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224959224959B000F6UMH0A844QT2C8NQCpunkin1311307664000Gluten-Free, really?This product has barley flour in it so how can it be gluten-free? I get sick with even a minute amount of gluten in something so barley flour would not work for me. I wonder why of all the gluten-free flours out there this company chooses barley flour which is not gluten-free? I did some research on this and found that barley flour does contain gluten. Surely I am missing something here as to why this product is marketed as gluten-free. Perhaps the company can explain. The bars sound really good and I love strawberry.
224960224960B000F6UMH0A2S7EUZPFEJZ08Don Carr4811318204800Barley=GlutenBarley flour is not gluten-free flour. Please take it off the gluten-free list. I love shopping Amazon for gluten-free items in bulk. And, especially for packing lunches for kids who need gluten-free snack items. Please correct.
224961224961B000F6UMH0ADT7O1C83DE53MiraWhit0251305936000Amazing!Betty Lou's fruit bars are amazing! The apple cinnamon is very similar to a Nutri-grain bar - which if you are gluten-free and cannot have ... you start to crave. Thank you Betty Lou's for curing the Fig Newton, Nurti-grain, chewy fruit cookie cravings.
224962224962B000F6UMH0A32J53MPMFS6Y4Anne Britton "annie12966"0311330732800oatmeal=glutenOatmeal is far from gluten free please remove them from gluten free list. Some people may tolerat some oatmeal, but it is NOT gluten free
224963224963B000F6UMH0A1TXIPFRD4CNFGErin0311327363200Barley is gluten, dummy.Barley IS gluten. This item is NOT gluten free. People with allergies or Celiacs Disease DO NOT EAT THIS PLEASE! It WILL make you sick. Also, this company could get sued for selling things that will make people ill. Claiming your bars are gluten free when they are not is stupid. Don't be dumb. Take this off of the gluten free list.
224964224964B000F6UMH0A11LUFMAEAZ6LPPicnic Point1511313712000NOT Gluten Free!While this product is wheat-free, it is most definitely not gluten free. Please do not feed to those on a GF diet.
224965224965B001EO5YI4APZJABXHTD8AJosh Rogan5621181347200Lame popcornI just told my wife that I was going to review the 4 pounds of popcorn that we bought, and she suggested the following title: "sucky suck suck suck." That pretty much sums it up.

This popcorn doesn't pop well, and when it does, it tastes only half popped. Compared to Orville Redenbacher, it only pops up to about 1/3 - 1/2 of the volume.
224966224966B001EO5YI4A33IBXD70PBXA1et29802241180051200Good product, flimsy packagingWe use air popped popcorn to replace microwave popcorn after finding out that microwave popcorn is loaded with nasty chemicals. We've orded this product before and it came in a plastic jar with a screw top. Since this product was no longer available on Amazon, we ordered the bags. Shipping was very fast but one of the four bags was broken and my popcorn became the "popcorn" used for packaging material. I barely started to open another bag and the plastic came apart, spilling corn in my kitchen.

Just beware there is some risk in ordering the popcorn in the plastic bags.
224941224941B000F6UMH0A2CXKAZI6564DWscarletalphabet1141340323200Great Gluten-Free SnackIt's been said in other reviews but it bears saying again. THIS IS GLUTEN-FREE. It's just a copy/paste error from their non-gf version.

Now onto the taste. I love taking these with me in the morning or heading to class at night because they're tasty, not that bad for you, and a great snack if you're not a big breakfast fan. I can find these in my local store (in blueberry) but I love the convenience of being able to buy a whole box online.
224942224942B000F6UMH0A3UG8KFGGHC909Michael Hamburg1151333497600Completely Gluten Free - and amazing!I think that the reviews stating that these bars contain barley should be taken down! That was a typo on Amazon's part, and they are seriously the most delicious fruit bar I have ever had - gluten free or not! Deserves 10 stars!
224943224943B000F6UMH0A2HTFXJO16Y1L9Poppy151151321747200Check! These are gluten free & wonderful!Simply the best. My daughter and I love these fruit bars. They are definitely gluten free per the manufacturer's website and the ingredient list.
224944224944B000F6UMH0A1T7JAYX1HO45NBryceshappymom1151307750400son loves themmy son loves them


they are pricey but again when you are gluten free it is almost to be expected.

they are so convenient to pack away and take with you on trips.

they are not as sweet as nutrigrain bars but still very good quality
224945224945B000F6UMH0A161QDF8AQLUTOGeraldine A. Rychel "gasr"3451173312000GREAT SNACKThese fruit bars are great especially good for dieters and I highly recommend them.
224946224946B000F6UMH0A1RKTUE0P1I8I8Gale Browning0021350604800staleI've had these before and they were good, this batch is stale. I can't see how to tell the seller other than here. The use by date is fine, the cookies are just stale. Disappointed.
224947224947B000F6UMH0A31C3PW2IU97CJshe0051350000000Great gluten free barA great tasting gluten free bar that almost equals the taste of a strawberry fig newton. A good purchase if you are looking for a good gluten free substitute.
224948224948B000F6UMH0A16TBCC9OYKZ23Anonymous0031346889600These were just okThese fruit bars were just ok for me.ibought then because I have sensitivities to milk and food coloring. I think I would like them more with less fruit and more cookie. They were awfully sweet and I love sweet stuff. I even put sesame butter on them thinking it would help but was still too sweet. They weren't bad just not what I was hoping for.
224967224967B001EO5YI4A3P5L47S9U9Q0ULiving In Irvine, CA2331181001600Some of the Popcorn did come in broken packagesSome of my order came in broken packages but some didn't. It is OK popcorn, nothing special but nothing bad either. The price was pretty good for the volume but because some was in broken packages (which I was scared to use so threw away), the total order came out the same price as if I had ordered more expensive popcorn.
224968224968B001EO5YI4A1GOFBLYF58OG3Megan Horn "government spy"0041179187200Not too badThis popcorn pops up evenly and has a good texture when I use it with my air popper. It's got a nice flavor that isn't overwhelmingly "corny" and leaves very, very few kernels unpopped. Would give it five stars, but I feel the quality is so similar to other more popular store bought popcorn that I might recommend just buying that since it's going to be much cheaper.
224969224969B0002C96J2A3JWUFBEH12B4Ualbgardis Tausendschoen "vegetarian witchy chef"4451295913600Full bodied, strong fruity aroma, excellent Sicilian oilToday I tried this oil for the first time, and I am swished away by its wonderful fruitiness. What a great aroma! Unbelievable!

I had toasted bread slices which I rubbed with a raw clove of garlic, the toasted bread works like a grater here. I use it very generously, so one clove lasts only for 2 slices in my household. Upon this prepared bread I am putting only the best olive oils.

I am changing them, actually. I had started this kind of breakfast some weeks ago, and so far we had used some milder oil from Tuscany. Now it was time to try one of our newly ordered Gustiamo oils, and I went with this one, as their blog post about it and the man behind it had made me already curious.

This guy is my kind of guy, I am of a similar mindset and no less cynical than he is. Organic labels have become useless, since every industrial corporation can plaster their garbage products with them nowadays. DOP in Italy is no longer a garantee for outstanding quality. So why bother and run with the masses, why spending much money to get such a useless label on your product? As long as you know your product is outstanding and great, you will be able to convince your customers, with DOP labels or not.

His oil is indeed outstanding! Good that I bought 2 bottles of it.

Strong flavour, green, tart and fruity at the same time. Could I mention I was reminded of citrus? There are certainly no flavours added, I only felt a hint of citrus in the aroma and the rich full bodied taste. I will definitely re-order this Queen of Sicilian oils!
224970224970B0002C96J2A1Z1VHM5L5V9YNBianca0051335916800Fresh and DeliciousAlthough I adore all of Gustiamo's olive oils, this one takes me back to the olive groves where it is pressed every time I use it in a dish. It's delicate, fruity and extremely pure in taste, as if you were plucking an olive from the tree and sucking the juices out right there and then. It adds elegance to anything - for example I enjoy using it on simple dishes such as tuna carpaccio, sea salt, and capers. Buy and pour over everything for a fresh and original Italian taste!
224949224949B000F6UMH0AAJA5WMBHO2GDAmanda L. Swangin0051345248000Perfect with a glass of milk!Betty Lou's Gluten Free Fruit Bars (Strawberry) have been such an argument saver for us. Our son is 8 years old, diabetic and gluten intolerant. Because he is diabetic (Type 1) he must take his insulin 3 times per day, at fairly regular times each day, or his blood sugars get out of whack. It's sort of a catch 22, though, because in order to take the insulin he must eat- 4 servings of carbs (or 60 grams). These bars a delicious option for times when he just isn't hungry for a full meal. They are not too filling, taste great, and pack 3 servings of carbohydrates (approx 45 grams) each. Add a 10 oz glass of milk and he's got his 4th serving of carbohydrates and a source of protein to keep him going until his next snack or meal time. I feel good knowing they have real fruit filling and are gluten free. He feels like he's getting a little "dessert" for lunch (which is a special treat for him). It's a win for everyone.
224950224950B000F6UMH0A2DM3395C6ZUTLBarbara L. Schulz "FrndinRI"0051343779200Great TasteAnother great tasting gluten free product. Has lots of flavor and because they are individually wrapped they are great to include in a packed lunch.
224951224951B000F6UMH0A1DIL1SVWUMUYGYa.I.Know0051338508800My sons FAVORITE!My son has celiac disease and gluten free food just isnt that good. These, however, are GREAT! He uses these in place of a sandwich for his school lunches and LOVES them. They aren't very big, so we put a few other items in with his lunch t make up for the size, but ther are really a great treat and the price has been great! I highly recommend these!
224952224952B000F6UMH0A30LXW7P6ZQJI4Beth927760041335398400Really good but too much sugarI'm just getting started on putting my son a Gluten Free Diet. To make it fun for him I let him pick out a few things that he thought he would like. He does LOVE these snacks. My only complaint is the amount of sugar in them (28 grams). I was hoping to be able to send them to school with him as his morning snack, but after reading the sugar content I decided against it. I instead used them as an afternoon treat. I will say the are very good though.
224953224953B000F6UMH0A7TGRFNXTA6AEMichael Greeves "hyperstrikeMike"0051333411200Like a mini strawberry pie and without the gluten!I love every flavor of Betty's Bars. They are all just like a mini pie and perfect proportion. They have fiber in them, are gluten free and delicious. Never a disappointment.
224954224954B000F6UMH0AMXQYDU8M8KXZJennifer Shrawder "that girl"0041326585600like nutrigrain bars, but better!i got these because i have a gluten sensitivity and it was becoming too much. They are a little pricey, but delicious! They are exactly the consistency and taste of nutrigrain bars but with alot more fruit filling, which makes them better! (i think) plus, they are quite filling and i stayed full for quite a while, so i would definitely recommend.
224955224955B000F6UMH0A32SF7ZVP7P7IDYoga geek0051325894400Amazon screwed up. There is NO BARLEY FLOUR.Betty Lou's makes two versions of their snack bars. One is GF the other is not. Even though this is the GF bar Amazon gave the ingredients for the non-GF version, which has barley flour. The GF version, which I LOVE, has no barley flour. Amazon screwed up. It happens sometimes. That's why Amazon puts a disclaimer under the info they provide. Don't worry though; IT IS GLUTEN FREE. Enjoy!
224956224956B000F6UMH0A832MZM2Z8F3Cjames0041324166400fruit bar reviewThese have great flavor and a decent texture. It is a little messy getting them out of the packaging but they are worth the trouble.
224957224957B000F6UMH0A3J174PVEY90YTBunnyMum "avid reader"3551294358400Scrumptious!I've been gluten free for over 3 years now and miss certain things: a doughy pizza crust, soft sandwich bread and a newton type cookie. Doughy pizza dough has eluded me and I've almost found that soft bread (Udi's comes dang close to the bread I remember).

Now finally I've found a fruit cookie that reminds me of a Newton (actually more similar to a Nutrigrain Bar but still in the same family).

I like the texture of the cookie to this bar. It doesn't taste gluten free at all! I also like the amount of fruit filling and the tangy taste. It's not overly sweet. I also like that it's fruit sweetened so I feel less guilty eating it.

The bar is small, not gonna lie. But it's also very filling. I ate the first one thinking I would not be satisified but I was.

When I'm in a rush in the morning, I can slam down one of these out the door and feel full until lunchtime. I'm going to order different flavors and see what I like best.
224958224958B000F6UMH0A2EUH77VPZVSLKMike's Girl0121307750400Bad after tasteMy teenage son and I are both GF, and we're always trying whatever new GF products we can find. Some have been terrific, and some...not so much. These bars definitely fall into the latter category. Besides being chewy in an odd, unpleasant way, there was a VERY strong and persistent aftertaste. We tried all three flavors and had similar results with each. I would suggest trying to find them locally to try first (our regional grocery store carries them) before buying a whole box through Amazon.

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