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224238224238B0002ARQYQA2KO6CY9E3ECLTT Erdin0051338422400Finally a toy my dog can't breakI have a very destructive dog. She is an American Eskimo and is far too intelligent for normal toys. They bore her or she destroys them, generally within minutes. Other treat dispenser toys, including the standard Kong, are too easy for her. Enter, the Buster Cube. I was recommended this toy from a local trainer who has had great luck with it. For my dog, this is not a very difficult toy to figure out, although compared to other toys she has had, this has taken considerably longer for her to master. About 2 days in, she's able to flip the cube on soft carpet and turn it successfully until all of the food we put inside of it is gone.

We enjoy feeding her meals with the cube, as it helps stimulate her mind, keeps her occupied, and feeds her all at the same time. This is also one of the first toys that she can't just pick up, chew, crack, shred, or decapitate. I love this and have suggested it to several other pet owners.
224239224239B0002ARQYQA25VQHUDYGOVVSL. Eberly0041337904000My dog loves itMy lab loves the buster cube. It didnt take her long to figure out how to flip the cube to get the food to come out. There needs to be an "expert" or advanced dispensing setting because she can empty it now in under 2 min. I have had to buy several other interactive toys to keep her busy for a longer period of time. My other dog has never figured out how to use it. She just pushes it lightly which causes it to just slides across the floor without dispensing treats. Its durable and my dog has not been able to break it.
224240224240B0002ARQYQA3O3M2Z2ZEGRLpsavy7770031337731200Good for a while, maybe better for smaller dogsThis is a pretty good idea, but might be better for smaller dogs. It's easy enough to pull out the middle and put food in, and it definitely kept my dog entertained. Food doesn't come out too easily, so he has to work for it.

Unfortunately it didn't last all that long. My dog (~50lb pit) figured out how to pick it up by using the hole in the middle as a grip. He eventually did this enough that the middle piece started to crack and bulge out. Eventually it got hard to remove and replace the middle piece. Now I can't even lock the middle piece in, so it's useless. This thing is also pretty loud on any kind of surface other than a carpet.

I would recommend for smaller dogs who won't be able to grip it by the center hole.
224241224241B0002ARQYQA2LTEPYFBQUL1USatisfied0051337558400Awesome ProductOur dog absolutely LOVES this toy. It keeps her busy and we are starting to ratchet her up to the higher difficulty settings of the cube. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a toy to keep their puppy or dog occupied!
224242224242B0002ARQYQAFUPCD7QFRUSNS. Chapman "sherchap"0031337299200Good while it lastedThis is a good toy to keep your dog busy. However a little hard to get the opening loose to put the treats in. But then once you have the treats it keeps her busy (cairn terrier). Just make sure you put the lid/insert back in really good and tighten it. My dog got it loose and pulled it out and then chewed up the insert...which then leaves the ball part with no way to close it. SO just make sure the little plug thing is tight.
224243224243B0002ARQYQA324N8FYP1DXRZmally0011336867200no treats come outafter the first few treats come out, no more will come out. even I can't get them out!!
I have bought buster cubes in the past that have worked fine. I expect the dogs to work a reasonable amount to get the treats out. that is the point. but this is impossible. are there different brands?
224244224244B0002ARQYQAG3K18NWEHHBMAkimboPBRs0021336089600UPDATED: Pup loves it...but he managed to break itI picked up the Buster Cube after reading some positive reviews on it. Its a great toy, lots of fun and holds their attention for a long time. I put a handfull of kibble in it(an amount that my pup would eat in a couple bites) and he was occupied for at least a 30-45 minutes. I would 5 star it but it is its very noisy, even on carpeted floor, thats my only complaint.

Update: The buster cube didn't make it through the weekend. My dog was able to remove the center piece, and then proceeded to chew on it while i was out of the room. Luckily I was only gone for a couple minutes and the center piece is still sort of functional. disappointing.
224245224245B0002ARQYQAQUHWDH1T278ZNova's mom0021336003200Destroyed in no time!I think the concept is great but my Weimaraner destroyed it the first day! He pulled out the plug and chewed it up! He swallowed pieces and ended up vomiting. So I had quite the mess to clean up! I was hoping it would last a bit longer and keep him occupied while I was at work. I wanted a refund or to exchange for a different item but the company would only replace it! Which doesn't help! So now he can only play with it while i am sitting with him and watching him. So don't get it if your pup likes to chew at all.
224246224246B0002ARQYQA14DJ1YG5DB021Stefaniechan0031333843200My puppy opens it...My 7 months puppy somehow manages to twist open it(how!?!?!), eat all the treats and destroys the divider. The purpose that we bought it is to relieve his separation anxiety, but what is the point if it needs to be played under supervision? But it surely gets his attention from scrubbing on the wall or carpet.
224247224247B0002ARQYQA3NBY7J1PFRT1Gsewcrow0041332720000great toy!My dogs love this. One does the work and they both snack. One dog is not interested in the play, at all. I don't know if she would roll it around if the other dog wasn't. They both grab the treats that come out and keep both of them occupied. It would have gotten 5 stars, but it is a little tedious to fill.
224248224248B0002ARQYQA26QAR9D7THPJ9H20mac30031332115200Not for strong chewersI bought this for my son's dog which is a bull terrier mix. Altho it only lasted two weeks before she chewed it up, it did keep her entertained while it lasted. I would suggest either heavier material or notification on the package about not good for strong chewers.
224249224249B0002ARQYQA3SJEP3FP4J9UDtimmofo0011332115200Product BrokeProduct was great for the firs week then it would not open so we had to throw it away i wouldnt suggest getting one unless you have income to blow
224250224250B0002ARQYQA3V9TR2U1KISVKSarah19890021331683200To hard to clean.IT is hard to get this clean. You can soak it, but then it's hard to get it dry. Since it is plastic, I don't want to put it in the oven. Also my dogs (Blue heeler mix, Miniature poodle/cocker mix) don't enjoy it was much as the Kong toy. I think that's because the Kong's movements are wobbly and more erratic--more like prey. This cube just clunks over and they lose interest.
224221224221B0002ARQYQA3BITYWES6HT8CB. A. Enders1151239062400Good toyWe got one of these in large size for our Australian Cattle Dog mix, and he loves it. We use it each night (sometimes in combo with other similar products) to feed him his dinner. The cube can hold a full cup of kibble. It's entertaining to watch him "herd" it all over the den and it keeps him busy while we prepare or eat our own supper. I agree with the earlier comment about the settings being "easy" and "slightly less easy." I wish it were a little more challenging, but it's still a great toy.
224222224222B0002ARQYQA1DWO352QBC21CJo Lee1151230076800Buster Mini Cube dogI had looked for a dog toy that would hold dog kibbles so that I did not need to purchase a specialized dog treat. This one holds dog kibbles. You just drop them in the hole and shake a little to get the kibbles into a compartment. You can turn to adjust it to minimize or maximize the ability to get the kibbles. I have a small dog (8to 10 lbs.) and it took a bit of time over several days of me pushing it for him to catch on. But he did catch on and can roll to get kibbles, sometime one, sometime more. He will get frustrated when the kibbles don't come out, but I would say it's a good item. Entertaining until they run low, but you do not want them eating too much. It can equal a meal. It's a once a day toy or....
224223224223B0002ARQYQA3RBMQG1K2K6U3Marjie Snyder1151224806400Buster Cube is entertaining for dog and owner!I really believe this is a very useful and must have "toy" for your dog. Our morning ritual now consists of filling the cube with our dogs normal hard dog food when we have our breakfast. This keeps them very entertained. It also makes them think they're hunting for their food since bits fall out as they push the cube around. You will enjoy watching them entertain themselves.
224224224224B0002ARQYQACNDX8SVE2MESSwansong "A Lively +40 Lady"1151216857600It is just play, play, play now.....Be aware, my spaniel will not do bathroom business IF he gets this thing outside. I bought this for my one year old cocker spaniel. He loves it. I was so surprised at how fast he learned to roll the cube; one piece of dog food fell out and he was rolling this thing across the house for more. Of course, I short his meals and feed about 1/2 his dry dog food via the cube. I have four dogs, so this thing has caused some fights. So, I ordered more and extra for my friends. Save your sanity, just get two (one to play with and one on standby).
224225224225B0002ARQYQA29MQNRY6FX0UOMary A Nasse2311318809600Food cubeIf I had known that this was hard plastic, I would not have ordered it.
My dog wants nothing to do with it.
Putting her food in it didn't interest her,even when I put her favorite treats in it she ignored it.
224226224226B0002ARQYQA300JLF4FP4WEBC. Blackiston0051350518400It's good for a "Single Dog" familyBoth of my dogs liked these mini cubes, but unfortunately, they both wanted the same cube. That caused my dogs to fight, so I had to get rid of the cubes.
224227224227B0002ARQYQA9XEIQYLTU9JT. Lewis0051349827200Great ItemI've been very happy the the cube. We received it before it was supposed to which was great! We have a 20lb Dachsund/Terrier/Beagle Mix. Seems to be a decent size but he can pull the whole thing in his mouth so we are trying to teach him to smack it around instead of just chewing on the whole thing. The crazy guy has also figured out how to pull the cork part open. We were recommended this from our trainer and she said she has never had a dog figure that out. It only took him about 20 mins to do so now we just watch him very carefully. I wish I could find a medium size but I'm not sure they make one in the size I need. I still give it a five star because I can finally eat a meal in peace.
224228224228B0002ARQYQA1YYIJO86KEOOWTartán0051349827200Good, but not for apartmentsGood, but not for apartments because this is made it by a haard kind of plastic and do a lot of noise whe my dog pulls over the floor.
224229224229B0002ARQYQA3T789L0V1Y917MD0021347753600couldn't get the treats outNeither I nor my dogs could get treats out of this! I shook it and rolled it every which way, nothing came out. It wasn't easy to load, either. I tried it with tiny treats, it made no difference.

I tried a few different times, we couldn't get treats out of it, so the dogs quickly lost interest. My friend said it's her dog's favorite treat dispensing toy, so I gave her another one instead of tossing mine in the trash.
224230224230B0002ARQYQA2S644U1I6OGZ7J. Culver0041345939200Great but NoisyThis is definitely a step up from the IQ ball as far as the level of difficulty. My Border Collie was very frustrated by it for the first few week, so he barked at it incessantly! Now he has fun with it, and it keep him busy, giving him a "job" to do. I really wish this were made of a hard rubbery material like the Kong toys, as the hard plastic makes it very noisy when my dog knocks it around on the hardwood floors, trying to get the treats out. Consequently, I can't let him play with it while I'm teaching piano lessons!
224231224231B0002ARQYQANBCLQ76QOJLLK. Gregory "geek du jour"0041345248000Good product, just not right for meI bought the mini size buster cube thinking it would work for my little mutt (15lb beagle/pom mix) since I had seen other reviews mentioning how much their small breed dogs loved it. Maybe it works better in a home with carpeting, but it turned out that it was too large for my little girl (who is insanely food-motivated)to flip over easily on a consistent basis (the flooring is too slick so when she put her paw on it to flip it over, it just skidded around). She ended up batting it all over my hardwood floors like her old twist-n-treat toy , and was decidedly frustrated that she couldn't get anything out. It's also much too big for her to carry around in her mouth (and she'll carry/chew just about anything she can get her teeth on).

It's a great idea, and a great product...I just wish it came in a smaller size (and was easier to access for cleaning). We'll be trying a puzzle ball next.
224232224232B0002ARQYQA262MT838ZYKA5Amanda0051344297600Great toy to challenge my dogWe bought the large size for our ~65 pound labrador retriever. He had been really bored and we wanted to find something to challenge and stimulate him. It took a little while for him to figure it out. At first he just pushed it around on the carpet and didn't understand that he had to roll it. Then we took it outside, and the grass naturally caused it to roll over more, and he got the idea. Now we feed him half of his food in it. We think he really enjoys it. He has tried to bite it a bit, and so far it's held up well but will always be a supervised toy. The center piece is easy to remove for cleaning.
224233224233B0002ARQYQA1R1MDOPD3LVQODr. D0011342915200BEWARE! Dangerous to DogsWe had one of these cubes for 3 years for our English Springer Spaniel. He loved it. One day he got his canine tooth stuck in the round insert. He immediately began howling in pain. He was howling so loudly while my husband and I safely detached it. I have never heard my dog cry this way before, or since then. We immediately threw away the cube. By the way, the cube was not damaged when it caught his canine tooth. It was a freak occurrence, but one we would never chance again. We were lucky.
224234224234B0002ARQYQA2OWGXDZD4PNZAD. Gillette0041342224000Great interactive toy for dogThis keeps my dog busy for at least 20 mins. She loves it. I would give it 5 stars, but the pin in the middle sometimes falls out, if you're not really careful closing it up. With my dog that means she chews it up. :(
224235224235B0002ARQYQA2IWARJINGEJUPamsdragonfly0051341446400Shepherd and Cattle Dog Love It!We bought the large cube because of our 97lb. German Shepherd mix, and we also have a Cattle Dog mix (35lbs). They both LOVE this thing. Put some regular dog food in it, and the boys race to see who gets to play with it first. Usually our shepherd gets it, so we give our other boy another toy (monster ball, which I also recommend). This thing has taken a beating over the last couple of months. Our big boy can pick it up in his mouth and carry it, throws it up in the air (it's really loud when it hits the ground) throws it down the stairs, jumps on it... anything to get that last piece of dog food out! It definitely keeps them busy. I've also washed it in the dishwasher because with that much play, this thing does get really dirty. It has a couple gouges out of the plastic because I have caught my big boy starting to chew on it when he gets frustrated- which is why I would not recommend leaving this alone with your doggie. You never know what could happen, even though it looks totally safe. (Better safe than sorry, right?) I would highly recommend this toy for anyone who needs more mental stimulation for their dog!
224236224236B0002ARQYQA255HPI831JKEWSara0021339372800Can be a hazardI bought a small buster cube for my 15lb furry mutt and he had a great time....until the inner cylinder popped off and the bottom half of his mouth got stuck in the hole. I was able to pry it off after he stopped yelping but it'd cut up his lip quite a bit. Oh, and this was his first time playing with the toy.
224237224237B0002ARQYQA1AIXUFKSE6S2OS. Wyffels0041339113600Dog's Favorite, but noisy.This is by far my dogs favorite toy. It holds a fair amount of food, and is easy to use. I don't think my dog has the ability to break toys, so this is a non-issue. Keeps the dog busy for 15-30+ minutes.

My only complaint with it is that on wood floors it is VERY VERY noisy. Personally I wish this had a rubber coating, but it does not.

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