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225541225541B002ZX1U9AA2YANAZSK5ND2TJames A. Hauck "techyinretirement"0051294185600Wonder FlavorI was happily surprised by the fullness of flavor provide by this coffee.
It is a wonderful alternative to whatever your standard K-Cup coffee is
Try it I'm sure you'll agree
225542225542B002ZX1U9AA1VVG4GCXLCM4ZJ. Ambrose0051293580800Still my favorite!I have tried so many K cups I can't keep track of them all, but the Hazelnut from Gloria Jean's is still my all time fave.
225543225543B002ZX1U9AA1UME6MX6FXDDXMarion E. Fairley0051293580800Hazelnut coffee k-cupsIt was a gift for my son, but Hazelnut flavour is his favourite, so I am sure it will be well received and enjoyed.
225544225544B002ZX1U9AA30XQW909XDH2EI'll Be Frank0051293408000Coffee ReviewSo long as my daughter is happy--I'm happy! I'm not a flavored coffee fan--but she is--and that makes me happy. She likes it.
225545225545B002ZX1U9AAAAAEMVU3QL4XCj23970051292371200Great low cost optionI wanted to try these K-Cups since they have a great price (It was a bit cheaper when I bought it). I have no complaints, it's very tasty and I will buy it again if they drop the price back down.
225546225546B002ZX1U9AA3HKA1N18OH53JDon, Richmond, KY0051291680000Smooth, Rich, non-acidy flavorI love hazlenut coffee. I have tried several brand of Kcups over the first year of having a Keurig. Gloria Jean's Hazelnut is rich in flavor without the acidy after taste of many others that often upsets your stomach if you enjoy coffee often. I start out the day with no less than 4 cups and I never get tired of Gloria Jean's. You simply "must" use the "frustration free" packaging, thank's Amazon!
225547225547B002ZX1U9AA24Z8YWUMNV4MBMeeshenator0051291680000Hazelnut k-cupsThese are so yum. They're my favourite flavoured coffee! Wish they sold them in South Africa so that I didn't have to buy online only.
225548225548B002ZX1U9AA2XJ7BUH14ZNZSNetwork Guy0051291507200Nice aroma and flavorThis is by far the best Hazelnut coffee I've ever tasted.
Flavor - Excellent
Strength - Just right
225549225549B002ZX1U9AA304RU9U3HSS0Ebonbon0051291334400Simply the bestThis coffee is simply the best tasting coffee. It has a great flavor and can't stop drinking it LOVE IT
225550225550B002ZX1U9AAE749YXK6Q3NHJoshdog0051291075200Gloria Jean's hazelnut coffeeThis is my favorite of the k-cups, and I can always find it at such a good price through amazon.
225551225551B002ZX1U9AA2EGHA6C9JFDKOlimberger0051290988800delicious and convenient!I receive a box of this monthly through the subscribe and save program. So convenient and delicious - rich flavor but not too strong. Worth getting every month!
225552225552B002ZX1U9AA2V1YGIB36E0TBJudith Jones0051290124800My hubby's favorite "go to" coffee!Been using my Keurig for a year now... every morning without fail and this flavor is my hubby's favorite... just a perfect blend of flavors...good and robust yet with just the right amount of Hazelnut... I use the subscribe and save feature and get it delivered's convenient and a much better price that way!
225553225553B002ZX1U9AA3SDHI39D9KLCYC. A. Ter Haar0051289347200Gloria Jean's Hazelnut K-cupThis is one of our favorite K-cup's, we have a pack of 50 delivered every month!
225554225554B002ZX1U9AA17J5P0EW2KSRJohn M. Woods "Woodyta"0051288483200Delicious!The Gloria Jeans Hazelnut Coffee is a nice rich aromatic and flavorful coffee with a lot of body and no bitterness. I love it and highly recommend it to anyone who likes a nice flavored coffee. I also highly recommend getting it through the Amazon subscription program. Not only do you save money but the convenience and flexibility is unbeatable.
225555225555B002ZX1U9AA2QRW6IQ7CSK5GJon Gerow0011288396800Not as strong as previous ordersI've bought this flavor a number of times before. This latest order, the coffee simply isn't as strong as previous orders. In fact, it's absolutely flavorless. I'm not sure what is wrong with this batch, but it's completely unacceptable.
225556225556B002ZX1U9AA2VI46J8UBXJ0YM Shoff "M Shoff"0011288137600Barely a Hazelnut Flavor from Gloria JeanGloria Jean's cute brand name makes weak coffee. When I go to a gas station or a quick-stop my coffee choice is usually Hazelnut flavor and then I'll kick it up with some Hazelnut flavor creamers. So I happen to like Hazelnut flavored coffee and I drink it often. When I saw the chance to get some for home it looked like a good idea. Idea may have been good but the Gloria Jean Hazelnut flavored coffee fell flat on my taste buds. The best I could give it is 'adequate' since the gas station on my way to work has stuff much better for a fair price. I will use the Gloria Jean stuff up then forget about it because I don't want to be bothered sending it back. Live and learn and take the bad with the good to let an educated perception be my guide.
225557225557B002ZX1U9AA2XPBTZZ4I080RLyndsey M. "LoveIGs"0051287705600My Favorite FlavorThis is my favorite flavor, I love these. The only thing I don't like about these K-Cups is throwing them away. I feel like they should be able to make the plastic recyclable if cleaned out. Otherwise a very convenient product.
225558225558B002ZX1U9AA3EVQAZFYR4FL6leumas black0051287619200Keurig Coffee K-cupsI like Amazon's method of regular shipping my favorite coffee without any reminder from me. So far it works fine I rerceive my order every 2 months. I would highly recommend this type of service so that I don't have to remember any more when to re-ordr
225559225559B002ZX1U9AA3CRH07D9P23IQMinh Nguyen0051287100800Good Product - Nice TasteI purchased this coffee flavor (Hazelnut) for my wife and she is really enjoying it. Only problem is when we received the box, all k-cups were packed inside the box and a couple of k-cup were punctured. This is caused by the edges from the other k-cups. We ended up with coffee grounds all inside the box. Very inconvenience.
225560225560B002ZX1U9AA3ON9TOHBT7EYGK. Friend "K. Friend"0051286150400Another Successful TransactionI was very pleased with the product, and I have committed myself to a periodic shipment of this product on a yearly plan!
225561225561B002ZX1U9AA1O1YDC3UTE51Keim0051285718400Love HazelnutIf you love hazelnut you will love this coffee. Great coffee and great packaging. good whether you want the small cup or the large cup of coffee. both come out smooth and tasty.
225562225562B002ZX1U9AA3E234EQ95J8LGSjones0051285632000Great Coffee!!This is my everday coffee and I love it. Add a little non-fat creamer and a splenda..its a treat!
225563225563B002ZX1U9AA1DGI5RPSLZZW9Laney0041285632000My Morning ChoiceHelps me get my morning started. Convenient, tasty and the aroma is wonderful. What makes it even better is the cost. Great value.
225564225564B002ZX1U9AA3KZTLFZG7CLPArun Meyyappan0021285545600To light for meI bought this coffee based on the good reviews that I read. Unfortunately I do not like the taste of the coffee. The coffee is very light and you get more of the hazelnut taste than the coffee. I prefer my coffee to taste a little bitter. Basically if you like coffee which is heavily flavored then this is for you.
225565225565B002ZX1U9AA25EZ963XWLNPQAnna0051285372800My favorite!Hazelnut was always my favorite before k-cups were invented, and I have to say this Gloria Jean's Hazelnut is no exception! My favorite of all the flavored coffees I have tried, I particularly like Gloria Jean's flavors the best, particularly the Butter Toffee, and the Capuccino is also very good.
225566225566B002ZX1U9AAQOMEAPEQNU3WM. Clark0051285200000Gloria Jean's Hazelnut K-CopPurchased 50 pack (with a subscription only $17+ dollars)I have a six month renewal of same, can't beat the price ($10 at Walmart for 18) we also have PRIME shipping which is free and 2 day delivery.
225567225567B002ZX1U9AA1AAJY9WDVNEEMMichael J. Long "joebird"0021285113600cover me pleaseThere is nothing wrong with the quality of this coffee. The trouble was we received a dozen or so k cups with no lids. There were coffee grounds in the bottom of the case but absolutely no lids. This made a good bargain into a not so good one. I reviewed the packaging mishaps on Amazon but have not gotten any responses!
225568225568B002ZX1U9AA38VV3J6DQ5LSCRosi0031285113600A little disappointed......I love my flavored k-cups, but this one I am somewhat disappointed with. It does not have the hazelnut flavor I expected. Gloria Jean's other flavors I do enjoy very much, like the Butter Toffee. I just ordered the variety pack to try some of the other flavors. This one just was not one of my favorites.
225569225569B002ZX1U9AA1CMEQUFDI13OFjen1230051284768000Great Buy! Great Coffee!These k-cups are a terrific price, and "green" as you're saving on packaging. This hazelnut flavor is our favorite, as it's subtle, not overwhelming, just delicious. We buy it through the "subscribe and save" program which saves even more on cost, and the coffee shows up on our door step as often as we'd like ~ and we incur no shipping charges...that program can't be beat. Overall, this is a great product and you won't be disappointed.
225570225570B002ZX1U9AA1C7PLXEZK8DOKA. Book Lover "A. Book Lover"0051284422400Coffee=great. Package a surprise!This order came with 50 K-Cups loose in a box. Surprised me because previously when I ordered this quantity of a K-Cup they had come in 2 inside boxes which helps me with storage. I'm not complaining exactly, just commenting. Love the coffee, however!

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