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225871225871B000E15898A38IAFMPU8FB2PC. Crowe0051276128000Refreshing and uniqueBefore you wrinkle your nose at the idea of peach and cucumber together it is actually quite refreshing. I only drink tea from bottled water and I love this tea. The taste is clear and light. I had originally tried it in a Tazo sampler box then came here to get the case since it is really hard to find in stores.
225872225872B000E15898A37Y0DAZC9BV9Zbeth7175 "Beth"0051265587200Life Changing.I have always suspected there was a Tazo flavor out there that would be my ultimate favorite, but was never in the stores I frequented. This one is not in the variety pack or at any store near me. I randomly came upon it at a hospitality tea and coffee table at a Disney resort, and fell in love. It's delicioiusly fresh tasting and subtle. Antioxidants and Caffeine; you can't go wrong. Six boxes won't last long at my house. My favorite tea.
225873225873B000E15898A15VMW9G9JT9A6JLG "JLG"0051265155200Excelletn BlendI drink a lot of green tea and I find this blend to be a great combination.
225874225874B000E15898A2ZTVOL5E6SB77Zing Om0051241913600Superb! Have drank it for 6 yearsIm a big green tea buff. However i need a little something stronger in the morning. This tea is just it. It has merely a hint of black tea to add a umph more caffeine. In addition its all organic and has the subtle flavorings of peach and cucumber. Highly recommend!
225875225875B000E15898A1Q4JEV03T2L1NCathy "echoes327"0051236729600Om tea for this 'om girlI love the taste of this tea. I would really hate to have to go without it. I was very annoyed when my grocery store stopped carrying it. The other stores in town don't have it either. Thank you Amazon for having it available.
225876225876B000E15898A2CVDAF9STWLC4Raven0051234483200Tazo Makes the Best TeasTazo's Om tea is the perfect blend of black and green teas. You get more of the "astringent" tea taste than plain green tea, but not as much as plain black tea. Also, the caffeine is lower than black tea. I drink at least two cups of Om a day, but have never experienced any caffeine effects.
225877225877B000E15898A38O5LDDLRXYKHLis0051222905600It sounds weird,'s really good! This has bcome my favorite Tazo tea. I drink it all year.
225878225878B000E15898A32SK8XY51OQFRPam "Tea freak"0041218931200Refreshing Sun TeaExcellent tea when using the sun. Hard to get the brewing temperature right, green and black brewing best at different temps, but as a sun tea it excels. Wonderful flavors, subtle and yet bold. Brew 4 bags per quart, let it sit for about an hour. You won't be sorry.
Love Tazo blends. They do it well.
225879225879B000E15898AGLBXNX8O9JSXDaniel L.2911218326400I hate Tazo teas (mostly)It seems to me that Tazo makes horrible tea concoctions that are for people who don't like the taste of tea. Be warned, if you like the taste of straight green tea this is not for you. Om is a mixture of black and green tea (bad enough) with peach and cucumber. And even if that sounds okay to you, the taste is crap. I bought it by mistake. Not one I will repeat.

There are far better tea companies out there (Choice Organic, Stash, Yogi), but if you insist on Tazo, their Chai is first rate and China Green Tips are good as well. But I'd stay away from any of their herbal blends.
225880225880B003O4PXBKA7RTG4RKAR6TEJ1151325462400Great coffee for quick fixesVinacafe has been a favorite of mine since it was introduced to me by a Kayak guide. Great for backpacking, camping or general travel. I highly recommend this if you like cream and sugar in your coffee.
225881225881B003O4PXBKA1TXIRQARYBOO7Pat0051350432000VincafeVincafe is great, but a little too caffeinated for heavy work schedules...if you are sensitive to caffeine. The premix makes it very convienent to take anywhere.
225882225882B003O4PXBKA3TF377Q64DLLJArenitas0051339545600A kick in 20 gramsVery delicious, sweet enough for sugar lovers with enough caffeine to keep you awake. Taking these packets for travel abroad since they are so inexpensive yet effective. For those with sensitive stomachs or those that like a lot of cream in their coffee, add some creamer. Delicious!
225883225883B003O4PXBKASBLUZWS98EM2SoCalAvAZ "SoCalAvAZ"0531301616000Too much sugarThis product is packed with sugar. It makes all other coffee taste bitter. I doubt it's good for you with the controversy on white sugar. We stopped using it and switched to regular brewed coffee.
225884225884B00350O23SA3EXA87SALI07KMary "Pacific Northwest Gardener"0051314748800ALL TIME FAVORITE COFFEE!My husband won a sales contest and a trip to Puerto Rico for both of us a few years ago. I always try to look in on a local grocery store when we travel. On our Puerto Rican trip, I came back with a single can of this espresso coffee. Best coffee I have ever tasted! made like regular drip coffee or in my little espresso pot. I kept the can, just in case I ever had the chance to purchase some again. Dug it out today and decided to look on Amazon, just for the heck of it. Was so happy to find it. Will be ordering some immediately! <happy!!> =) It's a bit more expensive than in the little neighborhood grocery store, but a real treat for me.

Garrido Premium Expreso 2 can 10 onz each ground coffee
225885225885B001AYDF3YA1K82R24ROO2I7A. Cheffy "Cheffy"2241303344000Decent tasting Nori...these are HALF-SHEETSThis brand of Nori isn't top-of-the-line but still tasty and has a nice, light and crispy crunch that can be eaten right out of the bag. My first order came crumbled up and useless for Sushi rolling but fortunately the replacement was in perfect shape.

Be aware that these are half-sheets and not 'full-sheets' even though this is not stated anywhere on the page.
225886225886B001AYDF3YA17IDRGDYBBTRRhaywire "haywire"1151331596800SeaweedMy wife makes a lot of sushi rolls. These seaweed wraps were great. Tasted fresh and easy to work with. I will order more.
225887225887B000BVQ55CA1ZFPQ2MF7HM3DJ. jarman-walsh "jjwalsh"2351181865600great giftmy mom loved this great gift basket
225888225888B000BVQ55CA18V3UBNX69CI2Edward Miller0051294185600Great Gift!!!!I gave this basket as a gift and received awesome feedback! She said she was impressed with the wholesome, natural ingredients but also with the taste! Great job!!!!
225889225889B000BVQ55CA1LPG4WDW8F7W2K. Bloom0041293408000Perfect gift for anyone on a gluten free dietI purchased this as a gift. It arrived very fast and looked great. The cookies are packed in a white box with a christmas picture on the front. It was wraped in clear plastic with a nice gift bow on top. It was a gift so I do not know how they tasted, but it looked very nice.
225890225890B001E5DZUMA2C9U93LO8KNTMghnvrhm0051333411200best there isI have used this product in the past and enjoy the flavor and quality of the product. I highly recommend this to all coffee drinkers. Makes an excellent iced coffee.
225891225891B0006NXOOUA21OQ2XK4ALYFYJ. Sokol141451156636800Wonderful StuffA great pick-me-up and cleanser. After a bath in this stuff, you feel like someone took a million tiny dustbusters cleaned out every pore on your body. It's also been recommended in some books for grief therapy, because the mustard helps relieve some of the physical symptoms of grief. It also doesn't dry out your skin.
225892225892B0006NXOOUA2QW0I0DL98JN4Jeri Massi "keen on the grace of God"8851204156800Great Stuff!Great Horny Toads! This is great stuff! I tried it on a whim while suffering dreadful sinusitis and nasal polyps. OK, it didn't cure anything, but it sure made me feel better, got the sinus passages to open up, and enabled me to sleep. I ended up needing sinus surgery (The whole caboodle: every sinus) and I used this every day up to the day of surgery to keep the drainage going while I was on prednisone.

Best advice is to bring a bottle of water with you into the bathroom while you soak, and don't make the mix too strong. Keep it to two ounces per full tub. And do sit for 20 minutes, even if you have to keep topping off the tub with more water. It will loosen up phlegm and get that blood circulating.

Then, you MUST get into bed and stay warm. Don't get chilled afterward.

I was able to do the brief cold shower ritual only once. The mustard bath makes me too sleepy and a little light headed. So normally I wrap up in a huge towel and exit the bathroom to dry off and change. Then under the blankets for at least an hour.

Wonderful stuff!
225893225893B0006NXOOUAS9ADRRMHQP6CKSM "sane shopper--"7751169164800AAAAH what a relief!Okay the secret is now out! Singhas mustard bath is some great stuff. You have no idea how great this product is until you have experienced the benefits. I take this mustard bath and mix it in a igloo of cold water and bring it to my basketball games and dip my towel in it. Take the dipped towel and wrap around your neck and oh my God you just cool down immediately and the smell opens your sinus and helps you breath even better. A definite adrenaline edge on the court.

I also use this in my jacuzzi bath for achey muscles after a work out. But I think the ultimate indulgence is a towel dipped in cold water and mustard bath. Incredible! Try it for your post work out or during your work out, it rocks!
225894225894B0006NXOOUA1NLP32PZUMVTOhradway5551313712000works great!GOOD NEWS!!!!!!! normally after long runs on sat, i soak in epsom salt...and it DEF helps with the soreness....BUT...last night, after running 14 miles, i soaked in the mustard seed bath....and i could actually get outta bed this am with hardly ANY PAIN...AMAZING..
225895225895B0006NXOOUA2I8PCBC6AP9BGMoon Beam "Health Seeker"5551200614400Body cleanserThis product has a wonderful clean scent. It is great for ridding yourself of those muscle aches and pains....a wonderful relaxant and detoxifier. I would recommend it for anyone.
225896225896B0006NXOOUA2RSETD6CXZB0EK. Taff5551196208000GREAT PRODUCT!My husband and I have used this mustard bath for several years now. It really helps soothe sore muscles and it's especially great the day of a massage to draw out more toxins.
225897225897B0006NXOOUA2XPE7OW4C5N2Jupholsterygirl4451331337600Love this mustard bath!I love this product! I have been using this mustard bath for a few years whenever I feel a cold or flu coming on. It helps me get over it quicker. Good to soothe aches and pains. Highly recommend it.
225898225898B0006NXOOUA2EK4QVFTSQRECJ. Matuszak "peepers"4451321056000Dr.Singha's Mustard bath is a must for sore muscles!I've used this product for years to remove lactic acids that build up after deep tissue massage therapy, or after a vigorous work-out. It's relaxing and if you want to, you can put in a drop or two lavender oil for the ultimate aromatherapy relaxation treatment. Bought one for me and one as a Christmas gift. This is one "must have product for me! I don't recommend products unless I see results, and this delivers! Great Value & find on Amazon!
225899225899B0006NXOOUA1OX2RF8VOJGXZcycle05254451320278400Who needs EpsomI have used multiple bath soaks. I am a swimmer so my muscles get extremely sore. I have tried Epsom salt over the years but ran into this product at a local grocery store. I fell in love with it. I was scared the tub would only come with directions on how much to put in, but low and behold it has a scooper so you know. It dissolves easily into the tub and is easy to wash off. I highly recommend this product as an athlete and for anyone with arthritis and/or sore muscles from small injuries, standing all day, or just needing a soothing bath.
225900225900B0006NXOOUA5NJ3AHU94J35M. Baltes4451276732800Mustard Bath will make you sleepyNormally I assume that any bath product, other than epsom salt, which claims to be soothing and relaxing is just going to smell good and not be useful. The mustard bath exceeded my expecations. I tried it the day after a night of drinking, and after 15 minutes I had the urge to get out of the tub immediately and lie down. Took a 2 hour nap, and felt totally refreshed afterward. Definitely good for detox!

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