA1TTT8V98TP3JKDocRossow0051236038400A great-tasting cup of coffee every morning!We have owned our Keurig since before Christmas, and have sampled many of the k-cups through the 5-cup sampler packs. After all of the tasting the Timothy's Italian is my favorite blend. It is crisp, robust, and has a coffee-shop freshness every time I make it. And what a great surprise that I can purchase this coffee through the subscribe & save program on Amazon! I just signed up for automatic delivery, because I have not and don't expect to tire of the great taste of the Timothy's Italian Blend. (Try some of their other blends, especially the Fair Trade.)
223899223899B001D0KG3WA100FEBX2RMQDWM. Davis "medicine woman"0051235692800Coffee loverTimothy's Italian blend is bellisimo a bold rich flavor with that special edge espresso has in a minute. We love it!
223900223900B001D0KG3WA1BZSS0PTYXYKVGail M. "GMO"0051235433600Delicious, rich & flavorful!Just a great cup of full bodied coffee, pure, rich with flavor, strong aroma, very smooth with no bitterness. Similar to Kona in flavor. If you like a strong cup with pure flavor and no burnt taste try this, it is a winner!
223901223901B001D0KG3WA11RFN4694RMA0Joseph Luca "JL"0021233878400Not for Dark Blend Coffee DrinkersI am a fan of other Timothy K Cups, but not this one. I tried it based on the reviews, but unfortunately it is not that strong. Of course it's a matter of taste. I prefer the darker blends, but if you are someone who prefers a "not so strong" coffee than I guess you would enjoy it. Don't get me wrong, it does not taste bad, just too weak for my preference.
223902223902B001D0KG3WA29V69W1QMY9AKDuncan1251245369600Excellent medium roastRealizing that these reviews are very subjective and it is hard to judge taste... these are my favorite K-cups so far and I have tried many. They are not too dark and not too weak, but with a great sweet and nutty flavor and are very consistent. If typical breakfast blends and the like are just too weak for you and the super-double dark ones are too bitter, give these a try, I don't think you'll be disappointed.

For a "taste preference" reference point, I am also a big fan of Kona and Kona blends.
223903223903B001D0KG3WA1EPAEMY4QG0ZBNightengale "Florence"1231236384000K-cups coffee..Timothy's Italian roast is a mild not bold coffee...It has a nice taste however much weaker than other coffee's I have had...
I would surely classify this coffee as a weaker blend of Italian Roast...
223904223904B001D0KG3WA1J723C0QAAVIKBILL LETO0121323388800weak was stronger the first time I bought itDon't if they changed it,but it did not taste like the first time I ordered it,don't know what they did to it?
223905223905B001D0KG3WA26TJ4OL2LOMAJSteve Walter0141301184000Good For Those Who Like Their Coffee Less BoldCertainly flavorful, but less body than I usually prefer. I think of Italian blend as a bolder, darker coffee. If you're put off by the stronger taste (think Starbucks)of the coffee house blends, this is the brew for you.
223906223906B001D0KG3WAPI7MZD5YPJ2EAnne Mantello0121267920000weak tastethis is a blend of coffee, and has a weak flavor, the Italian roast is much better
223907223907B001D0KG3WARKC127GA8QDUStudent20151253059200Great Anytime coffeeThis italian blend is a very pleasent coffee to drink anytime. I do not find it harsh, bitter or too strong. I have a few cups a day and can drink this well into the afternoon. I cannot recommend Timothys Italian Blend coffee enough... And AMAZON you "rock my world" on the delivery, always here within 2 days of placing my order !!!!! Couldn't be a happier customer !
223908223908B001D0KG3WA3570294OPSGY5JCPewter0151247356800Timothys World Coffee, Italian blendHave used many boxes of this coffee in my Keurig. It is full-bodied and very good, but not too strong/bitter. Highly recommend.
223909223909B007ZH701SA3QU3K2K6WAG8HColorado Reviewer0051344470400Excellent MixThis herb/spice mixture is a wonderfully pungent addition to tomatoes, salads, olive oil for french bread, etc. No one flavor dominates, so it's not too garlicky, oniony, peppery, or anything else. We love it but can't find in our local Safeway now, so glad Amazon offers.
223910223910B000EMAZK4A1HRNOOMTO6ESBtruthasiseeit3351294099200hot tea drinkerThe best tasting hot tea on the market! 1/3 the caffeine of coffee (which I gave up in 1999). My local favorites like Kroger and Walmart don't consistently carry this product. And the really good news is that by ordering from Amazon, usually with no mailing costs, per box the tea is at least a few cents less than at the local stores. Now go figure that! Thank you Lipton and Amazon.
223911223911B000EMAZK4ARHPK4E5N1FQWLylith3351168214400Yum!I'm not usually a fan of Lipton teas, but this is the best French Vanilla Black tea I have tried - and I've tried a lot of them.
223912223912B000EMAZK4A1ADGF5AYRN13OPopPop2251299024000Great TasteI could not find this tea locally anymore, so I'm glad I found it at Amazon. I've been drinking this tea for a number of years now, and probably wouldn't go back to regular tea.
223913223913B000EMAZK4A9I7A2U93R4F9Joyce K. Suihkonen2251298160000Lipton French Vanilla TeaIf you like tea, you will LOVE the french vanilla tea. Can't find it in stores. My shipment arrived promptly and was perfect. I love Amazon.
223914223914B000EMAZK4A35F0XY409ZTSAJen2251290729600Best tasting vanilla tea!I've been enjoying this tea for a few years now, ever since it first came out. I've always purchased it at my local grocery store but both stores that I could buy it from stopped selling it!!! I found it here on Amazon and couldn't be happier. Now I order in bulk and enjoy it everyday! It is the best tasting vanilla tea that I have found and I have tried many!!!
223915223915B000EMAZK4A12WYM8N85GEU4Elizabeth Whitehead1151343001600Best tea for the priceI couldn't tell you the difference between a bargain wine and an expensive one, but I can usually tell with tea. This is one of the only "supermarket" teas I like, but unfortunately it is not carried in my area. I'm so glad I can get it via the Internet!!
223916223916B000EMAZK4A2Z4F8HECUK466chickeeshanks1151324598400The BestThis is the best French Vanilla flavored black tea that I can find. It isn't sold in stores anymore around my hometown
223917223917B000EMAZK4AGGEQ36N90B0PJennifer1151317772800Flavorful!I wasn't a huge tea drinker before I tried Lipton Flavored Black Tea, French Vanilla, Tea Bags, 20-Count Boxes (Pack of 6). It has a great flavor that can be enjoyed hot or cold. I actually started drinking it iced to help cut back on my daily pop intake. Since it has such a great flavor I didn't feel like I was missing out on anything! The best part is this tea tastes great without adding sugar to it!
223918223918B000EMAZK4A34Y34VENDTAHOteacherlisa1151313107200love this teaUnfortunately for me, I am no longer able to buy this in my local store. I was so happy to find it here.
223919223919B000EMAZK4A2QPWA4E1CZ3HDHTexas1151308960000FantasticLipton French Vanilla is hands down one of the most delicious black teas available - I am thankful I can continue to purchase it through Amazon since it is no longer available in stores.
223920223920B000EMAZK4A2ORWB1C5YS0EXPenny Pincher1151304467200Lipton French Vanilla TeaThis is, in my opinion, the best tea that Lipton produces. It has a marvelous flavor and aroma! It's terrific as a hot tea, cold tea, and sun tea! You won't be disappointed!

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