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224581224581B008OE9HI0A28ZMM01UZ44LRBrad W "Stripe"1151286668800Red sea saltUsed it in a recipe for pulled-pork. Had never heard of it before and couldn't find it locally. Ordered it and Himalayan sea salt from Fairies Finest. I'd procrastinated and was afraid it wouldn't arrive in time, so I called and they promised to get it in the mail right away. Showed up in 3 days.
The salt has undertones of clay, which gives it a deeper flavor and was used as a rub it the recipe. The liquid smoke overpowered it, but the flavor was there. I think it best used as a rub or finishing salt.
There is also black Hawaiian salt... somehow mixed in with lava! Have to try that next...
P.S. The salt was well packaged in a jar.
224582224582B008OE9HI0A23VP6C780FS4XCookie0051342828800The Real DealThis made the best kahlua pork for my son's luau party - tasted great. I will say, this is a lot of salt - be prepared to store it for a while. I have also used it in a salt grinder for smaller grain salt. Tastes different than Kosher or other salts. Nice product.
224583224583B0077FQYBAA25HC07ELI1SOMMantis0051333497600Hurricane SuppliesWhen hurricane season approaches, we pick these up for emergency food rations. They taste delicious! We also like to eat them when there are no emergencies. They contain chicken hot dogs with beef in tomato sauce.

I usually warm mine on the stovetop, dice some green bell pepper and toss some instant rice into it. The individual serving sized cans with metal pull tab lids are convenient. One serving provides 240 calories.
224584224584B00161O0VCA1LE940XR9RUTWYibran0051330041600Really tastyI bought these Gums not knowing what to expect but as soon as i tried the first one I knew I made a good choice. These things are great not too hard and not too soft. And they are really sweet but don't taste artificial. Would highly recommend this product!!
224585224585B00161O0VCA3HN7HQ54FQJ6XBrett Koshel0051314576000My favoritelong lasting flavor, amazing taste. Each flavor is powerful and unique. Everybody who tries these tell me that they love them
224586224586B00161O0VCABEBBPCJILIZEpcpatter0041308700800Unmarked PackageThey tasted fine and looked fine. I just found it odd that they arrived in a clear unmarked bag. No ingredient listing, nutrition information, not even a brand name on the bag.
224587224587B00161O0VCA3VM4EELYXK61HHippieChick4760041293408000Not Maynards, but...I was expecting these to taste close to Maynards wine gums, but they simply just don't. That said, they're enjoyable. The pieces are bigger and denser than their Maynards counterpart. The flavors are *as* distinguishable if you don't look at the color before eating, but they're still pretty good.
224588224588B00161O0VCA3JON9FPVXKJS6Pete S.0041288569600Wine Gum ReviewArrived quickly in a well-sealed package. Bright colors, fresh taste, not too sweet. Disappeared all too soon.
224589224589B0000DG5AXA13PD81EKUMR7AHarry2221085961600Not too hot...After a friend of mine let me try his "Dave's Insanity Sauce", and I loved the heat kick. Since Dave's can only be purchased on-line, I had a limited choice from my grocery store. I was suprised to see Ass Kickin' Cajun Hot Sauce on the shelf, and from looking at the name I guessed it would be hot. Well, after trying it on a burrito, I can say it is not that hot. And the bottle only lets you put a drop on at a time. I spent more time trying to get hot sauce out than eating. And since it was not as hot as I wanted, I kept putting more and more on tyring to get some heat which lead to another problem- the taste of vinigar was too strong. Too bad, I was looking forward for something really hot. I guess I will have to wait for my internet order to come it. For those of you who eat tobasco, this is better than tobasco and has a little more heat. For those of you who want very hot, look elsewhere.
224590224590B00511ML9GAY12DBB0U420BGary Peterson0051349654400Hard to Resist.I love cheddar cheese crackers and Cheez-Its comes immediately to mind. I just can't resist them, so I resist buying them. It works, except I break down every now and then. I've enjoyed them ever since I was a kid back in the fifties. More recently, my four-year-old boy was introduced to Gold Fish by the grandparents and he simply loves them, especially the colored variety. I can't get through the grocery store without picking up a bag. Well, Gold Fish are quite good, but, in my opinion, they don't mark up to Cheez-Its.

Recently, when visiting a nearby Fresh and Easy Neighborhood Market, I spotted another item. It was Annie's Homegrown Organic Cheddar Snack Mix in a 5-ounce box. The mix was partly small cheese crackers in the shape of bunnies and partly small salted pretzels. Very nice and tasty. They have a distinct taste which is provided by some type of seasoned salt. Very good. I'd say the crackers are more like Gold Fish than Cheez-Its, and I'd say that the Cheez-Its are better, but these are quite good. The pretzels add a bit, of course, so I'm going to have to find a box of crackers-only to make a true comparison. I haven't tried them out on my little boy as yet because when I opened the box, I just finished them all off. Well, that's my experience with cheddar-cheese crackers.

Gary Peterson
224591224591B00511ML9GA2H8OLTO0I2F6Jcarrieplant0051331337600The Best BunniesOf all of the varieties of bunnies, these are my favorite. The different types of bunnies (crackers, pretzels) are sprinkled with a tart organic cheese powder. I try hard to portion these out so that I don't eat them all. Be aware that the boxes are smaller than the ones commonly sold in stores.
224592224592B006TQUZ1SAYQQOW0VR0YF5Hazel Watson "bqmother"0131331769600Good quality, but very expensiveThis is good, but I've found that it's much cheaper to purchase from companies that offer larger quantities. That's why I gave it only 3 stars.

Keep checking Amazon's listings for a 2.25 lb container if you use it a lot. I don't eat gluten, and do use quite a bit of egg white powder (aka powdered egg whites) in baking and cooking. Practically all the baking recipes call for powdered egg whites and some in addition to whole eggs as well! Plus you can use it in icings and other things.
224593224593B000K23W80A3VHFCP4FYX7FK. Rayman ""0051347667200Excellent QualityExcellent quality juice
Glass bottles -- no plastic chemicals in juice
Very good taste
Fair price for a quality product
224594224594B000R2BP9QA3ANPH1TFCBDFWblowfly131111199318400shipping really high - buy at Wegman'sThis product tastes good, but you can buy a container of each type for $9 at Wegman's. If you get it from this place, you pay $26 (TWENTY SIX!) for shipping and handling. Why? All I found was a freezer pack! What a ripoff. When I asked about the high shipping, the response was fairly snotty. When we received the product, we found it labeled "specially selected for Wegman's." Sure enough, next time we went, there it was. In addition, two of the containers had an expiration in two weeks! All in all, the shipping costs make this a big ripoff. Get it at Wegman's.
224595224595B0058FJ6DYA3EEF58UUBNHSIStephanie A. Chavez "long time amazon user"1151321833600Big Bang For Your Bucki purchased this 2 cans for my daughter who has 5 children. they loved it! i then bought 2 cans for myself. they have a long shelf life! wonderful product!
224596224596B001EO5XE4A1KVMWWANPKWN0Adrienne D. Fargas4451297382400If you love hazelnuts and nut butters, you must try thisI'm a devoted hazelnut lover. This stuff is basically the hazelnut analog of sweetened natural roasted creamy peanut butter. It does require a lot of stirring because the oil separates out from the solids. It's so good that you might just dig in with a spoon and eat it right out of the can, which is exactly what I did when I first tried it. Add some cocoa powder and vanilla extract and a tiny dash of salt to it, and you've got instant Nutella. It's also a great addition to chocolate ganache.
224597224597B001EO5XE4A1KQLFMSUVNDVEE. Tracy4451208649600Excellent, hard-to-find productMaking praline from scratch is a time-consuming activity and I have been happy to find this product on Amazon. This praline is smooth and tasty, it is delicious on toast or mixed with melted chocolate. I only wish it was not that pricey.
224598224598B001EO5XE4A3K2OWVP98H3VWFireguy783351236470400scrumptious!Whole Foods used to carry it a while back (it was more expensive there than it is on the Amazon), but then it disappeared. I was very glad to find here, since it really is a high quality, delicious praline to use.
224599224599B001EO5XE4A1GDA4949920SSMargaret1151325635200Delicious pralineI used this praline paste to make frosting for a chocolate cake and to make chocolate hazelnut praline truffles. Both were out of this world. The praline paste is smooth and easy to use. Very little separation in the can of oils. I intend to make this a staple in my pantry and to look up further recipes.
224600224600B001EO5XE4ATCT22YM2HUQ8Pillowtalk1151320969600This praline paste is amazing!This reminds me of the delicious hazelnut praline chocolates I had in Belgium & France - so yummy & decadent! You can use this for cake frostings, chocolates, cookies, etc. It takes some effort to mix the oils together with the paste in the tin before use, but it's worth it - so worth the money!
224601224601B001EO5XE4A3RHTYE29SABQESvetlana Corwin "Sandy"3431252454400Great Taste, Container DintedI loved this stuff, but both containers were so dinted I worried about opening them. Even considered returning but curiosity won over and I did not regret trying this stuff - sooooo delicious! I am not happy with the packaging though.
224602224602B001EO5XE4AA3HB9LGNIN4RSteph0051334188800Very good pasteI love this paste. A little expensive,but very good taste of praline hazelnut. Perfect for cooking and add to whipped cream.
224603224603B003AYAV3EA2KLUQB1MU7YQTT. Staffier0051267747200Great Product for cookingThis product is especially great for an easy meal with Chicken or Pork. Great quality and taste.
224604224604B000H7K0XIA29SM5LPI0WQF4J. Guo2211316563200New Changes Dilute FlavorI actually tested the new bags w/ the old ones (of which I still had a box left), and it verified that the flavor is drastically different. I really liked the old version, but the new one seems diluted and as if Choice re-engineered it to save some money. Sad, since I had to cancel my subscription.
224605224605B000H7K0XIA1NWAJN5YM3NPHKatherine Morgan "Kate"2251256860800GREAT TEAThis is really good tea. Plus we love the fact that it is a fair trade tea. We try to purchase fair trade products whenever possible
224606224606B000H7K0XIA20SWWOBXWNQ5Hdasha10051316736000delicious teaI have been very pleased with Choice Organic Jasmine Green Tea and I especially like the discounted price through
224607224607B000H7K0XIA11QTPSDKVH7HVD. Lindstrom "ninerfans"0051289088000Our ritualThis is the best green tea ever--mild with a delicate, smooth taste. It is a daily ritual for my son and me to end our evenings, talking over a cup of this delightful green tea. It is one the only ways left that I can nurture the kid given that he is a teen now has a ton of homework and doesn't want to be seen with me in public. I get this on subscribe and save, as we drink so much of it.
224608224608B004XC6MKSA1R8M8HMWS7PQ8PankoDX0051333065600Fantastic blendThis is a great tea packed with caffeine and complex flavors. It even works well iced! It's a great example of how some black teas can be re-steeped as many as 6 times before losing their flavor. Whenever I have guests, this is the first tea I offer them.
224609224609B004XC6MKSA2J2M9SJ0NWGBUWilliam L Trommelen0051332892800A great smooth flavorRussian Caravan is by far my favorite style of tea. For a long time it was very hard to find and I went to great lengths to procure every brand I could find. Simpson and Vail is int he top two of the brands I have found and arguably the best.
When I saw that I could now acquire this on amazon I was very happy.
One final note on preparation, DO NOT OVERHEAT! this tea can get bitter if your water is too hot.
224610224610B000NX3E2UA2DPYMNI2HCIOIAngela Evans0041331510400Another good Jyoti productI love Jyoti products and chickpeas. I was a little skeptical that these beans would provide anything over and above regular chickpeas but I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised. Smaller than most chickpeas you would find in the canned vegetable aisle, these chickpeas are salty and a perfect accompaniment to a salad. I also include them as a side when I make Indian inspired meals. I would recommend this product as well as other Jyoti offerings.

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