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224744224744B005M1LV6YA3E3H0E7SSN6GQEKK0041338336000Baby likes it...My son typically eats the Happy Baby brand but our grocery store was out of Happy Baby so we went for Plum instead (since he will not eat gerber). This product is very similar to Happy Baby and costs less so it's a win in my book. It doesn't come with a scoop (happy baby doesn't either) but I just use an extra scoop from his formula and it's perfect.
224745224745B0033YXQ3SA3W0UYDGX1A9OJkhatfield5551304467200Seitenbacher musli-#2 commentOn a scale of one to ten this one rates an 11. You won't believe how many red rasberries there are in the MYLAR package. There is one for every spoonfull you eat. It makes a fiber snack actually enjoyable. German food regulations also severely limit the use of pesticides which is NOT the case for U.S. regulations. Don't worry about it going stale and soggy as the mylar packaging keeps it fresh until it is gone. The package shelf life is longer than it will be in your home! Enjoy.
224746224746B0033YXQ3SA2FD9B8CMYY78RGoodCustomer5551302566400Worth ChoosingI also was buying this at HEB, but they reworked the cereal aisle and the #2 vanished. They still carry other numbers, but this is the one we like. I don't avoid wheat, but I like the grains this one features instead. Don't hesitate to buy the case. As all Seitenbachers, it's in sealed foil bags. If you like it well enough to order the case, you won't have to worry about shelf life. They don't skimp on the dried berries, either. Shake it up, though. The raspberries, being large and light, tend to float to the top of the package. Otherwise, the predominate notes are dried apples and oats.
224747224747B0033YXQ3SA1V0JRHELK38CAG. Hancock1151301702400Amazon's Healthy CerealWe love this healthy, wheat-free, tasty cereal and can no longer buy it at our local HEB, but it is readily available from Amazon.
224748224748B0033YXQ3SA32ODX5K28CTDNR. Clancy0051334361600Nothing like it.........the best ever!My wife bought a candy bar made by Seitenbacher at our local store. She said it was great, and I looked it up on Amazon. That led me to looking at the Muesli. I bought it based upon the ingredients and the quality of the candy. We were blown away by the Muesli when it arrived. Full of berries with full flavor! This ranks up there as one of the best ever purchases from Amazon. Great combination of excellent tasting ingredients. We are definitely sold on this product.
224749224749B0033YXQ3SAONCQPRX7Y1ZYRon0051334016000The best way to start your dayI've had more traditional Muesli and been disappointed, but here you get something a little more appealing to the masses (or those with a bit of a sweet tooth). You get great taste, variety of textures, and you have the feeling that you did something good for yourself. The only complaint I'd make is that despite being good for you, the sugar in the fruits add up quickly so make sure you have correct serving sizes. For some the amount of fruit in it may come as a detractor, but as noted for me this is perfect. As for the 6 pack size these come in, it seems like a huge amount, but if you enjoy them at all they'll go rather quickly. The good part too with this is that you can have them in the morning, evening, and well they're even great to add to yogurt so there you go, a great tasting Muesli that'll brighten your day.
224750224750B0033YXQ3SA2HUYUQM5S1SRZJames Schaller "Physician"0051322265600EXCELLENT TASTE AND QUALITYGluten free and very high quality. No need to add sugar. Berries are not rare since the maker has inserted a significant amount in each bag.
224751224751B0033YXQ3SA3S929YEZCQWG6Tyler Staples0051314144000Best cerealIf you like Musli this is the one to choose. I've never tasted anything so good!! There are tons of raspberries in it too. It is SOOOOO good!!!! You will not be disappointed with this cereal! You have to try it!
224752224752B004CH0YQMA2RGR4KS3JIEG5stormchaser2251325376000Great gum!Great buy and you get a lot for the price. The gum is soft (not old and hard) and comes in a variety of flavors. The only con might be that it loses its flavor pretty quick. But the flavor is good and you'll want more.
224753224753B004CH0YQMA3HO4EBXY4X6XGDuchessmine "Duchessmine"0051349481600These are good!Looked all over the web for these, and even went to two local stores before I remembered Amazon. Sure enough, there they were. I wanted these for my gum machine at home, and the gumballs you can buy for that purpose are really gross. These have the good flavors I like, Cinnamon, spearmint, banana, and two others that I can't identify, but are good. Thanks!
224754224754B004CH0YQMA1URDXDID866D4Audrey Bennett02113416192005 seconds of flavor... :(Not worth the money or time- bummer. I would not recommend this type of gum to anyone young or old. They stick to dental work too, YUCK!
224755224755B002EDDA2QA1YGD23AOVZ1CJZOMGPWN!8951318377600Peanut Butter Cup HereticLurking in the shadows of the Hershey's kingdom... fomenting a dark, sweet & salty revolution and spreading their rich vision of deliciousness across the land - these are off the heezy fo' sheezy. Even though I bought a whole box I still feel possessive of them and tend to lash out viciously at anybody who even looks in their direction. Some may feel that darker chocolate does not work as well as milk chocolate for a peanut butter cup. They would be wrong. Some may argue melting points, ratios, sugar/fat content and the like, but they can kindly shut it - for this is the ultimate in mass produced chocolate/peanut butter cups.

You're not allowed to order any... AT ALL because I can't spare a single cup. Not one. They're all mine. Nothing to see here. Move along. Thank you! Go back to your ongoing, intermittent perusal of the internet. Yes, Virginia you can't have one. It's not you, it's the peanut butter cup. The dark chocolate's in the mail and I promise not to melt in your mouth. I think I'll have another one.
224756224756B002EDDA2QA3S7A1IBWAZFVYJerry F. Gentile1151265846400Reeses Peanut Butter Dark CupsThe Reeses Peanut Butter Dark Cups are very very good..........I would buy again, Big Smile
224757224757B002EDDA2QA1ZDNGPHKFD93SDennis Bradley Price "yeldarb68"3441270598400VERY GOOD, hard to find, beware the weather!If you like dark chocolate, these Reeses Peanut Butter Dark Cups are very good! Since they are almost impossible to find in stores, it's great that Amazon offers them at a reasonable price. However, BEWARE the weather conditions at the time you place your order. The first package I received was completely melted in shipping (a disaster). Amazon should put a warning or else restrict shipping times/locations based on seasonal temperatures.
224758224758B002EDDA2QAFGYFJPCP27F3GringoViejo49 "GringoViejo49"2351278115200Love the Product, When they DON'T come MELTEDMy favorite candy, better yet now that they come in DARK Chocolate.

I doubt if I will order again.

I received 2 shipments, one was perfect the other I received Totally Melted.

Lasership delivery was perfect, UPS shipped the one that came melted.

Just bad luck, or does Lasership take more care? I do not know, but doubt if I will take be ordering again.
224759224759B002EDDA2QA25PM9JGHPU8EIWes2351276473600Now THIS is how I remember Reese's peanut butter cups!!When I was a kid, I'd enjoy Reese's peanut butter cups as a tasty treat. The flavors were very memorable.

I'd stopped eating them for several years. When I tried the "standard" RPBC's after a long absence I was shocked at how awful they tasted (was it "mockolate" - fake chocolate?). They didn't taste much like how I remembered at all. So I stopped eating them again.

Then, I saw this version - made with dark chocolate. And guess what? They are the RPBC's I remembered!! The flavor was THERE. With the dark chocolate, you can really taste the separate chocolate and peanut butter flavor. With the "standard" / milk version, you can't discern the chocolate flavor at all. Those taste more like you're eating something resembling peanut butter and an oil mix. Awful.

But these are great! I hope they are permanently available. If so, I will indulge in RPBC's once again!
224760224760B002EDDA2QA315S3F1NHG7Y8cdromm0051322697600THE ROLLS ROYCE OF CHOCOLATE INDULGENCEReeses Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups are
the Rolls Royce of chocolate indulgence. Regular
milk chocolate Reeses Peanut Butter Cups are good,
but in Dark Chocolate form, they take on a super
enhanced taste that will ignite your taste buds
to all new heights of chocolate bliss! This is
a must-try for all chocolate lovers!
224732224732B00025H3ZSA2133ASO8BCFOWSarah R. Zeni "SRC"0051271462400Tis better to light 1 candle than to curse the darkness.Here's the ingredients. Ingredients: Organic wheat flour, organic molasses, organic palm fruit oil, organic evaporated cane juice, non-gmo soy lecithin, vanilla extract, organic unsweetened cocoa, baking soda, sea salt, organic cinnamon and organic ginger. Contains Wheat and Soy.
224733224733B00025H3ZSA2IW206YV406HJKathy Bressler "cattle"01811102377600IngredientsI would like to read the ingredients before purchasing. Please show the ingredients.
224734224734B005HVDRYIA924H9GT7S3BAMaggie Carter "Maggie"0021345680000Gets old FastI bought two flavors of these snack bars and ended up giving them both dirty looks. Of the two, the Cookies and Cream was the better flavor (Chocolate Toffee Nut) was the other flavor. Unfortunately I bought the multi-pack of these and it has gone to waste. I think my husband and I each ate one or two.

They suffer from the same texture issues as most nutrition bars. What really makes them worthless is that they are snack sized, meaning tiny. We follow the Belly Fat Cure plan and you have to sacrifice one serving (of 6 for the day) of carbs for these snack bars. Darn it, I don't waste a serving of carbs on something that doesn't taste good!

In addition, being small, they don't really hold me over for any real activity. Yes there are 5g of Protein per bar, but there's no satisfied feeling afterward, if I can even make it past the texture to try and eat the whole thing.

On the other hand, the Chocolate-Dipped Nuts meal replacement bar (also by thinkThin) is very enjoyable, tastes and feels like actual food and is still only one carb serving under the Belly Fat Cure, so I would recommend that instead.
224735224735B000KOQINOA1L3IJR4HCFASMRay Stark "captainstark"0051274486400Quick And AwesomeI have been a fan of this Uncle Ben's flavor for nearly 20 years. Quick and easy to prepare and it goes with any dish. Great flavor and it freezes well with leftovers. Works well in soups!
Hard to find in the stores. Order a couple cases. You'll love it!
224736224736B000EOOQQ6A3BV7Y7JHW739IK. Woolery2251179273600Great!These are a great little pick me up snack. There are two small bars per package, so if you only want a little something (80 calories per bar) you can either save the other for later or share with someone. My son and I love these, and no high fructose corn syrup!!
224737224737B000EOOQQ6AYLRFVU6LUE8MRob Rocha0041311120000Great Product, Not So Great ShippingI have been getting these delivered for the past 6-8 months but have had to return 50-60% of the deliveries. They get dropped off on my porch in the morning and sit in the sun. Once they melt they don't taste so great. Place your order in the winter when it is not sunny out. Be sure to think about this before you order. I just cancelled my subscription because it is such a waste. Amazon has been great about replacing them, but there doesn't seem to be a solution for me.
The bars are great though and I would recommend buying them (in the winter of course).
224738224738B000EOOQQ6A1AWP3Q7MNQQXLa reader in Milwaukee0051218585600Love at First BiteI stumbled across these bars at an industry trade show and brought home the Cookies and Cream flavor for my picky 10 year old son . Out of the hundreds of sample bars I brought home he picked this one and tried it without me even knowing. Maybe the cheetah on the front? Anyway, He loved it and it has become his favorite nutrition bar! (His old favorite nutrition bar was Balance Bar's Cookie Dough.)

He still loves these bars best even though he tried the two other flavors. I just put them on subscription so I'll have plenty in the house for him and the hockey team.
224739224739B000EOOQQ6A3SIEIHZQN4PVPI Know Jack0051203206400Delicious!I love these bars! I have tried many powerbars and found them all to be either grainy or have a funky aftertaste. These are like a healthy chocolate bar. Watch out, they are addictive!
224740224740B000EOOQQ6A1WVR88370WY0Dcrystal0051197331200great nutrition bar for my kids.NO corn syrupThese bars come in two pieces so I divide a pack between my girls. They are 70% organic and no corn syrup. They prefer the chocolate crunch(purple/yellow) bars.
224741224741B000EOOQQ6A1UJ0QWZ5607KILovetoread0051189036800Good flavor and good ingredientsI am so happy to see someone making snacks without high fructose corn syrup! It is hard to find quick snacks for my son. Corn syrup is in practically everything now days and I appreciate someone making the effort to make something that tastes good and pleases the kids as well as mom. Best of all - my son loves them!
224742224742B000EOOQQ6A1TGA8JXVPW3D4A. Miller "busy mom"0031174867200Kid-lovable but messyThese bars are not a great on-the-go alternative to granola bars because their chocolate coating make them very messy. They come two to a package, which makes for easy sharing between two siblings. My kids like the taste fine.
224743224743B005M1LV6YAN6KLB4IKTMJ8Sanriobaby =^.^=0051347408000Tastes like homemade oatmeal!I chose to purchase Plum Organics Oatmeal baby cereal as a part of my daughter's first foods. I really liked that this brand is independently certified as organic and along with the standard added viatmins that all infant cereals have, it also has both PREBIOTICS AND PROBOIOTICS, which are proven to assist in better digestion and overall GI health. I mixed her serving with breastmilk and the consistancy is soft and fluffy. It doesn't have a weird grey color that other brands have, nor does it have a weird aftertaste either (I always taste whatever I feed my dauther first). This infant oatmeal cereal tastes and smells like real oatmeal, minus the added sugars. While it costs more than the standard brands, I feel it's well worth the money for the high quality and taste your child will get.

My daughter took to this oatmeal right away and it really made feeding her a breeze. She is now 7 months old and she still eats this for breakfast regularly, along with some fresh fruits. While I mainly feed her homemade food, I have no qualms about feeding her this brand of oatmeal and neither should you. She has never had an allergic reaction nor has she had any digestive problems afterwards, which I feel is due to the added PRE/PROBIOTICS. So, if you are looking for a healthy, organic oatmeal cereal option for your baby, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND purchasing the Plum Organics brand. It's a great way to start your child on the right path to eating healthy and tasty first foods!

*Amazon has the BEST prices for bulk purchasing this item!*

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