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223951223951B004H6MV28A3LXOMANBRFQJGsuaimhneas152251329350400Delicious!I was a little worried about trying a tea - my hot chocolate and cider attempts with my Keurig hadn't gone so well. I combined 2 6 oz. servings - absolutely delicious! Nice and spicy, not at all watery.
223953223953B004H6MV28A21NBMOERHFKNHM. Brown "mikeybigb"1151334534400DeliciousThese are awesome Chai Lattes! And this was the best price I could find searching all over the net. I will definitely be ordering more very soon.
223954223954B004H6MV28A2LP9A8HM75PLXsad19691151333584000Great TeaThis is the best. used to buy chai latte at very expense shops. so glad that I can order the K-cups for home.
223955223955B004H6MV28A2M8MNA6GXGZMYMs Kelly1151330819200Great dealI'm not a coffee person this tea is great and the price is even better I recommened this to all tea drinkers
223956223956B004H6MV28A2PEKT2DLJTD4ALeisa1151330646400So delicious.These Chai Latte K-cups are so delicious. I want to drink them all(the whole box)at once, but try to control myself. I wish they were calorie free, but no such luck!
223957223957B004H6MV28A39INFTZG1GTBMTerri L. Jeroue "cooksalot"1151330560000so good!I sure love chai tea and I was not dissapointed!!! It was just perfect! I brewed it on the 8oz setting like they recomended and I loved every drop! This I will buy always! I plan on brewing it,cooling it and putting it over ice in the summer!
223958223958B004H6MV28A11OJJ3SJK5P5CNancy M. Clement Caron1141329782400NanI love this as a nice afternoon drink rather than coffee all day in my Keurig , I just wish there was a little more in the cups since it has to be on a 6 oz cup size or it will taste watery
223959223959B004H6MV28A3RDQS449HC370Debbers97058 "Native Oregonian since 1951"1151325808000The ONLY Chai latte I love!This is the BEST! We have a Keurig--99.9 % for hubby and his coffee---but, I found this Cafe Escape Chai Latte...and O'yum! Winner! I always take a few portions w/me when we go away for a few days, and just empty in a cup and ask the waitress for Hot Water! LOVE this!
223960223960B004H6MV28A267GKVDWFQY18bitrob20001151325635200The whole family loves it !!!!Was buying different K-CUPs to try and taste, but once I purchased this one,...oh my GOD !!!
The whole family loves it, I cannot keep in my house, its gone within a few days, kids and wife
drink for breakfast, lunch and dinner ...................
223961223961B004H6MV28A17SI29DNSK3HQAudra in WI2331330300800A decent Chai latte....This is a decent Chai latte.. not the best I've ever had, but certainly the best I've found for the Keurig. It seems a bit watered down and doesn't have the impact of the spice that I like in Chai. Just aroma and spice-wise, I actually prefer the Celestial Seasonings India Spice Chai k-cups with a bit of milk added after it's done (
223962223962B004H6MV28A1D69K7DZKOVL2chriscz "chriscz"2321325894400very artificial tastingI love Tazo Chai concentrate (just heat with milk) and this nothing close. It has a very strong artificial taste. It Smells good, but tastes strongly of powdered non-dairy creamer and way too much sweet and low (those pink packets of sweetener). Too bad, because it is a great idea and I really wanted to like this.
223963223963B004H6MV28AFF6F08FRSYWGKentucky Woman "Emily"0051351209600Love chai - love Keurig - love these K-cups!I'm addicted to these chai k-cups. It tastes sooo good and much cheaper than fixing my chai cravings at Starbucks. Highly recommend!!
223964223964B004H6MV28ANM000BVVUSCTDebbie DeNeese0051351123200Exactly what I was looking for: Fast, fantastic Chai!I was skeptical as to how good an all-in-one Chai Tea for Keurig could be, but my doubts were erased at my first sip! The spice blend is great, as is the sweetening and the dairy component. This is the kind of thing I was hoping I could get from my single-serve coffeemaker!

Order some, you will thank yourself every time you brew a cup.
223965223965B004H6MV28A19SQLKMY7PEEIMichael Daniels0021350604800WAY too SWEET for me!As someone who really enjoys a Chai Tea Latte from time to time, I was really excited when I saw this product and read some of the rave reviews! When I brewed the first one I was impressed right away by the presentation and aroma. However, when I took the first sip it was almost too sweet to drink. It tastes like liquid caramel with a hint of spice. Personally I prefer my Chai with more spice and not much sweet, so this was not what I was looking for. If you do like sweet drinks, though, everything else about this was 5 star. So, I guess it depends on preference. Wish I had ordered this in a sampler because I don't think I'll be able to finish them all.
223966223966B004H6MV28A10O4LYO967IZLinda R. Wagoner0031350604800Great change from coffeeGot this as a present for my son for our Keurig. His only comment was that it tasted alittle sweeter than when he made regular Chai lattes for himself at home. At first I couldn't find it locally, that is why I ordered it from Amazon, but have found it now and a good bit cheaper FYI.
223967223967B004H6MV28A1PATZ96CQ5X7KStanley Chang0031350259200Not a bad chai latte but expensiveIf I could I'd give it 3.5 stars.

The flavor isn't terrible. Not as good as a real chai latte of course but it has decent chai flavor and is relatively creamy. I do wish it was a bit spicier though (could probably mix this with real chai tea). Not bad calorie wise compared to other brands of chai latte powders because it uses artificial sweetener over real sugar. I don't mind but I know some people aren't fans of artificial sweetener.

The only major hit this gets is that the price is really expensive. Each cup costs quite a bit more than regular k-cups but of course k-cups were never really for price conscious individuals. Definitely would not buy a keurig just for these since there's readily available chai latte powders that are just as quick to make at a much cheaper price.
223968223968B004H6MV28ALEABNMSVO1JIgibble0051350172800Comfort in a cupThis Chai Latte is a "go to" when you want a little something sweet or just to relax and enjoy the moment. Great product that is always on the mark.
223969223969B004H6MV28A25L6BAHYZH652Amber0011350000000Not a fanI'm particular when it comes to chai tea but I drink it often. This kind, not so good. I'm going to have to try and sell it on craigslist or something
223970223970B004H6MV28AKEN2LJN6UHFYDr. Marilyn M Parker0051350000000Really good on a grey day!Thoroughly enjoyed each and every cup of Cafe Escapes Chai Latte in my previous order . . . so I'm reordering to enjoy as the days get shorter and cooler. Don't have a Keurig Brewer, so I just empty the single cup pack in a mug, stir in boiling water, wait a minute, and then sit and enjoy! Cafe Escapes Chai Latte K-cups for Keurig Brewers, 16 K-cup Box
223971223971B004H6MV28A1DRADY6RXUQGZbluejourney0011350000000contains SucraloseI think this product would be good, but I am sensitive to sucralose and cannot use it. It was very disappointing. The product will go unused.
223972223972B004H6MV28A14VQBJIDBCZ30Steven M. Wall "Videofile"0051349481600Heaven.I hate coffee but love a nice hot cup of chai. I have tried several options for home use and all of them have come up short. Until the Chai Latte K-Cups. OMG. It's just like what I get from the coffee shop. Having these available to me have pretty much guaranteed I will never order another one ever again. And only takes 2-3 minutes to brew.
223973223973B004H6MV28A36CNNHN9O717FAngie Newhouse0051348358400Chai Tea Latte LoverAwesomely easy cup of tea. For an extra dose of self satisfaction, add a squirt of whipped cream!

Chai tea is also good for you so drink up.
223974223974B004H6MV28A1JWH9D6RV7M3STamara Halliburton0051347840000This is SO GOOD!My goodness, I love this stuff!!! It is sweet, while not being too sweet. I have turned all my friends onto it.
223975223975B004H6MV28A3B8PEI0W9DV1Nomawally0041346371200Love my K CupsCafe' Escapes Chai Latte K Cups-it taste so smooth and it's a quick treat for the middle of the Day just sweet enough.
223976223976B004H6MV28A7IUS9T18ETHUYvonne I. Bamberger "Asian Junkie"0051345334400Great value for this kcup!!!!This is the best price around for the quantity of kculs per box....stock up!!!!Café Escapes Chai Latte, K-Cup Portion Pack for Keurig Brewers, 24-Count
223977223977B004H6MV28AU9XK1TN3QE5CDuane Neas0051344988800Chai Latte, K-CupsThis is the best tea latte I have ever had. Drink it daily and really enjoy the flavor. I've found it in the warehouse section of and it's really a bargain price! Cafe Escapes has other products and all the ones I've tried have been great. Do not hesitate to order this!
223978223978B004H6MV28A13FEHNGZ69RP6L. W. Wright0051344816000Chai Latte Cheapest in Town!I searched everywhere. Even discount stores. And buying in bulk (I purchased 3, which got me free shipping) meant that I paid even less than the sales prices with coupons at TJ Maxx or some other similar discount store for exactly the same brand. They taste great. I will definitely order again. They came on time when promised. You cannot do better that that anywhere, ever!
223979223979B004H6MV28AXCQG48FZWAQNiu0051344384000AmazingThis chai tea is absolutely delicious. Very creamy and full of flavor. I mix it with the Starbucks Sumatra coffee for a tasty drink. Buy it - you won't regret it!!
223980223980B004H6MV28A16OX6U12GNZITislandboy088760051343952000it's delicious!i'm a huge fan of chai tea's i find it very relaxing and mind clearing! usually before i start drinking a freshly brewed cup of chai tea, i will stick my nose in the cup and take a few deep breath, the aroma just clears my mind and relaxes me, then i sip slowly until its all gone, its great hot or over ice!

I enjoy a slice of marble pound cake with my chai tea!

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