Amazon Fine Food Reviews

225421225421B001O17I36A204XK10OHM8BSmartyjizzam0151326585600Pro Flowers RosesThe flowers were great and came super fast my girlfriend loved them. The Roses were very much alive and had a vibrant red color. They were a little expensive but it was woth every penny.
225422225422B001O17I36ADN5IHXNW8ENMsetinstone0151325030400Recipient was very happy!!We bought these as a gift, and according to the person we sent them to, they were absolutely stunning! Great job on the flowers!
225423225423B001O17I36A2CC2YK2ONRAKNSheila Burnham0151324425600Exceptional Product and Delivery! Thank you!!!Ordered these for my mom.
Two dozen red roses were delivered within two days, in perfect condition and Mom loves them!
Thank you for such beautiful blooms and giving my mother such joy!
Happy holidays for sure.
Thanks again.
225424225424B001O17I36A1B7BGLV905XRYmarkinboise "Mark"0151318636800Beautiful Flowers Delivered On TimeI am very pleased with this product. It arrived on time, and the flowers are beautiful. When I initially ordered them, I thought they would be delivered by a local vendor. I had no idea they would be shipped from Florida. They arrived in excellent condition, and my wife was very pleased with the order. I would buy from them again.
225425225425B001O17I36A2WPLZGX5YK16BVinod0151317340800Beautiful and Wonderful Roses :):):)Beautiful roses to gift specially to the near ones, Amazon people made my day by delivering the product on time i am really thankful to them ..
This is a perfect gift to give to the
one who is close to you ....
225426225426B001O17I36A1YRSSMPC2PD9UZ id0151305331200i'd do it againi had flowers delivered and i was told they were beautiful. i never saw them.
they were delivered exactly as they should have been.
no negatives, i just don't have 1st hand knowledge to write a better review.
225427225427B001O17I36A1MAO7BEGQP55ZRami0151296604800Perfect service from a perfect company!!My girl loved the flowers. I am so mad at Amazon because of many late and undelivered shipments. However, Proflowers Company made me less angry with them.
225428225428B001O17I36A3OGPA54G87Z78Katherine Forrester0151293926400BeautifulThe roses arrived to my friend in just a few days. She said they were so pretty, fresh and full.
225429225429B001O17I36A14A0PZE10ZPGHJay0151292889600Nice RosesMy friend send to my sister as a birthday gift nice roses she is happy
I write the feed back for her .thanks
225430225430B001O17I36A3JAJSXC1TEZHEReymundo Sanmiguel0151275436800Flower ArrangementI was really impressed with the way the flowers were delivered to my house. My wife didn't expect such an arrangement would be delivered. Since working overseas in U.A.E for Lockheed Martin and used Amazon to deliver my surprise to my wife and it made her day.

Thanks a bunch,
225431225431B001O17I36A36EKHWUCOZKLQjay3651295568000Thankyou,They were beautiful!Thankyou, They were beautiful! My friend was having surgery and she had one small vase of flowers in her room, so I ordered the buy one and get one free roses and it filled her room with love. They were precious and I can't say thanks enough, the roses were beautiful and my friend is now recovering with the wonderful, timely , delivery! Thankyou Amazon, your the best, sincerely, George Jarvis.
225432225432B001O17I36A270H4YZTQWL47Kevin V.3651288915200Roses were perfect.The flowers came at midday, safely in their box. The instructions were simply enough to follow. I'll definitely be purchasing from ProFlowers again.
225433225433B001O17I36A1XU5I315NFNNQJOSE M TAFOYA RAVERA3651285977600GREAT SERVICEExcellent service! on time, good previous contact, discretion as I required, glad to recommend them. Thank you so much!Flowers - Dozen Red Roses + 12 FREE with Vase
225434225434B001O17I36AZOM7GPZF3RWTnyla800251329177600nylas reviewAlthough the delivery man was a tad bit creepy and I almost didn't open my door, I am glad I did. The roses are beautiful and smell amazing and the delivery guy was cool as heck!
225435225435B001O17I36AN65AYUQBKWS7Elizabeth Twitchett4911330819200Wilted flowersProFlowers's roses arrive drooping and wilting. Worse, ProFlowers's customer service department has been unresponsive during the past week, and the company continues to make anti-woman advertising choices. Until ProFlowers pulls its ads from Limbaugh's show, my family and I will not be buying from them again.
225436225436B001O17I36A3OEG3XSPJ4EHWEugene Yoon "randomly geek"3811330819200how about we try treating women ethically?Proflowers say they only buy flowers that are ethically grown, too bad they don't have as much respect for their customers. It's nice to know that they'll stand by hate mongers like Rush while they go about calling socially conscious women "sluts" and "prostitutes". It's nice because it means that I can cross them off the list of potential florists this coming Easter.

ProFlowers, the misogynist's choice.
225437225437B001O17I36A2WZ89STHARANKwhirling crone1511330905600If you REALLY love me...dear friends and family... you'll boycott all sponsors and endorsers
of hate-talk mouth-offs.
If you love me "maybe", you can start with this bunch of endorsers.
225438225438B00473LTLAA2O8R8FVQWXXGMRebecca Lochner4451296432000Love King ArthurI use this flour for all my baking except pizza crust which I use KAF bread flour. I love how everything turns out and I am glad to find a brand that is never bleached or bromated, company is 100% employee owned, and they are commited to environmental sustainability.
225439225439B00473LTLAA3EPHBMU07LZ50Penmouse3351295049600Best flour on the marketKing Arthur flour is the best flour on the market. It is very high in protein meaning it will make a great loaf of yeast bread. Biscuits turn out pretty good too but remember this is a high protein flour which makes a difference.

I've used this flour for years and I have no need to buy bread flour as KAF flour does just fine for both baking bread by hand or by using a bread machine.

Highly recommend.
225440225440B00473LTLAA3HGV0YMB8IVCPpatricia tinker1151297555200Being a pack of 4 is useful to meWhat i liked is that its a pack of four so i put one pack into my airtight container and the others into the freezer till i need them.
225441225441B00473LTLAAAXAE0GWNECP7Andrew41911289347200Bag broke. Package looked like an Antrax hit. Great way to get attention.One of the four flour bags broke in the box and spilled EVERYWHERE. The mail guy had a trail of flour follow him in. There was nothing inside to guard against broken flour bags from sprinkling white powder all over my apartment lobby, the elevator, and my kitchen table. The entire bag was lost.

Maybe it's not so bad. I'm sure the USPS has no need to worry about packages leaking mysterious white powder.
225442225442B004T0D0OAA2JBN7V5F27O2VBarbaraLWalker "Music lover"4451324771200Interesting tasteThis is a really different flavor. It took a little time to get used to it, but now I use it all the time. You think it's going to taste like honey, but it doesn't. It is unique and grows on you, the more you use it.
225443225443B004T0D0OAA370OUTJLBO5GIRachel P.3351338681600SWEET!Its a bit sweeter than the non-raw version so use less! I add it to my coffee with half and half. It's better than using the flavored creamers, although people still warn me about the "HIGH GLYCEMIC INDEX".... OH NO!! Still, it's grown in nature and its raw. It's better than 99% of the junk that people normally use to sweeten their foods. I bought the 3 pack and set up on auto shipment so I don't run out.
225444225444B004T0D0OAA38H6JJZM0R2V1hillgirl4551327017600love this product!glad to find this product in quantity, arrived promptly, as described. would purchase again. Love agave, have been using it for years, would never go back to white sugar!!
225445225445B004T0D0OAA39RNG8DUXG7ZMW. Chapman1151347494400Great product to keep your sugar down and good priceGot my husband to start using agave in his coffee and tea when he started having trouble with his sugar. He no longer has this problem as agave doesn't spike your blood sugar. For health reasons, it is a great product since we all know that sugar and any sugar substitutes are bad for us. Got used to it in no time and he's not one to like change. Cheaper than the grocery stores and Costco so a good value too.
225446225446B004T0D0OAA3EDQ2GO84QEBBArby1151342396800Good agave, convenient package sizeI really like the "raw" agave flavor of the Madhava brand. It tastes stronger than the light type but not too strong, if that makes sense? I'm also quite fond of this particular packaging. The 23.5 oz bottle holds a good amount, but isn't too heavy to squeeze easily, and the top isn't prone to leaking. Some of the smaller-sized "squeezy" bottles will have a little overflow if you squeeze too hard, so avoiding a drippy, sticky mess is always a plus in my book.
225447225447B004T0D0OAA3JFOFWUTJSWI1cinderbell10051347753600Amazing productI bought this product to reduce my sugar intake in my homemade baked goods, coffee, and tea. It works equally well in baked products or beverages. I will definitely buy this product again.
225448225448B000FAPLXQAPOOUTA4JI4GUF. Domingo0041245024000Tasty!These breadsticks were wonderful with hummus and spinach dip. Wonderfully light and crisp with just a hint of herbs. I'll also add addicting! I rated it only a 4 star because the shipping was careless. Half the boxes contained broken breadsticks and I really wanted to serve them upright. Hopefully, Amazon will take note and ship with padding next time.
225449225449B000FAPLXQA1VL2RQ4J7JUMRK. J. Scheffler0051152835200I can eat these a box at a timethese are a wonderful light crunchy breadstick. that have a superior flavor and texture.
225450225450B000H25VSMACRDBS4BZ611NBaker D' Lite "The Petri Dish"7751168473600Inexpensive way to supply a hard to find cooking ingredientI have not tried multiple brands of this item, but I do know that this item definitley fits the bill. The chipotles were very spicy (just like I like them) and smelled FANTASTIC. Plus, the cost to product ratio was very reasonable. Plus, with free shipping, this item was a lot easier to order through amazon then to have to keep going from store to store to find this item.

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