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224791224791B007U6I9GYA2KTW1333ESWZLJ. McLaughlin2241337126400Lifesaver!Just started using this formula a couple weeks ago, can already tell a difference in my baby's fussiness. She has bad bouts with gas and tummy upset, so I was looking for a miracle. This stuff has a probiotic in it that is supposed to aid in digestion. We were using the probiotic drops from the pharmacy, but it's so much easier to just buy a formula with them already in it.

eases my baby's difficult feeding sessions
reduces her gassy/crying episodes

still very new so no one really has bundle values on it yet, nor can you find at all stores. Too expensive on all the websites, I used my coupons and got it at Babies R us, which currently has the best price. Hoping for multi-canister bundle discounts soon.
224792224792B007U6I9GYA2OQK4CJG2V808Flower52251337040000Best formula for colic EVER!Just had my second child 1 month ago today and I have not been able to sleep. I researched and found that this new formula has a probiotic that could help my baby. Within 5 days my baby is crying so much less and will actually take a bottle. I wish they had this formula for my first. Gerber really has the best product for baby!
224793224793B007U6I9GYA12Z37XFV2ZM7ZStar51721151335398400Great formula!Great formula. Helped with my newborn spit up and gas issues. Plus it contains probiotics to help with the immune system.
224794224794B007U6I9GYA3UVRPKS77NLOPklock10051346284800wow! couldnt ask for better!My one month old has already been on four formulas. This is the one that works! She started at the hospital on good start gentle. It progressively caused more and more gas. We tried the good start protect and that made it worse. Found out she has a lactose sensitivity so we put her on similac sensitive. That seemed to work for a bit until it constipated her TERRIBLY and eventually caused even more painful gas. We put her on this and she's has less gas and its no longer painful. And she can actually poop more than once every 1-2 days! She feels so much better. Im so thankful to have my happy baby back!! :)
224795224795B007U6I9GYANFZR8OGXR34DStephen M. Schulte0041343347200Worked Great for VERY Sensitive SonOur son had a lot of problems with GERD (reflux) and pain and crying day and night. The doctor believed it had to do with protein sensitivity (probably milk and/or soy). So we first tried this for a week and we had a COMPLETELY new baby.

The ONLY reason I give it 4 and not 5 stars is simply because, while we were giving him only this along with rice cereal (to thicken...pretty common for reflux), his poop literally became the consistency (and look) of guacamole -> which led to some pain for him in the pooping department.
This is probably not fair to solely blame on Gerber Soothe, since we were the ones adding rice and I am assuming the rice did this. But hey, 4 out of 5 ain't bad.

I would highly recommend trying this for at least 1-2 weeks before going to the seriously expensive Enfamil stuff.
224796224796B007U6I9GYA1FXCDLDFADT0YRunningmomy0051340236800Awesome colic/reflux formulaMy LO has had reflux and fussiness since about his first week. He was having difficulty nursing, wouldn't take a bottle and would throw up what he did get down. He was prescribed Prevacid, which helped but he cried for 6 hours straight after having it so we stopped and just dealt with the fussiness and crying. He was on BM and Nutramigen from about 3 weeks old until 6 weeks, when he then refused to eat. We researched and switched to GS Soothe, and within 24 hours he was a changed baby! He still refluxes and has sour burps on occasion, but overall it is way more manageable. His awake times are much more interactive, he smiles and talks and doesn't cry abnormally. We love this formula, and use it along with BM.
224797224797B007U6I9GYA274JB6GNNDIS7Grinning Soul0051336953600It's Working Great for UsMy little man had bad colic. Screaming from morning to night colic. I can't say that this formula cured his colic because Pediatric GI put him on the same probiotic that is featured in this product and my baby is happy. I use this formula because it contains the same probiotic so it's just a little extra for my son's system. My son has much less gas on this formula. He can tolerate the Gerber Protect but not as well as this product. I am keeping my son on this, hands down.

I wouldn't look to this product to "cure" bad colic, you might need more probiotics but I am a strong supporter of this formula and glad it came out when it did.
224798224798B007U6I9GYA8JIUGWSNXZQ9C. Wojcik "Char"0151336608000OMG! The best formula ever!This formula was the only one the market, after trying many, that made our twin sons stop fighting the bottle. Before, they would arch their backs, and scream when we gave them the bottle. They would only drink a little and be irritable from hunger all day long. We were told they suffered from reflux. After only 3 days, we have happy babies again. They are eating well, and not irritable at all. Thank you Gerber!
224799224799B0034YOS48A4DGCCCNP1MYAdriana H. G. Pernia "Cecilia B.P."1151282262400YummiMy 7 months old twins are crazy about these snack. the big sister eats snacks and now they have healthy snacks for them...
224800224800B0034YOS48AWGLCN6040HG5Buttjams0041342569600The addictive baby cheesy poofsNo complaints about their lack of nutrition can offset the fact that this has been our baby's snack of choice for months. Inexpensive and they don't leave a huge mess - can't ask for a whole lot more.
224801224801B000084EHTA2RIXKF3C0YNPRKaren J. Prichard5551209600000The perfect food for our senior cat.We have an 18 year old cat with serious digestion problems including regular vomiting and diarrhea to the point where she was dehydrated and very underweight. We were running out of things to try untill I heard of Wysong Geriatrx and decided to try it. All I can say is, this food has quite literally saved her life.
224802224802B000084EHTAJRG1PY8G5AT7Ellen Morrison "aka Emmy"0051344124800Helps encourage eatingMy 19-yr old cat seemed bored with her vet-supplied KD food. Since she has CRF, we have to be careful about what she eats, but she has to be interested in it to eat. I mix this 50/50 wit the Rx KD and she stopped losing weight. Apparently it tastes better!
224803224803B000084EHTA311TZ6N9B4366Spinkitten1351325894400Very pleased with this transactionRecieved the package on time, but there was a glitch with the order. I hadn't recieved the cat food I had ordered. I called, and they immediately corrected the problem...crediting my account, and sending a complimentary bag of cat food for my inconvenience. It's rare to do business with a company with such stellar customer service. I would recommend them highly to anyone.
224804224804B000084EHTA1B6LVSH0I898YCheryl W. Chan1451206144000Painless and quick transactionIf you want to have a quick and painless transaction, this is the place to purchase WYSONG for your cat.
224805224805B000ANFG3SA1EQH66QVHFBFYVirginia McKenzie "Ginger"6851141776000Tassimo T-Disc is TerrificI have not tried all of the Tassimo T-Discs but the ones I have used are awesome. The Tassimo machine could not be easier to operate. I got it right on the first try and no one has ever accused me of being a technical genie. Great tasting coffee in a minute or so. I have not found its equal ~ and I have tried most everything. The hot chocolate is superb
224806224806B000ANFG3SA15LULPFGELRHGLilo Rowan3531141948800Tassimo Coffee ReviewTerrific - easy to use and great taste. Only complaint is that the price is MUCH too high.
224807224807B000ANFG3SA1NENJGGDCL9KIJ. Guerrero "juliet golf"3551141689600Gevalia Coffee for TassimoI love the easiness of the Tassimo machine and the T-disc, makes my life a little easier in the morning mayhem. A fresh cup of coffee everytime.
224808224808B000ANFG3SA2L9AJ2ON6SE79Jason Ball3751141084800Cofee of the gods!I believe that when god made the earth, he made Gelaia coffee first! He must have wanted a drink to energize himself, but at the same time be smooth and without bitterness.

We came along eons later to manufacture the Tassimo machine. The pairing of the 2 can only be decribed as heaven on earth!
224809224809B000ANFG3SA2PAF3PC5WBCNNWilliam Joseph Heap1441137628800Defective ContainersOn delivery,product containers leaked product. There was no observable damage to the container UPS delivered. The way product is packaged from supplier, it would be difficult for the disstributor to know if internal packages were defective. There is not a good way to advise the supplier of defects, only to ask for refunds or replacement. Who wants the problems of sending one 2 0z package back for refund or replacement??? Other than the above, I find the products very good, and will reorder again.
224810224810B000ANFG3SA3R32VYVC8IJB9D. Garcia "cordedpoodle"41011139529600Don't give Gevalia any information they work with spammers.Don't give them any information or your find yourself on a spammer list. They work with spammers.
224811224811B000ANFG3SAV9YWIGFVRTK4LoveToShop "LoveToShop"2751137974400Love the product!This is a great product! I love it!

I'm sick of seeing the HUMBLE me jerk posting write ups with his trashy links to get sign ups trying to make some extra cash! Saying everything is free if you go to his links - don't do it! You get a fat ZERO rating
224812224812B000ANFG3SA3CPUQOONXAGGNRoot Beer Lover "rbl"31021140825600Christmas giftI thought I was buying a coffee maker which would be very convient for my mother. I did not realize how hard it was for her to get the t disks. Not everyone shops on line, especially at age 76. She lives in another state, in a rural area and is just too hard for her to find these disks. Also I have never been able to find Maxwell house disks for her
224813224813B000084EHVA3FGP50ZHF8SELL. Wasserman "kitty lover"141451134518400Wysong is a wonderful food to give your pets!We have been feeding Wysong to our cats for many years. It is a wonderful food, with no animal by-products(which research shows is very bad for your pets). We had a middle-aged cat in kidney failure who was given a 5% chance of surviving; we took a chance with the Wysong, and it turned her kidney values around to normal!The vet couldn't believe it and wanted to know what we were feeding her.We currently give Uretic to one of our male cats who had cystitis (the other cats can eat it as well). It is a wondferul food with no preservatives. We have a pet-sitting service and highly recommend it to our customers. It is so much healthier than the grocery store foods and even some of the foods available at pet stores.
224814224814B000084EHVA3DBH50W7DX0OYPreVet3351223424000Miracle!We started with this food with a female cat that had issues with Science Diet. We got a kitten and he insisted on eating the same food. Turned out that we were treating him for a condition we'd not expected. After the female cat was gone we chose to switch to a different Wysong formula. That resulted in his first blockage. My husband didn't pick up a bag soon enough and had to resort to a small bag of grocery store food. 24 hours later we were in the emergency room with another blockage. We got another kitten. Our older male got in to the kitten food. My husband is at the emergency room again . . . I was out of town and he didn't keep a close enough eye on what the cat was eating. As long as the cat is on the Wysong Uretic he's fine. If we can't keep him out of the kitten food, we'll have to resort to a PU. If your cat has urinary tract issues, this is a great non-surgical solution. We always get compliments on his beautiful coat from the techs and vets. I have a B.S. Animal Science, Pre-Vet and studied animal nutrition to extremes. Wysong is a fantastic brand of food that puts the animals first!
224815224815B000084EHVA3BRVIUVCTB0VNGwynne L. Sullivan "Gwynne"2251189728000Total Success Story for our cat!!!Our cat went through two urethra blockages in a two week period over a year ago, costing us over $1600 total, plus a lot of worry, stress to our cat, and an overnight stay at the vet. We were terrified to leave the house for vacations, because how would a pet sitter know that he was blocked again? We found out about this food on the web and have been feeding him nothing but this food now for over a year and it has 100% solved the problems! This food was a lifesaver!
224816224816B000084EHVA6K0JVRNXNXDNIkoi Hiroe "productmaven"1151197072000Great natural alternative to prescription diets.Are you looking for a more natural alternative to Hill's or other veterinary prescription diets? If you are, you may have found the answer. I either use this brand or Royal Canin's Urinary S/O for my cats. My cats prefer the Wysong and my cats have not developed problems or blockages due to struvite crystal development since being on this diet.

However, before you go replacing your veterinary diet, know what type of crystals your cats develop. This diet, IMHO, is very appropriate for cats that develop struvite crystals and require a more acidic urine. I cannot speak about this diet for cats that develop oxalate crystals. Talk to Wysong and your vet before making the switch if your cat tends to develops only oxalate crystals or both struvite and oxalate crystals.
224817224817B000084EHVA1MTP8SWNE6BN1Bridget M. Cunningham "Bridget1777"0051273795200Great alternative to prescription urinary diets!!My cat suffered from a blockage about a year ago. He underwent surgery and was placed on a prescription diet by our vet. After reviewing the ingredients in this 'premium' food, I decided I needed to do my own research. I found Wysong Uretic at a local holistic pet food store and spoke to my vet about it. My vet had never heard of it, but said I should give it a try. It's one year later and my cat hasn't had any other urinary issues! I'm a big believer in this higher quality pet food!! Give it a try!
224818224818B000084EHVA3NE2BMUG5MUMMsdr0511236643200HORRIBLE MY CAT ENDED UP AT THE VET!we choose Wysong based on the reviews on here, and everyone who wrote about it in a positive light must work for the company because we had the worst experience!We initially ordered their Uretic dry food and vitality and forked over $200 plus as the shipping is so costly that we couldn't afford to "sample" it.The reviews on amazon were glowing and the website itself states over and over how healthy it is and how much their company "cares" for our non human family members..none of our 3 cats liked the wet food so we ordered another type the Au Jus AND FORKED OVER ANOTHER $300 and one of our cats contracted a Urinary Tract Infection!! Now we are stuck with a month's worth of wet cat food that we can only be re-inbursed if we ship back.In a time of a recession when every dollar counts and I myself am working two jobs this company is horrible.Not to mention my cat is still sick.
Buyer beware if you love you cats do not buy this.
224819224819B0050IKKCAAFN2FZMKVLCNXterri0311346198400cost to muchwhy is 11 lbs of beef priced 965 dollars?what makes this beef worh 87 dollars a lb?
even top cheifs dont charge that
224820224820B001EO5OPCARXJTNLIVDU9FSusie2221186444800Sugar waterNot that it hurt the product any, but all 3 bottles were all banged up and bent. Classy. Now to the taste: sugar water. I don't even taste a HINT of cinnamon. Live and learn.

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