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224194224194B0002ARQYQA3S73OIUJKMNS9Liz1151339632000Gaming for Cats, tooI purchased a small buster cube for one of my cats, who is an expert at quickly deciphering puzzle treat dispensers. The ones that merely require tipping or rolling a ball are too easy, and the Nina Ottoson puzzles are conquered in less than ten minutes. However, more than six months later, this cat probably spends an hour each day occupied by the Buster Cube, deftly rolling it over the rounded corners to shake out his breakfast.

No other puzzle toy I've met can keep clever animals occupied for as long as the Buster Cube. My cat is definitely less anxious and restless since getting it. I just wish that they made a version that was easier to clean, and perhaps even chew-proof (I wouldn't leave the hard plastic unattended with a hard-chewing rottweiler, for example). Now that we're getting a new puppy, the Buster Cube is the first toy on my list.
224195224195B0002ARQYQA270XWP1VRQJ59willorun1151338854400Great productI bought one of these for my Siberian husky house dog. She recovered from a serious injury and cannot romp and play with other dogs. This toy helps keep her entertained. It is tough and can take the abuse of a husky batting it around the house. It is challenging for her to get the treats out, and it can be set from easy to harder, so you can make it easy at first, till the dog gets the idea, and then make it harder so it is more challenging. I've had several other puzzle/food dispenser type toys for her and this is the best one, hands down.
224196224196B0002ARQYQA203OCQQ12MAVTHMMWV "God, Country, Corps"1131335312000NOT good for big dogs, plug comes out too easilyMy smartphone accidentally ordered this item for me at 2:30 AM while I was asleep. There was a reboot and software reload that night and I guess amazon was recommending this on my screen. Anyhow I had it for 2 days while trying to find a post office that would accept it and take it back to amazon since *I* did not order it.

Looking at the product, it has weaknesses. I did not let my German Shepherd Dog play with the toy as she is pretty destructive. The first problem I identified is that the plug that keeps the food inside and lets it dribble out at a slow rate does not secure itself well enough to prevent a clever dog from getting the plug "unplugged". Basically the detent is not firm enough to hold the plug in place.

It's also not sturdy enough for big dog roughhousing - thin wall brittle plastic construction, loose plug (which once removed will get chewed to pieces), and a small gap that will not let big dog food fall down the tube make it useless for big dogs and their oversize kibble. The cube is pretty big (5-6") for small dogs with 1/4" kibble which is what it is really deisnged for. My dog's 5/8" funky shaped kibble would never go down the chute and would piss off the dog.

So too small for a large dog for which it is sized, and too big for a little dog which makes it wrong-sized except for the mid size (15-30) lb dogs which would probably have a good time playing with it provided the owners make sure the plug stays in place-it rotates out too easily. Eventually the brittle plastic will crack - depending on the dog the crack may be sniffed out as an alternate route to the food supply, and depending on the teeth the crack may become large enough to get kibble out of.

I had already bought the LARGE KONG Kong Wobbler Dog Toy toy and took a knife to carve out the opening so large kibble would come out ok without fustrating the dog. When the dog knows there is food inside they will become irate, and get into trouble trying to figure a way into the food. Pretty soon the kong goes flying, hurled by an energetic dog fustrated with getting to the treat, which is what brought out the knife to open up the hole it falls from. Dog and Kong are doing fine now that the food comes out ok. I don't like the food chute on the cube design - as an engineer I feel it is flawed from the beginning. I don't really like the kong either because it screws together the top and bottom halves. Dogs seem to understand threaded connections after a few trys even without opposable thumbs. A good grip and bite will unscrew a kong especially with a big mouthed dog, e.g. a german shepherd!
224197224197B0002ARQYQA2F3UYEROQXTSJJames Cummings1141334966400Great toy!..just needs a tweak. Length:: 0:28 Mins

My lab/pit mix destroys most things. We've had this cube for a few weeks now and its still in great shape. It does, however have far too many openings inside for food to get out (if you're just using his dog food). So I taped off the bottom 1" hole and half of the side opening with duct tape. NOW it only releases a piece or 2 every so often.
He's rolling it all over the living room as I type this and couldn't be happier.
224198224198B0002ARQYQA20AMMXLG78K4IJ. Hahn "J.Hahn"1141332979200Don't use on hardwood floorsOur corgi really loved this food toy/game.

The only problem, we have hardwood floors and the toy was going to destroy our floors. So we're pretty bummed, but the dog won't be using this after just one day. Hardwood floors are too expensive to ruin for this toy. If you have wall to wall carpet or another type of flooring that a hard object won't damage it's great!
224199224199B0002ARQYQA2J45FFL1O12LLBradley "Foady"1141332720000Dog loves it.The only problem with the Food Cube is that it is slick on all sides. My dog could not get it to roll on either the kitchen floor or carpet. I fixed this by putting some friction tape on each side. Now it keeps him busy for almost an hour at feeding time.
Best of all, it is too large to fit under our couch.
224200224200B0002ARQYQA22JEN2EZXCLLAnorcal.girl211151332028800My "Other" Best FriendThis is my rainy-day lifesaver!! I have an 85 pound Lab/Pit/Rhodesian Ridgeback mix. He is typically well behaved in the house, but once the rainy days start to kick in and we don't get to go to the local dog park he becomes a menace! So on rainy days we fill up his Buster Cube with his breakfast or dinner and let him go to town! It is loud and it is annoying, but it's better than having the house ripped to shreds. The Buster Cube is the only toy that will actually wear him out! We'll never be without one again!
224201224201B0002ARQYQA3HANR61OYNKQElizabeth Zimmerman1131329350400Could not withstand the wrath of my heavy chewerThis was a great toy for my beagle, who immediately figured it out and nosed the cube all around the house while the kibble dribbled out. Not so for my pit mix, who didn't have the patience for such antics. Instead she just tried to bite it in half. It didn't take took long for her to be able to do just that. Although I will say the buster cube has lasted longer than some similar interactive toys which took her seconds to destroy, it's now unusable like the rest.
224202224202B0002ARQYQA21PEB5NYNKHOQAvid Reader1151326067200A Stomach Saver - and tons of fun!When we adopted our dog, she had a variety of medical problems, "intestinal turbulence" chief among them. She was a competitive eater, wolfing down her food in seconds, which contributed to the problem. This toy not only engaged her mentally and physically, it forced her to eat slowly, which has helped her digestion tremendously. She is absolutely bonkers for it. She spins in delighted circles whenever we pull it out. She creates obstacle courses for herself while rolling it around, and leaves pieces of kibble behind to be rediscovered later once the cube is empty. In other words, she has added her own layers to the game. The best part is, if we feed her in her regular bowl now, she eats much more slowly, as the cube has taught her to take her time with her food. This is a very, very durable toy - the first food puzzle toy she hasn't broken. The only negative is that it is very loud, so don't use it in the same room where you're trying to watch television, or have a conversation, or think. :-) I find it extremely fun to watch our dog play with the cube for the 20-40 minutes it takes for her to empty it, so I don't mind the noise. Highly recommend.
224203224203B0002ARQYQAK0V9I5XJOS4JJennifer S.1151324252800Dog toy? Sure, whatever. Pig toy? Heck yeah!I bought this for my indoor pet pig and so far he's loved it. It's great for the rooting instinct and insane drive for food, and keeps him pushing it around the room for at least an hour.
The little hole thingy comes out easily enough for me, but he hasn't managed to pull it out. Also very easy to clean.
224204224204B0002ARQYQA19XNWQ5IQY16KSoph1121324080000Center Lock Easily Falls OutTHe center lock easily falls out and makes it's easy for the dog to chew it up. The cube itself can be very noisy but that doesn't bother me and the dog loves it. I just wish my dog hadn't chewed up the center lock. I only had the cube for a few weeks before it fell out and she chewed it.
224205224205B0002ARQYQA2RALM1QW6H7T7Nelson Urdaneta1141322870400A little scared at first, but now she loves it Length:: 0:47 Mins

Great toy, a little noisy though.
Our 18 month beagle first get scared of this toy, she knew there were stuff in it but she just sniffed it, I had to kick it to let the treat out for her to enjoy them.

After a while (a few months) I just saw her kicking the thing for her own.

She sits there waiting for us to leave her toy with it, and once we let her, she doesn't stop until she gets the last treat off it.

It would last for a couple of hours on the hard setting (the cap all the way to the locked position).

I think it's a great toy, keeps our beagle active for a while, it makes a lot of noise banging to the furniture and walls, but we use it when we are not at home.

The only thing I don't like about it, is that it's very hard to clean, harder if it gets wet. Your dog won't care about it, but some neat folks might care.

It's a keeper.
224206224206B0002ARQYQA1JTDDKNYKJ9NPWendy Young "Cajun Mommy"1121313625600Not impressedMy 8 month old labradoodle prefers the one that is round (another brand). The square design on this one makes him scoot it around which seems to lose his interest rather quickly. Plus it's rather noisy.
224207224207B0002ARQYQA23NS4BVECATTKcdub19791131312329600fun for him... not for me!my 14 week old puppy LOVES the buster cube. I ordered the large one and had NO problem with the instructions and also found the "difficult setting" too easy for my shepherd/jindo mix. He WOULD play for hours im sure if i didnt have hardwood floors and consideration for the neighbor below me ... and my own sanity. Not sure why its made of such hard plastic but its like a car wreck in your home. I can handle about 5 minutes of it and then a have to put it away much to the dismay of my very entertained pup. This is a great idea but maybe best for people with carpeting or possibly just an 'outside toy'.
224208224208B0002ARQYQA34GKXFIUNTFWPSuzieQ1151311206400Dog's Best Friend!My 18-pound Bichon absolutely loves this toy! Even though it says it is for large dogs, he rolls it around the house working to get the treats out and even picks it up with his teeth and carries it to the room where he wants it. I really enjoy watching him play with it, but I also like to give it to him when I can't be home. It keeps him occupied for hours on end. Much easier and less expensive than getting a second dog to keep him company! I would rate it higher than five stars if I could!
224209224209B0002ARQYQA1ATRHJL7FWOHGLouie &1151307923200So much fun!
224210224210B0002ARQYQA38I7Y6CMYOLHWSteelCityRock1141303603200good but noisy, which my dog likesThis took a little longer for my dog to use because it doesn't roll as easily as his other treat toys. However, my dog enjoys making a lot of noise when playing so this is good for that. He has never been able to fully empty this ... maybe because I finally take it away because he gets so worked up playing with it and really starts batting it around. I usually switch him out to a quiet rubber toy after a while but this toy is still great to get out his fixation with making noise.
224211224211B0002ARQYQA231KNAD4J7I0Hbookworm19761151300406400Buster cubesGreat product. I fill the cubes with liver treats and my two pugs absolutely love them. They can play with the cubes for hours and they're usually picky with their toys.
224212224212B0002ARQYQAW7TF999PGWDPDiane1151299283200My dog loves this toy!Keeps my frenchie puppy occupied! I purchased the small size for him. The more he plays with it the more he likes it.
224213224213B0002ARQYQA3HF7ZN9D3ASDVSpike1141299024000Solid product, entertaining and effective.My dog is rather smart, so I've found it a challenge to keep him mentally occupied for longer than 15 minutes with any type of toys - Busy Buddy, frozen Kongs, anything. The mini Buster Cube has finally done the trick. I just put his normal serving of food (1/2 cup) in here and set it to the most difficult setting, and he's busy for about half an hour, which is wonderful!
The cube is easy to fill and use, easy to clean and doesn't seem prone to breaking, so I would highly recommend it.
224214224214B0002ARQYQA1TGWHOPZOMPN5DB1151295049600Great food toy!My terrier chases it all around the house. He finally gets tired - a good thing! The cap can be adjusted for the size of the treats, and how fast you want your dog to get the treats. If at the "easiest" setting, my terrier finds a way to remove the cap. For aggressive hunters I suggest keeping the cap at the tightest setting.
224215224215B0002ARQYQA1H405FWEHJZG8Miss K "Miss K"1151294963200Great Toy!My dog is an only "child," so keeping her occupied is challenging. She loves this food-filled cube for both entertainment and for satisfying her hunger when she wants a snack.
224216224216B0002ARQYQA1LYZDJ33YZ3PIStacy in Texas1151291852800Great Toy/FeederOur dog loves it! She is a Toy Manchester Terrier and this is a great idea. The middle was hard to get out the first time. I couldn't do it and just filled it a little at a time. My husband was able to get it out and ever since he did it the first time it comes apart very easily. And it is easier to fill that way.
224217224217B0002ARQYQAXWTOXXBXRRNXLinda L. O'Rear1151291766400Great puppy entertainmentThis is one of the best puppy entertainment toys that I have ever bought. I have a 7 lb. mini Dachshund who loves this toy. She will run & get it & drop it at my feet & sit looking at me until I put the treats in it. She will then play with it for a long time even after the treats are gone. The treats I use in it are Old Mother Hubbard "Bitz". They are the perfect size for the mini cube.
224218224218B0002ARQYQA5LM8VZ7MMPURSugarsmom1141288483200Fun but LOUDMy dog LOVES this toy (Weimaraner/Rottweiler mix). She has not chewed it up as she does with so many of her toys. The only disadvantage is that it is LOUD. I have hardwood floors and she sounds like a one-woman wrecking crew!
224219224219B0002ARQYQAJV2QY96IVPVMSuperFids1131262908800Challenging & fun but limited use for non-kibble feedersMust-have product for dogs that eat kibble.


* Good quality; solid construction; good quality plastic; smooth edges

* Nice-looking/ attractive design

* Challenging! Square shape requires dog to work hard in order to earn treats

* Adjustable difficulty level - you may turn the inner cylinder to adjust "flow" of treats


* Plastic is hard and *noisy*. Apartment dwellers may have downstairs neighbors complain.

* Hard to clean. As others mentioned, the middle cylinder is virtually impossible to remove.

* Limited use. It's pretty much designed for kibble. Odd-shaped treats get stuck at the bottom.

IMO this toy is GREAT for folks who feed kibble since it provides a challenging game that will keep dogs occupied.

Since I feed my dog a raw diet I fill the cube with irregularly shaped food items (dehydrated beef/ liver/ chicken, jerky, etc.). Unfortunately these don't fare well in the Buster Cube. A better option is the Tug-a-Jug with the rope totally removed.

I like the Buster Cube but can only give it 3 stars based on the size limitation of stuffable items. Having to cut treats into small pieces so they "flow" through the toy is frustrating and time-consuming.
224220224220B0002ARQYQA3T2LP0WITMJKTBLM1151240185600Keeps Fido occupiedThis is great to use to keep your dog busy for a while. My terrier loves it.
224191224191B0002ARQYQA3CW94YYFXEBSIC. Jones "bascelflt"81111306195200BLOOD EVERYWHERE! BEWARE - NOT SAFE!!!!!I was in the same room with my schnauzer when he suddenly went nuts and there was blood everywhere! the middle insert came out and he got his teeth caught in the cube trying to get to the food. NOT SAFE! he was hitting everything in his path and it took a few minutes to calm him enough to lower his head and get his teeth out of it. We won't use THAT again EVER

It is also VERY difficult to put the food into, you need good finger dexterity to accomplish that feat. This was truly a waste of money.

This deserves a ZERO star.
224192224192B0002ARQYQA2O20KV04D8IXErica1141345161600Durable but not for hard floors!I have a dog who can destroy almost anything he touches (everything but his kong and tire) and even he hasn't put a dent in this one a year later. When we had carpet I loved it, though I agree that the food dust makes a mess when it rolls around and gets everywhere. Now we have hardwood floors and it is SO loud I can't stand it. It seems like he always gets it out when I'm trying to talk on the phone or watch tv! It is awesome and keeps him busy, however, so we love it.
224193224193B0002ARQYQA33L700IYXDWWS.mel.1111343692800Way better things out thereMy dog loves interactive toys and it seems its the only way I can get her to actually eat her meals. I bought this thing (mini size) with high hopes but once I got it in its done nothing but disappoint. First of all I think I may have a defective product since there is absolutely no way I can get the middle cylinder out. I looked this up online and it seems numerous others are having this problem. Therefore strike 1: can't clean the thing which I can see getting gunky real fast. Fine I can't remove the cylinder, maybe I'll just throw some small treats in there and see how she likes it. Put it on the hardwood floor and BAM BAM BAM BAM it goes. Try constantly throwing a slightly heavy plastic object at your furniture, walls, and neighbors are going to freak! Strike 2: SO LOUD. Ok, maybe its because I can't take the cylinder out/defective but after five minutes of banging not a single treat has fell out and my dog is getting frustrated. Fine its the human's turn...okay I'm shaking, I'm turning, I'm shaking, I'm turning, now I'm peeking through the hole and shaking and shaking and shaking....NOTHING. Seriously? I had to maneuver the cube (the thing is set at minimum difficulty) and could only get one of the treats out after doing some pretty delicate turns and rotations. Hows my dog suppose to do that with her nose and mouth? Strike 3: treat dispenser that doesn't dispense treats. Maybe the thing keeping my cylinder from coming out is keeping treats from coming out as well. Doesn't matter...I'm over it.

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