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224851224851B000ELWDQYA1WQ71QFPGABSNV. M. REDDY "Best Book Buys"1151181433600The prioduct quality is excellentI have no complaints about this product except the price. I got this during promotion. When I tried to buy second time, it was for full price. I did not buy then.
224852224852B000ELWDQYA3I5QN4M3M0J1BS. Bell3451190505600Best Can Soup EVER!This is the best can organic vegetable soup ever! I have tried lots of veggie soups out there and nothing compares to this soup, but you have to pay the price for this soup. As much as I love it, I am not always willing to pay the price for a can of soup. If it gets any more expensive, I will have to ask that a cook come to my house and heat it up for me, at that price! Great soup, but you pay for it! Wait until it goes on sale and then try it (not to often).
224853224853B000ELWDQYA30GWGUC6GBVYQquiet0051327881600TastyI really like this soup and I'm typically not a big vegetable soup eater. The one thing I want to mention is that in the ingredients, I believe "Yeast Extract" is just another name for MSG.
224854224854B000ELWDQYATH440VR6CHWAnowmethen0051319328000Different name, same picture.What I bought a few weeks ago was called Hearty Garden Vegetable. Couldn't find it again but the picture on the cans I bought are the same as this.

I usually only review things to stay away from. But if this is the same soup it is really, really good.
224855224855B000ELWDQYA2MZ59SJR6FIW8R. Hall3511221350400Wolfgang YuckI just don't get the rave reviews this is getting. A more truthful product name would be "Bay Leaf Soup", because that is the only flavor I can distinguish.
Pick out a carrot and eat it, pick out a potato and eat it, tomato, celery, it doesn't matter, there is no individual flavor to any of it. A spoonful of the broth alone taste exactly like a spoonful of carrots alone, and that is predominately bay leaf.
To each his own I guess, but I just don't get it.
224856224856B000ELWDQYA350EKKR7ZWBFEMichael Bigger1251205366400Why would you make your own soup?When you can eat this delicious product! No need to make a soup.
I use the Amazon subscribe and Save feature and receive my box of Wolfgang Puck soup right on my doorstep. No shipping, no hassle, no cooking!
224857224857B0045TEG02A3ANETCTMAN1NPJJ2251303948800Deliciously junky!I love icing, but I get so sick of the same old blah flavoring. So when I was recently making cupcakes, I decided to mix things up a bit and get strawberry icing instead, and let me tell you, I am so glad that I did! I had never tried Pillsbury's strawberry icing, therefore, I wasn't entirely sure what to expect. I opened up the container and tasted was sugary strawberry heaven! Nearly everyone who ate a cupcake applied so much icing onto their cupcake that I ran out of icing before the cupcakes were finished, and I had to buy more! I am assuming, of course, that people were heaping on the icing because it tasted good and not because the cupcakes were horrible and they were masking the taste. ;) The texture is just as the container says: creamy. It is so easy to spread on a cupcake, and it just melts in your mouth.

Obviously, there is pretty much nothing nutritious about this sugar-filled icing, and there are 150 calories in every serving size which is about 2 tablespoons. Also in a serving size is 22 grams sugar and 6 grams fat.

All in all, I am VERY pleased with this icing, and I will probably buy it the next time I make a cake or cupcakes. I recommend it to anyone looking for good strawberry icing or someone looking for something other than the regular, boring cake frosting.
224858224858B0045TEG02A3DQUPXMIAPP9TTheresa Kamal Rezk "xxbigkisses"0051322438400pillsbury creamy supreme strawberryok, so this reminds me of the flavor of cotton candy. my 4 year old granddaughter is the strawberry person(and chocolate too)so i bought this for her mostly and she didnt need this many frostings but they r good to keep on hand to have a change of flavor. we are chocolate people mostly. but as far as strawberry goes, this frosting fits that case. just talking about this, now today im going to have to bake a cake and use this frosting. it was fresh. NOT OLD. if i needed more, i would order it this way again.
224859224859B001EO5SRQA2Q9KUKJ5IM4JFLori Arbuckle "luv2cook"1241168473600orangey crunchinessThis set of 3 bags of sugar would make wonderful gifts as the packaging is nice. I'm still trying to figure out the best way to use the sugar. Sprinkling it on baked goods before they go in the oven seems like a good thing but I'm hesitant because of the dried orange peels in there. Not sure if they' rehydrate a bit or whether they'll be unpleasant dry bits. Not sure I'd buy it again but is fun to try out.
224860224860B002ZJTW9YAW2PFOJF8LO5WMDS3511288224000the crumbs I received taste excellentI really like the crackers, which is why I ordered a 6 pack. However, I received six boxes of broken crackers.
224861224861B000LKTU28A31N6KB160O508Fran W.1151189728000Love this stuff. Hard to find.I have always loved this large pearl tapioca. It is hard to find and recently the place I usually order it from was out of stock on it.So I turned to Amazon and lo and behold I found it at an even better price than I had been paying. This stuff is worth every penny and now I have enough to last me several months. This is the brand I used to be able to find in the grocery stores in the past but can hardly find now. Thanks, Amazon!!! I LOVE YOU for having it!!!
224862224862B000LKTU28A13UQ3VO30RSV1Kenneth A. Byrd0031343001600Not large pearl as advertised.I've used this brand of tapioca many times before in large pearl size, so I know what that size is. I received boxes labelled Large Pearl, but the tapioca in the boxes is small pearl tapioca. Moral: You can't depend on Island brand for honesty about size packed inside their boxes.
224863224863B000LKTU28ATHO85CY7KXKTcarouselwing0051323216000a childhood memoryWhen I was a child we had homemade tapioca pudding with large pearls in it, and this is just what I was looking for. I made it by the family recipe and each bite took me back to when I was a child. I had looked and looked at grocery stores in the small town I live in, and surrounding areas with no luck. One day I just thought Amazon has everything else.... maybe they have this.... sure enough. Thanks Amazon
224864224864B000LKTU28A2L6PLHL2S8JGXMarie E0051301616000Marie E.Excellant product. Could only find tiny tapioca or huge in my store. This is perfect size and we love it.
224865224865B000LKTU28A3G6YDV08ZZLOMSarah L. Wesch0051285718400Good, Large-Pearl TapiocaI ordered this product and received large pearl tapioca. I'm not sure if the above reviewer received small pearl tapioca, or if s/he just isn't familiar with the sizes of tapioca used in pudding. This produce is, indeed, the classic, large pearl tapioca used in pudding. It is not small pearl. However, it is NOT the huge tapioca used in bubble tea. That type of tapioca doesn't fall into the "small pearl/large pearl" distinction.

I found this tapioca to be nice, large and with a good texture when cooked with the package directions (soaked in milk, rather than water.) It was the best deal I could find on tapioca.
224866224866B000LKTU28A1H1FZE7VGD85UFibonacci0051193356800great stuffI've been looking for large pearl tapioca for years,
and am delighted to have found it. Even the recipes on
the box are good.
224867224867B000LKTU28A2Z0O52PKZPQ4Hriver rat 2221221274054400Not the large pearl it was supposed to beThe tapioca tastes good but the pearl size was not LARGE as was advertised...instead the pearl size was small pearl which does not work as well for some applications. Just be aware that although the box says LARGE pearl it will be the SMALL pearl size inside if your boxes are like the ones I received. I do not think that I would order this brand/type again unless I needed the small pearl size. Perhaps there was a filling mistake in the boxes I was sent.
224868224868B001ELLADKA1959HN0X1ERQIYuriy Abramov7841178928000Salutesant Grapeseed Oil, 33-Ounce Can (Pack of 2)The cans some damaged,but I recommend this product - Grapeseed Oil Its high smoke point (485 degrees F) lets you saute, fry, or bake without smoking, splattering, or burning and Salutesant Grapeseed Oil is a high

quality product.
224869224869B001ELLADKA22F67KU39TVTFHelen of York "Helen"91211214265600I would order this product again if ...... only I could be assured that it would arrive undamaged. I only gave this product one star because of the packing during shipment. The product itself gets four stars from me. I have used this oil before and I really love it. But I ordered twice and both times I couldn't use the oil because the cans were so severely bent-in. Can't changes be made in how these cans are packed for shipment? Surely they aren't stocked in such horrible condition! The two little air pillows placed on top of the cans did nothing to keep them from banging into each other during shipping. Does anyone listen to the complaints that are posted? Does anyone care? On the chance that someone is listening, please change the way you pack this product for shipment. Pieces of heavy cardboard that can't move placed between the cans might work best. And add some environment friendly 'peanuts' as well as a "FRAGILE" warning. Please continue to give us the products we want in the condition we deserve. Thanks for letting me share my two cents' worth.
224870224870B001ELLADKA2MATLUO176SR1Review4521243296000Product of Chile -not mentioned in the descriptionI was looking for a French grapeseed oil. That is what I wanted. I was fooled by the name and the fact that the product description makes no mention of the country of origin.

Now, Chile is a leading exporter of agricultural products, and I am not critical of their products. I am critical of how this product is marketed.

Taste: Three stars. The can I received looked to be a retail reject (dented). The flavor was neutral as expected. The color was slightly greener than others I have purchased, which I disliked.
224871224871B000ETPYZSA1ZSF5CJ0A4CIOFancy Trimmins8851254614400WORKS! They ALL like it no force feeding here!!!!
224872224872B000ETPYZSA1GMEINCMIGJJDVictoria A. Griffith7741150502400easy way to help doggie's jointsForce-feeding my dog glucosamine tablets got old pretty quickly. I bought a nice bag of these biscuits and the whole problem went away. Based on my dog's size (90 lbs), my vet recommended 1000 mg of glucosamine -- just 2 biscuits a day.

Almost all of the biscuits arrived whole and they stay fresh in the sealable bag.

These definitely aren't gourmet treats so if your dog is finicky, you may want to use caution; mine ate them up with no problem.
224873224873B000ETPYZSA9KMU8EZXNTQMD. Williamson4451237593600Great deal!This was such a better deal than the "brick and mortar" price. I ordered two so I could get the free shipping. Product was exactly what I had been buying, at less the cost. Long live my healthy, happy canines. :-)
224874224874B000ETPYZSAGM9ZF8U1FE6PE Aldora "reading is fun"2251201478400PerfectThis is a great product. We have a large mixed breed dog who needs help with her joints. She loves these biscuits. They also seem to do the trick for her joints. I prefer the ones that are more of a bone shaped treat. They give her more of a tooth work out. We have not been able to find the "bones" treats since we first stumbled across them at a local pet food supply store. These are peanut shaped biscuits. The price from Amazon was great too.
224875224875B000ETPYZSA196C4JWBJD77LTeresa Stanton2251174348800GREAT!!!My dog wouldn't eat the expensive stuff the vet sells (liver flavored). In fact I had to grind it over his food and hope he would get enough glucosomine. It was always a challenge. We tried several different types. The peanut butter dog bone is the best. My dog LOVES it. I highly recommend it!
224876224876B000ETPYZSA3UFFD9BELRYUDKOKOVILLAGE "* * *"1151253750400Tastes so good, she looks for it in the morning!One problem I've experienced in caring for an older dog is finding a glucosamine supplement that our 65 lb., 15 year old Akita/Chow-chow mix would really like eating. Finding one that our dog, Kuma-chan liked eating was a challenge. We've tried tablets in her food and she would smell it mixed in and not eat until the next day. Other biscuit type supplements were left uneaten. Sometimes the gel capsule would be left at the bottom of her dinner bowl.

As soon as the Nutri-Vet Hip & Joint Peanut Butter Large Dog Biscuits arrived, I offered a biscuit to Kuma. She took it, wagged her tail and came back for another one! Now, she knows that she only gets one every morning before her chicken jerky treats! It's great when you don't have to force feed your best friend! What a relief to see Kuma walk with minimal stiffness or pain in her hips after a couple of weeks.
224877224877B000ETPYZSA38Z8BVDPUKZARPatty0051347926400Pet SuppliesNice way to save time and money. I usually pay twice as much for this product in pet supply stores.
224878224878B000ETPYZSAIC88FRPPFMCKlongnest10021344643200Horrible PackingGlucosamine was highly recommended by a number of friends who own older dogs. After reviewing most of the glucosamine dog products offered through Amazon, I decided on this one. The cardboard box containing the 20 lbs. of "wafers" (actually a dog bone) was tightly sealed with packing tape when it arrived. When I turned the box over to find the correct side to open, I could hear the contents inside tumbling around. Much to my displeasure, when I opened the box the "wafers" were just thrown inside... much like a bag of pretzels or chips. The box was about 2/3s full... I will have to take their word that there was 20 lbs inside. Approx. half of the "wafers" were broken or shredded. It was so bad that when I emptied the "wafers" into a plastic container, I was able to fill a 16oz. paper cup with the dust/particles found at the bottom of the box. (and that did not include the broken pieces!)

The shipper didn't wrap the "wafers" in a plastic bag. The shipper didn't make any attempt to protect or bubble-wrap the contents. I'm not in a position to report the effectiveness of the glucosamine; but I can tell you I am extremely disappointed in the way it was packaged and shipped. If you plan to order any of Amazon's glucosamine products; I strongly urge you to check the way in which it will be packaged. Thumbs down to Amazon for this product!!!
224879224879B000ETPYZSA1SSUQFW1040RWnkt100051341446400Fabulous dog treats!I wholeheartedly recommend these dog treats! We were looking for a yummy Glucosamine dog treat for our 2-year-old dog, and these are a great value for the money! Our pup loves the peanut butter flavor and does not have to be coaxed into eating them. Also, I LOVE that they are Made in the USA. Highly recommend. These treats are great!
224880224880B000ETPYZSAQ77Y4SGX87XAStacy0051332115200They love these.Both of my dogs love these and they look forward to their "medicine" every day. Great treats that are beneficial at a great price. Win, win, win.

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