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224071224071B006K3QKFKA1SMIQLHFWRKSCLou0151338422400Quaker Granola CerealI love Quaker Granola Cereal, with honey, oats, and raisens, Also I love the Apple, oats, and cranberry kind too! I love the Hormel shelflife dinners. They are excellent, especially the chicken and dressing and gravy. I like the salisbury steak and potatoes and carrots and gravy, and the meatloaf with potatoes and gravy. They lasted me a whole month. They come 6 to a pack.
224072224072B004PYX7TSA2CCJGR996OMJ2Birdland230041313020800My husband loves this pastaMy husband is Italian and a big fan of unique macaroni. He likes this pasta with ragu as it holds up to the weight of the sauce. It does take longer to cook than your average pasta, but it's worth it. My only con is that it isn't packaged great so it gets busted up in shipment. A little bubble wrap would go along way!
224073224073B0007UXIW0AYJ2NLWB17YRXenia F. Woods61021126396800Shoumei White Tea is okayI really prefer the Shoumei Green Tea which is one of the only green teas I can find that isn't bitter. The white tea doesn't have any sweetness to it and isn't much fun to drink. I only drink it because it's good for me.
224074224074B001D69HFYA1TBWWJKJIN6A8rong dean0031253059200truffle tease not muchOil is clear but not teases like French truffle I had before. I am not order anymore.
224075224075B003OP8NWKA196SEEGLL4OGDJ. Singer3351285545600smooth, full bodied, and freshI've tried coffee from just about every coffee-growing region, but I think this is my first PNG coffee. It most reminds me of Sumatran coffee with its heavy body and full, earthy flavor, but with a bit of fruitiness reminiscent of African coffee and a cocoa flavor reminiscent of many South American coffees. It's very smooth and low in acid, perfect for people who want an easy drinking coffee without sacrificing flavor. While I hesitate to buy coffee online without any guarantee of freshness, this coffee tasted very fresh on arrival.
224076224076B002CR7NZ4A28KK6H7I24VOYJeffrey S. Delovey151651264809600Top quality lobsterI sent those lobsters as a christmas gift to a dear friend who lives in chicago,Ill.I am from Boston MA.The lobsters arrived alive and healthy in the foam container. I would recommend this dealer to anyone considering sending delicate shellfish that must remain alive until cooked. I would have hoped some seaweed would have been provided as a packing and cooking supplement but in itself is a minute detail that can be overlooked.
224077224077B002CR7NZ4A2BDYWKZKY6392Game 1017851292716800The BEST Lobsters EverI bought these lobsters on th 20 of December 2009. They arive perfectly on Christmas eve. I boiled them and melted butter to dip the pieces in. They were 1st class quality and the best I've ever had in my 55 years.
224078224078B003YBNK9KA26O170KX7HA4Ostar5541289260800Yum! And so convenientTried this at home. Shook it with whole organic milk in a cocktail shaker so it would be well blended.

It was creamy and velvety and lovely. Very convenient, will buy again. Like this better than the single serve hot variety.
224079224079B003YBNK9KAR1ZTLVHY5DZVJosie Garcia2251314921600Cheaper elsewhere, but YummyI absolutely LOVE this stuff but, I only pay $2.09 for a box of 6 servings at my grocery store. This price here is a bit steep. I have to addmit I'm actually addicted,so be careful. I'd probably pay this price if I couldn't get it elsewhere though, cuz I'm addicted. Do shop around.
224080224080B003YBNK9KA2DDJPV9X6MXLFV. Crawford1151314489600Cheaper than Starbucks!Love this! It doesn't taste like some instant mix at all! It's thick and creamy and sweet! I mix it with a glass of cold milk and a few ice cubes. I haven't tried other mixtures yet, but want to try it with chocolate syrup! This will definitely be my go-to coffee drink from now on!
224081224081B003YBNK9KA38H9KZZTWZREA. Shaw0051337817600Amazon: please bring this back for subscription.Hard to find product in stores. I drink at least one of these a day, now that reminds me, I think I will have one now...anyway, I used to subscribe to this before the name change from "Cappuccino Coolers", same product, but once the name changed Amazon dropped the item. Please bring it back, my local store sells me vanilla by the case but I would love to supplement my diet plan with the hazelnut as well.
224082224082B003YBNK9KA24Y5FHE3AA8E9Mevyn Istor0051311638400YUM! ICED COFFEE!!Great Stuff and only about a $1 per serving. I throw in ice and a drop of creamer with the milk. I also use the Almond Syrup and sometimes for an extra special treat some CHOCOLATE SYRUP!! I've got one of those Tupperware Shakers which is great and I don't have to stop on the way to work and I save about $3-$4 a day!! Can't beat that!
224083224083B003YBNK9KAQEC592J0K7UIS. Ladner0051296864000DeliciousI mix this with a tablespoon or two of vanilla cream and the rest skim milk....delicious! Creamy and smooth, tastes like a liquid version of nips coffee candy. It is also good and not as sweet sans the cream.
224084224084B0001WYT5OA29A2PU4UP0Z6MA. E. Dominguez0051326240000Ferrarra Pan Red Hots in Small boxes are best!Ferrarra Pan Red Hots are just what red hots are meant to be. The small individual boxes allow me to control myself and recognize when I've had enough. Large plastic bag is not a good idea for small little candies, you just keep eating.
224085224085B002910MW4A2AN0EAMDABXDVS. Siegel101051251331200A calorie counter's dreamI'm a serious calorie counter but I love my evening ice cream treat. I've been relying of Skinny Cow for years and it's been fine, but I often pined for an alternative that would give me more treat for the calorie. Now I've found my dream. It's almost unbelievable that I can eat a whole pint for less than 150 calories. And this stuff is GOOD tasting.It's not premium, high fat content, high calorie premium ice cream good, but who needs that anyway. The chocolate flavor is really very chocolatey, the consistency is smooth and the satisfaction of not destroying my calorie limit for the day is priceless! Bravo Arctic Zero!
224086224086B002910MW4A137NM9F4Q1SV9John P. Stuart "Jack"9931253404800Quality control ?I received 6 pints of the chocalate flavor. Four of them were great, rich creamy smooth texture, good flavor. Two were icy, darker, poor texture, poor flavor. They looked and tasted like they had melted and refrozen. As all six pints arrived frozen solid with dry ice remaining in the package, I don't think this is due to shipping. It looks like they weren't stored properly, or were stored for too long (months). This is a great product, but there seem to be some quality control issues. Four of the pints would get an easy five stars, but the other two get zero.
224087224087B002910MW4A1U4N3V23OJRQFC. Danko3331288656000So-SoI really like some of the Arctic Zero flavors - the chocolate was a little icy and not as creamy as I have had before.
224088224088B002910MW4A28G7SSYJ6TFOGWendy Searfos3311251158400yuckI was so looking forward to receiving this product. Unfortunately I hated it. I ended up throwing it all out. It seemed slimy like very cheap ice cream. The only good thing about it was it was still frozen when it arrived in Michigan.
224089224089B002910MW4AS19OKSQOQ5L5C. Clements "HealthyChick"3341248307200Yummy Substitute for Ice CreamThought it does not have quite the sweetness of ice cream, I found the chocolate and chocolate peanut butter flavors to have a very pleasant choclatey flavor and smooth texture. I let my pint sit on the counter for about 10 min before digging in, and it had an almost mousse like consistency - very impressive! Hard to believe this stuff is good for me and I can eat the whole pint without feeling the guilt I'd get with a pint of Ben & Jerry's.
224090224090B002910MW4A2VHZI80X0MEUFLowcalGIRL3351245974400It's got my vote!I really enjoyed this stuff and the free shipping. I got it in 2 days and it was packed in an insulated container with dry ice. It's amazing you can get ice cream delivered to your door. Anyway, it was really good and good for me at the same time.
224091224091B002910MW4ASAZ19ETLT2YNLiz2251287100800Great Low Calorie Treat!This stuff is so good! I finally found it at Whole Foods in my area, so I don't have to order it from Amazon anymore, but trust me, this stuff is delicious! It doesn't taste exactly like a pint of Ben & Jerry's (Come on, you you can eat an entire pint for 150 calories, be realistic!) but it's really really good. Like a delicious frozen protein shake. I love the chocolate and the chocolate peanut butter, but they sort of taste the same. (You can't really taste much peanut butter in the chocolate&pb one) I know they're expensive, but if you're in the mood to eat an entire pint, this stuff is great!
224092224092B002910MW4A3D9LM07P8CXIJo-Ann Hague2251271116800Price is High Satisfaction is HIGHER
224093224093B002910MW4A1T6C1X1CG9BEAC. Wright2241263513600Chocolate!I've tried all the Artic Zero flavors, and the Chocolate is my favorite! I can eat it a whole pint at a time. The chocolate Peanut Butter is "OK", but I wish they could make it actually have a peanut butter taste. I couldn't tell there was really any peanut butter flavor at all. The Vanilla and Strawberry Banana I can't even eat on their own. I've used them in a smoothie to save ice cream calories, but don't think they are worth the extra expense. So, I've stopped buying anything but the Chocolate flavor, which I re-order every few months. I've also tried the Pumpkin Spice flavor, that one bombed too. I just ordered their Chocolate Mint Cookie flavor and can't wait to give it a try! I have high hopes for that one! But if your on the fence of what to buy, try their Chocolate and Chocolate Peanut Butter combo and decided which you like better from there.
4 stars, because it doesn't have the "real" ice cream texture you would expect, but for the calories it helps me get my ice cream fix!

P.S. sometimes there are occasional problems with some of the pints arriving a little soft and melted. After sticking them in the frezzer to re-freeze, when you go to eat them they can have an icy texture. This is unfortunate, because of how expensive they are. I don't want a single bit to go to waste! But since I can't find them locally, I have been willing to just deal with it.
224094224094B002910MW4AO1MYD07FR1HQV. Vitale2241257811200Haagen Daaz it ain't, but.......Haagen Daaz it ain't, ain't bad. At least the chocolate isn't. I tried the strawberry banana and I've got to say that it was awful, I actually found it unpleasent to the point where it was ineatable. On the other hand the chocolate was not bad at all. No one is ever going to mistake it for "real" ice cream, but at 128 calories for a pint of frozen dessert treat it tastes pretty damn good. At least it satisfys the craving for something "sinful", without blowing your diet. 128 calories versus 1000 plus calories???? No contest - save the Haagen Daaz for really special occassions.
224095224095B002910MW4A1ZVF20CE9J770Kelley Eisenga "kelley"2251257206400I'm addicted!This stuff is great! I am a serious calorie counter, but I also love ice cream. This gives me the feeling that i'm indulging in ice cream-but i'm saving loads of calories. I love that I can eat the entire pint too. My favorite flavor so far is the plain chocolate. However I plan on trying them all. Now this stuff does not taste exactly like ice cream- but it has great texture and is creamy. I am so glad I found this product.
224096224096B002910MW4A1DUQHFUWRTRHAJ. Morgenstern "dogmom"2251255478400chocolate dessertI love this product. It is great for anyone who is trying to cut back on calories but does not want to give up flavor. Really chocolaty. Have served it to friends and they loved it also.
224097224097B002910MW4A3BMAEAFCB6H24Debbie Groll4551255392000Amazing, Incredible and DelishI absolutely love Arctic Zero. All the flavors are amazing. Chocolate, Vanilla, and Chocolate Peanut Butter are faves but now I need to add to that list the Pumpkin Spice. This one is right on with a perfect blend of pumpkin spice! The Arctic Zero customer service is the best I have seen. You have to try this stuff!!!
224098224098B002910MW4AB7ERZBIDYTRHEm1141327363200Pretty Yummy!Firstly, I have not purchased this product from Amazon, but rather from a local grocery store. However, I might purchase the different flavors someday from Amazon, because my grocer only carries the chocolate flavor. That's fine with me for now, though, since chocolate is always my very favorite! :) Of course, this stuff is a huge draw because it's only got the 150 calories per pint that they so proudly advertise. If it had as much as regular ice cream or sorbet, I highly doubt it would even be mildly successful. The flavor is very much like a chocolate sorbet would be. I would not say it is "creamy," because, well, there's no cream in it. However, it is similar to what I would call a sorbet, and does have a nice texture after sitting out for 5 minutes on the counter. The only thing I don't like about it is that there is a smidgen of a salty aftertaste after the first few bites, but then again, I'm really sensitive about salty flavors. Overall, it's not bad at all. I would recommend this for people with special needs/diets.
224099224099B002910MW4A18WKADVOE3BJIA. Crowder1141317859200YummersNot as good as the peanut butter chocolate, but still quite good. A great alternative to high fat and calorie regular ice cream.
224100224100B002910MW4A2UX6H8EJVHPEGD. Leland1151258156800Chocolate Lover's DreamI am a health nut who loves chocolate. This frozen dessert is absolutely fabulous! I can't go a day without it. The flavor is wonderful, and for 128 calories per pint - it is a chocolate lover's dream come true. I am an Arctic Zero fan for life!

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