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224551224551B000EQT574A348IT6M7H8A67Bufster30051273968000Baked Blue Corn Tortilla Chips, Delicious!I love these Garden of Eatin Baked Blue Corn Tortilla Chips. Blue corn is a nutritional powerhouse full of anti-oxidants and higher in protein than either white or yellow corn.

These are tasty and low in sodium and low in fat because they are baked!
224552224552B000EQT574AJE5S2MH4SERAJ. Erlich "Dr. J"0051271894400Delicious and good for you!These are organic super yummy tortilla rounds. I really like them. They are on the salty side, but that's good for me.
224553224553B000EQT574A2BRWNOXBMZVFBCarebear0051267833600YumWe had never tried red chips before and wasn't sure what we would be getting, we were pleasantly surprised. They have a great flavor and texture.
224554224554B000EQT574A29BWC41573AF8S. Little "RuffRuff"0051265673600no more stale chipsi like nachos. i don't like stale chips. i eat nachos on my day off from work. good price good chips. i happy. thank you garden of eatin.
224555224555B001E5DYGMA2LIF95N23RT72B. L. Dvorachek1151321401600Where have these been hiding?I sampled a box of these at my local grocery store and really really liked them. Not really a cracker but more like the name...crispbread. Wonderful with cheese spread on them! The subscribe and save really saves as the price wwas 35% lower using this service than buying them in the grocery store. Again...where have these been hiding? Really excellent snack based. Yum Yum.
224556224556B001E5DYGMA2ZFMZIEYVE1TCZed E Day III1151293926400The best cracker EVER!My wife and I thoroughly enjoy afternoon wine and cheese time at our home. We enjoy many spreadable cheeses but always struggled to find a cracker that really complemented the taste of the spreads without overwhelming their delicate tastes. Once we found the 34 Degrees Crispbread crackers, we thought we'd found Nirvana...they are just the best cracker/crispbread ever! Give them a try...I think you'll agree!

34 Degrees Natural Crispbread, 4.5-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 6)
224557224557B001E5DYGMA2POTIX0LEQASCscuba diver0051325635200best crackersIf you are looking for a cracker for texture and as a way to eat soft cheeses and dips, this is an excellent choice. The crackers have almost no flavor themselves, but they are the perfect accompaniment when you want to taste cheese and spreads, not the crackers.
224558224558B001E5DYGMA2A0TLASPFLXODA. Nash "IKnowMore"0051288656000Great snack...with cheese, spread, or alone. Very thin but surprisingly capable dipper - takes a lot to break these things. Light flavor so they go with anything and will not overpower what you put on them.
224559224559B001E5DYGMA2DMOX2AB2E9NCMarie Kennedy "Marie"004126938880034 Degrees Natural CrispbreadGreat treat in different flavors - perfect for a snack and helps out with meeting Weight Watchers' points.
224560224560B001E5DYGMAV4IQO7FYWVXMIrene Jensen "Irene"0051266364800delicious just expensive..........................I think that these crackers are delicious
however with the price of just basic services
I can't afford to purchase very often.
These will be a special purchase only.
224561224561B001E5DYGMA1UIUZUVSGIXE0Marc R. Breitsprecher0051261180800Hands down the best cracker on EarthHands down the best cracker on Earth. I first tried these at a wine tasting at a high end wine shop, fell in love with them.
224562224562B001E5DYGMA2T5XNFGGCJL2Zaunt vonnie "healthy eater"0051249084800healthy eaterThese are the best crackers ever and if you follow the suggestions on the package for which cheeses, meats, dips, etc. you can't go wrong. Experiment on your own and be surprised at the delicious combinations you can come up with. Yes, they are very thin and delicate but they stand up to dipping and handling just fine.
224563224563B001E5DYGMA341T0H2IC3SECA. Jatras "goose"0051234569600better than the communion wafer, but the same thickness...These are the best crackers ever. Friends tell me they remind them of communion wafers, except that they taste fabulous.

I bought them on Amazon instead of Whole Paycheck Foods for half the price.

224564224564B001E5DYGMA3LWUPXRYJXX1PJennifer Margoles0051215302400Best Crackers...PERIOD.These crackers are the BEST for pairing with wine and cheese. They hold up to spreading and dipping despite how thin and delicate they appear. You can't go wrong with 34 Degrees crispbread and all four flavors are delicious.
224565224565B0093NIBOWAYJFP2AJ5Y64LSal G.0051336003200Jelly Belly's are the BestNeeded some bulk quantity jelly beans to fill small jars for baby shower favors. Buying them this way saved a lot of money over buying them by the pound at the local candy store. As stated in another review, the jelly beans just come in an unlined cardboard box. This seemed a bit odd, but there were 2 sheets of wax paper, I guess to prevent dust, etc from getting into the box through the top and bottom. Not much else to say, they're Jelly Belly's at about half the cost of the local guy!
224566224566B0093NIBOWA3TRQU8YII5TO6Golddust "jungle dweller"0031244851200a little surprisedI was shocked to see that the bulk version of these Jelly Belly's are just in a cardboard box, no plastic, no nothing. Doesn't seem overly hygienic. Since I didn't open the box for a few months the Jelly Belly's were getting softer and crystallizing [unbeknownst to me] because we live in a wet climate. Hmmm...just be aware that the packaging should be upgraded
224567224567B00469QW58A3NLSIB47TCXZTJamesh754451314921600Dream on a hamburgerI grew up with this relish and when my local stores stop selling it I was crushed. Thank God for Amazon selling produce. I bought a 2 year supply. Tastes great!
224568224568B00469QW58A2HMGVJOQ9LYUEClaire Knight2251318032000Heinz India RelishThis is a product that I can no longer find in local grocery stores. I was tickled to find that I could order it online. The price I paid was reasonable although I found it at a time it was discounted. I used my Super Saver free shipping to make it affordable to order. I had to order a box pack of 12 jars of Heinz India Relish but know that I will eventually use it!

If you have never used this relish, you might be interested in trying it. It is not as sweet as regular pickle relish. Great in chicken salad, deviled eggs etc.
224569224569B00469QW58A375FYQELZM9R4A. Heimann0051339372800hard to find condimentI got this as a favor to an old friend. It seems that this is very hard to find in the stores in Florida. The package arrived promptly and in excellent condition. My friend loved it, and was thrilled that I was able to locate it.
224570224570B00469QW58A2PZ9QZVNXRVVGMary Lou Iserson0051327449600Vital ingredient for recipeI recently wanted to make a batch of sloppy Joe's using a recipe that I haven't used for 40 years. It was absolutely the best thing for kids parties when I was growing up. I could not find the vital ingredient-Heinz India Relish anywhere. Thanks for carrying all these wonderful products. Now I can pass this recipe on to my grandkids.
224571224571B002BELR6EA1LW3XGXYP98BWHank Peace0051330041600The Real Deal for Authentic Jamaican FlavorThis stuff is the real deal--I discovered it in a grocery store deep in Montego Bay. It's not a hot seasoning though. Add a scotch bonnet pepper sauce (or, in a pinch, habanero) and you too can make authentic Jamaican meals. Use it on pork, fish, chicken, in cous cous or rice, it works on almost anything. It's also not overly salty like some American seasonings (I'm talking to you Zatarain's! Grace's Jerk Seasoning has about half its sodium). It's also sweeter than Zatarain's Creole Seasoning. It does tend to clump at the bottom of the can.
224572224572B000WFSGF4A2JB3WE7WT8SWWP. Fisher "Weim Lover"4441283212800Healthy dog foodMy dogs, Storm (Blue Weimaraner 20 months) and Riley (Dalmatian 12 yrs)love this food. I mix in a little with their dry food. My only complaint is, it's a bit smelly, but then again it's the fish flavor. I prefer the Duck and Sweet Potato. I have not been able to find it on Amazon for the same price. They have never had stomach upset from this food. You save about 30 cents a can plus no tax and free shipping to your door when you order a case from Amazon.
224573224573B000WFSGF4A27VBMB8NNKEJUA. Patterson2251348876800My dogs' favorite canned foodCertainly the quality of this dog food is very good.

The Wellness Lamb and Sweet Potato is by far their favorite canned food. It has protein content of 37% and a fat level of 23% (which is a little higher fat level than I would like but...). I use an independant dog food advisory site when considering any dog food I buy and the Wellness canned dog food was rated a 4.5 (out of 5) stars and was highly recommended.

I feed my dogs dry food (consistently the same), but for their evening meal I split a can for my 2 large dogs.

The bottom line for me is it is a very good quality dog food and my dogs love it.
224574224574B001EQ4POGA1EM5MAPCHT4E6M. Wilson0031228176000Durkee Whole Black PepperThis is very basic, but lacks a bit of flavor and bite compared to the "Specific" pepper, i.e., tellicherry, etc. This a by far a better bargain, though.
224575224575B002CN7EP2A28CX8ZASET7TMK. Niederberger2231285977600Not Hot!This Giardiniera is good and the vegetables are good quality. It is a little heavy in the carrots and light on the hot peppers. I would NOT classify this as HOT, it is either mild or medium in my opinion.
224576224576B002CN7EP2A2LPAQUA4H8M47Jack.P0011336521600Bugs Bunny would like this product.If you like pickled carrots, you'll like this product.
I'm not anal enough (yet) to break down a jar of this stuff by weight, but I'm guessing it's 75% carrots by weight.

Big mistake, don't buy anything from DeLallo!
224577224577B002CN7EP2A2YWRWSLEJRM92Pennsylvania Reader0151296259200DeliciousDeLallo giardiniera is probably the best I've tried. Nothing fancy, just a big jar of fresh-tasting peperoncini-pickled vegetables. The mixture indicated in the photo is consistent with the contents of the jars I've bought. I buy this from the grocery store; I haven't tried Amazon's glass-jar shipping abilities, so I can't comment on that. DeLallo olives are good, too.
224578224578B008OE9HI0AG94FWAZ58ID2T. M. Hoffman6651268611200Great For Kalua PigI use this salt for this Kalua Pig In A Slow Cooker recipe I found, and man is it delicious. 4 pound pork butt, 1 tablespoon of this salt, and 2 tablespoons liquid smoke. Put it in a crockpot/slow cooker for 20 hours, and you have one of the simplest and most delicious dishes ever. I used regular sea salt my first time cooking it, but then ordered this to try it the "real" way, and it was even better.
224579224579B008OE9HI0A2DQF17E46WPE4P. C. Elliot4451235260800Hawaiian Red Sea Salt (alaea)This salt's grain is pretty large for table use, but has a really nice flavor and attractive color. I have recommended this to my friends who need to watch their salt intake because you can "see" just how much salt you are using.
224580224580B008OE9HI0AXW107H23VI8Donna L. Hagen4451179273600Good stuff!I really like this sea salt -- has a different flavor, and it's very colorful to use on veggies.

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