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225659225659B002ZX1U9AA5EG1G2CU1HQ6Lana V.2251253577600The Best Morning Dessert !Love this coffee! Makes the best 'Latte's'!.
I have one (or two) every morning!
Does not have that 'flavored' synthetic taste...........
Hazelnut is my very favorite and this coffee does it justice.
225660225660B002ZX1U9AA22JMVH07KKIR7Brian McMahon2251252713600A good cup of coffeeI bought this for my brother. He has one of those machines. I don't. But I was out of coffee so I took 6 of the K-Cups and opened them and used them to brew a pot of coffee. I'm not a flavored coffee fan either -- but I really liked the coffee. Full-bodied and mildly flavored. The feedback from my brother's household affirms my opinion.
225631225631B002ZX1U9AA8D3E28TYM422blondie "Linda"0051250726400smooth tasting coffeeI am a consistent consumer of Gloria Jean's hazelnut. Has a smooth, rich flavor without leaving aftertaste. Will continue to purchase:)
225632225632B002ZX1U9AAPHXWZJ22M17MT. Stratton0041210204800Keurig CoffeeI like this coffee a lot. Also the Gloria Jean variety pack of five different flavors. If you like flavored coffee, even occasionally these are very nice; a medium blend.
225633225633B002ZX1U9AA1HL5VFSZAYHSIC. A. Bunde1221307404800Weak & watery - where is the coffee & hazelnut flavor?I see that some reviewers also noted very weak coffee with these, yet some rave about it. I've only tried one box of the GJ's Hazelnut (won't be ordering more). We've bought other Gloria Jean's which are good, such as the Butter Toffee. So, it may be a quality control issue and you may or may not have good luck w/ Hazelnut. I cannot even detect Hazelnut flavor by taste nor a good hazelnut fragrance as this brews (unusual with flavored coffee k-cups). I've tried various sizes - even the small cup setting doesn't produce a flavorful coffee.
225634225634B002ZX1U9AAQZ1WKIJT3ZTTTheBigOldDog1221278201600No Hazelnut flavorBought this as a gift for a Hazelnut coffee lover who disliked it. She said it doesn't even taste like hazelnut. Maybe we just got a bad or mislabeled batch or something but I'm not throwing good money after bad to find out. There are many other hazelnut K-Cups in the sea.
225635225635B002ZX1U9AAJOCD675P82GVSundae Sundae "KittyRules"1231271203200OVERPRICED.i thought this was a deal at the time and then later found out i could get these k-cups for 1/2 as much else where. coffee was good. buyer beware.
225636225636B002ZX1U9AA166Z2YJRO21ZRC. T WREDE1221270252800For me, too bitter, prefer richer tasting blendI prefer my hazelnut with a richer, fuller taster, which Gloria Jean's did not seem to have at all.
225637225637B002ZX1U9AA3OMHAGEHPGLLNtea lady1251267920000Great coffee.....but damaged in shippingI just LOVE this coffee.......but was disappointed when the box came crushed and the contents had coffee dust all over the K-cups. No response when I posted a shipping opinion on the site. Hope THAT doesn't happen again!
225638225638B002ZX1U9AAM3TB28B5YN5VRadchogers1241267574400Coffee nut!Good product! However I gave it a four because of the loose and generic packaging!
225639225639B002ZX1U9AA2WC9NFLG57W4HMomma Mary "Expert Mom!"1231266451200Not the richest coffee or hazelnut flavor ehhhhhhhhh.........I LOVE flavored coffee. I now drink it black with NO sugar.
When I used to add sugar & half & half, this was fine, but since I've switched to black coffee, the ones I previously lOVED I've discovered, are not that great without the "fixings"! IF you like it black, I would pass on this one. I wish Barnie's coffee would sell a K cup! I just LOVE their Southern Pecan! yummmmmmmmmmmm This si not bad, just not "wonderful"!
225640225640B002ZX1U9AASW22V6LI995Zrampageous_cuss1221253664000Well, You Can't Beat the Price!Gloria Jean's is the cheap-o brand for the Keurig machine, and it shows. They've got the honesty to say (on their regular 24-pod box) "with the subtle taste of hazelnut." Boy, IS it subtle! Not only is the flavoring weak, but the coffee itself isn't strong at the lowest (6 oz) setting and forget the 8 oz level; you might just as well be reusing pods.

When we first got the Keurig, we got it with a selection of Green Mountain coffees. I thought these were first-class but kind of pricey - you can get Gloria Jean's around here for about $.36 a pod. This saves a fair amount if you go through 6-8 pods a day, but for the difference in quality, I just don't think it's worth worrying about. If you have to have your coffee fix so you can get out the door, keep a couple boxes of Gloria Jean's around in case you run out of the good stuff, but don't use it regularly, or you'll find yourself giving up on your Keurig machine!
225641225641B002ZX1U9AA32YEL3PIWNOQGW. Brown "morefabulousfinds"1251234310400Keurig K-cup Gloria Jeans Hazelnut coffeeGreat tasting coffee. handy serving sizes are perfect for any occasion. this seller ships fast!!
225642225642B002ZX1U9AA2TJG4N8LNJW23Blythe Dresser0111325808000Am I drinking the same blend as the 5-star reviewers?I don't know how what I tried could be considered the same as what all the rave reviews are coming in for.

When we got our new Keurig brewer for Christmas it came with a sample pack of 12 different coffees. We were excited for the opportunity to try different blends before purchasing an entire (pricey) box of any one flavor.

To preface: I enjoy flavored coffees. French vanilla, mocha, hazelnut... Pretty much any variety available. I was really excited to try Gloria Jean's Hazelnut since it was one of the few flavored options in the sample pack. I typically enjoy smooth medium roasts and I can't stand bitter coffee with a pungent aftertaste.

Unfortunately, though, this brew is without-a-doubt undrinkable. So bitter and thick. I couldn't believe this was supposed to be a flavored blend. It smelled burnt as soon as it was brewed. We brewed an 8 ounce cup since typically flavored coffees tend to be weaker so we assumed brewing the smaller size cup would allow us to enjoy to most flavor. The coffee was dark in appearance and both my boyfriend and I tried it befor dumping it out in the sink because the taste was so foul.

Aside from its burnt flavor and bitter aftertaste, it's also worth mentioning that I couldn't detect any hazelnut notes at all. Very disappointing.

I'd never tried a Gloria Jean brand coffee before and now I'm nervous to try another. I might attempt the Butter Toffee flavor if I can find it in a small pack. But I'll avoid hazelnut from now on.
225643225643B002ZX1U9AA14IMQCDVT7PDVJanie0121309737600Hazel nut kcupI was disappointed to recieve the k-cups in a cardboard box and not in the orginal box. Coffee does not have its normal fresh taste.
225644225644B002ZX1U9AAMNI9VOZ920TYamazon dad0111306713600watered downpretty disappointed with this k cup. It's pretty watered down and i wish i didnt buy it. even on the 4oz k cup size, it tastes like its watery. i drink my coffee black and even at this cheap price it was a pure waste of money.
225645225645B002ZX1U9AA3A5UTTZLTYHD2JbMoPar710141295568000A LOT of k-cupsWow, u get a lot for your money, too bad the expr date isnt furter out. Purch in Dec, exp in March. I suppose it is to keep it fresh.
225646225646B002ZX1U9AA2128VGLBRTJ2GCherie0131259971200would not buy againThis coffee has a bitter aftertaste to it and was very diluted on the 8 oz setting. Not sure why this got so many good review but tastes like cheap coffee.
225647225647B002ZX1U9AAGQB7D61U9RWCoffee addict0131255996800Mediocre taste but no messThe K Cup system is great for quick coffee with no mess, but the taste is ok at best.
225648225648B002ZX1U9AA385BYC0VAUWP6coffeedrinker1321279238400subscription orderI have no issue with the product, which I actually love. However, for some reason, Amazon, or whoever is responsible for the shipping, decided to change the method for my last shipment. So, instead of receiving the product within 2 two days via UPS, they started using USPS snail mail, which took forever. I use the "subscription" service for a reason - so that I can count on the timely delivery of coffee and not run out. So, adding 5-6 days to the shipping time caused us to run out and have to make a trip to the store. Not cool. If delivery continues to be inconsistent, then there is no value to ordering this way, and I will go elsewhere.
225649225649B002ZX1U9AA173TCPLCQ2694Diane Kwak4821252108800count them!!NICE COFFEE, BUT....

i like Gloria Jean coffee. great flavor, not bitter at all. some people think they are not strong enough, but i think they're perfect. way better than the bitter stuff you get at starbucks!

i ordered this through a promotion and combined it with a subscription and saved a ton of money (paid less than $15 for the box). just got the package yesterday and i do like the packaging... but because it didn't look like the factory packaging that i usually get, i decided to count the number of k-cups. THERE WERE ONLY 49!!

i called and left a message with DIEDRICH (the name and number were on the box) but i haven't heard from them yet.

if they shorted every customer 1 k-cup (yes, i know it's not much, but it's really the principle!), think of how much they'd be saving! and just how many customers would actually go and count their k-cups before starting to use them? i normally don't.

anyway, i recommend the coffee, but i also recommend you counting them upon receipt.
225650225650B002ZX1U9AA3TTQ4QVJTC01IOnehipmom0211318809600Coffee- lost in transitTen days this package of coffee has been in transit...from Pennsylvania to Maryland. I think it took a detour in Antarctica. What gives??
225651225651B002ZX1U9AA2Y1GXADVJG3O1hapegirl0211278633600Not available in OkiWill not ship to FPO AP address! So frustrating being a military spouse additcted to my Keurig. I have to find a place that will ship me the K cups or my $299 coffe maker is useless for the next 3 years.
225652225652B002ZX1U9AAIC7Q6JH3HACUCurlySou12211304899200Something went TERRIBLY wrong!!!I received this Gloria Jean's Hazelnut coffee this weekend; the same brand from the same location I've always gotten it (in fact, its a Subscribe and Save order). I went to make coffee this morning and almost all the coffee grinds came out of the pod. I thought it may have been a fluke so I tried 2 more times...both times with the same result.
To make sure it wasn't my Keurig I tried a different brand of coffee that I had at home and it worked fine, no coffee grinds at all.

I don't know what happened, but this lot of GJ Hazelnut is NOT GOOD!!!
225653225653B002ZX1U9AAG5MA6U1ZF2M0Andrea K. Radice "andiradice"2251267488000Great Buy for KeurigThis was a great buy for the Keurig K-cups! The packaging was thrills-free and green. The flavor of this coffee is good and doesn't get that watered down effect that some k-cups give. I would order this package again.
225654225654B002ZX1U9AA378BLP7DHS6M1JB2221265760000Not impressed.I didn't really enjoy this one. I tried the Hazelnut from a couple of different companies and this one was definitely not the best. After trying one, I regretted the fact that I bought so many. Not going to buy this one again.
225655225655B002ZX1U9AA2P2TACM8IM7Q4Reinhard Loeffl "rloeffl"2251264809600The BestI have tried all the K-Cup coffee's and I always come back to this one, it sounds like a foo-foo drink but the aroma and taste make it a good cup of coffee anytime of day, and the price is right too. I buy two fifty packs and that comes out to just a little over four cents for a twelve ounce cup of coffee. Try that at Starbucks.
225656225656B002ZX1U9AA3S9KB688IOAY4David H. Trevor "K-Cup Nut"2241258329600Good Flavored CoffeeGood flavored coffee taste. Not a bold taste which I prefer in flavored coffee. My main coffee is Parisian Nights which is very bold and outstanding and rocks in the early am. This hazelnut is a great mid-morning change. If you don't like bold coffee all of the time and like favored coffee...give this a try!
225657225657B002ZX1U9AA2I60HCAVEF3RCTiger2251257120000Great Aroma & Taste, One of My Favorite K-CupsIf you like other flavored k-cup coffees, you will probably like this one. This is one of my favorite k-cups. I think it is a perfect balance of a lightly flavored coffee and superb aroma. It has a very pleasant hazlenut aroma when it brews (stronger than some other flavors) and tastes like a great coffee with a light hazelnut taste. This seems more like a medium roast than a light roast if you compare to other flavored coffees and I feel like it has a very nice coffee taste above all else. I like medium coffees, so I think this one is great. It isn't like drinking a shot of hazlenut flavoring or like drinking a strong starbucks coffee. It is just a harmonious light flavor to a good medium coffee.

Like other flavored coffees, you should only brew this on the normal default coffee cup size (6oz) on the Keurig brewer or you will water it down if you use the mug size or larger.
225658225658B002ZX1U9AA3W3I24L9SX96DR. Rodriguez "HollywoodLawyer"2251254096000Great Coffee, Great PriceUncle purchase K-Cup Keurig brewer for my office. My staff and I love it. No arguments about who is going to clean up the coffee at the end of the day. Who is to blame for not turning it off and coffee burning at the bottom of the jug. Plus we can have a selection of different coffees to suite the tastes for anyone. We love it. The Gloria Jean's Hazelnut is a very flavorful, but not a strong coffee. I prefer the "Jet-Fuel" brand, but for the tamer coffee drinkers in the office they swear by it.

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