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225691225691B002ZX1U9AA24SBBS282KLEMAlex N.0041350172800Good!!!Excellent flavor,very nice taste,love it,I really recommend this not strong at all just fine,great whith cream or coffee mate.
225692225692B002ZX1U9AA1QDGE4EQCNXNEWilbur R. Dunk0051349740800Wonderful flavorGloria Jean's Hazelnut K-Cup packs for Keurig Brewers (Pack of 50)

It Has wonderful flavor and all should enjoy
using it. Very good.
225693225693B002ZX1U9AA2LMXQZ2FS409KPaula Mickelson0051349654400Hazelnut -- our FavoriteOur favorite K-Cup is Gloria Jean's Hazelnut. We have tried other brands but this is our preferred. Always the same.
225694225694B002ZX1U9AA26I2LD8QJ6ZP9Meagan S0021349568000Very WeakThis product, whether you make a small, medium, or large cup, smells extremely good, yet when you go to drink it, all you taste is water & I like light roast coffee, this is not light roast it is like hot water brewed back out.
225695225695B002ZX1U9AAN219MRF28Q2Rwojo "robertwojo"0051349395200Great taste, good value in bulkMy wife and I love this coffee. The hazelnut is not too strong and it comes in bulk (50 in a box) making it very economical.

I really prefer to buy in packaging like this whenever possible to reduce waste, as well. Kudos for selling it this way!
225696225696B002ZX1U9AA1VGXHHR08G044FlyingPolarBear0021348704000WateryI decided to buy a case based on the mostly good reviews, but turns out to be one of the most watery k-cups I ever had. This was on the 10oz setting. Now I have 49 more I'm not sure what to do with.
225697225697B002ZX1U9AA1NBK07JEBCFIJess0051348444800the bestThis is my favorite kcup overall. I have tried two hazelnut kinds but this one is the best. Never heard of this brand but got one in a variety pack and had to purchase more. I haven't tried other Gloria jean kcups green mountain coffee is usually what I buy.
225698225698B002ZX1U9AAHRGLVBY6CIWMBamsk8960041348272000Pretty goodOverall the coffee was ok. It was a little light for my taste but I like bold coffee. Besides that it smells great and taste decent too. 4/5
225699225699B002ZX1U9AA1PCG9F32IO9MMHC0051347753600Great coffeeI use 1 box of 50 kcups per month on amazons autoship and I love it. Good coffee for good price.
225700225700B002ZX1U9AA11Q4UOFGDRT8AKlara E. Bush0051347580800AddictedI love this coffee and drink it daily. However, it is a little weak, even though it has good flavor. I usually use two k cups with the regular setting to fill my travel mug every morning. Gotta watch Amazon though...we used to use Wolfgang Puck's Hawaiian Hazelnut, but they jacked up the prices so we switched to this one.
225701225701B002ZX1U9AA3ISMAUBXRC23PMichael R. Bellomy0051347580800Gloria Jean's Hazelnut - The Way to Begin a GREAT Day!Beginning each day with the warm rich flavor of Gloria Jean's Hazelnut
relaxes and opens the mind to expect GREAT Things for the challenging day to come.
225702225702B002ZX1U9AA2TLHNB13PE5WNSuzan K. Simmons0051346976000Great tasting coffeeBest tasting Hazelnut coffee I have found in a k-cup. Wish it was sold in an 80 pack, instead of 50.
225703225703B002ZX1U9AA12EV3NDZKNSDPFrancine001134663040096 count gloria jean hazelnut kcupI am totally disappointed. My order was for 96 k cups of Gloria Jean Hazelnut. I just opened the box and to my surprise I only received two 24 count boxes. When will I receive the other the next 48 kcups?
225704225704B002ZX1U9AADVLN4QMM981Rwassct0041345593600Great Flavor Coffee!My wife and I really love the flavor and have been ordering them from Amazon for quite some time. I can't give the coffee a bad review, love it but the description does say 50 k-cups. After reading another review about counting the k-cups, that's just what I did. Opened the package and counted and low and behold there was 48 not 50. Counted three times just to be sure.

Mistakes happen and I get that, but I will continue counting with the next few shipments just to be sure.
225705225705B002ZX1U9AA26OGGAXXLGOKmanorfitness0041345507200love the flavorI like the flavor of this coffee so much that I can drink the coffee black if no milk or creame is available. The only reason why I do not give it 5 stars is that Keurig is not completely BPA free.
225706225706B002ZX1U9AACKQ8H776LLQ6Margaret W. Schmelz0051344211200Gloria Jeans Hazlenut kcupsI love hazlenut coffee; and, these are the best! I especially like it when I use the hazlenut creamers in it.
225707225707B002ZX1U9AA3BHMLC4E0GOLCDennis Wilcox0051344124800Great TasteMy wife likes flavored coffee and this is, by far, her favorite. Great taste. Medium brew. Excellent value too. We order this brew regularly. Guests enjoy this coffee as wel.
225708225708B002ZX1U9AA27ETWAX92JO90Trent Coleman "T_Man"0051343433600Taste good at a good bargainI read reviews before I bought and tasted a sample in my variety pack. Very good taste. If you're reading this, then you're interested but you should prob. taste before you buy 50 of them.
225709225709B002ZX1U9AAKX0GK73F2XVESUNNY SYL0041343001600Mild coffee but has nice, not bitter or artificial tasteBought this for my daughter who loved flavored coffees. This is a good one. Add a few drops of real vanilla extract and it is outstanding as well. Enjoy!
225710225710B002ZX1U9AACQW713LZ52A1Brian0051342137600Love it!I have tried different hazelnut K-cups but this one is one of the best! It has good body and I love the smell and taste of it.
225711225711B002ZX1U9AAM1XCST027MCOKarie L. Kelliher "Karie"0041341273600TastyThis coffee tastes amazing, and with my new Keurig machine, it only takes about 45 seconds to brew. When I'm on the go, I usually brew two of these K-cups and add milk to my travel mug. Still tastes great! I would recommend it to any avid coffee drinker.
225712225712B002ZX1U9AA2QI5FOJRAFW6JJay Jones0051340755200Delicious Hazelnut, Hint of CaramelI purchased a couple of boxes of this on sale for $3.00 from Kmart. I've been a big fan of the hazelnut coffee at Panera Bread, this tastes even better and I get to make it at home! It's tastes so much better than coffee with hazelnut flavor added. It tastes great with oatmeal, plain bagel, or just to drink while writing an Amazon review. It's yummy and easy to drink, I'm glad I don't have a Keurig with a water tank or else I'd drink to much.
225713225713B002ZX1U9AASPE385LW3WQBBarbara Werblin "babsww523"0051340409600yumI enjoy drinking my hazelnut coffee every morning
225714225714B002ZX1U9AATM39M72GS7NCL. Hall "lolli"0051340064000Love this coffee, love this jumbo boxMild coffee with subtle hazelnut flavor. Really good and smooth with a little tlc from creamer and sweetner. Love the bulk package, best price I've found.
225715225715B002ZX1U9AA2FBOBFV6XJ8Y0Ronald L. Kelley0041339891200very mildthis is a very mild and non bitter coffee with a hint of hazelnut flavor. I add a little hazelnut flavored creamer and enjoy a really good cup of coffee.
225716225716B002ZX1U9AA1IXCRG9K7WO8CLizzy0041339718400Great BuyTried Gloria Jean coffee for the first time. Very satisfied. Great taste and better yet, great price. I would order this coffee again in a heartbeat.
225717225717B002ZX1U9AA2ZQK0ABB91AU4daydreamer0051339372800great cup of coffeeHazlenut is my favorite flavor in coffee and this brand delivers. Buying online is convenient and a fast way of getting what you want. I also like the butter toffee but it can be a strong flavor. If you're not into heavy flavors in your coffee I wouldn't recommend it but if you do, it's the flavor for you.
225718225718B002ZX1U9AALRJ3PZCFW72Ehomer0041339113600Nice Hazlenut CoffeeThese hazlenut K Cups have a pleasing, but mild flavor. Very good overall, but a bit mild for those who prefer stronger coffee.
225719225719B002ZX1U9AA3FXK6HXI0MR5XSajia Hoque0041338681600SajiaLoved the taste of it. It is simply a great kind to have. Highly recommend to people who likes not strong coffee
225720225720B002ZX1U9AA3RTK2OIDCN1E2Arthur Mills "Arthur M. Mills, Jr."0011338595200Good Product Bad PacketingI was happy to get my coffee. Me without coffee is like a baby without her sippy cup! I tore the box open and my heart sank. The individual K-Cups were just thrown around. The bottom of the box had a good amount of coffee grinds. I don't think the post office is responsible for the mishap because the box didn't appear damaged. The only logical explanation is the damage originated where the K-Cups were loaded into the box. Five out of the 50 K-Cups were unusable. If you don't think 10 percent is a big deal, then imagine going on a blind date and your blind date answers the door and you notice he/she is missing 10 percent of his/her teeth! See, 10 percent is a lot. Bottom line, I'm not ordering K-cups on-line anymore. I guess I'll just get of my butt and head down to the store. It will be worth the extra expense.

Arthur M. Mills, Jr.

Author of The Empty Lot Next Door and The Crawl Space

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