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225661225661B002ZX1U9AA1BY8JLTW1KHHILawrence W. Golden2251252713600This product has made us K-Cup Hazelnut nuts!This brand of Hazelnut K-Cups is great! Wish we could get them in larger quantities than 50 packs.
225662225662B002ZX1U9AA3AO7SLNFK1S2XCharles W. Nelson2251252627200Much cheaperBuying this product in the bigger box and all together makes it much cheaper. the way the economy is today you have to save every way you can.
225663225663B002ZX1U9AA33YXI336NJKL1judimuschi "nikoniko"2251252368000best pricesI have found that shopping Amazon's frustration free packaging for k-cups is the best deal!
225664225664B002ZX1U9AA2E0KD7JOZ7Q7SSteven J. Burkert2251250812800Jean's Hazelnut K-cupThis product is a great value. It not only tastes great, but the price was substantailly less than their competitors.
225665225665B002ZX1U9AA31GQ2U36G30IGGuitartec "DBF"81121261440000If this flavor is a let down.... TRADE ITMost of the Gloria Jeans coffees I've tried do not meet my coffee expectations. Some of the foo foo flavors, like Mudslide, are okay, but still not exceptional. Luckily, I was able to trade my almost full box at the K-Cup Exchange on yahoo ([...]), and in return get a flavor I liked.

I recommend this site VERY highly. You will learn a lot about brewing with your Keurig there, and it's free.
225666225666B002ZX1U9AA3NEAETOSXDBOMStephen M. Charme1151343088000Great tasting coffeeCoffee drinkers have very individual tastes, but for my wife and me this is the best tasting hazelnut coffee that we have ordered. It has a nice aroma, distinctive hazelnut taste that is not too weak or too strong, and a very smooth taste (not bitter at all). This is a great coffee to start your day or to enjoy with some cake or pie for dessert.

When I ordered the 50 count pack, I didn't realize that the K cups came loose in a big box. That is not a convenient way for me to store them, so next time I will probably order two 24 count boxes that I can stack up in my closet along with the other K cup flavors that I have.

The current price on Amazon of $29.99 is about the same as on various internet sites, but as a Prime member I don't pay shipping (as you have to do on the internet sites unless you spend a certain amount that is much more than the cost of this product), so for me it is a good deal.
225667225667B002ZX1U9AA1ABYUIDK75OKXBeth1151307059200SO SMOOTHThis is the only coffee I've bought for a year now. The flavor is great and the coffee is not too bold-not too weak. My favorite thing is how smooth it is. I care less and less for other coffees the more I drink this.
225668225668B002ZX1U9AAJSN7I5XOXXM5Sanibel1151306108800Great Flavored CoffeeIf you enjoy Hazlenut coffee this one is for you!
My husband and I love it!

We purchased the coffee on
The price was fair and since we didn't have to pay for shipping buying the coffee from Amazon was a no brainer!
225669225669B002ZX1U9AA1W1R7T5KZRH8SChristoph E. Mottes1151305072000one of the better onesThis one and I think same company butter toffee are the two I've liked the most among K-cups. Coworkers agree. Liked better than Donut Shop.
225670225670B002ZX1U9AA2M25EH9CTFTR7sandra1131284076800gloria jeans hazelnut k-cupsThe service was excellent from Amazon,it always is. I compare other companies to Amazon. Amazon has set the level of customer service, and quickness to such a high level, extremely hard to beat. Nine out of ten times I always shop at Amazon not only are they quicker, but they also have everything for less expensive price. No shipping if you sign up for prime time once a year.Love them can you tell !!!!As far as the coffee I preferred Green Mountain my choice, over Gloria Jeans Hazelnut.
225671225671B002ZX1U9AA913PPWDZUF9EMelissa Lanczycki1141282089600needs more flavorI use the cups on a lower cup level. I make a smaller cup of this to get more flavor. I've taste better. I do like Gloris jean's coffee..this flavor is a little dull.
225672225672B002ZX1U9AA1FPSG2K3N6HJ0Robert Pallais1151280188800Keurig Hazelnut K-CupsFollowing my recent divorce my ex-wife got custody of the Mr. Coffee machine. It made no sense for me to get a coffee maker since I drink perhaps one cup of coffee a day at breakfast. Then a friend introduced me to the Keurig coffee maker. Very convenient for a single guy, it makes one cup at a time. And it is very efficient. The secret is the single serving "K-Cups" which are inserted into the machine. They come in a huge variety of flavors and the Hazelnut is my personal favorite. makes it very convenient to order large quantities in a single shipment and they are prompt and reliable in the shipping. I enjoyed the entire experience of buying and drinking them. By the way, I also got an assortment of coffee flavors as well as two different kinds of tea (Japanese Green and English Breakfast) and cocoa (which is my daughter's personal favorite).
225673225673B002ZX1U9AA2P4VMF3XZQLBOJason Donald Sweat1131278374400K cupsTastes great, although not priced very well. Needs to be less than .50 cents a cup to be a value and that is including tax and shipping.
225674225674B002ZX1U9AA2F27N293AH7D1Vicki A. Cunningham "docvicki"1151277164800Love this coffee!My husband and I enjoy the hazelnut flavored coffee at home. When I got my Keurig for the office I was afraid I would have to compromise or use the adapter and use my coffee from home. Much to my surprise I discovered Gloria Jean's Hazelnut K-Cups and am totally happy now. I drink other flavors and coffees but this one is by far my favorite. The flavor is very mild, not overbearing at all. Coffee at the office is perfect!
225675225675B002ZX1U9AA221NIW05HBOLXJ. Quezada1151275523200A guest favoriteI can't think of anything bad to say about this coffee. Every guest we have had enjoys it. I'm not much of a hazelnut person, but it tastes pretty good to me.
225676225676B002ZX1U9AA28H863YJBLVOBC. M. Weren1151272499200Awesome cup of coffee...This is by far one of the better k-cup flavors. Hazelnut has always been a favorite of mine and after purchasing the Keurig machine I was happy to learn I could get hazelnut. It makes an awesome cup of coffee on the large mug setting
225677225677B002ZX1U9AADLL39A4JMWGJRobert W. Doty1141271116800Gloria Jean HazelnutNever to worry when I run out of my hazlenut creamer, as this coffee is so tasty and so full of hazlenut flavor, that I don't miss the creamer!
Good service from Amazon to let me know when the order is on its way and always arrives perfectly packed and on time. Good stuff.
225678225678B002ZX1U9AA3UH1PMHMFRBVUDustin R.1151270425600Great coffee, cheap priceInvesting in a 50 pack of coffee without trying it first was tough, but I'm glad I decided to buy this. The coffee is a good strong flavor with enough punch for the casual coffee drinker. I don't want my coffee to taste like unleaded and this fits the bill. The price is unmatched and the packaging is great since I'm not concerned with how it gets to me. I will note that the cups are loose packed and I've noticed 1 in the 10 or so cups I've brewed so far had grounds in the coffee. I'm using a B60 and this makes a good cup in all the different size settings. Amazon please continue to push this packaging/price point to other K-cup vendors. It really makes it an affordable luxury.
225679225679B002ZX1U9AA37EAY838W4NIJAdrienne Soule "Minx_in_La"1151267660800Nice flavor and good packagingI appreciate that Gloria Jeans is available in this "frustration free" packaging. At first I was surprised that the little K Cups were rolling around loosely in a big box, but then I realized that all that extra packaging to make them in boxes of 18 or 24 was unnecessary. How many people leave them in the box anyway? I always unload the cups in to my own storage boxes and coffee caddy.
The Hazelnut flavor is one of our favorites. It has a nice strong note even diluted with milk and sugar.
The price is always a good deal, especially with the free shipping. Always check Amazon for the best deal!
225680225680B002ZX1U9AA118X15UYPECN6Leslie D. Frey "Leslie Frey"1151267315200Dave's Review of Gloria Jean's Hazelnut CoffeeI have been using this coffee since purchasing my Keurig B60 brewer. It is a great tasting flavored coffee which I start my day with. I drink anywhere from 2 to 5 cups a day depending on what I'm doing. I spend 6 to 10 hours a day on the internet marketing and the coffee helps me get through the day. I highly recommend this coffee for anyone who likes a great cup of delicious coffee.
225681225681B002ZX1U9AA6GJIS300IU34C. Murguia1151265932800Best Price!Best price I have found to date (and I have checked everywhere)!! Being that we always have guests and go through coffee very quickly, these packs of 50 are perfect.
225682225682B002ZX1U9AA18OB12WEP7N7FRicky Bobby "SHAKE AND BAKE!"1151265846400BUY IT NOWIt comes out to roughly $0.42/ cup.

This is a much better deal than purchasing any other pack/size. It's the same Gloria Jean's Hazelnut K-Cup as a regular retail pack, so there is no worries about it being anything else, lower quality or not so perfect k-cup designs. The only difference with this than any other pack/size is that you get 50 in this one cardboard box, so either place it in a k-cup holder rack, or leave it in the box.

as for the product itself, its like a mild coffee. if you like your coffee LIGHT AND SWEET, once you add a bit much of cream/milk/hal& taste it more than the coffee itself. The smell is great though when you make the fills the room with a rich hazelnut aroma.

if you like BOLD BOLD BOLD BOLD, go with EXTRA BOLD coffee people k-cups.
225683225683B002ZX1U9AA13J57AACBVI5Iproshopper1131265673600Heavy on the hazelnut, light on the coffee.This has a good hazelnut flavor, but I could not really taste the coffee at all. The flavor is just a bit strong and the coffee is on the weak side. My 18 year old daughter who is just starting to drink coffee and was not allowed to have cafeinne at all growing up, loves it. She is at the Sure I like coffee if I can add half a cup of cream and 6 teaspoons of sugar stage of drinking coffee. She does not have to add nearly that aount to this coffee and she really likes it. She is in college and this coffee has become her study buddy. I would say it has a good flavor to it, but if you like a stronger coffee than this is not for you. If you like coffee as long as it does not taste like coffee, then I highly recommend this one. I do like it. It just does not have that coffee taste and does not really get me going. This is a super light blend in my opinion and I do not like super strong coffee. I am picky about flavored coffee and this one just does not taste like coffee to me.
225684225684B002ZX1U9AA2WHE0QVJIEZ4EMaria Moncada "Coffee Connisseur"1151264464000K Cups Rock!I love my Keurig coffee maker and the convenience of these K-Cups! Since convenience can be costly, it's great to be able to buy the K-Cups in bulk. The savings are substantial. The coffee itself is always delicious! My shipments always arrive quickly and in good condition. Being a single mom, a full time college student, and a full time Realtor, I don't have much time for anything else. Brewing my coffee in 50 seconds has made my tight schedule much easier to juggle. I highly recommend buying these K-Cups from Amazon!
225685225685B002ZX1U9AAZWO85QNQJ0NSBrittany Martin "unt girl"1151225411200k-cupsgreat product for the price i ended up getting two i had a 20 dollar gift certificate and it came out to like 24 dollars so great buy and value.
225686225686B002ZX1U9AAM2WKUD1MX49LSandito Gordito2351293235200Upset with AmazonI have a standing order with Amazon for some time now where a case of K cups is shipped to me each and every month at a discounted price. Amazon has raised their pricing without informing of they're doing so and shipped the case without my approval at the newer higher pricing. To me, this is bad business and taking advantage of the dedicated consumer.

The coffee itself is more than wondeful.
225687225687B002ZX1U9AA13YDB1VA6XW8TA. Cornell "coffee lover"2321253577600If you like grounds in your coffeethen buy Gloria Jean's Hazelnut K-Cups. Of the pack of 50 that came in the case, about 20 of them "leaked" grounds into the coffee. Was only able to identify it before drinking if I put the cream in my mug first. Otherwise, in black coffee we got our "bonus" unexpectedly. Never again.
225688225688B002ZX1U9AA3G5AKFGVDFCTPLauren Larsen0051350950400Wonderful SmellsThis is the best smells that I have ever had in all of the myriad of coffee products that have gone through my Keurig cooker.[[ASIN:B0029XDZKI Gloria Jean's Hazelnut K-Cup packs for Keurig Brewers (Pack of 50)
225689225689B002ZX1U9AA3GDEXMU9587JXK. Parsley "kindlekat"0051350777600A rich, nutty flavor in a coffee lovers sized packageA rich, nutty flavored coffee with a great aroma and delicious flavor. This large package (96) of Gloria Jean's Hazelnut K-cups is a great way to purchase my very favorite flavored coffee. With free delivery right to my door in 2 days via my Amazon Prime membership, I will always have the coffee I love on hand!
225690225690B002ZX1U9AA3P6TGFLJKPT1FCRod0051350518400Great flavorLove the hazelnut k cup, its one of my faviourte. Smells good & tastes good. Arrived on time. Will order again soon :)

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