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225451225451B000H25VSMA1HEB27ZZOLNN0LWarren5551334534400Love It!These are HOT! I like my food hot and spicy, but I wasn't expecting this much intensity when I first had these. The first time I cooked with them, I literally couldn't eat my soup because it was so hot lol. I've learned to use these (in moderation) in a lot of my dishes, and let me tell you, they are fantastic!
225452225452B000H25VSMA2BCZAJXMJMV3leffingw3351271203200Great addition to your pantry.The first time I tried Embasa Chipotles, I was hooked by the smoky flavor, the slow-intense burn, the meaty peppers, and the thick sauce.

You can use them to spice up any dish, not just Mexican food. They go great with beef and chicken. Sliced or diced, they also make an exciting addition to salads (sauce strained).

I posted a pic of the 7-oz Embasa tin next to a regular 12-oz soda can for size comparison so that you know what to expect.
225453225453B000H25VSMA36FZ1D29F1DLLJeff2251306195200Great ChipotlesThese are great for mexican meals. They are small cans, but have so many peppers in them you won't know how to use them all. We have a hard time finding these in the super market and this is a good deal around $2 a can. We eat a lot of mexican food and we still have half the case left after 4 months.
225454225454B000H25VSMA11G0VETMPDBT2P. Maertens2251302998400Simply a MUST HAVE...These little gems add another level of flavor to everything you make. We only use one or two per dish and refridgerate the rest till needed. These add a robust flavor and an extra kick. "Taking it up a notch" to quote Emeril. I originally purchased for use in Tacos, but now use in everything. You will love 'em!!!
225455225455B000H25VSMA383E5MSF2O1CON. Phillips1151270598400Spice of LifeWhat can I say - it does what it says on the can! These little cans of wonder are enough to spice up anyone's life. Combine that with Amazon's excellent service and you have a recipe for success!
225456225456B000H25VSMA1B5ICOI92QEXTMom of 2 fellas1151206576000Best Deal in TownEmbasa Chipotle Peppers in Adobo Sauce, 7-Ounce Cans (Pack of 12)

This item is hard to find and expensive ($5.29 a can) in our local community. I ordered just one case my 1st order, but will need about 3 cases to satisfy the pepper lover in this family.
225457225457B000H25VSMA237PUIYZE7WKPGary W. Ailes "GaryW"3441272326400Can you dent every can in the case of these delicious peppers?It's almost possible it seems. Every single can on the exterior of the case was dented. Every one. That leaves only a couple of cans that were insulated by thier brothers who took the abuse.

I hope it's an old wives tale that dented cans are bad. I just sprung the biggest dented can of it's contents for a taco roast I'm making and the peppers are really good! A few had stems, wasn't aware of that. They are smoking hot!

I'll buy these again, but I wish they wouldn't run over them with a forklift.
225458225458B000H25VSMA1E4JU1MYNX3J7Gary Jeurink "Tumbletcher"0051330473600hot stuffso many recipes call for chipotle peppers and adobo sauce. I would be at a loss to find it locally.
225459225459B000H25VSMA2IUNMH4VZEHPBJames J. Devine "Jaimito"0051325721600Great StuffThe product was delivered very quickly. I love these chipolte peppers and they are much cheaper buying online than in any of the stores in the area I lieve. Taste great with mashed sweet potatoes!! Many other recipe uses also! Very nice taste with a good degree of hotness.
225460225460B000H25VSMA23AFLDIBFKW9Qtrowa19900911315008000Over pricedI just bought this at the store like for 4 bucks. who ever is selling this is exploiting this big time.
225461225461B000H25VSMA1QLA4I6BFLJP3D. Porter21641271721600Are you ready?There are two kinds of people in this world. If you are reading this you are the second type. The first type of person would not be wasting time reading reviews. They would have ordered a case or two of these peppers already and be on to doing something exciting and awesome like filming a new Mountain Dew commercial.

We have established that you are the second type of person, the one who chooses between hamburger helper and ramen noodles. The one who knows how to casserole a can of tuna about a dozen ways. The one who thinks that spaghetti sauce comes in a jar. But you can be the first type of person. What you have been missing all this time is SPICE.

These peppers deliver SPICE. Smokey, rich, and able to deliver just the right amount of heat. I love chipotle peppers, and this deal can't be beat. I love this brand and the price is about half what I pay per can at my local grocer. In addition to any Mexican-style food, I add them to chili, pizza, beef or pork roast, omeletts, and many other items. Mix a little of the adobo sauce with some apricot jam and use it as a glaze for fish on the grill (yum!). Get a little crazy.

When I told my grandmother that I was feeding her smoked jalapeno peppers she swore at me. She doesn't like hot food. But she had seconds.
225462225462B0049YM8XUA2ZQE5UOEVGTGPDoug E.6651335139200Great Product, Great PriceBeen searching around locally to find whole grain organic Rye and the closest local place is a fair drive away and the rye is not that cheap. Decided to try out this brand and I have to say it works great. It is cheaper than what it would cost me to drive to the local feed store and buy it and drive back, plus this gets delivered right to my door. The subscription plan makes the price break even sweeter. For cooking, mycology or whatever else you use Rye for, this stuff works great.
225463225463B0049YM8XUA2178N28BTHV5ZDavid G. Koeblin Sr.1151348444800rye berriesProduct is of high quality and taste so good when baked into 100 % rye bread. Very happy with it. I grind the berries into cracked rye or flour with my Vita Mix blender with the dry canister.
225464225464B0049YM8XUAGK71OWRMFGLAGreg A. Miller0041350777600Got the wheat and the ryeI bought 25 lbs of the whole wheat and 25 lbs of the whole rye for grinding at home. the wheat seemed great, no issues. the rye was a bit less dry and slowed down the milling. both taste great.
225465225465B000H27ODMAOLBCKS1DRHORlprkaun0031329523200Adequate, but not great.I tried these after reading several reviews (including some mention in reviews of other brands of wasabi peas). I was not impressed. While not terrible, they didn't seem to have a lot of wasabi flavor, I could eat a handful without noticing, and they seemed much higher in calories than some other brands I've tried. Do yourself a favor and give these a pass.
225466225466B000H27ODMA2E1VIZWXSNGM9Michael E0041317254400Not that hotThis is a good quality and tasty product, although I would like it better if the peas were a little hotter.
225467225467B000H27ODMA2GMO5P88619W6Guerra Thais0051287100800wasabi peasI love these wasabi peas,, you just one try one and want to eat all the can... excellent product
225468225468B000H27ODMA15LCCIHREWUVFREDc0041283212800nice n' crunchy but not really spicyi bought these for my office, a kind of healthy alternative to a bag of chips. i love wasabi peas, especially ones that have a real good kick to them. unfortunately, these aren't the 'burn your mouth type' i was hoping for. as others have said, they're not hot, well, i too say they're not hot. if you get a heavily coated one and suck on it, yeah, you might get a burn but nothing that lasts long.

despite not being the steam clean your ears from the inside spicy (imagine popeye or tom & jerry... steam shooting out ears hot), they're still good. i'll buy them again just because they're a quick bite when i need to munch and easily stashed in the cubicle to keep the snack prowlers away.
225469225469B000H27ODMA3RF46CL8GDIN8SouthGenie1251264464000Great taste and kickI started out with Walter's Wasabi Peas from my local grocery, then I also found this particular brand locally in Walmart and I really like these. The previous reviewer may have gotten a stale batch, I don't know, but small variations in production will certainly affect the product a lot. I like my Wasabi Peas to start out sort of sweet, tasty and crunchy, then get hit with just the right amount of hot spiciness after a moment. I like the size and kick of these best out of the brands I've tried. I've also tried the ones made by Good Sense and they have a little less fat which I think makes them taste hotter and slightly crunchier, but might make some people happier for that reason. Hapi is definitely my own favorite so far.
225470225470B000H27ODMALU5H4AJQXC8HTyler F. Stransky2521263945600Keep movingThese are not hot. They always taste old and stale. I love wasabi peas but not this brand.
225471225471B002ZX1U9AA33AD11PQ1AAIMAllyson0041335744000Best hazelnut K-Cup we've found...We have tried several different types of Keurig cups in search of the right Hazelnut coffee. This is the best we've found! Overall, I like the taste and aroma. The only possible opportunity is that it could be a bit stronger...but I think this is more a case of personal preference (I like my coffee strong!) The hazelnut flavor is well balanced---strong without overpowering, not overly sweet like some other hazelnut coffee flavors.
225472225472B002ZX1U9AABT0TGQVXS68Jerry0041335744000Gloria Jean"s Hazelnut K-CupThe K-cups are very convenient to use on work days, but I wish the flavor was stronger. I use to brew at the large mug setting, but found the flavor watery. Brewing at the middle cup setting results in more flavor.
225473225473B002ZX1U9AA2DFNJ4ETW5OK6Ivan0041335484800Best hazelnutGloria Jeans seems to make the best tasting hazelnut. I tried all the rest and for some reason this one tastes the most natural to me.
225474225474B002ZX1U9AA3NQLMSHUQ2ESJM. Gilreath0051335398400Delicious CoffeeGloria Jean's Hazelnut coffee is delish. I enjoy one to two cups per day! The flavor is just right and not too sweet or overbearing.
225475225475B002ZX1U9AA253RJELSDYG3FRussell0051335312000CoffeeThe product arrived on time and the price was right. There is really not much more to say than that.
225476225476B002ZX1U9AA2MNQ9JY1DG99ZWilliam J. Scott0051335225600Awesome Taste, Great Aroma!When I first got my Keurig brewing machine, I was a little skeptical about the quality of coffee any K-Cup could provide. After making a cup of Gloria Jean's Hazelnut coffee using a K-Cup from a sample pack, I now stand corrected! Gloria Jean's makes great coffee to begin with and their Hazelnut coffee in K-Cup form is fantastic.

The coffee gives off a wonderful Hazelnut aroma while it's brewing and it tastes great! It's the kind of aroma and taste you'd expect after grinding the beans yourself, but the K-Cup saves you the hassle. In the time that I've owned a Keurig brewer, this is hands-down one of the best coffees I've tried, and I'll definitely be ordering it again.

My only complaint is in the packaging, but since it doesn't have anything to do with the quality of the coffee, I can't rate it less than five stars. Just wish this 50-pack came in a differently-sized/designed box so it would store more easily in a kitchen cabinet.
225477225477B002ZX1U9AA1E1YEAS7OU3QFMarilee "Mare"0051335052800Gloria Jeans Hazelnut K cupsI absolutely love this k cup coffee,i've tried quite a few k cup flavors and always return to Gloria Jeans Hazelnut. You can't purchase it for less anywhere, that's a plus. Guests who prefer regular coffee not flavored comment that it's very enjoyable, not overpowering. Thanks for making these k cups available.
225478225478B002ZX1U9AA1ZGTHGNY0SV9YMarsha A. Mckay0011334275200WeakTaste is very weak and didn't improve with coffee creamer. Sorry but this box is a dud. Wish I could return.
225479225479B002ZX1U9AA5JZ810WGNYFVL. Davis0051333411200Great ExperienceRec'd my coffee quickly, well packed and as described. Good value! I will definitely return when I need another Hazelnut fix.
225480225480B002ZX1U9AA3PWOASCVEQNWCKGordon0051332720000Delicious!!This coffee is amazing, it is absolutely delicious!! And it was a very good price, some K-cups can run a bit pricey but this was a good deal especially since it had 18, most boxes for this price are only about 15 cups.

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