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224131224131B0002ARQYQABU48SCSDIQV5Darlene A. Difford0051318291200The Best!I have used the buster cube for years with various dogs. It is by far the best interactive treat toy. Believe me, I have tried everything and always come back to this cube. You will not be disappointed!
224132224132B0002ARQYQA3J74EMK0NLNZ0Doglover0031315958400Good toy if usedI really wanted an interactive toy for my golden to play with while I was out of the house...however my dog does not find this toy interesting. I have filled it up full of kibble, I will knock it around so he see's what happens and he will eat the kibble that fell out from me and then walk away. He is not able to destroy this toy so maybe thats why he is uninterested! :) I think this is a good toy as long as your dog will like it!
224133224133B0002ARQYQASDO9MGRBB18Rsam0031315526400Food falls out very quicklyWe use dog food in here...but it all falls out of the hole pretty quickly! I'm not sure if there are certain kinds of treats that would work better in here, but it does not work as well as i thought it would. Although, when it is empty, my dog likes to play around with it. So I guess it entertains him and that's always good! (6 mo. old yellow lab)
224134224134B0002ARQYQA3URGVZA532GOFA. C. Garcia0041315094400Good but not greatThe first time I gave the cube to my puppy to play, she just kept looking at it. She didn't want to play. I left full of treats on the ground. The next day, she decided to play. She loved it. She played for a long time. The problem is, after few days, she can get all the treats out in only few minutes. It's a good toy, but not challenging enough. I wish it had more options to make it harder for her. She stills enjoys playing with it, but for a shorter amount of time.
224135224135B0002ARQYQA3RN3UDXB6OKWWSusan McKay0031314230400Perfect Size?I saw this toy at my pet's vet but it was $23 I don't remember what I paided but I know it was less than 1/2 through Amazon! I have a Corgi and the small one was just the right size, Corgi's have short legs and I had seen the large one also at the vets and it would have been too big. Right size toy, wrong size food holder! I ended up having to purchase some toy breed miniature dog food to put in it, it's almost like gerbil food but it's the only thing that fits.

The dog loves the toy though, he doesn't mind the tiny treats, they come out anywhere from 1 to 4 at a time and he gets exercise chasing it around as well.
224136224136B0002ARQYQA16H2882YN4H2LD. Jones0051289088000The Best Food Cube I've Ever TriedMy Miniature Schnauzer is a gobbler, when it comes to eating. She would then throw her food up. She got Pancreatitis and the vet suggested that I feed her by hand, so that she didn't wolf her food down so fast. He also suggested that I feed her 3 times a day. I found this Mini Cube, which I fill with her kibble and she has Crazy Fun rolling, knocking and hunting (I hide it and make her find it) for her meals. She has not had any bouts with Pancreatitis or throwing up since I started feeding her this way. It takes her about 20-30 minutes to eat each meal. And, she seems very satisfied when she is finished.

It's great Exercise and since Schnauzers are hunters by nature, it keeps her mental alertness sharp!
224137224137B0002ARQYQA3CTXFPNJCCUVOKeith Corbin0051287014400Dog Loves It!My dog LOVES this! She rarely plays as she's an older beagle, but shake the cube with some food it in and no matter where in he house she it, she'll come runnin'.

We got the same brand dog food, just different flavor, so she thinks it's a "treat" but we can still keep it low cal as beagles are prone to weight problems.

I would also make sure you watch them play and pick it up when it's empty as this will help them realize when it's on the floor, there's food, otherwise they might get bored of it. We've had it for a few months and she STILL loves it!

What a simple product with a fun result!
224138224138B0002ARQYQA30IO16J1Y2D1DSusan0051269388800Excellent -- Buster Mini CubeAs other reviewers have stated, this is a a great toy for dogs -- I put Cheerios in it, and my dog plays with it all over the kitchen until all Cheerios are finished.
224139224139B0002ARQYQA3KNHLXPL0CF4DD. Thompson "dt"0051266192000Great fun for both me and Lacey!I use this buster cube to feed one of my schnauzer's her breakfast each morning. It entertains her for a good 30 minutes or so as she rolls it around and munches the kibble as it falls out. Her first buster cube lasted 6 years (would have lasted longer if my second one, JoJo, hadn't chewed up the plug...), so chaos reigned in my house until we got the new buster cube. Now it's a morning ritual again.

This toy is extremely durable, easy to fill, and great fun for both you and your dogs. I would heartily recommend it to be introduced to the pup before their first year is up, and you may have to, uh, demonstrate it. Once the dog catches on, you'll enjoy watching them roll the buster cube around getting their kibble/treats from it. This toy is worth the money, for sure!
224140224140B0002ARQYQA2K0RQFRQXTSFVmomof2 "Aim"0031265932800Pets Buster is okWe have only used the cube a couple of times, it works fine as far as the dog working a little harder at getting his food. However, we cannont get the middle part to come out for cleaning. Until we can get it to do that we will not use it very much.
224141224141B0002ARQYQAQBVOKC71T0WJChris Winn "C.Winn"0051264809600Great ProductOur Welsh Corgi loves this product. She had stopped eating and we were trying to find something to excite her about eating again. This product made eating fun, and now she can't wait until breakfast.
224142224142B0002ARQYQA2RAHVQXI12VGABeGreen0041262736000My dog didn't like it, but my friend's dog loved itWhen my maltese was a puppy, he was scared of all the loud noises it made when the food was clinking around inside. But, I'm sure that other dogs would be interested in it. My friend came over with her dog and her dog couldn't stop playing with it. She finally asked me about it and I gave it to her, since my dog was scared of the Buster cube. Even though my dog didn't like it, I think this is a great product and must be very useful to other dog owners. If your dog is timid, then I wouldn't recommend this product.
224143224143B0002ARQYQA3P2Z4OGWMC8DAJennifer W. Hazelton "Seaprincessinc"0051260403200Mini-Schnauzer Loves itThis toy is my mini-schnauzers favorite way to get his meal. I put his dry food in it and he slides it all over the house to get the good out. My other mini stands and watches him and benifits from the toy as well, but is too lazy to do the work so he lets the baby do it and reaps the rewards. It's fun to watch them play with the toy also.
224144224144B0002ARQYQAO32ERMCG9SBAMarie Leroux00512557376004 month old ~6lbs puppy loves iti have an alaskan klee kai puppy who is getting close to 5 months and MAYBE 6 pounds if i'm lucky -- she LOVES this thing. i initially got it bc she INHALES her food as if i've starved her for days, and wanted her to slow down and chew her food. well, it slows her down a little, but she still inhales. she even plays with it when there's nothing in it and it's still sitting around in her xpen or kennel. the only thing i absolutely hated about it was when it fell in her waterbowl (from her nosing it everywhere) water got stuck in the cube with some dry food and i couldnt get it out for the life of me. it took FOREVER to get the center piece out (i had to stop using it for a couple weeks since it was disgusting) and i finally read somewhere that someone used a screwdriver to kind of pull the piece out. i didn't hear anything when i did, but it came out somehow. now it's clean and stuffed with her meals :) just for this reason, i dont know if it really would be cleaned too well in a dishwasher, since it took a while to get water out of it completely for me when i was just trying to empty it out before i opened it. if you hate loud noises, probably should stay away from this one. also, the hard setting doesnt seem to be too hard for my puppy, so if you're looking for something SUPER slow, this one will only get you there for a few uses. however, i love it, and so does juneau, so definitely an easy 5 stars.
224145224145B0002ARQYQA3309IEQSU5WF9Amani2 "jishera"0051248739200Great for dogs who need more challengeWe have quite a few treat dispenser toys, and our 10 pound chihuahua mix LOVES food, so of course, she loves these toys. We feed her lunch and breakfast with the toys. Unfortunately, they were starting to get too easy for her. We have the large Omega Paw Tricky Treat Ball, which she loves, but she gets the food out so quickly that we needed something more challenging. This mini classic buster cube fits her (and our) needs. Similar idea, but since it is more difficult for her to roll and move the cube, she has to play with it longer. So far, it is holding up well and she enjoys it. I highly recommend this toy if you want something more challenging for your dog.
224146224146B0002ARQYQA1KWRPTR0XBVJ4David F. Twomey "dave2mee"0041229904000Buster Cube ReviewGood service
224147224147B0002ARQYQA2FNVNTWWQNDXOV. Von Slomski0021227484800It SOUNDED like a good idea...My vet recommended this toy for my dog Koko (terrier mix) b/c it would keep her distracted and away from destroying my things. I filled it with the dry dog food that she likes and showed her how to play with it, but she won't have anything to do with it! I tried chopping up a treat that she likes and using that, but it didn't get her interest either. Maybe it's just my dog, but I was dissappointed. I highly recommend getting your dog a Kong toy though, she never lets that thing go!
224148224148B0002ARQYQA1Z5SQXIOJ62CGLL0051208736000Tons of entertainment!My dog loves his Buster Cube and so do I. It keeps him busy and out of trouble. He stopped chasing the cats and now pushes around his Buster Cube.
224149224149B0002ARQYQA1R2YYVEZ18CQURoldan Teroy1211345161600Did not last one dayOrdered this product along with the Large Kong Wobbler Red toy for our 3 dogs (weight in at 45 to 65 lbs each). This item was hard to fill, hard to seal, and hard to clean. Found the toy on the lawn the next morning after the sprinklers drenched the dried dog food into a melted mess. The port and plug located on one side of the cube which you add kibble is about the size of my middle finger. Impossible to clean even with a bottle brush. I soaked the kibble out and refilled it to give the toy a 2nd chance. Found that the plug shaken loose from the port and I later discovered it chewed up. This render the toy useless. Would not by again. Still have the Kong Wobbler Red and refill it daily.
224150224150B0002ARQYQA1VPYRNZ0VLQ55dog mom "Melanie M"1241248220800good funI bought this ball for my standard poodle. It didn't take him long before he was kicking it around & getting to the treats. He did become board with it.
224151224151B0002ARQYQACD9ADV6D8DIALong Tall Sally1231233792000Unhygienic, But Fun For DogOur very smart, very small dog, who is a Papillon and Jack Russel mix, really enjoys this toy. However, I find it frustrating that the cube just won't come apart for cleaning as it is supposed to. We actually returned the first one we bought because it wouldn't open, but the replacement cube won't either. The hygiene issue is unpleasant for the owner--but I guess it's not such a big deal, since from the dog's point of view, clean things are less fun than dirty ones!
224152224152B0002ARQYQA1HWFFQA5DEK20R. McKee1251205107200Dog LOVES It !!My parents have a dachshund and she LOVES this toy. It's the only toy she plays with. That dog has had this ball since she was a young dog and she is now 11 years old and still plays with it. After eight years (and much much use), the ball is finally starting to wear out. We've tried other balls to replace it, but she wants this one. I'm so glad I found the exact same ball for sale here, so she can have the kind of ball that she likes.
224153224153B0002ARQYQAIE9W7YFSJPDJJennie K. Nelson2411299196800Piece of crapMy 40lb cockapoo (he's not fat his father is a medium sized poodle) played with it well for 3 minutes then bit it and broke it nearly in half.
224154224154B0002ARQYQA2FT9M73ONUW1BSandra L. Wake2411267401600Pets Treat CubeI wouldn't buy this product again as it's too hard to open and insert the treats. It says to put your finger in and twist to open. I gave it to my niece to open and she even had trouble.
224155224155B0002ARQYQA108HCW5DYBX88biz "biz"2451232409600buster cubeGreat toy but a mouse got stuck in it, was half hanging out and dead.
so much for that.
224156224156B0002ARQYQA1ALWIBW24W9HAJohn Gutraj "John"2431169510400Not recommended if you have 2 dogsI got the adult and puppy buster cube for my dogs. One of the dogs does all the work while the other dog follows him around eating the kibble that falls out. I think its a great concept if you have one dog.
224157224157B0002ARQYQA1AOP4UBG0YKBDDPrice0111339804800CAUTION BEFORE YOU BUY!I am sitting here watching my dog completely sound asleep after a $600 emergency vet visit. We did as instructed with this toy last night and sat with our Pit/Mastif 17month old puppy named Daisy. She loved it and today we went out for two hours to look at homes to buy. When we returned she did her usual running around and greeting us with her new toy in her mouth. Several minutes later she was laying at our feet with her toy still there. While reaching out to grab the toy and play with her it was stuck. I mean stuck. She had literally gotten her entire lower jaw stuck in the hole that you take in and out to place the food into. Not a tooth not a hair, her entire jaw. I cannot believe that this is the first occurance for this toy. It definately needs some redesign or removal from market. This toy has cut a ring around her jaw to the point of bleeding and massive swelling because of how it was lodged. We bought the large version as HELLO we have a large dog. If you really care for your pet, look elsewhere for a toy that does keep them entertained when you are not around. It kept our baby entertained alright. But she couldn't eat or drink as she walked around with a 6 inch cube stuck to the front of her face. We feel pathetic that we did this to her.
224158224158B0002ARQYQA3UPPZWOMGF9J3E. Block "Mightymo"0151333929600Dog loves this thingThere's not a whole lot to say about this toy. It's simple, and does what it's designed to do. My wife had a little trouble figuring out how to open it, but she has trouble opening the front door. Once you get past that small hurdle, you put food in it and close it; simple. But the dog loves it and gets about an hours worth of play kicking this thing around in order to get the treats. She likes it far more than any of the other food/toys that we have. Great investment.
224159224159B0002ARQYQA2AA6VDAJNBCVIHappy'sCompanion0111331510400USELESSThis item was ordered as a package deal (saved $1!!!). One was sized for a 150 lb. Great Dane, one for a 5 lb. dog and this one is just right but impossible for me to get food into or a dog (or me) to get it out. Recommended by local SPCA!!!
224160224160B0002ARQYQAO1CGATK4PBU6M. Shaw "Fido & Friends"4821168300800Mini cube....outch!The Buster Cube and the Mini Cube is a great idea! The problem is that I almost broke all of my ten fingers, trying to get the inner cylinder out (for cleaning purpose). I let several people try it, because I thought there might be a trick...none of them was successful! I even went to Petsmart where they sell that toy. Needless to say that nobody there was successful as well. I ended up sending it back and putting some ice on my hurt fingers!!! 2 Stars for the idea...

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