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225751225751B003SSFL4QA2XGKZ4NVL049IBosshog0021347062400Domino Sugar 2.8 gram Packets-2,000 ct.I ordered 2 boxes of this sugar for our work and it arrived on my porch with sugar pouring out of the outer box. I had to open it outside to get to the inner boxes and sugar was all over our livingroom. I had to sweep and vacum sugar up from everywhere. I got it into work and had to transfer it into clear containers with lids so it wouldn't cause any ant issues and then I had to clean up the mess at work.
225752225752B005ZZIWVOA2U2FMV0OWNX9BH. Edwin Detlie "Ed Detlie"1151322784000Best K Cup YetWhen I heard that Starbucks was going to make K cups, I was interested. I have tried lots of varieties of K cups, and I think that the Breakfast Blend is the best I have tasted. The aroma is excellent, the flavor is strong but not bitter or overpowering. This is excellent coffee. Now, I want to try the other varieties of Starbucks K cups.
225753225753B00786R4PIA1IXI3WK8BIOPNBagel Man "plc_man"0051350432000Eggs in time for mooncakesProduct arrived in a very timely fashion,well packaged, was just as advertised and did what was required in the recipe.
225754225754B0001BVHG4A1SYLII0808HD6M. Allen Greenbaum4451183939200Superior TasteWell, of course you don't want to pay shipping for a 12-pack of soft drinks from the omnipresent Gristedes. However, if you're lucky ebough to live in New York, or your local store has this, by all means get the diet black cherry flavor. This was so sweet and rich in cherry flavor, that I immediately checked out the bottle from which I was drinking--I thought I had bought the Non-Diet version! They're just aren't too many diet soft drinks that taste this good. Note: Boylan's diet drinks use Splenda sweeterner, so if that's a turn-off, skip it (or splurge and go for the non-diet!) It's especially good cold, some ice cubes will help mask the lack of sugar.

Boylan Bottleworks (gotta love that proletarian name!) is the real thing. They've been around since 1891 with the launch of their "Birch Beer," and expansion into othr award-winning beverages. (For more soda lore, see
225755225755B0001BVHG4ACMIMOMTVSU8EOne of Amazon's Best Customers1151202083200Great, sugar free cherry sodaIt took me a long time to find Cherry Crush through a web retailer, and I was in heaven. However, for health reasons, I had to make the switch from sugar to diet drinks. Alas, no more Cherry Crush. However, I found Boylan's black cherry soda, and ordered some (there are less expensive alternatives--as far as cost/shipping--available with a little searching). It is great! Closest thing I can imagine to Cherry Crush, with no sugar, no calories, etc. And that is the highest compliment. This stuff rocks!
225756225756B0001BVHG4AR2V1WNDDXNVURobin Lapre0051224633600like drinking a dessertthis is so good it's like candy! but no calories and icy cold.
both kids and grownups will enjoy this taste. does not taste diet at all.
225757225757B0001BVHG4AQLHWJQY2J2W8Hoang Tran "beautyisgod"1211289520000Odd flavor and smell very bad for me.I got this at a local store...This bottle costs $1.49. I don't know what is it about the flavor, but I find the taste so repulsive. Took a sip here and there...and decided to throw the rest down the sink. Bottle is "BOYLAN VINTAGE SODA POP - DIET BLACK CHERRY" 476 ML) Well seems like the rest of other reviews are positive. It's my first time, so I guess I did not develop a taste for it. If it is good for you guys, good for you. I can't even describe the flavor and texture and smell because I don't know what words to use. It smell funny...I don't know how to say it...or if word it correctly...but smell like PAINT?? Smell like some paint chemical I am drinking!
225758225758B00536IFBMA1XBVCY0IYZEGWmamamac0051334016000Our favorite new treatGreat chips & easy to fix. Soooo much better than other chips. Big, warm, fresh, crunchy chips with a little hot sauce... just the though makes my mouth water. This is the brand to get as they cook up just right. Now our favorite snack since we were introduced to them by a good friend. Enjoy again and again. We would highly recommend.
225759225759B00536IFBMA1GZJLIWAUVOVOBubba Gump0051331596800Shrimp creole... Shrimp Gumbo... Shrimp chips!If Bubba Gump had ever left Louisiana and visited Viet Nam he would have definitely included these in his list of shrimp (insert random dish here). Easy to make and delicious, these chips will not disappoint. Being from Louisiana, I am not the kind of person who normally branches out and tries something like Vietnamese shrimp chips but I am glad my friends talked me into it because they are great. If you cook them in Canola oil they are quite healthy too. Give 'em a shot.
225760225760B00536IFBMA25GHN1TQVALTZA. Brenner "adam-brenner"0111349481600not easy to cook it thoroughlyFirst of all, it's wayyyyy over priced than at Asian grocery stores I found. I tried cooking the chips and they were too thick in the middle to be cooked thoroughly without burning the chips. I would not buy these ever again.
225761225761B001FA1T7WA1AK7K8FQIKW1MYarie "Yarie"4441279929600Good Tasting nutritious optionI have been making this mac and cheese for 2 years now. I feed my children very little white pasta but often need a quick meal/snack sometimes and this is a great option. As a total health nut, I only use half of the cheese packet and my kids gobble it up. I have not had a problem with it being sticky as another reviewer mentioned. If you start feeding your kids whole wheat from an early age, they will never know the difference. I no longer feel guilty about feeding my kids mac and cheese. I am very excited to learn that I can now order this from amazon.
225762225762B001FA1T7WA4B9AH9PV8MWOPatricia Gray1141293408000My son's favorite macaroni!This macaroni is healthy, yummy and not too cheesy. My son loves white cheddar and this box has much better flavor than Annie's white cheddar (I have to add a little butter to that brand to make it creamy enough). For some reason, the individual serving sizes that they have just started to sell are not as good (I had to add a little extra shredded cheese to those because they were watery and didn't thicken up), but the regular box is delish!
225763225763B001FA1T7WA1WL6D2PMATMT8Jillian1141257465600Good for boxed mac n cheese.Healthier alternative to other boxed mac n cheeses. I would recommend to anybody who enjoys a quick and easy mac n cheese.
225764225764B001FA1T7WAMT4LVO5IOMICAmber0051347926400Kids' Favorite Whole Wheat Mac & CheeseMy three kids (4, 7,8) love this mac & cheese. They've grown up only eating whole wheat pasta, so that's not an issue for them. To me, the pasta is not much different than any other whole wheat pasta, maybe even a little more palatable, so I am guessing (not sure) that the reviewer who called it gummy is just not used to whole wheat pasta in general.

If you're new to whole wheat pasta, I recommend starting with Angel Hair Pasta (hopefully with sauce). It's much easier to get used to than other types of pasta. Then you slowly work your way up to thicker pastas.
225765225765B001FA1T7WA1O2LXYTUZW5MReader of Books1211274572800GummyI have made a few boxes of this whole wheat mac and cheese and each has been gummy. I have made sure to cook them according to the directions, not overcook them, and they do not come out well. Their traditional mac and cheese is very good but this whole wheat version I do not recommend.
225766225766B008S5DI30A1UVHMM33J5ZVCjohn j0051350172800excellent coffeeMelitta coffee is an excellent coffee for daily use. It is a little stronger than most American brands, but your taste quickly adapts to it and you do not want to go back to regular coffee. To me, Brazilian coffee tastes better than Colombian coffee and is smoother to drink with a good flavor. I would recommend that anyone try a bag and see for yourself; just use a little less than usual to keep it from being too strong.
225767225767B0030MZC5IA3435M9O477XBFdavew3b0041343952000Love these!I've been picking up the 14ct pkgs at the Dollar Tree in Cherry, Orange, and Lemonade flavors. They don't always have them so it's nice to know I could always order them online as well. I fill a 32 oz plastic sports bottle with water, pour in the mix, shake, and put it in the freezer for an hour or two or until it develops a thin icy crust. The flavors are great and using 32oz of water rather than the suggested 16oz creates just the right amount of tang. 16oz drinks are a bit too tart for my tastes. I drink these rather than soda all the time.. much more refreshing and cheaper too!
225768225768B004DFJQJYAHIBCQVD47SBVPenny0041339286400Yum!This is a great product. They make a nice inexpensive souvenir gift from Hawaii. I guess once you are hooked, you are willing to pay the increased cost to get them here on the continent. My only complaints are with the vendor, Kiva Health Brands. I don't recommend ordering this product from them.
225769225769B0027UYD5OA1ISRCMLBVFPA0Bill Nesbit0051267056000Pleasing, satisfyingI can't tell the difference between these and candy containing sugar. They are satisfying for my sweet tooth.
225770225770B000WS5ABOA2ONQ37F1ATYD0fidgew0011318809600Poor valueI wanted a coarse grind table salt, for a salt mill. Large crystals, not hygroscopic. This looked attractive, until I noticed the price of shipping (for 1 pound) was more than 3X the price of the goods. Not.

So I'll still be wondering how it grinds.
225771225771B0016865KOA1H1CTEAYK0G9SLady Kathryn0051268611200Great Lite Snack!Love this product! It's a great substitute for the Sour Cream flavored Potato Chips or Popcorn Cakes. Very satisfying--crunchy & a little salty. Same great taste as chips & popcorn, but much better for you--and as an added bonus, you won't get those annoying popcorn hulls stuck in your teeth! Local stores don't carry this flavor (don't know why), but it's my favorite so I buy it online. Great taste and healthy, too! What more would you want?
225772225772B001FKWN22A3EUMPTXJ4I746Fancy Nancy0051279843200Absolutely DeliciousMy son introduced me to this mustard and I love it! It is so good and the order went so smoothly. Ipswich Ale Mustard is definitely a winner!
225773225773B001FKWN22A1EYV8NER7LLIWDiane HK "Diane HK"0051272326400perfectPerfect time of year for a new mustard. Just had it at a party - too bad there was so little left in the jar.
225774225774B0002ML1A4A1EZC4F60A6BUUM. Conforti "Aloha!"2251198195200My kitties LOVE it!The pet food store proprietor told me Merrick is human-grade food, and I believe it. I don't find Turducken to be soupy at all, and I've bought it many times. My own cats and my foster cats LOVE it--which is true of all Merrick canned cat food.

I used to use Merrick as a treat and regularly feed my cats high-quality dry food. But my two cats' dental hygienist recommended Merrick as being one of the best for feline teeth. (FYI, she didn't recommend ANY dry food, no matter how high-quality, because dry cat food must be at least 40 percent carbs in order to be extruded in the factory--and cats need hardly any carbs, if any at all. Carbs accelerate feline plaque formation, gingivitis and tooth decay.)
225775225775B0002ML1A4A1NGD90IHQGOOQmbrennan2311189555200Is this a joke?This cat food literally has the consistency of chicken noodle soup. It is at least 70% water. And I mean straight up WATER.. not moisture. You shake the can and it sounds like it's full of liquid, and it is.

My cats didn't even bother to smell it, much less taste it, and they will eat darn near anything.

The first time, I dumped it in a bowl and it looked like some kind of soup with a few fragments of ground meat.

The second time, I tried squeezing out the can with the lid, like how you would squeeze out the water in a can of tuna. This yielded maybe 2 ounces of food in the 6 ounce can. The cats wouldn't eat that either.

In summary, this is the most pathetic excuse for cat food I have EVER seen and I have lived with cats for all of my 29 years.
225776225776B0002ML1A4A2ZUTTNDJ6AO6UK. Bureau "katwmn"0051213056000slowly acclimate your cats to ifYou have to get your cats acclimated to the taste if you have given them commercial wet cat food. You have to mix both together and gradually give it straight from the can. My cats (I have 8) took a while to get use to and now they devour it. GREAT PRODUCT!!!!!!!!!!!!
225777225777B0002ML1A4A3FGRSKY4BF0R0Eddie W. Williams "EddieWan"0051212796800My cats LOVE MerrickAll I can say about Merrick's brand cat food is that my cats love it! They love the juices in it. I also like the fact that all ingredients are from the US of A and no grains. After the recalls on pet foods this can't help but make you feel so much better about feeding this to your cats. There is 9 flavors of Merrick canned and my cats love all 9. I suggest getting the variety pack that they sale to see which your cat will like before buying in bulk since most cats are picky eaters. I also suggest you look at the Merrick website if you want to know more about the company. That is what originally sold me on their products!
225778225778B0002ML1A4A1XSEPLLZCRIOEAlicia Hall0011200182400Two thumbs and four furry paws downI bought a can of this stuff last month. It smelled awful, like it was spoiled. The can was in good shape and it wasn't expired, so I put it out for my cats anyway thinking it might not bother them. They took two sniffs and walked away.

Just today I opened another can (same brand, different flavor) and it gave one of them diarrhea. Awesome!

I won't be buying Merrick again. There are too many reliable brands out there to justify getting something this risky.
225779225779B006QKT2ACAAUICTIUBVU7RRoy Berger "Everyman"0031349395200CHOCOLATE IS GOOD, PEANUTS JUST FAIRI waited quite a while for these to arrive by USPS. Wheras the chocolate covered raisins I ordered at the same time. also delivered by USPS, got here two days ago.
I don't know if the maker of these roast their own peanuts or if they are a different peanut than in most candies, or if they were getting old. Any way, they are not that good.
225780225780B0026S9O60A1YDUZXFBSTLZHtorsilclimber0051320451200Cablanca goat cheeseIn my opinion, this is the best goat cheese made anywhere in the world. It's firm but not too dry and retains the delicate sweetness of goat's milk. I could eat it three meals a day.

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