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225481225481B002ZX1U9AA33KWJ9W35VDE3Ed F0051332720000great coffeeGloria Jeans has a great product of Hazelnut flavored coffee. The product is liked by all my colleagues. The transaction via Amazon was prompt and efficient. Will buy again from Amazon.
225482225482B002ZX1U9AA3N8OAN6LLKBNGHolea0051332460800My favorite coffeBest hazelnut flavored coffee I have found. The K-cups came in one box. The K-cups are so easy to use. Delivered fast as well.
225483225483B002ZX1U9AA2KEBYTQ5O3UL9AmandaRose19840011329177600Didn't Care For This K-Cup At All!!!I received one of these in a sampler package I had ordered of different flavored coffees from the Official website. I just didn't like the taste of it. I would not order this K-Cup again.
225484225484B002ZX1U9AA10UK71OIJPOJJEddard Stark0041329177600Pretty DeliciousThis is the first set of K-cups I've bought, and it was because they came highly recommended and I love Hazelnut coffee. These won't disappoint.
225485225485B002ZX1U9AA2E8DBCB729PNSCharles E. Stegman "football fan"0051328486400Great coffee, my wife's favorite.This is my wife's favorite coffee.Gloria Jean's Coffees,Butter Toffee K-Cup Portion Pack for Keurig K-Cup Brewers (Pack of 50)
225486225486B002ZX1U9AA11MYV2EDD6VH5gchao0051328313600Delicious hazelnut aroma!I love Gloria Jean coffee and their hazelnut K-cups do not disappoint. The aroma smells mouthwatering as it's brewing and the strength is just right. I do have to admit that hazelnut coffee tends to be on the light side of coffee strength so strong coffee drinkers beware! I always use the medium cup setting on the Keurig B60 special edition so if you want it stronger, use the smallest cup setting. At $0.60 per cup, this is easily the best value for coffee, especially if you're drinking a mug everyday like me.
225487225487B002ZX1U9AA57B3FTSTUL33Anil D'Souza0041327622400Pretty good, but a little lightWhile brewing the coffee produced a great, room-filling aroma, I was slightly disappointed with the strength of the brew vs other k-cups I've tried. Still, a delicious coffee at a great price.
225488225488B002ZX1U9AA2TJG4N8LNJW23Blythe Dresser0011327104000Am I drinking the same coffee as the 5-star reviewers?I don't know how what I tried could be considered the same as what all the rave reviews are coming in for.

When we got our new Keurig brewer for Christmas it came with a sample pack of 12 different coffees. We were excited for the opportunity to try different blends before purchasing an entire (pricey) box of any one flavor.

To preface: I enjoy flavored coffees. French vanilla, mocha, hazelnut... Pretty much any variety available. I was really excited to try Gloria Jean's Hazelnut since it was one of the few flavored options in the sample pack. I typically enjoy smooth medium roasts and I can't stand bitter coffee with a pungent aftertaste.

Unfortunately, though, this brew is without-a-doubt undrinkable. So bitter and thick. I couldn't believe this was supposed to be a flavored blend. It smelled burnt as soon as it was brewed. We brewed an 8 ounce cup since typically flavored coffees tend to be weaker so we assumed brewing the smaller size cup would allow us to enjoy to most flavor. The coffee was dark in appearance and both my boyfriend and I tried it befor dumping it out in the sink because the taste was so foul.

Aside from its burnt flavor and bitter aftertaste, it's also worth mentioning that I couldn't detect any hazelnut notes at all. Very disappointing.

I'd never tried a Gloria Jean brand coffee before and now I'm nervous to try another. I might attempt the Butter Toffee flavor if I can find it in a small pack. But I'll avoid hazelnut from now on.
225489225489B002ZX1U9AA3RSWDQJ9B479ZJ. Zapata0041326931200Love itIf you like hazelnut then you will love this flavor. Does not taste artificial to me at all. I use the 7-8 ounce setting and I add vanilla creamer which turns it into vanilla nut. Yummy! It is a light roast but full of hazelnut flavor.
225490225490B002ZX1U9AA2B7S65DT5K1Y0M. Draper0051326412800My Favorite Keurig CoffI dont know who this Gloria Jean is but I sure love her coffee beans. This is hands down my personal favorite coffee. I drink it everyday and never get tired of it. Give it a try!
225491225491B002ZX1U9AA33A5YSZ4FRUO6MN0051326326400YUMThis is my "Go To" coffee flavor! I love it. The flavor is very suttle, which I prefer, and not bold. Perfect for drinking any time of day.
225492225492B002ZX1U9AA2GCVURCRZC5I3Amy Raher0051325203200Great Coffee, Great PriceGloria Jean's Coffee is delicious. Hazelnut is my favorite flavor. It is convenient that this coffee comes in boxes of 50 so I do not have to stock up on k-cups very often and the price is very good.
225493225493B002ZX1U9AAIP499JHLDAKCHeidi Morgan0051325030400Great coffee, bulk packagingI'm generally not a fan of Hazelnut coffee but even I like this one. My husband tried this in a sample pack and loved it so I ordered them for him. I was surprised that the cups arrived loose in the shipping box so make sure you have a container for them as this box doesn't exactly fit in the cabinet the way the small retail boxes do. That said this coffee has a nice bold taste which works great in a big mug. We will definitely buy more of these.
225494225494B002ZX1U9AA3MTGDHOTRRKUTMarilyn0051324684800Hazelnut coffeeThis is my favorite coffee from Gloria Jean's..Its rich and smooth flavor is a delight! The hazelnut flavoring is subtle and not over-powering like some other brands I've tried..
225495225495B002ZX1U9AAZK71O06GHS3DN. Zimmer0051324598400Great FlavorThis is a perfect blend of coffee and hazelnut flavors with a good body. It makes other brands appear tasteless.
225496225496B002ZX1U9AA3EHIB6FBB2HAQTerry Tunes "piano girl"0051324425600coffee podsThe coffee came really fast and so fresh! I am always happy with my amazon purchases. Will continue to order from this site.
225497225497B002ZX1U9AA24BG4B6F3NUT3S and K Reviews0051324080000A good cup of coffeeThis is one of my favorites. It has a depth of flavor that is wonderful. If you enjoy hazelnut coffee you will enjoy it. It is distinctly hazelnut, but not over powering.
225498225498B002ZX1U9AARWRBORADGA3GRyan White "SunsetQuest"0051323561600pretty good coffeeIt's pretty good coffee. I have bought the hazelnut one about 5 times now. (also bought the french vanilla about 5 times also)
225499225499B002ZX1U9AA2JA3JAHXQH8MEAaron G. Diggens "SavageMind"0041323388800Wicked Good CoffeeI currently deployed and coffee is life blood. The flavor is good without being over bearing. The price was reasonable.
225500225500B002ZX1U9AA323QAESJ1YQDKJack W. Walker0051323302400Best DecafThe Vanilla flavored decaf was the best K-cup decaf that I have tasted. It makes a very enjoyable cup of coffee.
225501225501B002ZX1U9AA1046G0JGGJHGKDebbie0051322870400Yummy! Hughly recommend!Gloria Jean's is a definate favorite around our house. It is difficult to find it for the price on Amazon and assured delivery. I am pleased recommend such a wonderful, tasty coffee treat!
225502225502B002ZX1U9AA3CVT79B8NDDYheeter0041322179200Yum yumMy husband, who is a two-cup-a-day coffee drinker, really likes this flavor. I highly recommend to those who enjoy flavored coffee.
225503225503B002ZX1U9AA2AJ564JZQJQDRR. Whelan0051322179200Consistent ServiceWe always order our coffee KCUPS from Gloria Jeans and experience quick deliveries. Quality of the product is never an issue and is what we expect
225504225504B002ZX1U9AA83WTS3M5RT0Ebarryk19940041321920000Smooth flavorFlavor is smooth without bitter after taste. Easily enjoyed in the morning or the evening. Bulk size is great for family or individuals not wanting to shopping every week.
225505225505B002ZX1U9AA2JI3ASA64PRAGmom2serena0051321488000<3 it!
225506225506B002ZX1U9AA2896012WJENPZMischa0051320796800Hazelnut HeavenMy husband and I are hazelnut coffee fans. We've tried every brand of hazelnut K-cups we can find. The Gloria Jean's is our favorite, even beating out Dunkin' Donut's and Millstone's Hazelnut Cream (which used to be my favorite) hands down. We always make the largest size cup and there is still plenty of flavor, never watered down or "thin" tasting. I've always been the major coffee drinker in the house, until we got the Keurig and then the Gloria Jean's Hazelnut. My husband now drinks 2-4 cups a day! Make the investment in the Keurig so much more worth it.

This purchase is a great deal. At $0.60 per cup and free shipping, it's a fabulous price and I don't feel like I'm paying extra money for packaging. It does come in a no-frills box with all 50 of the cups just loose in the large box. However, we have a holder on the counter which we fill and just keep the box in the pantry to pull from as we need. If you have a storage situation like a stand or a drawer you keep your K-cups in, you'll have no complaints about them being loose in the box. We're about to order our second box, and will definitely be repeat buyers!
225507225507B002ZX1U9AA23CWXYAFIH9P0Joy4370051319500800Hazelnut K-CupsLove the flavor just not my favorite! Enjoy Hazelnut flavor when I need an extra kick. A little stronger than Butter Toffee which I love!
225508225508B002ZX1U9AAFWINK7Q39QT3K20011318464000Too weakA waste of my money. Extremely weak
225509225509B002ZX1U9AAYO6V1ACI0YATbasketmaker0051318377600K cupsSince getting my Keurig coffee maker, the Gloria Jean Hazelnut Coffee has been one of my favorite coffees. I think that Amazon has it at a good price and I receive it quickly after ordering it.
225510225510B002ZX1U9AA1KAHOTCY8OPJZFaith Photo/Debra Oxford0051317772800Yummy and easy to useI love this Hazelnut coffee. The flavor is smooth and has just the right amount of hazelnut in it. Of course, being a K-cup, it is extremely easy to use and ready whenever you want just a cup or two.

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