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223981223981B004H6MV28A340P2G1MO0MYHElna G.0051342569600AMAZING TASTE!!I have to say this is the most amazing taste I have ever had. I searched everywhere for this. The few stores in our town that carries these are always out of stock of this flavor. It normally sells out the first day they get the shipment it.... Most I have to resort to buying my supply online here. This stuff has everything in it and no need to add more the flavor is just perfect.
223982223982B004H6MV28A2OIGRR7GILMNVAmy Kerns "Aims"0051342051200My Favorite!This is my favorite flavor. I'm not sure it has the same amount of caffiene as regular coffee, but it's too good not to drink every morning.
223983223983B004H6MV28A170WPF1CUA9ZHDani0051341619200Really Good Chai LatteIf you like Chai Latte tea and don't want to fuss with making it the 'old Fashion" way, this is a good alternative. Of course, you have to own a K-Cup coffee machine. I've bought a few of these boxes of 24 k-cups. The last time I ordered them they came in a package of 2 boxes (48 total) for about $32. Now it looks like amazon is selling them as 1 box (24 k-cups) for about $18. To me the key to buying this (or almost any item) on amazon is to do a search first. There are many different sellers here and they all seem to have different prices and a different number of k-cups in their boxes. Some add shipping and some have free shipping.

As far as the tea goes, I really like it and would highly recommend it!
223984223984B004H6MV28A10WGPFBBTM6UHJanet A Vansant0051341014400Chai Latte K-CupsThis tea is delicious, the hint of cinnamon helps to relax and soothe. A great drink for when you want to kick back and relax.
223985223985B004H6MV28A1CHJ4KO1YZAVTLee0051340928000This is a Must Have in My HouseIf you are a Chai Latte fan, you must try this product! I 'spoil' myself with a cup whenever I'm off a day from work.
223986223986B004H6MV28A2WU9DFYE1Z58QBaxter0051340582400Great!!Love the flavor! Not too strong, but not weak - just right. My favorite morning drink! I do not have to add any sugar, cream , or milk. It is perfect the way it comes.
223987223987B004H6MV28A4NSQAUDHMEP6tigersmama0051339977600My FAVORITEThis is my favorite flavor to use with my Kuerig coffee maker. It is the perfect way for me to start and/or finish any day.
223988223988B004H6MV28A3PFT5J2ITB27IHeath26310051339891200Cant Beat the Flavor.Better than any Coffee ShopI love this tea. It is so good and also wonderful if you add a little milk or half/half after it is brewed. Its also has less caffiene than what you would get at any local coffee shop. Can only hope they come out with a Vanilla chai tea.
223989223989B004H6MV28A3RNH24C2FFWAWNWMicrobrew0041338163200Cafe Escapes Chai Latte - KcupsBought this for my wife she says it isn't Starbucks but it is the best Chai Tea to come out of a machine.
223990223990B004H6MV28A1ZB8AP7A4TY25Amazon_Customer_X0051337040000AmazingThese are really tasty. If you enjoy the Chai Latte from the popular coffee shops, you will love this. Highly recommended.
223991223991B004H6MV28AG2WLXDREGE41Snaith Goole0051337040000Great Tasting TeaThis is the best tasting tea I have ever had.It reminds me of the Holidays,especially Christmas Holidays.It has a taste I cannot describe but is rich in flavor.Although I cannot find it easily in town,it seems this tea is carried most during Holiday Seasons so I looked on the net and found the price out of range till I looked on Amazon.Thanks Amazon.
223992223992B004H6MV28A3EPJS6MCCT4JFGraham Sutherlin0051336089600Buy the larger box - You'll thank me later!If you like Chai, this will be your new favorite! So yummy! Our only problem was that we kept running out!
223993223993B004H6MV28A2M4RJHD12445LJEvans0051325462400Even A Non-Coffee Drinker Loves ItWe've had the Keurig a whole week and the only flavor/box that's gone completely is this one. It's a household favorite. My husband who detests coffee drinks and most hot drinks, loves this tea as do I. We have ordered another three boxes of it because it is fabulous. Very reminiscent of the chai latte you can buy hot from one of the big coffee stores. Highly recommended.
223994223994B004H6MV28A16D4QM60L8OLEHarmon H. Johnson "Butch Johnson"0041325116800Excellent Chai LatteGood Chai- cheaper than coffee houses. Convenient in the Keurig machine. Got it through Amazon, which was less expensive than other options.
223995223995B004H6MV28A1ZJDOSGHV6UYFPixiedee0051324512000Great flavorThis is my favorite keurig drink variety so far. I found the chai tea latte flavor smooth and delicious, and with no strange aftertaste. I almost purchased this item last week, but was hesitant because of some of the reviews. Then, I received a free sample. Wow! So glad, otherwise I might have missed out on a great product. Will definitely be buying more in the future!
223996223996B004H6MV28AVOFW4IP3ZVC9Nancy "mamabear"0051323388800yummyIf you like hot tea with milk and sugar, you will love this chai latte. It has a slight cinnamom flavor, but otherwise, not nearly as exotic as it sounds. I have also become hooked on this, my new favorite flavor of K-cups.
223997223997B004H6MV28A2F483BAH7UCI3Sade0041322956800Cafe Escapes Chai LatteThese taste great, but you can only make small cups. The K cup actually empties out, so if you have a large traveling mug, you might want to make 2-3 small cups (using different K Cups) to get the full flavor. But, I love it!
223998223998B004H6MV28A3C26HADK8V9RFMarilyn Meredith "Marilyn, author and avid re...0051319846400My absolutely favorite way to start the day!This Chai latte is far better than any designer drink you can get in a coffee shop. I'm absolutely hooked on it. Anyone who is a friend of mine on Facebook knows that I always have a cup of Chai latte as I begin my writing day.Bears With Us
223999223999B004H6MV28A1V13XAWO98C1JStan "Stan"0051316649600Nice Tea, but a little priceyThis is a powdered mix, just like you could but in a larger tin, for less money. However, it is convenient because you don't have to boil the water first. I keep it mostly for when everyone else is having coffee, but one person wants chai tea. Otherwise, I may as well use the mix from the store and make several cups.
224000224000B004H6MV28A2G7OI6MDX5YPPRhea1211337904000Awful!These just taste awful! Not at all like an authentic chai tea. They are very chemical tasting almost like faux sweetener. I despise aspartame sweetener and this tastes exactly like that except I don't know what is actually in the k cups as I don't recall there being ingredients on the box? If you like fake sweeteners, you'll love these.
224001224001B004H6MV28A27BSAAUX6VWZFJames R Kuterbach1241331596800Not Starbucks - But Very GoodThe product is as good as any product for the Keurig K Cup Brewers. I drink about 3 of these a day and the price is well below the super market price. I will continue to buy this product for as long as it is offered. It is not Starbucks but i dont like starbucks anyway
224002224002B004H6MV28A6X4Q12FDIJVWSablejack0121334793600So SoI am a fan of chi but this is only okay. I made this using the 8oz setting. I found it to be too sweet. I added two little half&half cups which helped a bit, but it still had the chemical sweet taste.
224003224003B004H6MV28A1VOL35BEIPS2Scubmommy0121308528000Too sweetThis is too sweet for my preference. I love chai, but to me it tastes like milk with sugar and few spices. If you prefer chai where you taste more of the tea and spices and less sweetness, I would not recommend this k-cup selection.
224004224004B004H6MV28A1FXDA3HU2GW2MR. W. B. Firearms3611322611200Worst aftertaste ever.. even more then diet drinksI love coffee. I love chai lattes. I love my Keurig. But this combination was disgusting. The taste when first prepared was STRONG. OK, I get that and could even even like it... if the aftertaste didn't kick in. I have never tasted so much artificial sweetener in any product. This is not listed as lo-cal or diet.. so it was not at all what I was expecting. I would rather have an aspirin dissolve in my mouth. I am returning this to the store. Absolutely terrible.
224005224005B004H6MV28A2QE1QQ5T4GBMQN. Bethke1311335657600Yuck! Don't fall for the high ratings!!!!I did not like the taste of this at all. It was awful. I think the Tazo Chai Tea concentrate heated up with milk makes a much better chai latte. I did want to try this one based on the high reviews and the fact that it would be easy in the keurig to make this drink. It was NOT good. I'm going to try my best to give these away.
224006224006B004H6MV28A2FJBCW3QSZ7S3Stacey1311334102400no goodI am a chai tea lover and was excited to see this. After making and trying it with my family, I just don't like it. Very artificial tasting, I'm just not a fan.
224007224007B004H6MV28A8Z8PT2SZXJROJennifer J. Cunningham "Christian's Mom"1321328400000Disappointing ChaiLoved the thought of making a Chai Latte at home in our new Keurig machine. Read the reviews and despite some that were negative, bought the Chai Escapes. That was a mistake. The chemical aftertaste is very pronounced and distasteful. The bad taste can be muted a little with the addition of milk or half & Half, but do not recommend these for a Chai Latte Fix.
224008224008B004H6MV28ALY3EI8Q8GJ4DKTF "KTF"0241334880000Don't Just Add Water!! Add milk!!I bought these chai latte cups because I love Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts versions, but BE WARNED just adding water seems to intensify the artifical taste. While this seems redundant ADD MILK! It say latte, but there is something off with the ingredients so I do half water and the other half vanilla soy milk! It tastes great!! I can't digest lactose so I haven't tried cow milk, but Soy Milk does wonders! Don't throw your kcups away just yet. Also, you don't even need a keurig for these cups, alll the powder dissolves in hot water so no straining of grinds is necessary, so I mastered the half hot water half soy milk combo by just opening the foil pouring it all in then filling the cup (probably about 12-16 oz cup) half with hot water then half with soy milk.
224009224009B004H6MV28AKVMU70GO442PPinky0221330128000Too SweetI love Chai tea and was hoping to find one to use with my Keurig machine. This is way too sweet and lacking the spices that make Chai so delicious. I was disappointed with this one and won't buy it again.
224010224010B004H6MV28A3C093KN6OJPVOJenne0251298937600Great experience with Amazon...this is my first time ordering from Amazon, and my package arrived on time and in tact. Will defintely order again and will also check out other products sold here now that I know they have great service for online shopping...this was a great first experience with =o)

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