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224641224641B009D53XKCA3MDY6Y3Z6D649The Man Behind the Curtain1151326844800This salt will change your lifeThose searching high and low for salt that will change their life can end their journey with Murray River Sea Salt.

I first stumbled on this salt at a local outlet of a cultlike nationwide chain store that pretends to sell only the highest quality foods but also happily lends its imprimatur to made-in-China foods that sometimes turn out to be tainted. But, ignoring other controversies associated with that store, one day a package of this salt sold by that store stirred my interest which led to the salt completing the last step of its long and probably ecologically-unsound trip from Australia to my kitchen.

Here's the thing about Murray River salt: Its pinkish flakes are fragile and crumble easily in your fingers. It also seems to dissolve almost immediately on contact with food. This is in sharp contrast to every other salt I've tried. We currently have 6 or 8 other kinds of coarse-crystal salt in the house. None of them can be crushed in your fingers. They remain large, hard chunks of salt. Yes, they represent other flavors than the Murray River salt, but there is something gentle and friendly about this salt. I have a totally-unsubstantiated theory that this salt is better for your body than the hardened crystals of other salts.

Our household keeps Murray River salt in a salt cellar (in our case a small lidded wooden bowl) from which it is pinched with the fingers (instead of using the traditional tiny spoon) and crumbled directly onto food on the plate. For sanitary reasons, only a small amount of the salt at a time is put in the bowl. That way the bowl gets cleaned frequently. Frequent cleaning seems like a necessity when fingers, even washed ones, are the tools of choice for dispensing the salt. Words to the wise: If you invite nose-pickers to your table, provide a salt shaker and hide the Murray River stuff till they've left. If you have small children in your home, wait until they are grown and are draining your bank account at the safe distance of some far-off college before purchasing and placing this salt on your table.

Another reviewer mentioned that they use this as a finishing salt. Our household concurs. We rarely if ever add this salt to anything in the cooking process. We keep Kosher salt and a couple of sea salts for most larger-salt-use cooking needs, like baking (which frankly seems like the only time one should add much salt to the cooking process). But this is the good stuff for your table and the food you serve on it.

The chain store mentioned above no longer carries this salt so Amazon is the logical alternative.

Note that I purchased a 1lb bag, which keeps well because I live in a desert. But next time I'll probably purchase a multi-pack of the smallest bags for a small amount more per unit weight in exchange for the convenience of having smaller packages.
224642224642B009D53XKCA1WI0RVZ8ZC0G2A. Christensen "Sushi Tsu"1151262822400My favorite finishing saltThe texture and flavor are unique. I was a guest on a local culinary radio show where this salt was one of the things that I brought the host to taste and she described it "Like pop rocks" it's there and then its gone.
224643224643B009D53XKCA2FIZ75BHZKFL7flower girl0051327795200Really flakey!I love this salt! This is the 3rd time I've purchased it. It is in a flake form,which is great, as it doesn't need to be ground up to enjoy. It has a nice crunch to it, but not as crunchy as the chunkier salts. It's very light on the tongue, and a great addition to a salt collection.
224644224644B009D53XKCA3U5F1N96NDG0RPatricia J. Kennedy0051325548800Best salt!I think this is the best finishing salt ever. Melts in your mouth, delicate flakes. I have purchased it for friends and they are thrilled to find a new culinary delight.
224645224645B009D53XKCA38STE9B702H51luckyladyd "luckyladyd"0051314316800What a difference a little bit of nice salt makes!We used this salt in the Sydney Seafood School cooking classes when we attended last month and I fell in love. It's lovely and coarse. The flakes are just the right size for "pinching" and the taste when raw is delicious.
224646224646B001HTP2VAA2XNT8X7ZS4HFUgq0051338854400Subtle smokey flavorIf you like marinated artichokes, you will love the grilled, marinated artichokes. I combine the grilled artichokes with their oil, Reese's pickled baby corn drained, rinsed & rough chop, chopped yellow bell pepper, chopped green onions, toasted pine nuts, 1/2 pound cooked-drained-rinsed fusilli or penne pasta and a very small amount of soft goat cheese for a beautiful, unique anytime pasta salad. I have lemon olive oil that I sparingly sprinkle over the drained pasta for extra flavor. The grilled artichokes are hard to find for some reason. I was happy to find them by the case online...and for a fair price. Try these, you will be pleasantly surprised. These will become your "secret" ingredient!
224647224647B001HTP2VAAEZM5BJYRGGC7Mary Anne Haas0051324944000Excellent FlavorI agree these are quite good and hard to find. The grill makes them special as does the tasty and light lemony marinade.
224648224648B001HTP2VAA3RNJ0734XBVNGGary Cauchi0051301184000Best I've ever eaten!I have tasted other marinated artichokes, but Reese's grilled version is definitely the best, superior also to their usual marinated variety. I cannot understand why they have become so rare.
224649224649B0072RNRPYA2N2PPJZET1XTKGeebee2251333756800Cheaper at the stores......Good stuff, but it's cheaper at Walt-Mart and Smart and Final in Nevada for the 4 pack and 12 pack. So why buy it here?
224650224650B002F914G8A3B1H9KY6M55C0Kat Sharp232351278028800LovelyMy bamboo arrived in perfect shape. It's low-maintenance and thrives in an office with no natural light, and seems a lot healthier than the alternatives I've seen in stores around town. The holder has a bit more space for the roots than the picture shows, and the vase is a really pretty chocolate brown. I may pick up a few more in different styles as gifts for friends who have complimented on how nice this one is.
224651224651B002F914G8A2IXEGGGHH0F0DJody121251296604800Great product, reasonable priceThis past Christmas, I was determined not to set foot in a retail store. When I decided to purchase a bamboo plant for my boyfriend, I thought for sure I was going to have to venture to the dreaded mall. But Amazon came through and contected me with this seller! I was a bit skeptical about how one could possibly safely ship a plant, but it arrived from California in two days. It was packaged perfectly and the plant was in great shape. Two months later, it's going strong.
224652224652B002F914G8A1YO9I41F8TM1GP. Harper "pasta maker"6651299974400bamboo plantI sent this lovely plant as a small gift to my mother. She loved it, it is small enough to sit anywhere but the right size to be noticed.
224653224653B002F914G8A37XN7Y40Y7XJ7T. Fontana "tammy_fontana"121551291248000One heck of a deal, cool product, i got it at awesome pricemy grandma is in the hospital so I got this for her for good luck. It arrived, I sent it to my aunt who will take it to my grandma in the hospital. My aunt said the bambo was super cool and she didn't know if she was going to really give it to grandma or keep it for herself.

I got it at $14 and shipping was reasonable and fast. highly recommend this product
224654224654B002F914G8A39COWVQNVBZZGChristina121551256169600Adorable bamboo plantThe bamboo was in perfect shape when I received it. I've had it for a couple months now and it still looking great. I have found it takes pretty minimal care actually. Item just as described,fast shipping, would definitely do business again with this seller.
224655224655B002F914G8A2OUGYLZ0RDG0AD. Lorenzo "Pida"4451297468800So cute!I purchased this arrangement for my niece who just started a new job and I wanted to congratulate her. She loved it! They arrived in perfect form.
224656224656B002F914G8A2992K9BLAH575Oliver Clothesoff81021323734400Not as nice as the picturesI posted a picture of the plant I's not as nice as ones I've seen posted by other customers. I was originally planning to give this plant as a gift, but I am embarrassed to do so. I feel ripped off, honestly.
224657224657B002F914G8A1CJVX0LFK4FIQG. Altig3331325894400False advertising of the base, a mess to clean up after shipping, no instructionsThis was a gift sent to my elderly mother to brighten up her retirement home room. First, the base shown in the picture is not the one provided to the customer. Look at the other customer photos and you will see that what is provided is much thinner and less robust. This was the base that was delivered to my mother, while I expected her to get what I saw in the vendor photo. Second, we still haven't identified the material used to pack the plant, but it appears to be some form of micro bead that arrived somewhat damp and sticks to everything. Finally, there were no set up or care instructions provided with the plant. My mother didn't know whether to use rocks or soil, how full to fill the base, etc. Only after many long distance phone calls between us and me searching the internet for the proper care procedures for this type of plant, we were finally able to get it in the proper material and in the base. Way too much work for an inexperienced user. The plant itself had a few yellowing leaves upon arrival, but now that it is in the base, it is thriving.
224658224658B002F914G8ADK7Z81PP5KM2Cloris "A variety of tastes."3331324771200Good PlantI was given one of these as a gift. Usually, depending on how bamboo have been treated it can last for a few days to a couple of months. My bamboo like this lived two and a half years, so I was well pleased with it. So the bamboo was lucky - I cannot really attest as to whether or not it gave me luck. Enjoy, and prepare to transplant quickly if your bamboo really starts thriving!
224659224659B002F914G8A2GE9OBKRASB1WDavid Parrish "--BigShow--"33513237344005 STARS MUST BUY!!!I have been wanting a bamboo plant for my house for quite some time, and I decided after reading the reviews, that I would purchase this one from 9GreenBox. I really liked the looks of the picture on here before I purchased, and hoped it would look the same when it arrived at my house. Indeed, it looks even better in person than from the picture! I could not believe how healthy and beautiful the bamboo was. I expected to see a little damage from the shipping, but the bamboo I received looked like one had just pulled it out of a forest where it grows naturally! I don't see one flaw in my plant, therefore I would highly recommend purchasing this product from them!!!

The only thing that I feel could be improved, could be that the clear vase in the center that holds the bamboo, could have been glass instead of a thin plastic vase. But, for the price of this product, it really doesn't matter if it is plastic after all!!!
224660224660B002F914G8A3B55HWV8FW3DXCourtney Burden2251310083200Excellent!I was wary of ordering a plant online but I took a chance and Im glad I did. It arrived quickly and was packaged securely, the plant is beautiful and even taller than I expected, and the vase is exactly as presented. I will be ordering from this company in the future and would recommend it to anyone who needs a plant/vase combo fast!
224661224661B002F914G8A2YQTC5D8WD5JNhotrod13 "Can't means won't try!"4521328140800Listing Price of $59.99 is deceiving.Bought the item thru 9GreenBox and arrived on time and in good condition. This item has a nice, modern look to it. However, the vase and plant looks smaller than what the picture potrays. After having visited my local Ralphs, I found that these bamboo plants are sold at $3.99 and are bigger and more mature than the one sold by 9GreenBox. As price comparison, if Ralphs has the plant at $3.99 that would leave the vase at around $10 from this seller, which is a little steep in my opinion. Throw in a shipping charge of $6.99 that sums up to a total of about $21 and you have yourself an overpriced item; hence, cost you more than if you were just to buy the Ralphs plant and find a cheaper vase alternative. As for the listing price of $59.99, that is just absurd.
224662224662B002F914G8A2ZRB4BCUUOBQ4Bebe4551304294400Lucky bambo workingI purchased a cute little bambo plant, known to bring luck, for my daughter who was having lots of bad luck. Well, it took afew weeks after it arrived but her luck did improve. I know that the plant wasn't the real secret to the change in her luck - but who knows- It was a great gift at a reasonable price!
224663224663B002F914G8AT3NVZ7KDBAD0Jill1121332547200Lucky Bamboo plantIt was smaller than I thought and one of the bamboos was yellow and died. I was disappointed and did not feel luck.
224664224664B002F914G8A2A0OHEQ63SA3HS. Shah "Sorus"1141324080000Very CoolIts smaller than I thought it would be. But it looks very cool. Great price! Shipped very fast, received it in 3 days
224665224665B002F914G8A3RY3HWEC6WYHYGreenGiant11513224384009GreenBox ReviewI am very happy with my purchase of this product. It was a gift for a friend who loves plants.. He absolutely loved it! It arrived in great condition and everything has been smooth sailing.
224666224666B002F914G8A3AW9OLVGR62NBB. Gustafson1151321056000Great & healthy bamboo, decent holding pieceI just got my bamboo today. It arrived so so quickly (that's why the shipping costs are so much- they ship it USPS, but it's SUPER quick; they're located in CA, and I got it in three days. I'm in IL) The bamboo arrived healthy, and looked just as tall as the picture shows, and very green. Looks wonderful. I also purchased some Super Green from KL Design & Import; and got that the same day too (highly recommend that to go with Bamboo)

Anyway, my only disappointment was that the photo shows a lovely holding piece; looks almost like a dark wood or ceramic piece. The one that it comes with is much lighter colored (look at the user pics) and has a random leaf printing on it. It's not nearly as nice looking, so that is a bummer. I wish it was darker. That's my only complaint. Will update if I have anything to add later on. Still a great bamboo piece, and I recommend seller. It will live in my office cubicle to brighten things up. :)

EDIT: April 10th, 2012

Just giving an update on this. The bamboo is still healthy, and growing great. My one disappointment was that the spiral piece that came with it has not grown at all since I got it. It's still the same size, and with the same leaves. It's still green and alive, but has not shot up and grown new leaves like the other two straight stalks. I may actually break off the spiral part and let it grow more naturally.
224667224667B002F914G8A3VQG0SUXXBK27Preciouz1151318896000B-E-A-Utiful!I ordered this for my home, but now after receiving it, and seeing how beautiful it is, I'm going to order one for my office as well :) The vase has a single leaf design on it which makes it that much more beautiful. Fast shipping, very well packaged, beautiful plant and great price!
224668224668B002F914G8A3GMLTMXYF1TKW~ Forever Love ~ "Susan"1151312675200Even nicer than expected!!Beautiful, healthy, vibrant plant arrived in a timely fashion, and I love the modern-style vase - it looks great in my home office! Great deal - I would definitely buy from this company again!

224669224669B002F914G8A2JZ2QZQMTLGE8Mary Kay Clay1151312243200wonderful giftI bought this to have on hand and give to my daughter, on the birth of her son. It arrived in a few days and in perfect condition. I was able to give this to them last week and they loved it. They loved that there were 3 stalks with the circular vase symbolizing their new encircled family.
Easily cared for, the vase which looks like wood and glass is actually plastic, which my daughter found to be a plus in the babys room. It is a beautiful piece and the plants are healthy and need minimal care- another plus for a new family. The lucky bamboo was and continues to be a hit- thank you.
224670224670B002F914G8A38U8CJM1J9HBEBradley Schroeder "Not Dumb"1151310860800Lucky MeI bought this to spruce up my office (and perhaps add a little luck to my work day). Arrived promptly and as pictured. I've had it for a few weeks now, looks great on top of the bookcase in my office. I just wish the container that holds the bamboo in place had been made of glass instead of plastic.

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