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225271225271B001ELL4X6A31DCD0A4IPPV0Joshua Wagner0051334620800Best natural snack ever!!!Best natural snack ever. PERIOD. Delicious. NO ADDED SWEETENERS. Just pure organic mango goodness. These are the sweet treats of the Gods.

I decided to search for natural dried fruit(no added sugars) when I tasted yet another misleading brand. They make it look natural, but hide the fact that they douse the delicious natural fruit with sugar! It totally ruins the fruit. I looked on Amazon for the real deal. Here it is. Satisfied by the reviews, I bought. I can tell you now I'm totally satisfied, and am going to keep on being that way with this all natural organic sustenance.

I can also tell you that as should be expected, the pieces vary with taste and flavor. I can taste different parts of the mangos involved, as well as different ripeness. You'll know when you get a really good piece--you'll want to just put it on your tongue and suck on it :)

This is what nature intended, a very healthy snack. Great product!
225272225272B001ELL4X6A1X54EY7D8CK08Y. Xia0051332547200OMG Great!I like both fresh and dried mango - I just like the flavor and taste and all good things about mango. I had tried other dried mango before, they were either too sweet (coated with sugar powder) or too expensive (my school store sells 4.99 for just few ounces).

Ever since I found Bare Fruit bake-dried fruits, they substitutes all other snacks I've ever had!!I like the crispy dried apple; and I LOVE this tasty chewy dried mango. I had expect their dried mango to be as crispy as their dried apple, and only found out that the dried mangoes are just awsome! It's not over sweet, the flavor is sooooo good. No sugar No artificial sustances were added; besides, the taste is really good! It's bit dry and not as moist as most brands, but it's still tender and chewy, making it a perfect snack for movie time or sweet-tooth time :)
225273225273B001ELL4X6A2FGNDZXA6YD4DJu Young Park "ju.vanderw"0031332374400OkayThis is okay, it seems a little bit too dry and chewy for my taste. But the flavor is pretty good. Just not big on the texture.
225274225274B001ELL4X6AQZGCD9GFQZHIJemmcee0051331164800My 2 yo loves these mangos!!These are cut into small squares, sweet, chewy, and delicious! I have two toddlers that love mangos! I prefer unsweetened, unsulfured fruit and this is the best way I have found to buy them that is cost effective. We haven't gotten a bitter batch yet, but it could happen. It's real fruit without added sugar so you never know... Love love love this product!!
225275225275B001ELL4X6A18SCII8RXW3PBKatie0051331164800Delicious organic dried mangoI read through most of the reviews before ordering this product. I usually buy organic dried mango (no sugar added) at Whole Foods. Yes, it is going to be drier and more leather-like, but that's because it's organic and has no sugar. The dried mango that has sugar is more chewy. Be aware of this before you buy. However, I had found that the organic dried mango actually tastes like real mango. I loved the bite size pieces. The texture and flavor varied throughout the bag, but that did not deter me. It's dried fruit. NOT EVERY MANGO IS GOING TO LOOK AND TASTE THE SAME fresh or dried. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND this product. I am going to purchase it agian.
225276225276B001ELL4X6A29UUT533LUD15FBC0051330992000A+ Mango'sGreat air sealed packaging product is delicious and rapid delivery I highly recommend great source of energy and quick pick me up.
225277225277B001ELL4X6A1O5NEHIQ6PZELMetolius0031330473600Just okayThe price isn't bad. However, the pieces of mango are small and a little too dry. I was hoping the package would be of nice larger pieces like you get in a bag from Trader Joes. I had signed up for the subscription, hoping to have an ongoing supply of dried mango, as our family loves it. However, after our first delivery of it, we have cancelled our subscription and will look elsewhere.
225278225278B001ELL4X6A3P9R0VIA1NDDCbshope0051330214400Tasty and InexpensiveThe only problem with these mangos is that I eat them too fast. They would be really cheap, if the bags did not disappear so quickly.

Do not expect something packaged in fancy containers. These are cheap because they are just barebones organic good food.
225279225279B001ELL4X6ARMGD218MFU0ST. Henry "Tiff92"0051326585600Yummy!My whole family is addicted to these. They are sweet but not too sweet. A wonderful,quick,& healthy snack.
I keep a bag in my car at all times for a quick snack on the go.
225280225280B001ELL4X6A1IYHO4E67DCXVRaj0051299196800delicious!just purchased these and they were exactly what i was hoping for--a healthy, sweet, natural snack to munch on while studying. it's literally just baked mangoes and nothing else. highly recommend!
225281225281B001ELL4X6A1B6T9EHXZ2FNHM. Reid0041298160000Mango ManiaI almost ate the whole bag in one sitting. One of the greatest alternative to the FRESH mango.
Thank God for self-control--only ate 1/2 bag in one sitting.

These bite-sizes pieces are addictive--if you're TRULY a fan of the mango.
225282225282B001ELL4X6AK63RR6FLTZNED. Wade "Dee"0021292112000DisappointedI am extremely disappointed in the 2 pound pack deal. The mangos were not bite size, they were WHOLE slivers of mangos, some over 3". They were mostly extremely dry and tasteless. It seemed as if Bare Fruits puts their unusable left overs into those large 1# packages, you will receive a total of 2# with this order. A complete opposite to the smaller packages which I enjoy tremendously. I will only order the small packages in the future to avoid a debacle like this again. The bite size mango pieces in the small packages are chewy, tasty and a wonderful snack.
225283225283B001ELL4X6A1ERMPGHDNSOZ7B. COLE "tellin it like it is"0021291161600not what is picturedi ordered these because i had purchased the 2.6 ounce packages before and really really loved them, in the tiny little pieces all chewy and good... but when i opened up my box from amazon today, they were two bags of giant pieces... i figured what the heck, its the same fruit so i would give them a try. after opening one bag, i found that they are basically like mago potato chips, all dry and stiff... NOTHING like the dried mango you get in the 2.6 ounce packages where it is small bite sized pieces that melt in your mouth and are chewy... these are big pieces that will snap in half if you bend them.... i will not be purchasing these again, its worth the extra cash to get the small bags , at least you know what you are getting....
225284225284B001ELL4X6A246SVW1WW9JS7Postcard Lover0011285545600Not recommendedThese really tasted bad. I would not recommend them at all.The taste was awful. Buy the apples, they are good.
The mangos are flat, no taste , a waste of money
225285225285B001ELL4X6ALFTE9FL02FGLMom of 20031281571200Mediocre MangoI've been looking for dried organic mango that is as delicious as that carried by Whole Foods, which only sporadically carries it in their bulk foods area. This was not the mango I was searching for. It was toooo dry and didn't exactly taste like mango -- it almost tasted more like dried persimmon. It wasn't terrible -- that is, my family ate up the two pounds -- but not with the anticipated level of joy.
225286225286B001ELL4X6ASR8YGXT0YXXWSharon R. Maas "kayaker"0041275868800yumvery good and fairly priced --- like trader joes better but there isn't a trader joes where i live so will buy these again :-)
225287225287B001ELL4X6A2X6OMP73VOS4KOldies Lover "Vic"0041272240000Not bad, for a good price.Unfortunately these dried mangos are not as pictured. Instead of the smaller bite-size pieces as pictured, described as soft and light in some reviews, I received the sliced version, which seems to be a little drier and chewier than I expected. Also did not have as much flavor as other brands I have purchased. They're not bad though, and it is an excellent price for the quantity, even better when purchased through Subscribe & Save.
225288225288B001ELL4X6A22S0RZ11PP3S3Jessica0051260230400AWESOMEAnyone who says that these don't taste like mango clearly has never dehydrated mango bits his- or herself. These are FANTASTIC. They are, hands down, my favorite snack. I keep a bag in my desk drawer at work, and one in the cabinet at home, ALWAYS in stock. $20-25 for 2 lbs of dried mango is a fantastic deal, too, especially for organic fruit. These are amazing in muffins, cookies, any sweet snacks, they are great plain, dipped in chocolate, peanut butter, whatever. There are a million things you can do with these. I hope Bare Fruit ends up with more dried organic fruit... I'd love to see papaya, kiwi, etc. For now, the mango and pineapple are AMAZING... have yet to try the apple and others.
225289225289B001ELL4X6A1GZSB0KH1U68OCarol Hastings0051235779200Very Good and TastyI have been trying to watch what I eat and have started carrying some dried fruit in my bag for those times I cannot carry apples or other fruit. This fruit tastes great and is now one of my favorites that I have tried. On tip is to put a serving size into a smaller bag to make sure you do not eat too many, I did find myself eating a bit too much if I had the big bag around.
225290225290B001ELL4X6A3ROQE7JXQMZXEIzzie "izzie"0051233792000Dried mangosDelicious flavor and texture- not too tough. I especially appreciate that there are no sulfites or added sugar!
Reasonable price and altogether a solid product. I will order regularly.
225291225291B001ELL4X6A1ZFA2K0XXPJY1ZQ0051231286400Tastes greatI will definitely order this again. It melts in your mouth. The texture is light. When I brought it to work, the whole bag disappeared in minutes.
225292225292B001ELL4X6A289NYCVYWKFN7Rich D "Rich D"0051218067200Excellent and TastyThis is an excellent product. No added ingredients, nice an soft, tasty. As good as it gets.
225293225293B001ELL4X6A3A3248M3OO3UFPatricia A. Clark0051211155200the best dried mango ever!Really good product! I've had other brands of dried mango that were not as tasty or fresh. There was no seed "silk" found.
225294225294B001ELL4X6A2TVOVHJDJGMVjayhsong1221297468800Cheap but disappointingI should have read other comments with 1 or 2 stars!

I usually order dried mangoes from other brands and they are a little pricey, so I decided to try this one: It's price looks reasonable and it says it's organic. It's been two minutes since I received it and I already started to feel regret for this product. As other people mentioned it was cut in too small pieces, so too dry, and sometimes hard to chew. Dried mangoes are not supposed to be this dry. I suspect that this company imported dried mangoes from Southeast Asia in big boxes and divided them into smaller bags.

It tastes less sweet than all dries mangoes I have ever had: it tastes like dried apricots or apples, more sour than sweet. I don't know whether other manufacturers add sugar when they dry mangoes and this one doesn't or these ones are just a less sweet(worse) kind because the bags don't have any nutrition info. I cannot return it because it comes in an aluminum bag and I already opened it. If it came in a plastic bag I would have definitely returned it.

In sum, this is not dried mangoes that I expected. I give two stars only because it's less expensive than other dried mango brands. I know there are many people who like it and I strongly recommend they try other brands: they are more juicy, sweet and flavorful.
225295225295B001ELL4X6A2EU843OLN8E9SMariel Christie1211260144000LiesThe picture has mangoes in squares and the two times I ordered the mangoes they were in whole pieces. When I asked to know what happened they wouldn't or couldn't tell me and I don't think I am going to order food from Amazon ever again.
225296225296B001ELL4X6A1FAIQEUD1HMXCJamie0111329955200Strange smell and tasteI didn't actually taste this, but I thought it had a strange smell. My husband and my son love the dried mango we get at Costco so I thought I'd try this since it's organic. Neither one of them will eat it....they think it has a strange taste. Unfortunately, I might as well have thrown $20 in the trash can because that's where this mango ended up.
225297225297B004452P6OA2G6GPAOY0C3YTNancy0051347926400really delicious!I used to be able to buy these at our local grocery store but recently I found that they were no longer on the shelves. Of course I found them on and brought them right away; they arrived in just a few days. And they are just delicious! Hot and spicy but not so spicy that you can't eat them - we put them in taco salads, omelets, on regular green salads, you name it. Buy some, you won't regret it at all!
225298225298B004452P6OAL8MX2JPHZDK3Vanilla Girl0051332460800Mario's Sliced Black Olives with Jalapeno are a cut above!Having ordered these 3 TIMES I consider myself a budding afficionado! Mario's is a perfect sliced olive nicely paired with fresh chopped jalapeno bits, at the ready for whatever culinary treat you may have in mind. I've put these in omelettes, salads, nachos...even pizza. At 60 cals for the whole 2.25 oz. can, you can afford to splurge and just ENJOY them. The buttery richness of Mario olives rivals Black Pearl, and their light jalapeno heat is SPOT-ON. Mildly spiced at 1 star's worth of warmth, you'll experience full FLAVOR, without the burning lips. OLIVE HEAVEN!
225299225299B001EO5YIOA281NPSIMI1C2RRebecca of Amazon "The Rebecca Review"5551230249600Caramel PerfectionLight Muscovado is a caramel light brown sugar with the flavors of earth and sky somehow infused into dreamy sweet perfection. All other light brown sugars can't compare to this quality and if you want the best light brown sugar for baking, I can't imagine anything could be more delicious.

Light Muscovado is slightly moist, has a medium molasses content and is delicious in gingerbread, coffee cake, cookies and chocolate cake. It is delicious with a Farina porridge in the morning or can be stirred into tea.

I first found this sugar while working at Larry's Market in Seattle. The India Tree company is also located in Seattle and has some amazing sugar products for baking and decorating.

Also recommended: Dark Muscovado is also deeply delicious and once you use the Muscovado sugars, there is no escape. You will crave the rich flavors and high molasses content of this delicious sugar from Mauritius.

~The Rebecca Review
225300225300B001EO5YIOA251TVABEWTKJKEQ (CA)3341211068800Excellent Flavor - A Good Brand of SugarI bought both the light as well as the dark muscovado sugar. The flavor of the muscovado sugar is intense and is excellent. I used it for baking as well as in desserts and I never go back to the standard brown sugar anymore. It comes in a pack of 4, 1 pound each which is a lot. I wish they will sell it in smaller packages. Out of the 4 packs that I received, 1 pack was already dried out and hardened. I can still use it but I had to literally break up the sugar in order to use it, which is a lot of work. This is typical of brown sugar when it has been kept for too long or it wasn't stored in a cool dry place, hence my request for smaller packages.

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