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225511225511B002ZX1U9AA304I97FHXQQTSAntec0051317513600delicious!!this coffee is very good and it has a good flavor to it.. its not strong and its not light, its just right=)
225512225512B002ZX1U9AA10YJEFZH02FHKreviewortwo0031317168000Good but liked Green mountain betterOrdered these for my husband and he said they are okay but he likes the Green Mountain brand better. Next time will order the Green Mountain brand.
225513225513B002ZX1U9AA1IZ7LTVI7E4E7AFP0041316649600coffee reviewWife & I find this to be the best tasting brand of this flavor - As always K-Cups coffee is a little expensive but nature of the beast
225515225515B002ZX1U9AA3VP16KTZ1OKSDJD0051316304000As good as it getsGreat cofee, great price, especially when you use Amazon subscription service. Can't go wrong with Gloria Jean's if you like mild.
225516225516B002ZX1U9AA1ASUCTYU8394Kimberly "SunShine"0051316131200Package is a Great Value & Love the Hazelnut Coffee Taste!I spent a good deal of time & money stoppin by DunkinDonuts every morning for a Hazelnut Coffee, of course it was never consistantly good with a different person always making it. So.... My wonderful boyfriend bought me a Keurig & since then my mornings have been 100x's better! I love the convience, they are the right size & tastes great! The hazelnut smell alone gets me going in the morning!
Great Product & Great Price compared to purchasing in the store!
225517225517B002ZX1U9AA3KNN4S7VZ9LK3Nancy C. Lepri "Author/illustrator/editor/rev...0051315699200Great deal on K-cups!It's wonderful that you offer K-cups in "bulk" and at a great price too! For sure I'll be purchasing more through Amazon and in different flavors too. Ordering was very easy and shipment received before expected. Thanks lots.
225518225518B002ZX1U9AA2CWW5DR0LY62YCOgirl0011315267200Need to seal the tops betterGranted that I live nearly 2 miles above sea level and packaging expands here, but the majority of seals on these k-cups blew. That meant that I either had to throw out the k cups, pour into the k cup attachment or just use a sieve and another coffee cup to pour out the grounds. Plus there was a lot of cleaning up to do. First thing in the morning, this is not what I want to deal with. I gave up on anything from these guys.
225519225519B002ZX1U9AA307M32I9EZ70HMarilyn A. Shermoen "interested in getting ch...0051314403200great coffeegloria jean coffee of hazelnut is just great. I do not drink anything but hazelnut. All the other coffees seem to be to strong. I just love it.
225520225520B002ZX1U9AA2YICPE5K4X0MIL. Ferriolo0051313193600Absolutely the Best Hazelnut K-cup!These K-cups don't compare to any other. They are the most flavorful than any I've tried. I love Dunkin Donuts coffee and this is equally as good and alot less expensive!
225521225521B002ZX1U9AA22J30SO3TI8R4Tina Brake0051312848000Love this Coffee!I love this flavor of coffee for the Keurig machine. It's subtle and not too sweet. My husband love his coffee super sweet, but I prefer mine black, and we can both enjoy this without adding anything to it. I definitely think this particular item is a great value. When a couple people make coffee daily, you can really go through the k-cups, and this product keeps us stocked. When these arrived, there were one or two that had been damaged in transit, but it didn't really bother me. I removed the broken cups and transferred the rest to our k-cup staging area. Definitely a good buy.
225522225522B002ZX1U9AA1WOO2G7ECIP10RandROK0051311724800Great Coffee, Great PriceWe love the Hazelnut coffee in our house! Great flavor and the coffee isn't bitter or too strong. I also love the price! Buying it here in a pack of 50 makes it cheaper than any of the stores in our city.
225523225523B002ZX1U9AA16IIO1K12LPB7SML0041310688000Great cup of coffee.We enjoy this coffee very much. With subscribe and save, it is a great value as well. The hazelnut flavor is strong which is a plus for us, but might be overwhelming for some. Only wish the coffee itself was a bit more bold.
225524225524B002ZX1U9AAJKDNB4Z90KNDBob DALLAS "Bob"0051309996800Gloria Jean's - OutstandingWe have received this for over six months and love it other than the price keeps creeping up. Love the subscription program.
225525225525B002ZX1U9AA2S3AWME55O09MJames R. DeVoe0041308787200Great product.. but count the k-cupsI have bought several of these... But this was the first time I actually counted to see if there was 50.. SURPRISE!!! There were only 47....
Not THAT big of a deal.. but be wary.... That actually makes it more $'s than just going to walmart and getting there 18 pk.
225526225526B002ZX1U9AA31ZSC8CS6GP8MB. D. Lubbers0051307836800Excellent coffeeGood taste. Great aroma. The price is right. Worth the buy. I find I have to change up brands however. Too much of just one good thing is too much!
225527225527B002ZX1U9AA1CR2F3SFUROE6Dotsie0051307577600DeliciousThe flavor of this coffee it so rich I love it. I add whipped cream to top off a great cup of coffee !!
225528225528B002ZX1U9AA7AAW15I7O14GFrances Lombardo0051307318400Best Ever!Wow...

This was my first order for my Keurig and I am very pleased. The coffee arrived in less than 4 days and it is fresh and flavorfull and better yet, is just the right blend of hazelnut and coffee making it a treat indeed.

I would order again!
225529225529B002ZX1U9AA245HC4T5J97WGLogan DeAngelis0051306540800Great Coffee at a Great priceI have to admit, I first purchased these Hazelnut K-Cups because of the low price. I had to pick some up for the office, and the price was right. I was very pleasantly surprised with the coffee! Better flavor than some K-Cups that cost a lot more.
225530225530B002ZX1U9AAZ1PF4C2F8W9JGayle Naftaly0051304467200Just love this Hazelnut coffee in my new mini Kcup coffee makerI love this and when I add hazelnut non dairy creamer to my hazelnut K cup, it is like having a decadent desert.
225532225532B002ZX1U9AAZON1AQ4I1JTJDennis0041303171200Hazelnut K-CUpsExcellent flavor. Great choice if you are looking for a taste that is not overpowering, yet still robust enough to get that great cup of coffee.
225533225533B002ZX1U9AAFFZ050W8OE7Umrb0051302566400Great coffee, better priceThis is the best price I've found on Kuerig cups. Always arrives on time, often earlier than expected. This is my go-to coffee hook-up!
225534225534B002ZX1U9AA2SZLNSI5KOQJTCarrie, "Formerly "Sister Carrie""0011301097600Bitter, Burned Flavor. Major Aftertaste.With the first sip, you can taste the bitter, burned nut flavor in this Gloria Jeans k-cup. Top it off with a major aftertaste (cream & sugar didn't help) & this blend went straight to the bottom of my list.

If you want a nice hazelnut coffee, try Millstone Coffee, Hazelnut Cream, 12-Count K-Cups for Keurig Brewers (Pack of 3).
225535225535B002ZX1U9AA2NZN30IYURVRHJames F. Snider "Jim"0011301011200Not a good value and weak in strength.I guess my title says it all.

Price has gone up 30% plus in the past three months. I have got my old coffee maker back out for when there is more than one of us having coffee. At over 50 cents a cup, even on "sale", this is too much. (All K-cup were at one time 30-40 cents now they are 50-60 cents!)

For the taste it is weak at best and I am not a strong coffee drinker. Better flavored Kcups out there but this one is just OK. I do like some other Gloria Jean's coffee but usually get the bold one's just get a normal cup of coffee.
225536225536B002ZX1U9AAYZUCHJFFMKAMoldgma0051300665600Hazelnut coffee--Gloria Jean'sThis is a good full bodied coffee, very enjoyable any time of the day or evening. I will always keep this brand on hand.
225537225537B002ZX1U9AA3RVZHF43126SLJames Terhune0041299542400Gloria Jean's Hazelnut K-CupsPurchased for my wife who very much enjoys the blend. The price is right which makes it extra speacial.
225538225538B002ZX1U9AA1J3ABJXPPFO9SDavid Azar0031298937600Great Coffee Flavorthere is a little chemical kick but not to bad, as far a keurig goes this is the way to buy
225539225539B002ZX1U9AAAUC7X0ZKINCSJohn A. Wrightington0031298851200flavorful but weakas with any K cup, the setting needs to be medium or small cup to have a satisfactory taste. this Hazlenut is better than most I've had
225540225540B002ZX1U9AA249R45N9142L8Coffee Critic0041298332800Gloria Jean's Coffee - HazelnutGloria Jean's Coffees, Hazelnut K-Cups for Keurig. Tasted fine but was hoping for a bit more Hazelnut flavor. In their defense I have found most K-Cups not to have a strong flavor like fresh brew coffee. Product good, would buy again, but the flavor was not over the top.

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