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225361225361B000F6UMHUA2MG95DI29NJTJSeth Eliot0041316995200Excellent Nutritional Profile: High Protein, Low SugarEDIT 1/2/2012
So I picked up a new box of these recently and they taster AWEFUL. Note in my review below that I previously liked these. There obviously was some sort of manufacturing defect at work or a really bad formula change...but this is less likely as they really just tasted "off". Instead of the "buttery", nutty flavor it was dry and "chemical" tasting. I may try one more time (buying from a different source), but this experience at least highlights a deficiency in quality control.

I guess taste is a personal preference, but as someone who enjoys coconut, I really like the taste of these.

The Nutritional Profile on these is excellent:
- 10g of protein in a 40g serving is a powerful protein punch
- Only 2g Saturated fat compares very well to other bars
- Only 8g of sugar. Without use of artificially sweeteners, this is among the lowest I have seen in such bars
- Gluten and Soy free are also good
On the downside
- They contain dairy, specifically Whey protein (personally I'd rather have Soy)

If you were considering Betty Lou's Almond Butter High Protein Balls, 1.75-Ounce Packages (Pack of 18) for your protein needs, you may want to reconsider. These coconut macadamia are 25% protein, while the Almond Butter are actually 24% with a bigger serving, more calories, and less Fiber.

A comparable bar (in terms of nutritional profile) to this coconut macadamia ball, and without the dairy, is coconut macadamia KIND PLUS, Almond Walnut Macadamia + Protein, Gluten Free Bars (Pack of 12).
225362225362B000F6UMHUA237GXXJSSY893B. Kerr0021302134400A dissapointmentI had high hopes for these, especially based on many raving reviews, but I don't like them much. There is a very intense aftertaste, much like the taste you get from some artificially flavored/sweetened whey powders. It's amazing actually that I really love pretty much all the ingredients of this separately, but when they put it together it's pretty bad! They would be really satisfying as a healthy, high-energy snack ... if they just tasted a little/a lot better.
225363225363B000F6UMHUA3ET5WQA06DCTQDivka0051284940800Delicious & healthy, couldn't ask for moreOne of these will keep me full and satisfied for a few hours. I'm usually a snacky person at work, and would often give into the temptation of the vending machines. This is a much better alternative, especially for someone like me who looks for sources other than meat for protein. I love that these don't have a ton of sugar, and still are a tasty treat.
225364225364B000F6UMHUA265UHXMRZQYBPEchokitten0051214179200Great!I love these! Soft and squishy, great coconutty coating. I highly reccommend these to any health foodie. They have the consistancy of cookie dough with little bits of nuts. Great not so sweet flavor and yes, not really overwhelmingly macadamia nut flavored. I only wish they were bigger. I also have the Spirulina and Ginseng from Betty Lou and love them but these IMO are even better. I have any many others have repeatedly stated, these don't taste like candy bars. If you want candy-bar sweet, get a candy bar. These are made for those of us trying to eat "clean" but still craving a treat . Great tasting with great ingredients, what is better?
225365225365B000F6UMHUA23WFYB6MUD6JJGeorge Bedrosian1251178496000Quality treatBetty Lou's products are all good tasting and healthy as a treat or snack.
225366225366B000F6UMHUA2N00R2GUK4THCM. Weeks0111340841600Dense, processed, not worth itI was very disappointed. The photos make it look big, like a cookie. It is tiny, like a small coin purse. Flavor is blach. I can make much better on my own at home with fewer ingredients. This is just an expensive gimmicky food that is still highly processed. Carbs are 17! Bummed I now have 17 more of these and they cost over a $1 a piece.
225367225367B000F6UMHUA14XV45EB79US0Robert Daniel Pinto0111340409600If you like Army rations, you'll love these!Not sure what these are, but I'd like to have them carbon dated! Just like eating dried mud with some cement mixed in! What a struggle to eat! Heavy, like lead, and not at all close to those great Macadamia nut brownies that I should have reordered. On the bright side, I only have 17 more to go!
225368225368B000F6UMHUA3RRSQO1ZLZDT2L.A. Lawyer0121311465600Make Sure You Like CoconutThis is the second flavor of Betty Lou's nut butter balls that I have tried -- the first was the Peanut Butter. Even though I am not a coconut person, I thought I would try these because they only have 150 calories versus 190 calories for the Peanut Butter Balls.

Well, I don't like these at all -- they have an overwhelming coconut flavor. Reminds me of eating suntan lotion. However, if you are a coconut person, you might love them.

I'll continue to work my way through the Betty Lou flavors until I find a favorite. I do think Betty Lou's are the perfect afternoon snack -- a relatively low-calorie, healthy snack that can keep you away from the junk food and tide you over until dinner.
225369225369B000F6UMHUA17PMYM6LYD1BDKari J. Anderson "Karioke"0151188691200Coconut and low sugarI have been working diligently to find some new treats and I believe this one is a keeper!! The texture and flavors are great!
225370225370B000F6UMHUAPQCL1MHAIWJ8C. Jane Adler "Lady Jane"1351167868800So ..So ...So... goodDelicious and very filling. They can easily be used as a meal replacement.
225371225371B000F6UMHUA29Z76C5MT5XZCS. Hill0211199145600Yuck - do NOT buy this...!!!Save your money - I wish I had...everything about this product is a disappointment. Who knew macadamias and coconut (two of my favorite things) could taste so bad...can I return seventeen and three quarters of the eighteen that I purchased...? Please?
225372225372B000F6UMHUA1U5010LTB4DQFBrian Townsend0231186358400taste blandi once had to eat survival bars for a survival class. That's what this tasted like not bad but bland and not eough coconut flavor, really chewy it's like the fiiler part of a candy bar (i wanted the sweet coconut and chocolate part) so=so it is what it is good for dieters and people who want chewy w/no sweet
225373225373B000F6UMHUANKCM346FMZZDMelissa Bernard1411185926400I wish these were vegan...Many of the other Betty Lou's balls are vegan. When I saw these, they sounded so good... but they contain whey protein... is that necessary? :(
225374225374B000F6UMHUA3F8L10VJ896FOMaggie Lesoing0311297296000Icky icky icky yuck!I do apologize to all the people who like these, but I actually hate them! I'm not ultra picky, either, but these were beyond my ability to accept. They've got great texture and initially the flavor is good, but there's a NASTY chemical after taste that gets stronger with each chew. These are probably healthy, but I'd rather eat unhealthy food if it tastes better.
225375225375B0000GGHN8AHVEWD30PLRWCrJaZZ1151334361600Second to none!This hot sauce is the best tasting around. I've been using this sauce for over 10yrs. It's great not only for tacos but pizzas quesadillas, nachos and more. It has the perfect hotness where u can still enjoy the flavor of your food. Highly recommended!
225376225376B0000GGHN8A1BM0YRVTX7HMRC. Brewer1151310947200Yummy sauce that is my favoriteThis sauce is my absolute favorite. It goes well with beans (black or pinto), makes a tasty burrito topping, and adds a great base flavor for any tomato-based filling.

It's spicy, and I like that!
225377225377B0000GGHN8A3D6OI36USYOU1Ghenghis0041343520000Better than you might think!This is a Herdez product, which means its also a Hormel product. And while I'm
not a fan of Hormel, the Herdez subsidiary is still doing it right!

I was reluctant to try this sauce cause I had its twin brother (Chipotle) and
thought it was terrible. This stuff however has earned a place in the cabinet
for its flavor and versatility.

First of all this sauce is clearly made from fully ripened Jalapeno peppers, so
this sauce has fruity more mature flavor, rather than the alfalfa-like greenish
flavor of the unripened green jalapenos. The carrots and sugar also cut the normal
bite of the jalapenos, and give this a very mild faintly sweet flavor.

Its more complex than your typical Mexican style sauces, and the frutiness of the
chilis really shine through with a hint of lemony/herbal flavor in the background.
The consistency is also fairly thick which means its perfect for tacos, beans,
and any other Mexican dish you can think of. Also works well on burgers and as an
additive to off the shelf barbecue sauce. 4 Scovies!
225378225378B0015V5PUIAQ48J3G0NTE9QEva3351262736000K&H Classic collectionTastes very close to Malaco's Djungelvral (jungle roar) without the extra salt "topping".

Cons; gets stuck between your teeth if you chew it too fast and don't watch out.

Pro's; 1. Can help a sore throat. 2. Shelf life says 2009-2011 (although I wouldn't doubt it would be ok beyond that if kept right, being so salty), not bad to keep something sweet&salty for emergency.

My favourite salty candy is the little "saltier" sort like Tyrkisk peber. When it comes to sweet licorice my fav. is the Schoolkrijt (chalk licorice), but K&H diamonds lasts me a little longer.

K&H diamonds also brings me childhood memories when I used to buy these and similar for 1c a piece, K&H always tasted the best after swim school, I think because to clean out that nasty chlorine taste, it takes something special.

I have not been able to find any decent licorice candy where I live. Thank you Amazon!
225379225379B0015V5PUIAVF1NIH5C62TOjim beam2251319155200YUM!These are the best licorice candied ever! Beware, they are nothing like the lame black licorice ropes sold almost everywhere, these ones have flavor! These candies are not full of die that will turn your poop black and green either.
225380225380B0015V5PUIAT17C6CLPGIQDPj Dupuis1141326067200Soft enough to chew, hard enough to suckThese are good; soft enough to chew, hard enough to suck. It is also an acquired taste. I bought this size planning to share during the holidays. 3kg is a lot of salt licorice, especially when I discovered others aren't as receptive to it as am I. If you've never tried salt licorice before, order a smaller size. If you know you like it, this is a healthy supply.
225381225381B0015V5PUIA1HFVHUBWL6L2Zcurious0011349654400Too bad.The improvement in availability of real licorice has been encouraging but unfortunately the quality is suffering. Corn syrup and gelatine are the primary ingredients so I am giving up on licorice purchased in this country.
225382225382B0015V5PUIA3IBZ9276ADZ2Htheresatwist0041345852800Great, but not quite as salty as I'd hoped...After having wonderful super salty Scandinavian liquorice for a number of years, I was excited to see that I could order these on Amazon. Sadly though, they weren't as salty as I was looking for! Regardless, this liquorice is great and the shipping was fast as always.
225383225383B0015V5PUIASD428MI2JH2Lldahlis1231294617600kraeplin&holm Diamonds salt licoriceI used to like salt licorice but I guess my taste changed over the years its to salty for my taste now and I have
hard time seeing American taste buds liking this ( its an acquired taste you have to eat it as a kid to like it )
If you don't know what it is, don't buy it.
It would be nice if they could make a sampler box with a variety of different licorice types.
If I don't say any thing about the transaction it went smooth.

225384225384B0015V5PUIA2TVUGTJLT2ZQ1Decorating Maniac "Angela F"2711216771200NOT just slightly salty!!!I was so looking forward to these. Having grown up in Europe and now living in the States, I miss real black licorice (ie. not Twizzlers!). The licorice I was used to as a kid wasn't really soft and sweet so, by the description of these, I thought I'd hit the jackpot. SO wrong! These are VERY salty. I couldn't finish even 1 piece, I had to spit it out! It's like swallowing sea water. All 5 members of my family tried a piece and not 1 piece was swallowed! Very disappointed and a big waste of $23. All 3 bags went straight in the trash!
225385225385B001O17I36A2YUIWAG8GIXHON. Kernacs717211266451200Horrible experienceI ordered these flowers for my mother's birthday, 2/17, on 2/16 in the early afternoon Mountain time to be delivered the next day. I expected 24 red roses in a red vase to be delivered just like the picture leads one to believe.

The flowers never arrived on the 17th. When I contacted Pro-Flowers, they advised me that they did not receive the order until 10:39AM 2/17 and do not do same day delivery but the flowers would be delivered the next day. Ok, I can understand this. A day late is not acceptable but I can deal with it. Amazon must have had technical issues.

The flowers were delivered 2/18. There were only 12 with a white vase. Of the 12, 8 were tiny roses. Nothing at all like the picture which is displayed.

I spoke with Christine and explained the issue. She apparently had computer issues but could give me no information beyond the fact they were delivered because she had computer issues. She tried to transfer me to a supervisor, where I held for over 20 minutes and finally tried calling back. Spoke with Babbette, who pulled up the order. When I asked when the order was placed, she also placed me on hold for a few minutes. She came back and when I explained that the situation was not acceptable, she placed me on hold again for 5 minutes. At this point, she offered to replace them; however, the gift that I purchased to bring joy and a smile became nothing more than a headache. She blamed Amazon's system and beyond the fact that only 12 were delivered, they delivered on time.

I will pay the additional money next time and order from another company who can deliver on what they advertise.
225386225386B001O17I36AOJHQZBSFTWQ1MarvDog343511273622400Disappointed... Extremely!!!Flowers arrived limp and dead. I had ordered Roses, but they sent me something else. I don't know what they are, because they are mostly dead. The first impression is the one that counts. The recipient was very disappointed and thought it was done on purpose to piss her off. No replacement flowers, refund, or resending the correct ones will undo the damage. Thanks ProFlowers.

First I only complained (did not ask for a refund out right) because I had one more day fordelivery. "Mike" assured me I would get them the following day in the morning, so I waited. I did not receive the order by 10AM so I called. They had no record of a replacement order and said they have over 200 employees with many "Mikes". When I requested same day delivery (because of my problem), they said they could not deliver the same day, even though they offer this service online. So now it is Friday and mother's day is on Sunday. I don't have any Roses with a refund that means nothing.

STAY AWAY FROM THESE GUYS. I also have experience with 1800flowers, but they also made mistakes sending the wrong/dead flowers. To be fair, they only screwed up 1 time out of 7 orders. But that one time was enough for me to look like a cheap fool and go to ProFlowers, and now this! Walk to your local florist and have them deliver the old fashion way.
225387225387B001O17I36A1OEQY76OJ3STIA. Angelis667711244073600Awful experienceI try to buy this flowers for my mother .
The site says "order it in the next 4 minutes if you want to ensure the delivery by may 29."
It was two days earlier than the real date I was interested, but I go for it.
I place the order, and the next saturday (may 30) I write to them because the flowers does not show up, asking if they can't send it on sunday i should place an order with a diferent suplier...anyway the wrote to me the next monday: Your order was already cancel.
I wrote them again and tell them that, as they don't answer to me, I asume that they are actually sending the flowers and I have nothing, so please, send it anyway...
Thay reply: Your order was not delivery, and It will never be delivered.
So rude
225388225388B001O17I36A8CIFOCCN9G1PGeorge "George"91011320883200worst experience with delivered flowers everI have never had a worse experience with delivered flowers.

It started out when placing the order... The previous times I ordered flowers through Amazon, I was given options to select the delivery date, as well as what to say on the card. This vendor had no such options. During the order process I was informed it would take 1 to 3 business days. Since I was ordering in advance, 1 to 3 days was enough. 3 days would be on-time, and one day would make my wife happy as she would get to enjoy them for the whole week...

4 days after placing the order, the tracking status shows that the delivery estimate was changed to 2 to 10 days. Worse, the tracking info indicated the shipper (fedex) was holding the order back, but I could go pick it up if I wanted. Keep in mind that I'm shipping it to an office building that gets fed-ex shipments daily. Apparently they shipped with a super-low-priority option allowing the shipper to delay the shipment.

Sure, I could go pick them up 35 miles away at the FedEx warehouse, and drive to the opposite side of town to deliver them myself... Of course the reason I ordered delivered flowers was because I wanted to pay someone else to deliver them for me. I wouldn't mail-order flowers that I can buy at the grocery store, if I planned to deliver them myself.

So here I sit, a week after I placed the order, wondering if they might be delivered soon... With amazon telling me that, for sure, they will be there by next week.

So what kind of condition will roses be in after a week and a half being tossed around in a cardboard box? And I paid for this?

There are 123 florists in this town, and they all are affiliated with 1 or more florist delivery networks. So getting flowers delivered fresh from a florist should never need to involve Fed-ex. But I guess I get what I paid for, if I wanted real service, I should have paid a real florist for real florist service (or do it myself).

I'm sure that my bad experience is partially because of my own high expectations from having used flower services for the last 20 years, always getting next day (or same day) delivery of my orders. The last time Amazon forced me into 2-day delivery expectations, which was ok as that was explained up-front and I got exactly that.

But this time I was promised 1-3 days before I was charged, then promised 2-10 days after it was too late to make a different choice. That is called bait and switch. Perhaps the delivery estimate provided by Amazon is not based on the original representation in the shopping card, but that wouldn't matter if the item had arrived on time. Perhaps it is all FedEx's fault... But that is what is being sold, so the delivery service is part of what is being sold... So even if the seller is blame-free for my poor experience, it is the sum of my experience
with the vendor AND the delivery service that counts toward my ability to enjoy my purchase.

I would suggest avoiding this vendor. Use vendors that are part of a reputable florist network.
225389225389B001O17I36A25NQEM78UXNVCCharlie R. hart5521295654400Roses ShipmentI ordered roses from Amazon earlier this month for a birthday on the 22 of January 2011. I opted for a delivery date of 21 January 2011. The shipment arrive via UPS on the date requested. The delivery, from Pro Flowers, began on the morning of the 20th. and arrived at my residence at approximately 3:31 P.M. on 21 January 2011. The temperatures on the beginning date and ending date were at or below zero. Needless to say I was not happy with the condition of the roses as they arrived at my residence. I would certaninly call into question the time line associated with the delivery of such perishable items. In the future I will rely on a local florist for such transactions.
225390225390B001O17I36A3QIJKZSD81DI1Benjamin Elizalde121541297987200Valentines, 24 roses!12+12 roses and a crystal squared vase.

I read the rest of the reviews and some of them were bad and other ones were good. I also checked other products from ProFlowers and they were actually a bit gray.

I was afraid of ordering this, but at the end i decided to do it.

Shipping: The package arrived on time.

Package: the flowers were nicely wrapped, and inside a box, it was actually an excellent package that protected the flowers and the vase very well.

Roses: there were 24 roses, very nice roses, good size, and color.

Duration: the flowers indeed last for 7 days in an excellent state, and they actually lasted for longer.

I recommend this product, and the starglazer lillies form Proflowers.

I didnt put 5 stars, cuz i was expecting the red nice vase from the pic.

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