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225061225061B001LNTY70A16KVN2SA5LWJDuncan Brown0051300924800another five star reviewWOW. so many salt and vinegar snacks disappoint... i've only ever been satisfied by herr's... everyone else seems to be pretty weak.

in steps blue diamond almonds with their take on salt 'n vinegar... i just received my shipment and i can't leave these things alone! i'm going to get another order later in the year & give them out as christmas presents =]
225062225062B001LNTY70A32ZNRIVTSVPACK. Maddock0051299110400I'm an addict! Great for low carbThese are the tastiest of all the Blue Diamond flavors out there, in my opinion! Just the right combination of vinegar sourness and salty goodness.

Plus they're a very healthy low-carb snack. The tin is just the right size, and the lid keeps them fresh for a few weeks (not that they tend to last that long!)
225063225063B001LNTY70A32Y5L6MQ62KM8Beer Shark0031297209600LimeyI really enjoy the Jalapeno flavor. The Wasabi flavor was just a step behind that. But this lime and chili flavor...I think I would only enjoy it with a beer. The lime flavor is just way to intense. I will not be ordering this flavor again.
225064225064B001LNTY70A15ZIEX3DPQEABD. Miller0051297036800Best Nuts EverI absolutely love these nuts! I can't find them where I live so I will continue to order these from Amazon. They are well worth the price.
225065225065B001LNTY70A1E8F0AYFXPCRBDerrick0051293580800AmazingBetter tasting then just about any potato chip and tons healthier too, especially for low carb diets. These things are just amazing. The lime and chili flavors are equally bold and complement the flavor of the almond quite nicely. Highly recommended. They have some other flavors that may be worth trying too.
225066225066B001LNTY70A13QLFTU0I8PSZrk0051290643200YumEaten alone these flavored almonds are a bit overpowering (pretty tart, but I love 'em). However, if you put them in a large container with other flavored nuts, such as lime 'n chili, along with raw almonds, cashews, walnuts whatever, the spices are spread among all the other nuts. A great snack. It was also cheaper and easier to get them through Amazon than to run all over town trying to find a store that carries the flavors I want.
225067225067B001LNTY70A13QLFTU0I8PSZrk0051290643200YumEaten alone these flavored almonds are a bit overpowering (pretty tart, but I love 'em). However, if you put them in a large container with other flavored nuts, such as jalepeno smoke, along with raw almonds, cashews, walnuts whatever, the spices are spread among all the other nuts. A great snack. It was also cheaper and easier to get them through Amazon than to run all over town trying to find a store that carries the flavors I want.
225068225068B001LNTY70A28XT5OCKGN09XSprinkles the Kitteh "Fangyrl"0051289952000NomnomnomnomnomI could live off of these things, they are soooo good! I usually get mine at the supermarket, but this 6-pack deal is a great idea for addicts like myself. I guess the wasabi flavor is a bit weak, but that's perfect for me because although I love the flavor of horseraddish, it destroys my sinuses! lol
225069225069B001LNTY70A1YUQ7G3U6FRFZArmin0051288915200Delicious AND NutritiousThese have a great combination of salt and vinegar which makes neither aspect overwhelming. They are insanely addictive and they go well with dried fruits like raisins to give some contrast to the salt. They are also high in fiber which makes up for their fat content to some extent.
225070225070B001LNTY70A3QN6CZK31WU7PAlexalisbeth0051287705600Zesty Deliciousness in a CanI love these. They have exactly the right amount of spice/flavoring (which is probably too much) and I used to buy the 1.5oz package daily with lunch, but buying them in bulk makes so much more sense. Yum! The empty cans are good for storing loose hardware and small things around the house.
225071225071B001LNTY70A2RQ7I3RZPZDWRB. Hill0051287446400so yummyFound these by accident - they are so tasty. Very hard to find in local grocery stores, so I was happy to find them on Will probably be ordering more.

4/2/11 - I have since bought 3 more cases. I took some to work and everyone wanted to know where I got them. They asked me to sell them some when I get another shipment.
225072225072B001LNTY70A3GQY53YEOF8VUdpara0051285027200Great Flavored Almonds, Hard to GetThis particular flavor of Blue Diamond almonds generally doesn't show up in grocery stores in this size cans. The occasional quick shop/gas station may carry them in the small bags. I travel and I look every time. It may not be everybody's favorite, but I'm sure glad I can get them in bulk.
225073225073B001LNTY70A2RHI9QSU2H31EBarbara C. Shealy0051284854400Delicious and good value we will definitely order again!
225074225074B001LNTY70A3RRG1UUTRO2HXKay Jay0051273449600LOOOOVE these almonds!I am so thrilled to find these on Amazon! I don't know why it didn't occur to me to look earlier. I love salt and vinegar potato chips and these definitely hit the same flavor spot. But it's a much healthier alternative. They are still high in fat, as all nuts are, so eating a whole can in one sitting is probably not the thing to do. But a handful in the afternoon really takes care of my salt craving, the bold vinegar flavor makes a little go a long way and I'm getting some good nutrients too. As others mentioned, of all the "bold" flavors, this seems to be the one that is hardest to find in stores. Thank you, Amazon!
225075225075B001LNTY70A2WQWY1210ASACC. Holster0051272153600Big hit!!!My husband absolutely loves these. He's self-employed and spends alot of time on the road - takes apples and these nuts with him. He's even given them away at the jobsites and the guys all love them. Great product and the free shipping is a real plus!
225076225076B001LNTY70A1JF2UW5QJ2GMYCarole "Sunshine"0051270080000Best Almonds EverI recently discovered the Salt & Vinegar Almonds they are delicious. The individual size is perfect for when on the go. I also purchased the cans for at home. Almonds are a very heart healthy snack, just try to limit yourself to a few a day. For my taste I would like to have more vinegar flavor.
225077225077B001LNTY70A3U5Z6UTIJ8FZ91.5 Trick Pony "SuperDuper"0051263513600Perfect snack, perfect size!I love salt and vinegar chips, but never feel full even if I eat a whole bag. (and I will!!!) I thought the idea of salt and vinegar almonds sounded gross, but was willing to give it a try. And boy they are great! They have about twice the vinegar punch of most chips, and are amazingly good, and the fat is the good kind, and you get plenty full on the almonds. Mmmmmm.

I was buying the tins (which are sometimes available at the grocery store), but then realized I couldn't stop once I opened a tin and was eating something like 1,200 calories in a single day just on almonds. So these packs are perfect - there are enough almonds to really satisfy a hungry stomach, but not so much to blow your diet. And they're great to stash when you know that you won't be able to grab a real meal, but don't want to find yourself at a vending machine or 7Eleven buying crap b/c you're so hungry. Even my (naturally thin) hubby loves them. Perfect!
225078225078B001LNTY70ASLIIRP3RGES6anonymous "anonymous"0041263168000Wakes me right up!I discovered that this particular flavor wakes me right up for the long drive home after dark.
225079225079B001LNTY70A2DTRR9SEAT878Yo' Vinny0051259366400Do NOT get me near these!I ordered some of these and literally ate them each day through all 24 packs. They are addicting and delicious.
225080225080B001LNTY70A3G2FNJDXGZZ04NHmom0051251417600amazingly delicious almondsThese almonds are the most wonderfully satisfying snack ever. If you like salt and vinegar chips and you like almonds then you will absolutely love these nuts. I have had trouble finding them locally, so when I find them, I stock up. These 1.5 ounce bags are a perfect size to include in my husbands lunch.
225081225081B001LNTY70A7QHS47420UIQDeborah Cartwright "D. Cartwright"0051249430400Blue Diamond Jalapeno AlmondsI love these nuts and it seems that most stores carry all flavors but the Jalapeno, I won't hesitate to order these again if I cannot find them next time, gotta have 'em!!!
225082225082B001LNTY70AONR0F6J1F3XOOfficer Weigel "Trudy"0051247356800Delicious, just like Salt and Vinegar Chips!These are great! As a lover of all chips I'm so happy to find a healthy alternative.
It's a great, flavorful snack.
225083225083B001LNTY70AW81W6T30JG8NJ. Kappes0051239062400Healthy delicious snackAlmonds are one of the most healthy, satisfying foods you can find. These are nice and spicy with the right snack size. I debated getting these or the big tins, but the small bags helps me control the overeating and mindless snack munching.
225084225084B001LNTY70AB7JW6OY993QDR. Patton0051236470400All Day LongEnjoyable all times of the day. Just the right amount of salt and flavor. This is becoming a favorite in my house. I also take it to work to satisfy that afternoon craving.
225085225085B001LNTY70A7OF70SX4JSU8Bikram Yoga Michele "yoginimom"0051234051200Salt and Vinegar PerfectionThese are not easy to find in stores...and one must be diligent to keep them on hand! They do not create sores from acidity...they are better than any salt and vinegar chip I ever tasted. Highly recommend. Even individual packets you can throw in your purse have been seen!
225086225086B001LNTY70A1HX3R6JSBZVU2NW Elvis0051233532800Not a typical nutThis flavor is the best of the bunch by far. I am reluctantly on a diet that allows for a few almonds as a snack. I tried these and I was hooked. Unfortunately, most stores do not carry this flavor. My first case went very quickly, as every co-worker who tried them wanted a can of their own. I recommend them to anyone, not only those of us trying to stick to a diet that deprives us of less healthy snacks.
225087225087B001LNTY70A3H26J6OIAPTSMMichael Mcclure "Timer"0051232668800Simply the BEST!!!Our order arrived yesterday and this morning we placed an order for more - the taste is addictive!! Just enough punch and spice.
225088225088B001LNTY70A1WX42M589VAMQMir0051231113600Absolutely the yummiest of the Blue Diamond flavored almondsI've tried smokehouse, jalapeno smokehouse, honey roast, lime and chili, and natural. But these are really the best of the lot I've tried. They have the nice fresh-tasting almonds you expect from Blue Diamond, and you can actually taste the wasabi (unlike the jalapeno smokehouse, where the jalapeno part is really elusive).

I was reluctant at first to try this. Didn't think I'd like it. I was wrong. Terrific snack almonds (if you don't mind saltiness). Love em.

225089225089B001LNTY70AIBRTGBN07D6AScott0041224460800You can definitely taste the salt & vinegarEven though I (thought) I hated them for 25 years, I am a recent convert to the great taste and nutritional value of almonds. It is hard to find a quality almond. Some are too hard, some are too "dry," some are too plain. Without a doubt, Blue Diamond produces the best-tasting almonds. I have had many different brands of almonds and if you are eating them out of the bag (IE, not cooking with them or mixing them with something), quality can go a long way. Blue Diamond almonds are very flavorful on their own. I typically do not like a completely plain almond, so decided to try their Bold series.

The Bold Series has several different flavors. Some of these are hit and miss with me. Some of the flavors are "too" bold, and some taste great the first few almonds, but quickly overwhelm you. Since my favorite Blue Diamond product is Blue Diamond Almonds Roasted Salted, 6-Ounce Tins (Pack of 12), I thought I would give these a try. I have been disappointed with other products within their Bold line, but these aren't too bad.

You can definitely taste the salt and vinegar, and it's pretty much the same amount of flavor you would find with Salt and Vinegar potato chips. Normally, I can eat half a can of Blue Diamond almonds in one sitting, however the strong flavor of the vinegar overwhelms me a bit and I can usually only eat half a serving of these at once. If you're a big Salt and Vinegar fan however, these shouldn't be a problem. While the Salt and Vinegar Almonds aren't my favorite in the Bold line, I do like them much better than the other varieties, and will probably get them again. If you've never tried them before, you may want to start with purchasing just one can rather than 12.
225090225090B001LNTY70A2VGTBXWR2191NT. Miller "Rational Thinking"0041218758400Perfect balance butI wanted more wasabi flavor but there is enough for a good balanced taste. Really, they are pretty good. You can actually find these in walmart for $3 a can so its about the same as buying here.

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