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224161224161B0002ARQYQA2T90OFSZ5QVE8Doxie Mom X 4393951117411200Don't Be Without a Buster Cube!I bought a mini buster cube for my miniature dachshund to help build up his rear leg muscles a few months after he had back surgery. All I had to do was put a few pieces of his dry dog food in it and he figured it out quick. It's 7 years later and it's still his favorite toy. He can even pick it up with his mouth and carry it around the house. He puts it in his dog house and bangs it around for hours. He literally plays by himself and keeps busy all day in the yard too. He doesn't even care that I stopped putting food in it years ago. I had a few of these break after wear from the rocks in my last yard but I keep about 5 at a time in my house in case the company decides not to make them anymore. I bought one for my friend's pomeranian and he doesn't stop playing with it either. He now has two.
224162224162B0002ARQYQA3N7V77E79XRFRS. Wong222251233100800Definitely recommended!My dog is picky and doesn't eat his food in a bowl, but the buster cube solved all of that. This keeps him busy, exercised and happy. We fill it up two times a day for him.
The only down side is filling the cube. You have to put the food in the hole, shake it for the food to slide through a hole on the side, and keep adding food. The whole process takes about 1.5 minute, which isn't too bad.
I recommend this to all dog owners.
224163224163B0002ARQYQA1PJEAN52CCM9YG. Lopez313331259452800Loved it at first, but it's not very sanitaryI received the mini buster cube and my mini schnauzer had tons of fun with it. I put his kibble dinner in it and he tossed it around and got most of it out. However, over time I could hear that food "dust" was being left behind, and I found this product absolutely impossible to open and clean.

I tried to open with the instructions many times, asked different people for help, but the opening on the mini cube is so small that I couldn't really get my thumb in there (as the instructions recommend).

It was left unused for a bit and then one day when I picked up a small swarm of flies flew out of it! It was so disgusting I ended up throwing it away.

If you can manage to open it and clean it, this would be a perfect toy. Perhaps people have better luck with larged sized cube because it might be easier to open, but that one is much too big for my little dog.
224164224164B0002ARQYQAURID7J89LEPVJEM9951318291200The only toy that keeps them interested AND they can't destroy...Dog A: 42lb male corgi/lab/border collie

Dog B: 32lb female border collie/Godknowswhat

Dog A will crunch and bash to shards anything that resists him. Dog B will spend hours nibbling to bits anything that interests her.

Kongs stuffed with peanut butter and frozen survive all this but provide only 15min or so of dog engagement.

The Tug-a-jug is Dog A's favorite, but after a month he'd already managed to crack the thing in a bunch of places, after two months it was a miracle it was still in one piece, after three months it finally gave up. Dog B not too interested in Tug-a-jug.

The cube interests both, and neither has managed to do significant damage. Biggest negative is that it's very noisy as they're pawing, nosing, batting it around the floor.
224165224165B0002ARQYQA1O5O67B078W0SM. Howells9941318291200Great, once they figure it out Length:: 0:31 Mins

We give half of Bo's dinner in his bowl and the other half in the Cube and it's been really effective at keeping him occupied and slowing how fast he eats. There was a learning curve of a couple hours - I suggest when introducing it use really tasty treats and kick it around a few times to show there's good stuff coming out. With patience I imagine most dogs will pick it up. The biggest downside, and it's not really much of one, is that it can be a noisy process with the dog nosing the thing around on the floor and banging it into walls, chairs, etc., to get the kibble out.
224166224166B0002ARQYQA3EWMJZTFJZGPNMark P.7751201478400Great Product for Hyperactive PuppyA product that will actually last with a puppy that destroys every toy. Highly recommended.
224167224167B0002ARQYQA2MRKOBQH8CS5GRae payne "lynnie"6631312934400My dogs are special needs or just stupid.The concept is terrific and I loved the ability to layer different flavors to keep the dogs interested. I ended up kicking the toy around in order to get their attention and they only ate what fell out. My darling idiots aren't able to put the concept of their effort resulting in treats by nosing or pawing the toy around. The device would probably work well for smarter dogs, however, my dogs are just stupid. One more toy they don't understand. I give up. Oh well, my dogs entertain themselves by digging holes, breaking into the trash can and being loveable idiots. I KNOW there is a toy or two out there that matches their very low IQ and curiosity so I will continue to search. Good luck to all of you with more advanced IQ dogs.
224168224168B0002ARQYQA2NQKBC54RAZL5Keribeth5551296691200Best Toy for Active DogsThis toy is my dogs absolute favorite. He goes nuts whenever we take it out. I put an entire meal inside and it keep him occupied for at least 20 minutes. The hard plastic has a potential to do a number on your wood furniture and floors. My dog figured out if he drops it down the stairs, the food comes out faster. On the other hand, the hard plastic is what makes this so durable. I have a STRONG chewer. Very few toys last around our mutt but this lasted a couple years with frequesnt use. Yes it's hard to clean but at that point, wear and tear required a new one anyways. We are on our second and it remains a favorite in our house.
224169224169B0002ARQYQAXYOVYG27O75GAshley Adams5551292198400best toy ever!I have a siberian husky that has destoyed EVERY toy until this. It only took her about 10 seconds to figure it out...but it keeps her busy for about an hour at a time.
224170224170B0002ARQYQA3E5J75J2Q5NWMDeb.Bear4451327104000Sturdiest Food Dispensing Dog Toy We've TriedWe have a 9 month old lab mix puppy who is extremely high energy-- even with 4 miles or more worth of walks per day he has lots of excess energy. We've taken to serving his meals solely out of food-dispensing toys as it keeps him entertained and makes him think. This is the 6th food dispensing toy we've tried and it's the one that has lasted the longest and seems to take him the longest amount of time to get all of the kibble out of it, though he can still empty it pretty fast!
We've tried Omega Paw Tricky Treat Ball, Large and Omega Tricky Treat Ball Soccer both of which worked pretty well but broke after prolonged use. The Kong Wobbler Dog Toy and Busy Buddy Twist n' Treat LARGE were chewed apart pretty quickly and were useless after that. And our dog figured out that if he just tipped the Premier Busy Buddy Tug-A-Jug, Medium/Large with the opening down he could dump most of the kibble out without doing any work and consequently he would be able to get all the kibble out within seconds.
With the large Buster Food Cube, though, there really isn't any way he can get the kibble out without actually rolling it around, and it has lasted quite a while. It's made out of hard plastic so it can be pretty loud when used on a hard surface. We've mainly been having him use it outside on the grass though, so it's quieter and it's less likely that he'll break it by dropping it as opposed to if he used it on a hard surface. When he wants a refill, though, he'll drop it on the metal door sill, which he does quite a lot, and it has still held up fine. When you receive the cube it says on the package that you should get a size that will be too big to fit in your dog's mouth, probably to avoid the toy from breaking because of being dropped or chewed on. The first couple of days our dog used it he wasn't able to fit it in his mouth, however, after that he managed to figure out how to pick it up (maybe he stretched out his jaw muscles? Ha ha). We bought the large size cube and he is a 50 or 55 lb lab mix so bigger dogs will probably be able to fit it in their mouths too, or maybe our dog just has a really big mouth. So far it hasn't been a problem at all, though, other than that it's pretty loud when he drops it from his mouth. If we see him chewing on it when there's nothing in it we just put it away until the next meal time, but the hard plastic seems like it isn't very appealing to chew on, so that isn't much of a problem. Wiping off the cube is also easy, as opposed to with other treat balls that have ridges where dirt and such can get stuck.
When you pour the kibble or treats in the cube you kind of have to cover the hole with your hand and shake the cube a little so that the food will go down into the cube and not just sit by the entrance and fall out immediately.
On a final note, this type of toy might not be for all dogs-- we tried to get our other dog, who is 8 years old, to use it, and she couldn't figure it out even though we kept showing her how to use it-- she would just eat the food that came out when I rolled it around and then stare at me expectantly, waiting for me to make more food come out of it. We already knew the puppy seemed to be more intelligent than the 8 year old dog though, even though we still love our clueless doggy!
224171224171B0002ARQYQA2G4AZ8DEZZTQEKim Wishing I was in the South4451300492800Great Toy!I had a larger one for my 80lbs. Aussie and he loved it for 11 years until we had to say good bye to him! Now a gal at work got a new puppy and I thought it would be great for her pup to have one! It last forever, made out of hard plastic nd they have to work for their treats. We put kernels of dog food in it, they roll it around it it dispenses the kernels. Keeps them busy! Would highly recommend! Cheaper than getting it at the pet store too!
224172224172B0002ARQYQA15YB1I848GTZ4ShoppinginMD4431298419200Good idea, but didn't work for usThis is a great idea, however the center came loose and my dog got his lower jaw stuck in it and had to go to the vet to have it removed,so for future and current owners the mini centers seemed to have a problem with coming loose easily and with treats inside dogs will quickly get stuck even while supervised(in less than 30 seconds while I tried to get it from him he was stuck)

Before all of the commotion though he seemed to love it. He also was not hurt but had to be sedated to have it removed. I did follow the manufacturer's directions I guess it just wasn't in there tight enough which could have been my fault or a manufacturing error with the cube's locking mechanism, the vet was not sure, this is not so much a negative review on the cube but more a warning to other owners to make sure it's in tightly and don't leave your pup unsupervised with it.
224173224173B0002ARQYQA11QL0IEF4NOUTthe one and only me4451262131200Durable constructionThe animals enjoyed this item (husky & basset hounds). It is made of durable construction. The largest animal that uses it doesn't have any difficulty and is 75lb.
224174224174B0002ARQYQAH6CLLCRZZATYR. Sick4441220313600Entertainment for puppy!I got this for our Cairn terrier puppy, as they are smart and good at getting into things. He LOVES this toy! His puppy kibble was a bit small for the opening, but we got some bigger food, and he's got to knock, scoot, and tumble the toy in order for the food to come out. While it's noisy on tile, the pup is entertained for 20 min at least and we know where he is! So the pup gets excercise, gets to "figure out" the cube, and gets a treat all at once.
224175224175B0002ARQYQAFRL0WQJ2GX8LLucas6711323388800Very Fragile dog toy for big dogsMy dog did not have a time to play with this toy. He just thrown the cube to the wall and then, the cube was split into 2 pieces, broken!
Do not recommend it for big dogs (Labs).
224176224176B0002ARQYQA1Z27IP1Y7ADIKjustanothermom6741235433600hard plastic toy - a few years laterWe bought this for our 4 month old terrier (15lb). The thing I like best about this toy is that it fits his small puppy dog food, so I can just insert his day-to-day food without worrying about his diet being affected. It is HARD plastic so it is not a chew toy for his teeth like some of the other puzzles, and on our hardwood floors it can make a bit of a racket causing me to wonder about the scratch factor on the floors (but, oh well we have a dog AND kids). Our pup was scared of it for the first few weeks due to the noise it makes but now it is one of his favorite puzzle toys. It has two settings: easy pour and somewhat easy pour. Because of the hard plastic he really has to rely on the use of his front paws to get the food out rather than just his mouth (although he has mastered picking it up now.) It is a fun toy for him and a good thing to have around when he is restless and looking for trouble.

Aug 2012 Update: Our terrier is now 25lb and he still loves this toy. It remains a good size for him even though he grew much bigger than we expected. He gets super excited whenever we pull it out. He is fearful of thunderstorms and we use it as a positive reinforcement tool when the skies grey and the wind picks up. He gets distracted by the puzzle ball and forgets all about the weather. It is too big (or maybe it is too loud and too hard in texture) for our 8lb dog - she will not play with it even though she wants the food inside.
224177224177B0002ARQYQA2IY80G3S499PJBrian Mathason3351310083200Must have dog toy!This is MY favorite dog toy because it keeps my dog entertained for at least 20-30 minutes at a time. It holds more food than many other treat-dispensing toys and takes a long time to dispense all the treats. The large size means that the toy doesn't get into small spaces, which would only frustrate the dog and require assistance to get out. The square shape takes more concentration and skill which smarter dogs will enjoy. The solid construction and rounded corners make this toy virtually indestructible, even for heavy chewers.
224178224178B0002ARQYQA2G1LRD120SJPCK. Hill3351305590400Thought It Was Too Heavy - I Was Wrong!When this first arrived, I thought for sure it was too heavy and probably too difficult for my little dogs, but WOW I was so wrong. They chase this thing, playing soccer with it, all over the house, only stopping on occasion to check for treats. VERY VERY CUTE to watch.

I found it rather easy to open, so don't have the problem that some do with the stopper. I am amazed at how happy I am with this silly thing. Paws UP!!
224179224179B0002ARQYQA3D5A7W6HIMBHVHelvetebrann2251309478400Great for my puppyAbbey, our new puppy, is obviously intelligent. Regular toys just weren't quite cutting it for her. And she didn't care for Kongs because they were too easy for her to figure out. This toy, however, has been incredibly effective for her. She figured out how to work to get the food out extremely quickly. However, using the hardest setting, she has to work for half of her breakfast and half of her dinner throughout the day.

I also have had no problem pulling out the center piece. It's really easy. (I'm not sure why other people have difficulties with's really simple.)

Best purchase.

*Update: This is Abbey's favorite toy. It keeps her entertained for about 30 minutes. Our older chihuahua even loves it and follows behind to pick up any loose pieces that Abbey misses. This beats out the Kong any day of the week.
224180224180B0002ARQYQAZ50F6MW6LWODJokerfan2231296950400DisappointedI was disappointed with the cube. It is almost impossible to open. Finally I used the handle of a pair of pliers, after seeing a video on youtube, and I tore up the handle of the pliers opening it, it was that hard. The kibble either doesn't come out, and my dog gets frustrated and barks, or it comes out 5 pieces at once, and I have to refill it all the time. It also slides along the ground more often than it rolls over to dispense kibble. Maybe that's because my dog is too small to roll it? He's 6 pounds.

One more thing, the instructions both on the product and Buster Cube's website refer to "min" and "max" settings. There is no such thing on the cube, only "lock" and "unlock" settings.

My dog loves it though, so it gets 3 stars.
224181224181B0002ARQYQA3ISYEH714U3ZVKim_in_California2231294790400Very noisy and gets stuck in cornersWe lost a different kibble ball that our 16-pound Havanese loved: Omega Paw Tricky Treat Ball, Large (the small size). I thought I'd try a different kibble ball as a replacement. The Buster Mini Cube is made of hard plastic and makes a lot of noise when the dog rolls it onto the linoleum kitchen floor and into chair legs, furniture, etc. It's also a cube (true to its name) and gets stuck in corners. Maybe it's because my dog first learned how to get treats out of the Omega Treat Ball, which is round and made of softer material, but he definitely didn't have as much fun with the Buster Mini Cube. He also liked to carry the Omega Treat Ball around in his mouth, and the Buster Mini Cube is too large and square for him to do so. I just purchased another Omega Treat Ball and expect it will remain his favorite kibble ball.
224182224182B0002ARQYQAZ4IFJ01WKBTBK B2231291680000hard to load, good but there are other products that are betterwe love the idea of draining a dog's energy, stimulating their mind, giving them a fun challenge, and feeding them all in one. we have bought a lot of the products that do just that. the buster cube was one of the first products we bought. it does what it says. the only downside is loading this thing. it takes time and is kind of a pain. we have since moved on to the Kong Wobbler Dog Toy, OurPets DT-10504 Smarter Toys IQ Treat Ball, 5 Inches, and Premier Busy Buddy Tug-A-Jug, Medium/Large. all of which are easier to load and accomplish the same goal.
224183224183B0002ARQYQA1IKLTRDBBO84FLisa A. Jones2221279670400Cube material too hardThis cube is the right shape, and dispenses treats wonderfully. However, my wrestless herding dog, who is very smart, does not enjoy the difficulty in getting the hard plastic cube to "turn over" and give her a treat. I'm disappointed because I hoped this toy would help some of her boredom during the day while I work. If the plastic were softer or there were more outlets that dispense treats she might go for it. Otherwise I don't recommend this for at least the Sheltie breed.
224184224184B0002ARQYQA1DXT87IHZ4VHPSinister Stairs2251277424000Our favorite puppy toy, and arguably second-best investment we made!We absolutely love the Buster Cube, as does our dog Jack! This is easily our favorite toy of his, and arguably the second best item we've bought for him (his crate being #1).

When we first got the Buster Cube, it distracted him for 30 minutes at a time. Not only does it challenge his mind, but it forces him to eat slower so he digests better. We pretty much put his entire dinner in there now!

He loves the cube as well, and views it as a treat now, in and of itself! (i.e. He'll "beg" for it, and even roll it around when there's no treats in it.)

Since then he's gotten much faster at getting the food out, so we have been slowly dialing up the difficulty. (There is a dial that increases/decreases the food reservoir.)

Some tips: It's really noisy if your dog plays with it on tiling, and it slides around more than it rolls. So if the noise bothers you or if you want to make it easier for your dog, have hir play with it on carpeting.

Also, it helps to play with it in an area where the cube won't accidentally roll underneath dressers or down the stairs or get wedged into a corner. (Although, through these kinds of mistakes, Jack has figured out how to avoid them.)

The most important thing, as mentioned in the included instructions, is to make make sure your dog quickly gets food out of it and realizes there's more to be had. Even the very first time we tried the Buster Cube, Jack was completely focused and involved. :)


We've had this over a month now, and now the full-size Buster Cube is our favorite -- our dog outgrew the mini as his meals got bigger and it took longer and longer for us to pack them into the mini.

If we ever got another puppy, I'd also use the small-sized Cube in between the mini and the large. The Cubes are awesome, but let them grow with your pet. :)
224185224185B0002ARQYQA1YZ41A0YPE2BBG. McKenzie2251252627200Keeps Puppy BusyBusy puppies are less apt to get in trouble. I have a 3 month old lab puppy who will do anything for a treat. Sometime I just need him to be busy so I can finish the dishes or clean up. I put some kibble in his cube and off he goes. He paws at it and pushes it with his nose then looks to see if anything comes out. Perfect little distraction until I'm ready to play with him again!
224186224186B0002ARQYQA7HUOSNQCWXIBS. Storm2251242259200Best thing ever!...or close to it! Our Cairn terrier looks forward to pushing her mini cube all over the house in anticipation of a bit of kibble tumbling out. When it's empty, she lets us know with "yip!" Unlike the rest of her toys, this one has been indestructible so far.
224187224187B0002ARQYQA22M8VJY8PKCA3J. Sanders "catfarmer"2241228780800Great toy but poor designI got this toy for my puppy and he LOVES it. I agree with other reviewers that it is a 'must have' toy. However, the inner cylinder pops out occasionally on our tile floor It works better for him outdoors. It is also a bit difficult to load and adjust. I am very satisfied, overall, with the product because it keeps him entertained.
224188224188B0002ARQYQA27EGU0R3EIO73KMVH2241206403200Great for active dogsI got this cube after my vet recommended it. I have a border collie Alaskan husky puppy. Both breeds are high energy, so she is very active. My vet said that this toy will help with mental stimulation. My puppy loves it. The minute she sees it in our hands she gets all excited. When we put food in it and shake it she goes nuts. One thing that is really nice about this is that you can make it harder. I think this is a great toy, and my puppy uses almost every single day.
224190224190B0002ARQYQAGYHD93TH5UP2amazon shopper4511303084800Terrible "toy"I'm sorry I bought this impossible toy. The instructions on the box do not match the product. In order to open it, you are supposed to insert your finger into hard plastic and turn. I had to put on a glove as it scratched me so much. It's very difficult to open and to close. The instructions include difficulty settings and there are none on the ball. The dog would have to bat the ball like a cat to get it to work. Waste of money!

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