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224401224401B004IJFZ54A1SLSU5VAOYTH0Scott Pelton0041304726400Great tasting snack, but way overpriced when not on sale!I really like the taste of these little cookies, and this is the best flavor (IMO). I got these when they were marked down to $12 and felt like I was paying an OK price. They have gone back up in price, so waiting for it to come back down so that I can buy more.
224402224402B004IJFZ54A2OEUROGZDTXUJJ. Graves0051302393600More chocolate than you expectBeing a natural, somewhat healthy cookie, I expected a carob-y cardboard flavor. Not so! While you can see very small specks of chocolate, I think most of the chocolate flavor comes from the pale brown swirls throughout the cookie. The chocolate is far more flavorful than you would imagine. They are simply wonderful, cute little cookies.
224403224403B004IJFZ54A10QQ7QAW8MIEVM. Pascale0051299542400SnacksWow! What a great snack! I initially bought these because they were on sale and I needed a healthy snack to put in lunches and take for trips in the car but I was not prepared for the positive response from my children! These cookies taste great and I don't feel bad about letting them have them as a sometimes snack. You can hardly go wrong with Barbara's
224404224404B004IJFZ54A2PAUHRHG7LN5Qmelanie0051298160000yummyThis was a great buy. I had never had this item and bought them for a circus party for my twins. Everyone loved them they were so good, not too sweet. Perfect i will be getting them again...and very fast shipping!!
224405224405B004IJFZ54A2SB0OKNB1ODN5L. A. Stanley0051294617600My kids love theseThese are great animal crackers. My kids all love them. It's great to have a portable snack that my chemically-sensitive kids can eat. These are going to be great to bring on picnics, to the park, on car trips, etc.

The biggest quibble I have is that the "snack-size" bags are a little too large for younger kids (pre-schoolers or kindergartners) to finish at one sitting. If I send a bag in with my kindergartner for snack time, even though he loves them he can't finish them all. About 1.5 oz would be plenty for young kids.

Ironically, they are cheaper per ounce in the snack size bags than in the larger boxes. You'd expect it to be the other way around.

I'll definitely be ordering more of these.
224406224406B004IJFZ54A2SB0OKNB1ODN5L. A. Stanley0041294617600Good quality product, but the flavor is not what I had hopedFirst, this is a good quality product: they use quality ingredients and the crackers have a nice "animal cracker" crunchy texture. Flavor is such a subjective thing that I hate to down-rate a high quality product too much just on that basis. But I won't be ordering any more of these.

My oldest son says they don't have enough cinnamon to achieve a strong cinnamon flavor, but too much to achieve just a hint of cinnamon flavor. I think they actually have the right amount of cinnamon, but aren't quite sweet enough, especially on the exterior. They just come across a little bit bland. I know a lot of people say that is just because people are used to over-sweetened foods, but I think the chocolate chip flavor Snackimals have just the right amount of sweetness. In any case, my kids don't like them - but they do like the chocolate chip flavor.
224407224407B004IJFZ54A3IBJ5EJF42ZWJNick Bilodeau "Free Palestine"0051294185600Good!!This is such good stuff, and it's quite healthy. It contains plenty of trace nutrients as well which are vital to our everyday functions, such as eukronium and phosphoric acid. My kids love it! This brand should serve as an example to the rest of this industry.
224408224408B004IJFZ54A321J5INI8AAALBaker71 "MichSam"0051289260800YUMMY!Yummy! Enough Said. These little cookies are so good. Perfect amount of sweetness, chocate and crispness. Will definitely be ordering again!
224409224409B004IJFZ54A2EE2SD5EXWQ4WMom to allergic child0051288137600Yummy & Fun Allergy Friendly SnackGreat product. Tastes great and fun to eat. My child LOVES these cookies.
224410224410B004IJFZ54A2077JVM6YJOGPMom of 3!0051215216000Delicious convenient snackThese cookies didn't last very long in our household. My young children enjoyed them very much including their friends. It was convenient to have them in bags to take along on car rides, picnics, and for snack after swimming.
224411224411B004IJFZ54AXJEKU2NOARKHHappy Mom 07070051211414400These are great!Low sugar, oatmeal-y and yummy...these are a great alternative to some sweeter "cookies". They really have so little sugar, they count as a cracker but my son loves them!

Barbara's Bakery Oatmeal Wheat Free Snackimals Animal Cookies, 7.5-Ounce Bags (Pack of 6)
224412224412B004IJFZ54ANZJL6D04BTNYmom2jjorion0051205798400Yummy!These cookies are VERY good and make the perfect snack. We like these better than the Vanilla (but those are good too!)...

For a toddler, one bag is *at least* two servings.
224413224413B004IJFZ54A1TS4WKZLALSCBJ. Lewis0051205193600Wholesome and good...If you like oatmeal cookies, you'll love this product. The kids like to pack it in their lunchboxes, which is fine by me. I feel good about feeding it to the kids, and they don't even realize that they're eating a healthier version of a favorite snack!
224415224415B004IJFZ54A141TRXBX5YZ7ACelestial Kat0051193875200great wheat-free cookies!These oatmeal animal crackers are very good!! My kids like them alright, but I love them! They are a really good, wholesome, filling snack in the middle of the day or even at bedtime! This is the best low-fat, wheat-free cookie I've ever tried!
224416224416B004IJFZ54A154MF74R6T4IIReadingTub Reviews0051193529600Good and Good for YouOur daughter needs a gluten-free diet. We've "taste tested" lots of things. Lucky for us she isn't a picky eater, but she DOES know what she likes. And she LOVES these cookies. Great for lunches, great for snack! And we have the peace of mind that it's healthier than other (sugar laden) alternatives.
224417224417B004IJFZ54A1YN7KUADY6QJ1Jude5831300665600NOT GLUTEN FREEThese cookies may be "wheat free", but they are made from Barley Flour which is NOT acceptable for Celiac folks on a gluten free diet. They came up on my Gluten Free Cookie search and I almost ordered them before reading the ingredients. Please note that I have not tried the cookies since they are not gluten free; therefore my rating is not indicative of the taste or quality of this product - the site would not let me post this without giving a rating so I just chose the middle of the scale rating.
224418224418B004IJFZ54A2BLRT79WUTLXWM. Merriken1251266883200SnacksVery tasty cookies. Good size portion for lunch pails or to take along. Chocolatey taste, good price. Shipping was fast as well. We love them and as far as cookies go, they are healthier than most AND taste great.
224419224419B004IJFZ54A1VGHUD8HEV8GRChristina Harvey "Angeleyes"1251257033600Best Animal Cookies!I've been eating these for a couple of years now as they used to sell them in an organic supermarket I worked near. They're extremely tasty and way better for you than most other cookies. You would never know it was a healthier choice. Now don't get me wrong, it's not replacing your veggies for the day or anything but it's definitely a smart snack choice when you're craving sweet... and the kind of snack you get hooked on! It's also a great option for kids and even comes in snack packs for their lunches!
224420224420B004IJFZ54AWDU2JPGHV6STT. Edwards1251243555200Great snack, good ingredients, healthy alternativeSo far we have tried vanilla, oatmeal and chocolate chip varieties of Barbara's Snackimals and like all of them. Ingredients are quite good and per bag price is very reasonable--even more so on auto-delivery. Large 2+ ounce single servings are quite satisfying when you want something slightly sweet and crunchy with only 120 calories and modest fat content. The only change we have made to our auto-delivery schedule is to have them shipped more frequently.
224421224421B004IJFZ54A1XKRS3MAN3AUNMegan0131336089600Flavor Not What I Was ExpectingI purchased these based on a recommendation from the Hungry Girl emails as a great low fat snack. These are ok, but the flavor is definitely not what I was expecting, there is almost a burnt quality to the flavor. Also, the serving size doesn't seem like that much since the cookies are very thin. For similar nutritionals you can have about the same amount of Keebler Elfin Crackers, which are much more tasty and satisfying. If you liked the McDonaldland Cookies as a kid, go for the Elfin Crackers, they are very similar in flavor.
224422224422B004IJFZ54AMHHNAFJ9L958A M0111321747200These taste so bland.Look, each pack contains two servings of 120 cal each, yet those servings serve up exactly zero taste. They should make it one serving of the same number of calories but inject some taste. They taste like someone forgot 1) salt and 2)sugar. Wow. Super bad.
224423224423B004IJFZ54AZQXSDY803256mom of two0111317859200dissapointednot what i expected.. I tried vanilla version at my neighbour's - they were soft and nice.. but they were also in a bigger bag (8 oz or so). These cookies (oatmeal) come in small pouches (2 oz or so) and they are stone hard, too salty, no taste appeal whatsoever. The same I can say for the chocolate version. Nobody in our family wants a bite of them - waste of money.
224424224424B004IJFZ54A2EVUVG1MRLDK4m.lg "the prophet"0151310428800delicious cruelty-free crackers!these are the best animal crackers i've ever tasted! the chocolate simply adds to the deliciousness. they taste like mini-cookies. they are vegan and thus cruelty-free! organic and yummy. what more can be asked of an animal cracker!
224425224425B003CSNL62A2DV8T9DQ55QGQDeborah L. Mckinney "Mystery Book Fanatic"0051329782400Love themThese are the best when you are trying to keep calories down, I have a put a note on the jar that I keep them in to note the calorie intake . I have my whole lab eating them.
224426224426B003CSNL62A1K4AIPL0NFAGFConstance Cade0031302825600OKThese were ok, but when I purchased a second time, they were a lot harder. ??? but the date was still good. The flavors were a bit overbearing for me. I prefer Annie's Fruit Snacks - they are wonderful, especially the Berry Patch flavor, and they are so soft and chewy. Perfection in a fruit snack. (Skip Welch's and go to Annie's.)
224427224427B003CSNL62A223LG1GAIOP3MAbby3531286928000Real Fruits --- just not the right onesOkay, so I've only tried the Island Fruits. My grocery store had them in a big box. They're gluten free and delicious.
But something bothers me about them.

The fruits on the package do not match up with the gummies inside it. When I see: grapefruit, strawberry (how is that an island fruit?), pineapple, kiwi, banana, an orange?,and uh some round purple fruit that's not a grape. I honestly can't tell what the purple one is. Passionfruit maybe?

The gummies inside are: grapefruit, kiwi, pineapple (red. why is the pineapple red exacly?), mango?, strawberry and uh that purple one. No banana.

Seriously, since when is a strawberry a tropical fruit?

Then to top it all off, let's check out what kind of fruits are actually in here:
juice concentrates - grape, peach, pear and pineapple
fruit puree - grape, apple, strawberry, and raspberry

The only things in those ingredients that is both on the packaging and in the gummies are the pineapple and strawberry.

I'll probably be buying this again and it does taste good. If you're getting it for the kids they probably won't care what they look like. It's just that when someone advertises kiwi, I expect kiwi, not apples. Thanks Captain Barbossa, your product is delicious, even if it doesn't make an ounce of sense.
224428224428B0093NJPMYA3CASVBAPPKA3SPKPJoe0041332115200Great! My favorite flavor!These are my favorite type of Jelly Bellies. I had been eyeing this product for some time. After a few glasses of wine, I decided that this was a must buy because its price per pound was much lower than a single pound of this flavor. The price is still pretty high, but it is about the same price as buying 5 single pounds. I have been snacking on these for a few months. They are still around, and I still love them.

The product arrived in a cardboard box with the jelly beans directly in the box. No plastic bag or anything, just the shipping box filled with jelly beans. I am not a huge germaphobe, but would have preferred a better container than the shipping box. This was the only reason why I docked it a star.
224429224429B000EQT574A13U57G5QF9P2PD. Borchert0051265500800great replacement for regular corn nacho chipsMy family loves these chips! We can't stop eating them once we start! I did have a bad case once though. The chips were stuck in cluster balls. I called the company and they sent me coupons for free bags and % off of more bags. We haven't had any problems since.
Great product!
224430224430B000EQT574A3B4T4YD12U1R8Tropical girl0041263686400Thin & crispy but too saltyI love blue corn tortillas and their products. I had been eating the Guiltless Gourmet brand Blue Corn Tortilla Chips for many years but ultimately found their chips a bit thick & bland. I decided to try out Garden of Eatin, and I am glad I did. Thinner and crispier than the GG brand with a richer blue corn flavor. If I didn't know they were baked, I'd think they were fried! My only complaint is the excessive salt which is super obvious on a dark blue chip. I just brush the extra salt off but this can be a pain. I'd buy a salt-free option if they offered it in their baked blue chips, but they only offer it in the fried blue chips. For now, these'll do. I like eating dipping them into my homemade, low-salt guacamole- YUM!!

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