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225151225151B001LNTY70A80FYRDYZVEX1Jennyjane1151317340800Best almonds ever!These Salt and Vinegar Almonds are one of the best snack foods I have ever tasted! They're just tangy enough to give you a good kick. Hard to find in my local stores, so I came to Amazon and bought a case :-)
225152225152B001LNTY70A1SCANWWQTEG9ITheLastCoyote1131316044800only for lime loversI like lime and I like chili so I figured this would be a pretty tasty nut. It is definitely very flavorful but the lime overpowers the chili so much that the chili might as well be nonexistent. So if you are a lime lover you will probably enjoy this flavor, otherwise you might want to try one of the other varieties instead. Personally I will finish up this batch but once they're gone I will go back to my habanero bbq and wasabi.
225153225153B001LNTY70AEO407GROR6JBSusan C. McConnell "Avid reader"1151312243200Delicious and addictive!These are the best snack food ever! Spicy AND healthy. The 100-calorie packs are a blessing 'cause I could gorge on them. The only drawback is they make your fingers messy, but that's a small price to pay.
225154225154B001LNTY70A2DM3CQ3WYA8DWL. Davidson1151308182400The best almonds!I originally found the big jar of these at Costco. They had them for about a minute and then they were gone. Thank goodness for Amazon, because I'm hooked on these almonds. If you like anything salt & vinegar, you'll love 'em! Now if Amazon could offer the large economy-size jar, all would be right with the world.
225155225155B001LNTY70A3LH57F6PHJ3JTJames D. Sink1151306800000Ultimate Snack FoodI love these so much. If you like salt and vinegar chips and you like almonds, you will love these too. They're hard to find in the store but Amazon has you covered.
225156225156B001LNTY70AGFFSTP9402YQH. Lu1141306454400Chili? BSI do like the Lime taste. It's pretty strong, and very unique. However, at no point in time did I feel like I was eating "Lime and Chili" almonds. There was absolutely no kick from the chili.

Very tasty still, but not what I was hoping for.
225157225157B001LNTY70A2VB07XAVF8LSHK. West1151301011200Love Love LoveThese are my favorite flavored almonds! Intense flavor! I can't get enough lime. Hard to find in the stores though sometimes.
225158225158B001LNTY70A3E2RUEC5F2I7FboyscouT1151290211200Salt & Vinegar + Almonds = HeavenThis wonderful combination of flavors proves to me that heaven truly exists. If you are a fan of Salt & Vinegar chips, you will LOVE these almonds! I've been through 2 cases of it and counting... shhhhhhhh!
225159225159B001LNTY70A2QDBOUBAZQSABSandi J. Miller1151284163200delicious, addictive, flavorful almonds!These are the best nuts ever and the value is best with the 6 pack.
225160225160B001LNTY70A2UCUVMLB69G15A. Hemphill "music fan"1151283904000Yummy!I don't need to say much more, these are good. Not really hot like you might assume given that it's jalapeno flavor. They just have a slight kick.
225161225161B001LNTY70A2C8ZY4GLNX85PD O1151279065600zinger flavorFantastic bold citrusy flavor. Not very spicy, but quite savory. Packet size is just right for a single serving snack.
225162225162B001LNTY70A2RHI9QSU2H31EBarbara C. Shealy1151273363200Delicious spicy almondsGreat way to purchase the Wasabi & Soy Almonds -- makes it easier to resist the temptation to eat too many!!
225164225164B001LNTY70A34TOSW7YKS1DCRetroReader "RetroReader"1151243555200Blue Diamond AlmondsBoth the Bold Jalapeno and the Wasabi Soy almonds have taste great and make a good snack or party treat.
225165225165B001LNTY70A12RKYH699SOC3J. Yang1151232496000Perfect SnackI love these almonds - they are the perfect snack, you don't need to eat a lot to feel satisfied. Also, since they have a lot of flavor, you feel "mouth-satisfied" as well. The wasabi is not too hot (actually I wish it were just a little hotter) and the soy just adds a little bit of saltiness. I recommend these if you like wasabi peas but want something with more nutritional value.
225166225166B001LNTY70AGLRS0Q4QA1WAlcb1151219622400GREAT for low carb/glycemic dietsThis is my favorite flavor but all the BOLD flavors are helping me stay on my low carb diet. They taste great, crunchy, mouth full of flavor. My whole office is now eating my "diet food." If the sodium is high for your diet, mix them 50:50 with plain unsalted almonds. just YUMMY!
225167225167B001LNTY70A1VEOWIH3D0PTZRobert W. Derrickson "FUN SEEKER"1151211500800Great tasteLove the taste not to hot but a little tangy. Price is good and really good service.
225168225168B001LNTY70A2RZ9O4PSL16V4N. Gargano "nokegchris"1151206748800DeliciousI am on the Atkins diet, have been for four years, and almonds are an important part of snacking, these almonds are delicious. I have found blue diamond to be so fresh, and the salt and vinegar satisfy a multitude of cravings.
225169225169B001LNTY70A2TMY1YEB4TA6H. BURGESS2351268352000Great taste.Almonds are super nutritional food and while high in fat, are certainly better than cheese puffs!
225170225170B001LNTY70A397TQFJXG60UXH-Nasty2351210118400Fan-friggen-tasticThese are very good.
Like salt-and-vinegar potato chips, but more substantial and delicious. The almond gives a nice hint of sweetness under the assault of the vinegar. I've eaten 2/3rds a can at one sitting.
225171225171B001LNTY70A2VBL3JMMB282UP. OBrien0051350777600They Loved itThis was sent as a gift. More than once I was told how happily they munched on these. Always feel good to give a winner.
225172225172B001LNTY70A10617JO68KVFCzoomxzoom0051350432000Great nuts!The Habanero BBQ are awesome. They are the perfect balance of sweet and heat. I eat them all day long.
225173225173B001LNTY70A1QBRPADDPCUUUTerri L. Fields0051348617600Great Nuts with a KICKI purchased these Blue Diamond Wasabi Almonds to try out for a snack and they are GREAT. They are good as a snack between meals and they are quite filling. My husband really loves the flavor of these Almonds. I have already purchased another supply. The price is so much less than at the grocery store and I get them right at my door step.
225174225174B001LNTY70AOFVZT5XYRBFYDoc Worker0051348185600Full of flavorTo start I should say I HATE Almonds. I don't dislike them, I hate them (and I have tried all manner of almonds, from raw to various flavors). A former co-worker brought a huge jug of these to work and urged me to give one a try. Like the stubborn child who refuses to eat her veggies, I popped one in my mouth, with a large glass of water in hand to wash down what I expected to be the awful (to me) flavor. I was shocked to find I not only didn't object to these, but became hooked on them in short order.

I have been unable to find this flavor in the mega jug my co-worked purchased at a big box retailer over a year ago and was pleased to find this option on Amazon for a price lower than my local grogery store. I wish that big jug were available, but these smaller cans probably assure a fresher product.

I will add, that I am a big fan of vinegar, but am not a big fan of salt and vinegar chips. These almonds have an excellent balance of flavor.
225175225175B001LNTY70A1Y27QQ772FT0ISohail Ahmed "superso"0031348099200Wasabi Soy Flavor is too salty!I got this wasabi soy flavor a few weeks ago. Tastes all right. But last week I got up out of bed and I was dizzy. I thought, "hey that happens, no big deal..." A few days ago I was running and I got really light headed. I thought, "hey that happens, it's hot out..." But yesterday I ate a few of these and I realized, "hey these are really salty" Now I don't know if all these things are related, but if there's one thing i'm sure of - it's that these are pretty salty.
225176225176B001LNTY70A1Z1ZCX1WDSL7PGinnie Mac0051347926400LIME CHILI ~~ BEST FLAVOR EVERRRThe Blue Diamond Lime Chili flavored almonds is the best flavor hands down. Packages came sealed, and the almonds were fresh and delicious! You should also try the Blazing Buffalo Wing and Habanero BBQ. The Wasabi and Soy were too salty for me though.
225177225177B001LNTY70AZNYACZEV3KJDJeremy W. Kimball0051347840000Wicked goodThese are awesome. And good for you to boot. Sure there's probably a little too much salt, but everything in moderation, right...
225178225178B001LNTY70A2Y1DXML62KMORBecky Bloomwood0051347494400addicted to ... Lime and Chili AlmondsI love the lime and chili almonds from blue diamond and they are a great snack if you are on a low carb diet. In addition buying the 3-pack of 16oz bags at amazon is a great deal considering that the 6oz can usually costs $3.79 at my grocery store. At first I thought "When am I ever going to finish 3x 16oz bags of almonds" but that's no problem at all. I even have to trick myself and put just a few in a bowl so I won't eat half the bag on one evening. I am addicted to lime and chili almonds and I am O.K. with it. I hope you will enjoy them too.
225179225179B001LNTY70ALQMNKE806LR6casahome20000041347321600Not as hot as you'd thinkBlue Diamond almonds are a huge favorite and I like trying all the flavors that they have. These Habanero BBQ almonds are not spicy and actually have a sweet taste to it due to the bbq flavoring. Would have liked them to be a bit hotter but taste pretty good as is!
225180225180B001LNTY70A1JZRY5ZGW15NSGrits0051347321600Best Blue Diamond AlmondsI am so delighted to get these Salt and vinegar Almonds. None of the stores near me carry them. They are actually great for my diet. I can eat as many as I like yet the amount has less calories than if I was eating chips. I can only eat so many nuts at a time while I can pig out on chips and waste lots of calories. My friends are always digging in my closet to see if I have any when they visit. Love them.


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